5 Apr 17

Western Stima coach Henry Omino has admitted that Gor Mahia deserved to win the match. They dominated posession, created chances but could not convert the chances.

“Gor Mahia were better than us but my players made better use of the chances we created (beat Gor Mahia 2-1). The win is therefore good motivation for my players, especially after we lost our league opener against Sofapaka last weekend.” said Omino to the KPL website.

Gor Mahia started the league well but have struggled to find the net in the last two matches. Many fans are questioning why proven scorer Meddie Kagere is not being given more opportunities. Aside from the lack of sharpness upfront, fans have questioned why Collins Okoth has not received playing time this season. The loss saw Gor Mahia drop to 3rd spot. The next match for Kogalo in on Saturday against Kakamega Homeboyz at Afraha.

Dan Oketch loses case against Rachier

Current Chairman Ambrose Rachier has won his case against Dan Oketch who contested the election against him. Oketch noted in his petition that a total of 1564 voters were unfairly prevented from voting.

But Sports tribunal Chairman John Moore Ohaga noted that Oketch did not make a string enough case.
“We have dismissed the case because the 1564 petitioners did not prove membership and thus Rachier continues to be club chairman.” he said to goal.com

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  • Odhis Muga says:

    The misfiring Timo should be benched forthwith and be replaced by Maloba, Kagere or Uyoga.Why did Gor use lots of money to buy players and not use them?

  • Jakogero says:

    Otieno timothy has a small heart and gormahia is too big for him he needs a mentor to make him a winner he concentrates so much on loosing and actually ends up loosing someone actually needs to give him the book” born winner” meanwhile he can learn from meddie actually olunga got a lot of help from meddies experience the weight of gor is too heavy for timo but the coaches know better i gues

  • Chronicles of Gor Mahia, surely.

  • musymo says:

    Gor has a misfiring forward line including Tuyisenge. Someone once made a comment that Tuyisenge is more a winger than a striker. Why cant the coach try a different formation? It is his job so we will let him do as he wishes but we will take him to task should his way refuse to work. It is still early days so we will cut him some slack but from the three matches four competitive matches i have watched the Timo- Tuyisenge partnership will continue to struggle!!

    • Jasego says:

      Musymo it wasn’t someone but me who said and will repeat Tuyisenge is a natural winger right from his youth days in rwandese top flight club Etincelles based in Gisenyi to Police FC in Kigali.He was first experimented with in the number 9 role when the police fc main striker got injured and he thrived hence GM scouting him and choosing to purchase him in his adopted position and deploy him in it permanently here.Nevertheless he naturally remains a winger and you can see that by his constant instinct of drifting from the goal poaching position in search of the ball.But he is and remains a very good player who I like

  • Jakoyo says:

    As for the fans and admin , are we misifiring because of lack of match winning bonus paymentsaka allowances ? why score and only only for some people to renegade on their promises……….

    As for Dan Oketch, you don’t intimidate AR and get away with it…you must know people !

  • Jasego says:

    About the western stima game i too concur with omino that the team played well but all that doesn’t and will never matter as long as we don’t score.By scoring I don’t mean an average of one goal through penalties and holding on to win by slim margins but rather convincing wins each and every time.A team that scores highly is always assured of titles.As it stands now we have a serious striking deficiency in the first 11 and to make it worse is that Kagere is a very potent solution to that but coach doesn’t play him and prefers Timo who to me is a third rate striker behind even Blackberry.Also My personal opinion that will Never Ever change is that in no logical scenario would one bench Gattuso and start Wendo for try as he may he can’t measure up to Gatudo in skill and that is a Fact.TB Deploy the best players you have…Kagere…Gattuso should ideally be in the first 11 period

  • kenneth odhiambo says:

    gatuso is a natural defensive midfielder. who can make in frst eleven in any kpl team

  • NGESTO says:

    GM is a very good team to watch but our strikers prevent it from becoming a great team, The strikers are of good quality but just lack desire, just remember How Rama Salim and Sserenkuma fought their hearts for Gor and how they were a constant nightmare to every KPL sides despite their dimunitive sizes, please GM strikers, PLAY WITH DESIRE… FINAL. GOD BLESS

    • Jasego says:

      True dat even one Baldwin Ngwa from Cameroun would fight like a lion despite being limited by skill and age…

  • Jb says:

    A bad workman blames his tools : tha back stops with ze Maria truth be told we are in for more loses draws and excuses

  • sylvaonyi says:

    we will miss olunga/kagerre partnership where goals were raining like I don’t know… We got serrunkuma/rama partnership exit then after got another good replacement in olunga/kagera but now the replacement is as bad as I don’t know what…..!!!

  • Wachezaji wengine hawana uchu na ari ya kufunga mabao hawafai kamwe kuchezea timu ya hadhi ya Gor. Ifikapo mwezi wa Juni wapigwe kalamu kwa kuzembea kazini.

  • Jamriambo. says:

    Jasego pod iywayo toll ne Collins? we need to know what is happening. At the endof the day we need to have a goal getter. What ever class, formula, we need one , period. Remember Dawo and his Omuga style? If we cannot get stylish goal getters with nice flicks, get an Omuga. Zico should know this without any consultation.