Profile of Enock Agwanda

Enock Obiero Agwanda has officially joined Gor Mahia today June 11 2015. This has been confirmed by the club organizing secretary Ronald Ngala

“He (Agwanda) is our first signing of the June transfer window. We had expressed interest in him since June last year but we were unable to get his signature because he was still contracted to Sofapaka. I am glad he is ours now and I know that he will add value to the squad, Ngala said to

Agwanda says he is very excited to join Kogalo.

“From Sofapaka, the only upward career move was to join Gor Mahia and I am happy to have joined this club. Every player in Kenya would want to be associated with success and Gor Mahia is the most successful club in Kenya,” he said to

Sakata ball

Agwanda first came to the limelight in May 2010, Agwanda, when he emerged as the top striker at Safaricom’s Sakata Ball the Nyanza regions where his qualities were noted by several scouts. His brilliant display helped Koderobara secondary school reach the semi finals of the Nyanza region. Agwanda is yet another example of a talent that was unearthed by the Sakata ball tournament that Sam Nyamweya destroyed.

SoNy Sugar

He joined SoNy Sugar in 2011 when he was a form four student at Koderobara secondary where he was on a full scholarship. Francis Baraza who was his coach at the time raved about Agwanda declaring that he was the next great striker in Kenya.

“The boy has the pace that reminds me of JJ Masiga in his hey days. On top of the pace he has a good build, the power and the shots. He will be Kenya’s top striker” said Baraza at the time.

He continued to build on his reputation  when in April 2011, he scored a brace in three consecutive games during the inaugural KPL U19 tournament held at the City Stadium. He top scored with seven goals as Sony U19’s emerged runners up to Thika United U19. So impressive was Agwanda that in 2012 he was called up to the senior national team by then coach Henri Michel.

Agwanda joins Sofapaka

In 2013, Sofapaka paid Kshs 300,000 to prise Agwanda from SoNy Sugar. He had some excellent games at Sofapaka. Most notable was when Sofapaka beat Tusker 4-2. Agwanda scored 1 goal and assisted on two others, earninh himself KPL player of the week honours.  In 2014, he was the second leading scorer in the KPL will 11 goals, second only to Dan Sserunkuma.

During this period he was also impressive for the national U23 team. In one game against Botwana, he came on as a substitute and helped steer Kenya to a 3-1 win over Botswana.

“He was a game changer against Botswana and we need to use someone like that in the Harambee Stars team. He is playing like Peter Dawo and he contributed to the win with the throw-in and assist.”said coach James Nandwa at the time

Early Days

He was born in Nyakach in Kisumu County. His official birth data is listed as April 10 1994. What makes him stand out is his ability to take on defenders, whiplash  acceleration that is reminiscent of Mike Otieno or Dennis Oliech,  long throw-ins reminiscent of Ocholla Jua Kali and heavy shots that remind you of Bob Ogolla in his heyday.

Where does he fit at Gor Mahia?

Indeed Agwanda has the physical tools to become a great striker. And coach Frank Nuttall is the right man to mould him into an all time great.

Given his physical attributes, Agwanda would be useful as a second half substitute to give the team impetus. When defenders are tiring, they will find it difficult to contain a striker with such acceleration, and who knows how to use his physique. And when the team is searching for a late goal, Agwanda’s long throws to Olunga, Shakava, Kagere and other heading specialists will be particularly important. Back in 1987, Ocholla “Jua Kali” had perfected the art of placing his throws exactly where Peter Dawo wanted them. Nuttall will surely  work out a similar scheme at Gor Mahia.

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  1. Wellcome Home Jathurwa , it has been long coming. Your throws will find the head of Olunga and that’s a definite defender’s nightmare …reminds me of Tobias Ocholla and Peter Dawo combination in 80’s.

    I remember Coach Nutall talking of beefing up the defence, the attacking midfield and a striker , just three new players in June….now there is Agwanda, Were and who is this defender coming ? How I wish it was Jackson Saleh, the best in the business.

    Very unfortunate club legend Sserenkuma may NOT join the club. How I wish we could offload someone, ideally a foreigner and create space. But who ?

    Let the EC be the judge, hopefully a wise judge. Surely it will be VERY VERY VERY sad to see old boy Sserenkuma in Tusker or Sofapaka jersey. These players once they leave Gor Mahia and come back they are never the same , may be EC is playing caution – Time will tell bloggers, time will indeed tell !!!!!

    1. I agree with you on Danny Flava. That boy belongs in Kogalo. The sight of a Kogalo legend in another jersey will be disturbing. Please EC bring him back

  2. why all the fuss about ssere?in kagere and olunga we got the better look at the scorers chart will tell you we are better off than we have ever been at this stage ever!!
    and if he really wanted to sign he would have signed already.lets just move on and see what agwanda can bring to the table.not sure who will create room for him?timo?blackberry?

  3. Central defender? I would go for Cheche(David Ochieng). I said it here last week that we might have a former ingwe man in and it has come to pass. Cheche joining Gor might not be way off the mark. Just thinking aloud though.

  4. I told u guys that abondo will never feature in national team and is unfit.despite being top scorer abondo has inaccurate passes,wastes a lot of chances,selfish,lacks skills upfront and oftenly looses the ball to opposition.thanks to bobby williamson who noticed the same.bravo to the coach.this is an alerm that were and agwanda are comming for ur place in first team.

    1. Exactly, Abondo is selfish,he looses the Ball so easily, his two colleaques both Olunga and Kagere always give him goods passes to score but him no! like the last game between GM and Tusker he was alone instead of controlling the Ball and see where to put it, he just shoot in the Air. He should learn how to give passes to his Colleaques all\so to score that’s what we call Team-work. Mr. Teargas take these tips and you will be there and dry.

  5. Jakoyo go and re-read the meaning o f legend.dont misuse this term plz,serunkuma is a hero but not a legend.

  6. agwanda in the race for golden boots….nyathini dhichendo gor kae tomitnaaaa.abondo,olunga kagere be on the watch???

  7. Compressor,Abondo is the topscorer as u have mentioned and i think he is there on merit not any favour,u cant dismiss the boy as unskilful but i agree with the ball loosing point and that is what he should work on and he will be good to go,his position at gor is not threatened by signing of new players

  8. @COMPRESSER, you are very stupid with cramp postings on Abondo. What you have written about Abondo are not true and how come he is the top scorer if his passes are inaccurate, selfish, lack of skills etc. Personal attack on players is something you should keep to yourself and your posting just shows how thick you are.

    1. @COMPRESSOR Who is this compressor??? he must be very very THICK up staires. how can he attack a player like that kwani Gor ni ya mama yake?? Shetani ashindwe katika jina la Yesu.

  9. I don’t know much about Agwanda though but he is still young and will only get better thru hard work. Compressr I want u to acknowledge the fact that Ali B aka teargas is not unskillful my friend at this point in time we don’t need these rubbish comments against our boys. Even if u were a father and one of your boys is what u think, this is not the way to correct him i beg to disagree with u boss. Gormahia fans lets condemn these kind of comments and thanks the Almighty for giving us these brilliant boys who are working tirelessly to make us proud. MAY GOD BLESS GORMAHIA FOOTBALL CLUB.

  10. Waah! my shallow definitions
    -a hero; is aman of dstinguishd courage or ablity,admired 4 hs brave deeds nd noble qualities. extremely famous or notorious persn,especially in aparticula field. e.g peter dawo,”jongoo”,julians, ayieko.

  11. Accrdng to ma defntn.danny sserenkuma falls anda a hero.
    Legends are:
    1.pta dawo
    2.jck jhnsn
    3.sammy o jngoo
    4.len julians
    6.lule nashon
    9.obwaka w
    10.bby ogla
    n/b.#isaacwuodagwa’s. opinionde,suggest,suppot or disagree.

  12. #Compressor. wajua bobby williams ali2mia akili,hyo game ya congo 2taicheza away nd hme,then keli,abondo sappos injarry itatokea kule congo then abondo,keli nd kasaya watacheza hm 2nd leg,nairobi,nt dat abondo hawezi. patia player motisho bro. yawaah

  13. Hellow bloggerz!… l av a point nd kindly sapport it or disagree wid me.
    I THINK we as kogalo funs nd bloggerz of thz page. we shud av an organisation ama? we nid to know each other well. ata kaa mmja akipata shida 2tafika hapo nd help.. ama. ????

  14. Agwanda welcom.. yeah aboud omar is gud nd can add a strngth to the team. waaah!..paul were najua ako poa siku hzi. l thnk he wz the wan wu escapd frm the kamp wd “ade” uganda during cecafa nd enjoyd disco themselv in uganda. ama? gud,he repent. mwaa

  15. Compressor, please come out of that and you need to apologize to the player on this site for this unnecessary aggression. I have known Abondo as a player over a long time and he is one of the good players to have graced the Kenyan soccer scene for a respectable period. So your comments are very hurting to say the least. Even your personal opinion which am sure you will remind us of should be tempered in such a way that it does cause discomfort to any player.

  16. The same case applies to this very blogsite of Gor Mahia .net where we have legends and hero’s of this blog. Just to name a few;
    2. Kosero ja Sofaset [Kampala]
    5. Ja Thur gi ji
    6. ODUOR 12 a.k.a ODIWUOR
    7. The Bandit mguu tupu

    1. Jakoyo— KUSEMA NA KUTENDA
    2. Oswozo— Moziek
    3. jamigori
    4. Nyakogalo
    5. Eblazing Diva
    6. JB
    7. And of the “COMPRESSOR”

  17. now now now

    is our Gor buying players from other teams to weaken the opponents….well not a bad strategy to ensure you win a league

  18. some people are always complaining as a matter of fact abondo has a good conversion rate compare to olunga plus next weekend it will be chan.If you think you are too good to be a fan then apply for gor coaching job

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