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A report on suggests that Rwandese striker Meddie Kagere is being pursued by Gor Mahia.

Gor Mahia Chief Executive Officer Lordvic Aduda confirmed the club have had contact with the 29-year-old Ugandan-born Rwandan striker, who has scored nine goals in 20 appearances for the Amavubi.

“We have had contact with Kagere. His agent has confirmed to us that he will be arriving in Nairobi on Monday morning and hopefully by Tuesday we will have signed him if talks end positively,” said Aduda.

Coach Nuttall, in an interview, said his side were still lacking in attack following the exit of talisman Dan Sserunkuma, who moved to Tanzania giants Simba after scoring 72 goals in 100 games for Gor Mahia.

“I hope to sign a striker before the transfer window closes,” admitted Nuttall at the weekend. Gor Mahia have been the most active in the transfer market signing 15 players and releasing 14.

2011 CECAFA cup

Kagere was born in Uganda where he initially played for Mbale Heroes. In 2006 he went to the Rwandese league where he joined ATRACO. He would soon take up Rwandese nationality in order to play for the Amavubi, the Rwandese national team.

Kagere first shot to international fame when he emerged as the top scorer during the 2011 CECAFA senior challenge cup. During that tournament he scored 5 goals to finish as the tournament top scorer as Rwanda reached the finals where they lost to Uganda.  Most notable were the two goals he scored against his motherland in the final.

Kagere was also on fire in the local league: In the 2010/11 seasons he finished as the Primus League’s top scorer with 16 goals. He was the main reason that Police FC finished in the second spot that year.

It was during this period that Gor Mahia first pursued Kagere. But his then club Police FC set a selling price of KES 4 million, a figure which Gor Mahia baulked at. Kagere then left Police FC in Rwanda to join Esperance in a move worth US$150,000. . He played at Esperance for five months whereupon his contract was terminated.

He spent three seasons at Police FC, scoring 38 league goals and was also the national team’s top scorer with three goals in the 2014 World Cup qualifiers.

Kagere leaves Police

In 2013, Kagere attended trials at Safa FC of Lebanon. His move there however hit a snag upon which he joined Rayon Sports.

In 2014, Kagere left Rayon Sports to move to KF Tirana for a fee of $10,000. It was his first move to a European side. His contract with Tirana was terminated along with another Ugandan Francis Olaki in December of 2014 due to lack of productivity.

Kagere and Olaki have scored just one goal each yet they get over 40,000 USD. Such money can be used to get a quality player who can score more goals for Tirana. The two thus have been axed from the club on mutual agreement” said the representative of KF Tirana.

Meddie Kagere Highlights

30 thoughts on “Profile of Meddie Kagere

  1. Knee jerk reaction from EC nevertheless we desperately need a top striker. Is meddie kagere better than Jacob keli ?

    Thanks NUTALL, I think you have seen what some bloggers have been saying – poor offensive play.

  2. A striker who has been released from other clubs because he cant score you want to bring to Gor to earn usd 10, 000. Mistake No 10.. Age is 29 . Mistake No. 9. Are you guys watching AFCON. The star players are 19 to 23 years.. We have Olunga , Timothy Otieno, Innocent Wafula, and Black Berry.A good coach Should be able to turn them into an outright Striker.

  3. “If i give you 1.8 million as sign-on fees for example,i will expect a 1.8 million shilling performance in return…its called value for my money”

    “They have scored just one goal each yet they get over 40,000 USD. Such money can be used to get a quality player who can score more goals for Tirana”

    If EC is be able to pay the 2015 wage bill on time then in my view the current Gor Mahia TB/players should perform well in CECAFA,TPL and GorTV. We should retain the league and win another trophy.

    Finally mambo ya formation,combination and fitness ni ya training which happens every week day.
    During the friendlies and competitive matches it is SHOWTIME AND FANS HAVE A RIGHT TO GENERALLY EXPECT A GOOD SHOW.

    We ditched Sianga’s strategy which would have served us well.

    We’ve seen Oboya’s, even Blackberry etc players joining GM to regain their form I hope such is not the case with Kagere and I hope he is not carrying an injury which I suspect Glay and even Wiper & Oboya had b4 joining GM.

  4. Let EC and technical bench do their work. Bloggers just like to criticise all good efforts being made to make the club move forward. We are the same people complaining about blunt striking and at the same time calling for recruitment of an established striker.

    What is really wrong with Gor Mahia fans and bloggers? Why are we always murmuring and sulking over a storm in a tea cup? If you can’t appreciate all the good efforts EC and technical are doing, then why can’t we provide attainable solutions to all these panaceas.

    There is nothing wrong with the club signing Kagere. The club must be transformed into a winning outfit and this is what Frank Nuttal is doing.

    Let us do our work as supporters by supporting the team financially, morally, physically, emotionally and spiritually by trooping into the stadiums to support the lads. Let EC and technical bench do their work without interference by recruiting players, paying salaries, making us happy by winning games, restructuring the club and bringing the desired change for benefit of the club.

    Let us all stop all sorts of complaints and work towards curbing hooliganism at all levels. Let us render our services and support this great club.

    Managing clubs like Gor Mahia is not an easy task but for posterity of the club, we need all our ardent fans, supporters and bloggers to talk the same language and move forward together as a united house. We will conquer Africa and KPL if we can give our support as a united house.

  5. We need a quick solution to the striking force. The ones we have will need some time to make an impact just like Sere Berry and Rama.

    To me this guy Kagere was a good striker during his peak time between 2 to 4 years ago. But now “NO! I don’t think so. It is normal with all players to shine during their teen age btwn 22 to 27 yrs then start slowing down.

    I wish Natall could use what we have locally which are very much affordable and have the club at heart.

    What will happen when this foreign players are called to their national teams?
    Are we going to postpone our games because we don’t have strikers?

  6. Save for a few rejected recruits, i think the recruitment is okay, from the video i see Kagere has an eye for the goal, the making of a striker.

    Talking about the good and bad s okay with me.

  7. lets get him fast, he might be out of form now..but you can see he has the killer instinct just like Danny…Gor has a knack for bringing the best out of journeymen players, think Rama, Danny, kizito, walusimbi…failures elsewhere but absolute stars at Gor…GET HIM QUICK

  8. @Sam Muga, age is just a number. We have players that can play upto 38-40 years and this is really driven by high level of discipline, professionalism and diet. At 29 years, Kagere can give us another 3-5 years of service by scoring goals and creating opportunities for others to score.

    We have lots of players between 20-27 years and Kagere can bring some experience to the young team.

  9. @Mwakio, what a good question? When we get Juniors then it’s about Gor sio academy. How old is Gerald and Drogba? If it’s age then Kopany is the right striker for Gor. It’s good to criticize but I bet the TB knows more than we will ever know about coaching.

  10. @Dan Original, I have never understood what Gor Mahia bloggers really want.

    We have many old players in KPL who are over and above 30 years and they producing results. What matters in football is all about performance and results but not age.

  11. @ Mwakio I’m not against hiring him, if he is the only option available.
    I’m against spending much money on him based on his previous performance. What is his current foam?

    Can you compare Baraza of 3yrs ago and Baraza of today? Even the so called Gerald and the Drogbas?

    My other concern was also depending so much on foreigners. What will happen when they are out on duty to their respective nations?

  12. @Sam Muga, three years ago Baraza was could have been between 34-37 years. Currently his age could be between 36-42 years.

  13. @Sam Muga, three years ago Baraza was or could have been between 34-37 years or over. Currently his age could be between 36-42 years or over.

  14. The coach says he needs a striker. Let GM get one. Kagere is one of the strikers. But critisizing is good. We only need to give chances and time to people.

  15. I have watched the video clip, there is no doubt that this Kagere is a good striker. What caught my attention is his reaction when he missed a goal, it is like it would hurt him so bad. That is a virtue which all good strikers have. They work towards achieving it and they are aware of it. Secondly, Gor is team that is in the process of mixing both the young and the more established or old so to speak. You need to have stiff competition within to be able to have fire power. Thirdly Gor has gone international in terms of competitions I think we must have a pedigree of both. Somebody alluded to Baraza, even with his advanced age, his composure was always a threat to any local team so I think Kagere if taken may bring a lot of this. Players need to be challenged by their own Team mates on the Pitch and this is what we need.Fourthly, with the new team and the just concluded hols, they will begin to click and when that happens, Gor Mahia will be a force within this region again.

  16. If he does not sign a striker, he is blamed. If he signs one it is knee jerk reaction. If he does not sigh a striker he is said to be naive, if he signs he is blamed for spending too much. What do human beings want? Is it not the coach’s responsibility to decide whether its Keli or xyz? What do you really want

  17. We want a focused and serious EC ……NUTALL came and saw what the EC had done was not enough.knee jerk recruitment ensued thereafter way after the deadline for CAF which was 15th January. Foresight my brother !

    We are still recruiting meaning we shall have a very poor team in the CAF matches and a very strong team in the domestic league. Which is the priority ? Should it be the other way round………EC the problem not the coach.

    Nevertheless I will there on Sunday to cheer the boys against the Zambians, you can count me in!!!! GO kogallo! go !

  18. 1 February 2015 at 1400hrs would have been a good time for Gor Mahia to launch their new home and away kits. What a missed opportunity. I would have thought someone would have publicized the launch and give guys opportunity to make quick buys (hopefully watu watakua wamelipwa by then). On the other hand I suspect the delay in roping in a sponsor is contributing to the delay, that is, if someone in EC was thinking about it in the first place.

  19. With the kind of ideas generated on this site,I won’t be surprised if on of us succeeds AR.And what a team we shall have!I can’t wait……my ass is twitching…with hope and trepidation…hahahahahaaaaaa.

  20. I think Kagere best bet than Kelly…hw old iz Allan Wanga z he scoring goals in Sudan or not?about foreigners dominating our team z correct bcoz most of our guyz are lazy n not serious…example hw did the lyks of #kizito#walu#sere#ikenah#aucho#fiston stole the best performances last season?dint we had our own players?agn why I support the signing z that at thiz point we need aperfomer to fit our ever demanding family…results!

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