9 Feb 17

Gor Mahia chairman, Ambrose Rachier has admitted that there is immense pressure from fans to make changes in the technical bench. However for now he is sticking with Brazilian tactician Ze Maria. Rachier and Ze Maria had a discussion about the string of poor results and the Brazilian gave satisfactory reasons for the losses.

“I summoned the coach today and he gave satisfactory reasons why we have lost all the 3 matches,” Rachier said. According to the club boss, the tactician blamed the losses on a couple of things. In Sudan, the coach mentioned that the team was still fresh from holiday and the players had hardly had enough time to train together. Against Thika, the coach said that he tried out all the players available, and didn’t feature his best team as his intention was to watch each player individually. According to Rachier, Ze Maria laid blame on lack of fitness for the loss to Onduparaka, who he noted were much fitter then” . This according to Kenyanstar newspaper.

Rachier also noted that pre-season results were not a good way to gauge a coaches’ performance.

“It was important to sit with the coach and find out the real issues. It would set a bad precedence is we sacked the coach based on the performance in pre-season. We have given the coach very clear targets and indicated to him that we want good results once the season starts,” Rachier said, adding, “The coach assured us that results will be better.” he continued to Kenyanstar.

Under Nuttall in 2015, Gor Mahia recorded poor pre-season results including surprise losses to Mombasa combined and a 3-0 loss to Power Dynamos of Zambia.

Many fans have been clamouring for the return of Frank Nuttall under whom Gor Mahia won the league twice and went unbeaten. But Rachier hinted at why Nuttall’s return was a non-starter.

“There are some coaches who get to the club, perform well then later team up with fans, incite them and start making some crazy demands. They feel they are demigods . The best thing to do is part ways with such coaches very fast and avoid further destabilization of the team.” he said.

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  • Kazzarah says:

    Yes The Answer Is Convincing,i Personally Concur With Mr Chairman On This.You Cannot Sack Couches Because They Failed To Win Friendly Matches.

  • NGESTO says:

    @Kazzarah, I agree with you totally, but i disagree with you completely on the spelling of couches (chairs that people sit on at home), its coaches man. God bless GMFC

    • Marto Original says:

      Hehehe. That was a funny one. I do agree with you on the spelling issue but I also do not agree with u on the issue of couches being chairs. Chairs are chairs and couches are couches. both of them are seats. On a light note brother. But on the coach, the EC is right. You can’t judge a coach from pre season friendlies. Let’s wait until the first few matches are done with then we can commend or condemn.

      • musymo says:

        Why wait for a few matches to judge him? You can use the 26 he presided over last season!!!??

        • Dan Original says:

          Of the 26 he got us from position 8 till position 2

        • Marto Original says:

          I concur that we can use the last 26 he presided over. Kogallo finished second, which, yes, is below what we expected but is the only other acceptable position for a defending champion. Tell me a club in the world that has ever sacked a coach for finishing second. Also we moved from position 13 to first by the end of first half of the season save for the deduction of points. The win to loss ratio is not bad either though is admittedly tainted by many draws. May be this guy needs to be given a final chance. If he doesn’t impress us, then we shall all sing in unision “Yote yawezekana bila Zemaria”.
          I just dread the idea of bringing in new coaches every other season like Ogwang’. Its a sign of panick and confusion.

      • Marto says:

        Namesake you’re spot on as usual, couldn’t agree with u more.

  • Jakoyo says:

    Hehehe….Nyani aoni kundule ! And so Jodala had to be kicked out of TB at the expense of some overly paid bunch of racists doing nothing on the bench.

    Ze Maria wuod Obragado you are growing into a full scale politician, why didn’t you tell AR that you are still putting 24 year olds through basic principles of tiki taka hoping that some time in future it will work, hence the poor performance ?

    Omera we tugo gi pachwa, Jodala are very smart people and remember we are watching every action you make. As Jodala we will not go down without a fight therefore expect massive fan mutiny if we dare loose the next 2 matches…YOU WILL HAVE TO RESIGN . this is a warning !

  • musymo says:

    Excuse No 1: We had not trained. I say very lame because last year we also went there without training with an inferior squad and still beat Al-Hilal. Excuse No 2: We tried all new players. Very poor. Thika tried more new players most of them the likes of Adem barely out of high school. The way this guy comes up with excuses is so annoying. And Mr Honourable Chairman Wakili, if pre season is not enough measure for evaluating his performance why not try using last season’s. Ohhh but i know i will be told he came after 5 matches and we were 16th and he did not have his own players or he was being sabotaged by Ottamax and Ogweno. Good God, both are gone. We want to see him start winning matches because Ottamax and Ogweno who were scoring for our opponents and defending against our strikers are gone!!

  • A person says:

    Ambrose Robert Mugabe is irritating me even further with his insinuation that some coaches team up with fans. So is he a demigod that he has to cling to for mahia club despite lack of accountability and high handedness? Gor Mania sio nyumba ya Mugabe. Or does he prefer to be called Museveni? His way of manipulating elections is similar to that of Museveni. Now that he sacked the “Luis” I hope the remnants including the drunkard Fontino will deliver. La sivyo watafute helmet.

  • Jasego says:

    In comparison Afc leopards who undertook very modest signings based on a shoestring budget have played 5 friendlies and won 4 losing 1 giving stewart hall confidence and now talking of an ingwe resurgence. You know Onduparaka FC who beat us were undone 3-1 by proline FC who sit in the relegation zone in Ugandan Super League. I fail to see what is being done differently except a continuation of last season’s blame games and excuses of Ottamax and Ogweno while our main problems of not scoring goals persists. If we cant unlock teams in friendly matches i just wonder how we plan to do it during league fixtures given the fact that teams approach GM games negatively and put 110% more energy to frustrate us but well pre-season it is so we will hold comments for the first 5 league games.Still Ze Maria would have better told us what new formations or tactics he is working on to ensure we score at will since goals win games and cups not tell us we are unfit, mara new players…Even last season towards the height of our fitness we just couldn’t score goals and ended up having a record number of 0-0 draws that cost us the league so nothing is new in all this Really…

    • musymo says:

      @Jasego, all the excuses Ze Maria has given do not hold water as you and I have responded to each of the excuses he gave. I wonder how our Honorable Chairman was able to be convinced. Wakili Rachier remains my Chairman but risks going down with Ze. But as Marto Original has eloquently implored, I will hold my horses, accept that Ze Maria is gonna be my coach for the first leg of the league but one thing I want to promise here is that by the time we have played 10 games the league will be gone and I will come back here to remind all and sundry of that ominous prediction coming true.

      • Marto Original says:

        I support that @Musymo.

        Poor Zemaria. I know you are reading this. I promise you… you don’t want to taste the wrath of irked kogalo fans.
        You better not disappoint. The first 5 matches is all you have to put on some light at the end of the tunnel and win back fans’ trust.

  • odhis muga says:

    Good decision to keep the coach.Patience is a virtue worth applying but if it runs out then Ze maria will certainly go.We shall hold our horses as we wait for nothing less than 5 consecutive wins in a row.

  • Jasego says:

    Funny fact..All coaches who come and achieve great deeds (cups) and become fans darlings are always rubbing the GM leadership the wrong way and need to Go very fast while the seemingly plausible ones who are easy to control never get fans approval neither any achievements worth talking about. So this state of affairs perennially then leaves the GM office and leadership in a state of tension with its own fans almost always and the results is coined pseudonyms for leadership starting with the highest club authority and constant rifts in the TB. I once told you guys very clearly based on privileged info that ‘Weche Gor Tek Abaramach’ to quote ‘musymo’ on his lingua and on a light note…

    • Jamriambo. says:

      Can He work with Zico if he has failed to work with Ogweno and Otamax…….on another note Zico is in a different class from the two.

  • ODUOR12 says:

    Reminder! Ze Maria failed on 3 fronts- League,GoTv and even Top 8.As a result GMFC has missed out on continental soccer.Ok 3 points were deducted from the league and he moved us “from sijui where to no.2 but missing continental soccer especially given that brewkenge won a double make Ze Maria a FLOP IN 2016.We won’t accept lame excuses from either Omusinga/ZM. Vintage Mugabe,he’d rather a coach who he can manipulate then one who delivers a league UNBEATEN.Let ZM have 3 games,5 are too many and may cost us the league.2017 is for a local sweep,2018 is for serious assault at CECAFA & CAF. Hapa solution ni fasting and praying followed by praying and fasting.

  • Sylvester says:

    Wacha tungojee but Zemaria is not new, we know him

  • Firstly, i wan’t to agree with the Chair that sacking Ze Maria based on the few friendlies would be harsh and counter productive.

    Secondly, when the demigod won unbeaten, we all celebrated him. These theories of talking evil about a partner after a separation is simply stooping too low. Nuttal is a legend in our club. I read somewhere that the Chair is a polished lawyer and i expect better from him unless he is simply diverting attention from Ze Maria.

    Third and finally, the fan numbers were worryingly low and it should concern management. Gor fans unlike our noisy neighbours are quite keen on the quality of soccer played and that’s why they allowed the Brazilian to finish the season. Nobody in Gor would wish to have coaches sacked everyday but at the same time we ought to be leaders in this region without excuses. This is the biggest club in this country and that must always drive any ambitions set by management. Fans know that and the Chair, his team and Ze Maria must be reminded everyday.

  • A person says:

    Respect is earned. I can’t remember the exact words that Rachier used sometimes back to refer to the fans. I don’t know if we were referred to us “frogs” not being able to deter cows who are drinking water. That aside, now he is belittling the great FN and yet his coach is yet to prove himself. That is the reason he is MUGABE.

  • Jamriambo. says:

    And now Zico is in the Picture…..will the saga end?

  • Dan Original says:

    Mambo ya Gor ni ngumu. That’s why at times we should let time sort out things. Plucking hair that ohh AR likes Ze Maria, mara ooh Zico, ohh Ottamax and Ogweno. The only permanent feature in Gor will be the club and the fans. Players and officials/TB will come and go but the club remains.
    Personally my prayer is that we perform better and reclaim the league. It’s gonna be tough even for ingwe which is winning to friendlies. Ranieri is still getting support from Leicester EC despite the club hovering around relegation and are the reigning champs.

  • Kazzarah says:

    @jasego You Were All A Ware That Any Team Meeting The Mighty Kogallo Applies 200% Energy Thats Why Through The Blunder Made By Our Golie No.One They Beaten Us,and Since They Exhausted All Their Available Energy ,they Were Beaten By A Wide Margin 3-1 This Proved That Ken Okoth A Former Bandari Once Said “we Lost The Game Because We Had Applied 200% Energy In Our Game Against Gor Mahia”.So Personally I Believe Ze Maria Will Take The League With Kogallo Mayienga,this Time Round No Small Or Big Team But In The Long Run Mayienga Will Carry The Day Whether Doubtors Like It Or Not.Let Support Our Technical Bench,our Managementand Finally Our Fellow Funs.If We Pushed These Players To The Wall They Will Become Confuse And Fail To Make A mark.When Teams Realised That You Want Early Goals They Parked The Bus To Frustrate Your Effort And The Team End Up With Many Unnecesary Draws Due To Fun Pressure.Unutilised Chances,high Line Football,raiding Opponent Without Making Any MeaningFul Impact All Due Pressure From Funs.

  • jathur gi ji says:

    I support the chair on this, he has to stick with our coach. I had warned against setting too high goals in soccer,that is not to say my goals are low. Just tell me, when one says we expect five wins in a row, what are you trying to say? We are a super team? What of the other teams, you think they are not after wins and points? No please.

    Jasego, Musymo, a person and Jakoyo please see me in my office after class.

    • musymo says:

      Hahahaha @JTGJ, but Mwalimu…………. I hope my punishment won’t be kuosha nguruwe which is the worst we ever endured back in dem days. The moment it looks like it is becoming near clean, the nguruwe simply rolled in the muddy puddle you just created with the water and soil and you had to start all over and over and over again!!! How ingenious were our teachers back in those days. Kenya needs more of such in these trying times.

    • A person says:

      Hehehe @Jathurji, ate?

  • vincent owino says:

    Ongee bwana if untrained coach like Baraza can lock Ze maria out of the game, what do expect kuvumilia bcouse Mugabe ndio kusema, kuna ukora mingi thus why loyal servant like Ngala will survive,club matatu loan serviced 5yrs and still remains under NIC BANK,wea is ukwueli.GM ni property less,on Zico unless he is coming to replace Ze maria coz Zico has more papers than Ze maria national team coach and he is Mugabe clans man u never know whats at stake lets wait and c.Muiruri last game with Ze maria in kisumu 2nd half this guy changed the game completly.the truth is lets wait n c.

  • Baba Travis says:

    Hahahaa@ja thur gi ji thanks for for the humour.Those four naughty boys ought to see you for sure.Did you you say after the classes.@Musymo thanks for accepting to see Mwalimu.Am afraid he might just ask you to wash a corpse this time.You know these guys and their funny punishments.The best you can expect from him is being asked to report for Kogalo training tomorrow to replace Ze Maria.Carry you resume ukienda kumuona rafiki yangu.

    • A person says:

      Don’t worry baba Travis. The naughty boys are part of the society. But you kni that back in the village such boys were capable of beating their teachers. Sasa the teacher must be very careful before giving such summons. La sivyo achapwe mpaka ashangae .

    • musymo says:

      Hehehehe………@Baba Travis, that one about the resume is a bit below the belt. On a more serious note, do you believe Ze will take us places? That is all I also wish for irrespective of who is the TB top dog. If Ze hacks it I will be his most fervent supporter and you can recall I never criticized him when he won matches or drew while putting up a fight!!!But I will hope and pray that God gives him that magic touch. @Jasego, why didn’t you guys organize a friendly this weekend to keep the boys’ juices running and give us a chance to watch our beloved club play as we wait for the two bulls to stop fighting? As it is I will be in Machakos to watch the Ingwe-Posta Rangers friendly. Will be a chance to spy on the enemy but also I am truly curious to see how this 3-5-2 experiment by Hall is taking shape. I have a feeling Ingwe may challenge for top honours if they keep their politics off the pitch….But with Ingwe you never can trust them!!!!

      • Jasego says:

        Musymo friendlies have even become a hot potato now that we seem to lose them all leading to queries from fans quarters.The idea seems to be shelved temporarily on TB knows when they will resume

  • Marto Original says:

    Hehehehe. Guys, am humbled. When Jathur GI Ji summoned @Musymo et al to his office, I expected a backlash from him or the mentioned others. But, alas, instead we get another very humorous reaction from @Musymo. This is it. This is the way it should be. No quarrels, no backlashes, no abuses, no Mugabe’s and no Zemaria’s wive’s. Just debates on Opinions and ideas, spiced up with some humour like members of a family.

    Jathur GI Ji and @ Musymo, you have just started my day this morning on a perfect note.

  • Jakoyo says:

    @ Jathurgi….Will continue with my fight to have zemaria ousted from leadership. see you once the appointment of the local coach is confirmed early next week. Watch this space bro , Jodala will not go down without a fight !

    • Dan Original says:

      @Jakoyo, so who will you be fighting and where? We might love to witness the fight. Let’s not be like rolling drums with no breaks and no reverse gear. As @Odhis Muga puts it patience is a virtue and we must learn how to make use of it moreover Ze Maria is not ‘nailed’ to Gor. If he doesn’t deliver he will go but not because he was defeated in some training matches. Do we know that our actions can make or break the new players?
      How an organization manages change matters alot but unfortunately some of us still believe in the 90s ways of bringing about change.

  • Jaupanda says:

    Keeping up with speed at which the bloggers are sharing their thoughts, I realize that it is like playing a Match. It is already creating a match and that the league is already on, only that it is being played here. Notice how intense it is getting to the point of boil ups and bravado.The race here belongs to the strong-hearted and not the fainthearted. This is the exact replica of what it means to play for K”Ogalo. Is it a good thing? yes it is. The only problem here I think, is that we are playing among ourselves. The TB is not part of this or are they. Are we therefore playing against a wall? I do not think saw. The TB and the entire team I think secretly sneaks in our playing field to watch and here exactly what is going on and people’s thoughts about them. To our disadvantage they are planning better. This could therefore mean we do not have the exact picture of what they are doing. Furthermore, they spend time playing together several days a week while we probably play when convenient. While the practice as if playing a match even to the point of having injuries, we play safe so that we can get back when time allows. My point continues to be We are two great Teams The Bloggers vs. The Technical bench and the playing unit. At the end of the game, who will have won fairly and squarely? Who will have had the true interpretation of the other or the opponent.?

  • Jamigori says:

    I support the chairman on this matter of Ze Maria and please administrator can you also delete all postings bearing Mugabe as you had deleted my previous posting. However point to note is that my message was delivered home. It is irritating to allow such insults on the man that took Gor Mahia from nowhere to where we are now with many fans and bloggers in equal measure.

  • Claudio Ranieri coached a team that in 2014-2015 barely survived relegation , Claudio Raniere against all expectations coached that team to the title in 2015-2016 , In 2015-2016 the same Claudio Raniere is coaching the same
    same Leicester with only Ngolo kante missing and is fighting relegation….Frank Nuttal took a team that had just one the league , Frank Nuttal won the league with the same stengthened team with Olunga hitting higher levels , in 2016 Olunga like Ngolo kante leaves and if I may add like Suarez left Liverpool , there is a likelihood that what is happening to Raniere could now be happening to Nuttal if he had stayed only that unlike Raniere by now Nuttal would be coming to the game with a reinforced stainless steel head helmet

    • Jaupanda says:

      @Teddy Sofaset branch
      Every team is a candidate of Avery number available on their respective league. Indeed no team has a right to number one or Trophy. Just sharing like opinion

  • Jb says:

    Hehehe ze Maria won’t win any or many matches

    • Jacity says:

      Ze Maria MUST prove himself in the first 3 matches.Nothing short.He has to adapt his tactics for every opponent.After all he got all the players he wanted Gor are champions and we fans will not accept more excuses.Historically we thrive under English coaches and I think this is not by chance.Our players easily adapt to their style.
      Patience is not permanent. You hold your fate in your own hands Ze Maria.

  • Dan Original says:

    Nutall and Loga are now in Accra. All the best to them

  • Jaratiro says:

    I was not convinced last season.
    We want to win the league.
    GM must have our own fenced training ground before we think of a stadium. We loose a lot of money on the training grounds.
    The youth set up( playing systems) should be the same as the senior side .
    What hapenned to GM water and loaf? Personally I did not like the quality for the loaf.
    Now we are being told of Gomoloto or something like that.
    We have never been told of the money gotten from the previous projects and the money we receive for transfers.
    2017 should be an accountable year. God bless you all and God bless GM.

  • Jaratiro says:

    The official website should be improved design-wise and the admins to update news promptly.
    Most of the news there is for last season.
    There is a lot of news eg. players training. Ongoing studies. Social activities. Please look at other website for established teams for ideas. make it interesting.

    God bless you all and God bless GM