Rachier blames mischievous players

After stating that there are troublemakers amongst club officials, Chairman Ambrose Rachier is now stating that the playing unit is also up to no good.

Rachier was especially livid after he saw pictures of the players sleeping at the airport.

“Everyone who has traveled here has endured layovers ranging from six to 10 hours. There is nothing we could do. I was caught up at the airport in Casablanca for eight hours,” Rachier was quoted as saying.

“There are a few players posting stupid photos on WhatsApp, probably to destabilize the team. We will handle the situation after the match.” said Rachier to Nairobi news

Rachier absolves the club of blame

Rachier had earlier told Citizen Sport that club officials were not to blame for the travel chaos that ensued.

“After we had played RS Berkane we had already approached the government because we could not afford the cost of flying 18 players and officials. I personally visited the Cabinet Secretary Madam Amina Mohamed who agreed to provide us with tickets . As we waited we were informed that we should travel on Thursday through Air Qatar via Doha but it was not possible as we asked to travel back,”lamented Rachier.

The first batch of Gor Mahia squad, mainly fringe players, arrived here this morning at 3am and immediately headed into their hotel rooms to catch some sleep with a majority of the first team squad travelling by road from Casablanaca International Airport to Berkane, a distance of about 600 kilometres.

Those who arrived first include goalkeeper Shaban Odhoji, Joachim Oluoch, Charles Momanyi, Bernard Ondiek, George ‘ Blackberry’ Odhiambo , Samuel Onyango, Francis Mustafa and Wellingtone Ochieng.

“Eleven Players, the head coach, team manager and team doctor had boarded Kenya Airways flight to Casablanca via Brazzaville on Friday night but it failed to take off due to technical problems. We then booked them on Qatar Air and they left on Saturday morning via Doha to arrive Sunday morning,” explained Rachier to Citizen Sports.

36 thoughts on “Rachier blames mischievous players

  1. Rachier, what are you saying….players were sleeping on the floor at JKIA. Why didnt you organize for us accomodation ? You knew very well the date and time of the game. You also knew very well that we were going to be waiting for our flight for a while. A serious Chairman could have made accommodation arrangements for us. No sir !!!

    1. @Fake Gor Players, you are useless and you do not know what you are talking about puga. Globally leg resting or sleeping in the lounges in airports is very common practice worldwide for travelers as they are waiting for their connecting flights to their destinations. If connecting time to another flight is within 6-10 hours, there is no need for booking hotel. Any sensible and exuberance travelers will go for leg resting. Why should such exuberance travelers book for hotel accommodation for a period less than half day and check-out of hotel, run to the airport for check-in time in the connecting flight? Some airports have a very strict check-in time depending with the jurisdiction of the airport.

      Surely you are out of point and take this to Ingwe site you stupid idiot.

    2. Gor Player, we know you people are throwing away matches after betting no wonder many betting sites no longer feature your matches.

      Rachier will be chairman for quite some time, you would have done yourself a favour by playing for a career in Europe.. meaningful European team rather than fighting an old man who has enjoyed his entire and elaborate legal career and is sacrificing to help your miserable career as a desperate Kenyan premier league player.

  2. Shut up your filthy mouth and support your ingwe gor pichietha.Surely some of these players especially the ones who allowed themselves to be snapped while sleeping are disloyal and disrespectful. The club management should read the riot act and bring back sanity in the playing unit. Kahata and Philemon who are national team players must be disciplined plus the captain shakava. Gor is bigger than you guys and you can’t hold us at ransom and sabotage our beloved Kogallo brand.Most Gor players are humble and loyal and we must not allow a few individuals who think they are stars to spoil for other committed players who want to nourish their carriers. Terminate your contracts with Gor and join Mt Kenya united.

    1. I see no problem with players taking pictures unless it is in restricted. We so the same players take pictures at he home of Gor Mahia in Homabay. They gave you the evidence of what is going on. Deal with it. Live with it.

  3. There is need to clean both the EC and playing unit. Gor Mahia officials must do their part and players must follow the right procedures in solving their problems. No player or official is untouchable, anybody bringing problems should be shown the door.

  4. Without going into the merits or demerits of ARs interview with the media-for now , I want to offer him my unsolicited advise hoping it reaches him .
    No 1: In the day and age of an adversarial and hostile media , Rachier & Co should not lose sight of the fact that the club has its own official social media handles I.e You tube , Facebook , Twitter and the essense of owning your own media is to enable you to be in control of your narrative instead of being defined by others and doing it in time , let the media and the public lift information from your official sources .
    Secondly , for the destabilizing narrative to be have been run for days and that it had to wait for Rachier to respond confirms another thing , that the office is made of joyriders who are only their to eat the players’ meals .
    Thirdly , throughout this ordeal , there was a Gor official in Morocco constantly and unofficially throwing more fuel to the fire with misleading and inciting misinformation to one Fred Arocho of Radio Jambo , the self declared fake mtetezi ya wanyonge and I can say from my own deduction that this official was part of the pictorials propaganda we witnessed plus more that were done to activate a premeditated plan .
    Like I said earlier , the media was fully in the know about what caused our delay I.e Goverment bureucracy and aeroplane technical issues but volunteering that info to the public would have ruined the agenda and the narrative .
    The club must now know the foolishness of creating platforms then not using them , all the info would have been uploaded on our you tube and posted on other official social
    Media handles in appropriate time , Like Trump has since prooved through his twitter handle , you no longer need the bullying , compromised and manipulative mainstream media to reach your audience.
    All this lead to one conclusion vis a vis the EC , the EC as currently structured cannot meet what modern management requires for a take off .

  5. As we ventilate,which is all in order,let’s also stop being petty.@odhis muga,how can you call players disloyal and disrespectful for being taken a snap while sleeping??for goodness sake they were asleep,it’s not like they were posing for the snap!!then again we all take snaps on our sojourns to serve as memories!!

  6. Our main undoing was that uneducated Woman we elected, she is the cause of all our problems, instead of addressing issues officially in the right forum, she is always on the social media talking negatively about the team she is leading. HARAMBEE STARS the KENYAN NATINAL team not only once slept on the airport floors and even captain MUSA OTIENO had to buy them meals with his own money, but with gor everything is blown out of proportion easily because our officials want to discredit each other, the woman who don’t know even how the team is run travels to Morocco and starts shouting about the players mistreatment there, as an official and especially as a treasurer,she knew all the travelling arrangement and if there was any problem she should have stayed behind to defend wanyonge wake from here, why leave players behind and you are not goin to play

  7. It is very interesting when opinions are expressed about what should have been done and especially in this case by Rachier. Of interest is what has been said by @Gor Player. Am glad that he has alluded to what a serious person should do. Firstly, he has admitted to the fact that Ambrose Rachier is a Serious person only that he did not do enough to address the situation. I qualify this again @Gor Player’s words and I quote ” You knew very well the date and time of the game….. You also knew very well that we were going to be waiting for our flight for a while” This is actually an admission that Rachier had a complete picture of what was going on and was in control. Perhaps he should be asking, What happened to our serious person who had information of the whole journey? To this Ambrose responds and I quote ““After we had played RS Berkane we had already approached the government because we could not afford the cost of flying 18 players and officials. I personally visited the Cabinet Secretary Madam Amina Mohamed who agreed to provide us with tickets . As we waited we were informed that we should travel on Thursday through Air Qatar via Doha but it was not possible as we asked to travel back,” and secondly “Eleven Players, the head coach, team manager and team doctor had boarded Kenya Airways flight to Casablanca via Brazzaville on Friday night but it failed to take off due to technical problems. We then booked them on Qatar Air and they left on Saturday morning via Doha to arrive Sunday morning,” explained Rachier to Citizen Sports. Lastly, How Much would the whole trip have costed including what the Government paid? Did Gor as a Club have that money? If they did have the Money then I would be amongst the first people to ask what happened.

  8. @jaupanda, there is a reason why CAF draws are conducted at least 2 weeks prior to the match..it’s is to allow for budgeting and planning. For this reason we knew after the quarter finals draw that we shall be travelling to morroco on 14th April…this was one month ago. Why did we wait until after playing in Nairobi to talk to government ? Has lesson been learnt, I guess not.

    Secondly, now that our sole focus is on thr league , what assurance do we have that the bad blood between players and EC will not spill over into the league ? Has the controversial bonusses been paid ? Are salaries and allowances up to date ? Has any lesson been learnt, I guess not.

    Have fans turned up in large numbers to enroll for membership and hold the offices to account for poor management ? Has any fan inquired about the outcome of the SGM and what resolutions were made regarding club affairs ? Has any lesson been learnt, I guess not.

    We are all guilty as charged…the EC, the players and most importantly, the fans.

  9. Hehehe. At Got player, if you are really a gor player, then you are in the wrong place. Do you have any idea what would have been the cost of accommodation that night for all of you guys? If the club had that money, wouldn’t it have been better to pay you guys the so called allowances you are demanding than spending it all on accommodation while you are waiting for a connecting flight! Since you guys are soo insatiable, wouldn’t you have complained that management wako na pesa ya kulipa accommodation na hawataki kutulipa allowances zetu?

    About the photos of players sleeping on the floor, It should be known that it was those players’ choice to sleep on the floor. No one told them to. Had the pictures been taken of players sitting on the seats in the middle of the night, it wouldn’t have looked that bad. It’s all about someone wanting to play around with our psychology.

    Yesterday you (@gor player) posted that you lost to the Morrocans because Gor hired a Mzungu coach? Do you even listen to yourself? So you struggled so hard to qualify for the last 16 then you suddenly remembered that you have a muzungu coach? The same one who has taken you to that level?!! How laughable!

    1. Cale, I know exactly what it could have costed the team not to accommodate us. Ummmmm it costed us the game. How about that

      1. Gor mahia should be registered as a kiosk Rather than the African giants we claim to be so as to save fans from these irrelevant shame and embarrassment

  10. @gor player…..you are good!…..now you are happy….you only have one name…attention seeker.keep posting irelevant things here to make yourself happy.i dont always comment becos most pple on this site are well informed by matters Gor and their positive concern towards the team.i can know when we are going to do well by just reading their comment.also when i read gor tunapeleka nyasi comment i just know we ar taking top spot.keep being cartoon on this site and entertain thyself.

  11. I wish to agree with @Jakoyo 100% about whether we as fans have learnt any lessons after the pains we endured this week , as much as its too early to make that conclusion , its a valid and legit question that requires each of us as individuals but part of a collective to do , a self examination , if at all there is any value , we as fans are adding to Gor Mahia .
    There is a unique situation in kenya and uganda and which I find very foolish , and that is how tough we think we are , by how loud we make noise on social media and then go home celebrating we have won , we have won , ooh we have shouted down CNN til they have apologised , ooh we have shouted down The New York Times til they have said they will reconsider placing photos of victims of terrorism , so we have won , We have insulted Rachier on Social Media , we have won , we have won-RUBBISH .
    Contrast this to what social media users e.g in Khartoum and Algeria are doing with their social media handles , they are using it to mobilise , using it to organise , in short they appreciate that soveriegn POWER is the forte of the citizens , not the military , not the Govt. , not the EC.
    Now that Gor Mahia fans and Gor Mahia “fans” have shouted and insulted , in a few days time they will forget , move on , leaving everything they railed about unresolved that is until the media invites them to another feast of narratives .
    The fans ought to realise how much power they possess , how they can use that power to bring the changes they eternally theoririze about -the transparency , the accountability , the Structures , The revenues , The financial independence and autonomy etc etc , These kinds of things dont just happen, they are made to happen , there are no coincidences in life , even the incompetences we currently crying about are not coincidences , they are a direct consequence of our actions or inactions for those who feel its the other persons job to register and turn out to vote but not theirs , whereas voting is just but a once in a so many years event .
    Does it bother any of us that our official face book page has close to 350000 likes , while our twitter handle has close to 130000 , yet registered members of 100bob/month is 474 , So what is it that they do in the social media handles if not to mobilise and organise , they cant even mobilise themselves to attend matches .
    Are we serious when we criticize or we are just dyed in the wool hypocrates ? , or what do we call a person who has power in his/her hands to bring about change to what he claims to love but goes missing when the rubber meets the road , yet the same person will be the one shouting the most vile of obscenities while hiding behind the keyboards ending their tweets with a show of muscles .
    Finally but unrelated to the subject , I wish to plead with anybody who knows this boy called Philemon to go and have an adult to adult conversation with him , this boy is barely over a year old in Gor Mahia and within that short period , he has had the privilage to be invited to the national team , and all this rapid success seems to have made him believe he is a celeb ,a diva of sorts we have seen a lot of such and even better and if this boy is not counselled , he is gonna crash and all those sarrounding him are gonna do what they have done before and what they do best -Disappear and after disappearing they will start blaming “Prominent Luo Leaders” for not helping , as if they are playing for Luos , just like Congestina was a World Boxing Something champion , but after being misled and her career collapsing , she was /is now a responsibility of “Prominent Luos”, and the examples are many and varied , way way beyond Luoland and Gor Land , so Philemon please , just do the right thin and lose that emerging destractive and disruptive attitude , you gonna hit your head so hard against a brick wall , its gonna crack into tiny pieces and we wont give a damn .

  12. Ahaa, so now it is a blame game that is being dished out on us. These are the recipes of dysfunctional office, the office that lives in denial at every single time, the office that lack prudence, efficiency, transparency and operates in opaque manner. So it has now dawn on the EC that there are rebels in the playing unit who are the cause of this trouble in GM.

    1. And the big questions is; how did these rebels come to exist in GM?
    2. Are they rebelling for a genuine reasons?

  13. Our love for siasa is way too much. If some players made a mistake wapigwe fine na maisha iendelee. Look what happened to Ahaddad of Zamalek after disrespecting Shakava;fine then end of story.Now someone here talks of a player going to Mount Kenya united. Where our problems lie is in management and we hope a new constitution that will allow a HNW individual to buy 51%,buy quality players and have a strong youth system where we shall churn out players with good quality ball skills.

  14. I really dont like this issue of Gor relying on Goverment to be bailing us out time and time again , its the equivalent of World Food Program donating food to Africans and it creates a dependency syndrome that then becomes hard to shake off , in the case of Gor , it creates avenues for lethargy , apathy , laziness and corruption , it creates a situation where EC will always fein brokeness knowing somebody will come to our aid .
    Secondly , I really hate this issue of people dealing directly with players monetarily coz it creates madharau and also unnecessary centres of power , but again it is the reason Nyangi is tolerated in Gor because she is the ECs link to the Sonkos , a handout the EC doesnt mind receiving , its akin to people taking advantage of your family situation to be dealing directly with your wife and your daughters AND doing it , then publicising it .
    The whole Three components of this club I.e The EC , The TB/Playing Unit and the Fanbase needs one huge 3phase , 415V , Electronic Nyaunyo , Everybody in these component is joking and joking while jokingly pointing accusing fingers at the other , what the Americans call a circular firing Squad .
    Seems like my message aint gonna change in the forseable future , that is unless all these three components restructure , and simultaneously , 50+years and we are still running football with a Zinjanthropous Mindset and Stone tools and the rest of our peer competitors are in the Information age .

  15. Oliech Wuod Mary thanks for the services. We are out of CAF where we thought you would market yourself and redeem your career. Alas. We cannot pay you that kind of money for KPl. @Sofaset Ja Entebbe wacha vizungu mingi. Go back to mashinani and get us quality players from our traditional schools and local . Kwaheri Oliech.

  16. Hehehe , The richest club in the world , with there own private jet and hence dont have to sleep on airport floors and is not led by Rachier is down 3-0 , 70minutes into the match , I am talking about Manchester Utd , infact all their allowances and bonuses have been paid and people like Sanchez has pocketted ksh 50 million weekly pay even though he is not in the team .
    Its always good to DeLocalize so that we can also appreciate that we are not the only ones suffering .

  17. When Gor got knocked by Rayon Sports , the localized fans thought death had been visited upon us , today Juventus , who purposely bought Ronaldo to win them the champions league have been knocked out by a team relatively smaller than Rayon Sports called Ajax Amsterdam , and they have been knocked out in Turin , homeground to Juventus .
    Its good to point this out to people who believe that Gor is the best team in the World

  18. Teddy, hey you are all over the place, what do you eat lately. Even though these big teams have been knocked out (MU and Juve), you can not compare the incomparable; the comedy that is GM’s management is intolerable and sickening and if you think that nobody in the current EC(some have been there for more than 10 years) is going to do anything about it or is thinking of doing anything about the situation. There may not even be any need to go back to CAF competitions next season if we don’t fix the current situation, to be fair let other Kenyan team go and try.

  19. @Jathur gi ji , if you were concentrated constructively on what I posted , you may have noted that I adressed the EC issue but in a comprehensive & contextual manner I.e I adressed all the components that make Gor Mahia and which is THE EC , The TB/Playing unit and the Fan Base .
    So my friend Jathur gi ji , that in my opinion is how issues are tackled , comprehensively and on this I would pray that we have a debate or a discussion but not gotcha offrail arguments .
    You are very right when you talk about management deficiency , but very wrong if you believe you will solve the problem piecemeal while leaving out the other components , Who for example will bring about that change if we the ones chanting nice slogans of change are not registered to bring that change .
    Hehehe @Jtgj , As to questions about what am eating lately , I am also wondering what you used to eat but stopped eating and that is unbalancing your diet making your points so unbalanced lately .

    1. @Teddy Sofaset Entebbe, I am just impressed with your last statement @JTGJ that “……………….unbalancing your diet making your points so unbalanced lately.”

      Your statement is spot on…..very pregnant with lots of synonyms.

  20. @Gor Player if truly you are a player I salute what you have achieved. I am not ashamed. But remember, never take to the field to hit back at someone else. There could be someone in the crowed looking out just for you and you might end up loosing a lifetime opportunity to someone else. I salute you all for being courageous to stand up for your rights. A lot of people are condemning you but I highly doubt if they are able to take half the sh*& to have already taken. Those of us SHOUTING contracts, contracts have contracts elsewhere which are normally respected and expect to be honoured and executed to the letter. I respect your strong disapproval to any kind of lack of care. TAKE pictures in good faith as this will me memorable and a good lesson. It provides healing as well.

    Lastly I urge you to always ensure you are balanced in your decision and place your football career above else. Footballing life is very short. Don’t make it shorter. Consider other options if this is not working to you MR @Gor Player. I am a strong advocate of moving on. good night

  21. I’ve read that sofapaka and other kpl teams have not paid their players for the last two months ,those players have not strikes,gor players insisting others ur ruining ur future

  22. @OJomondi…the guy claiming to be a Gor player i can assure you 100% is definitely not.he is a good for nothing idler looking for cheap attention.so don’t waste your time addressing such non entities,it’s not worth your time!!

  23. Can this VAR Technology work e.g in a knock out game featuring Gor Mahia at e.g Nyayo stadium , where would the video analysts sit , I would recommend they sit right inside the armoury room of the Nyayo stadium police station , Would it be possible to reverse a last minute Kogallo’s winning goal ? , I ask this bearing in mind that these days we celebrate violently even while winning and am also reminded of a certain cancelled Lucky Dube strike against Ulinzi at Nyayo stadium late night 2011 , the night Nyayo literally turned Into Hell .
    There is a lot we fans of the biggest club can learn about civility from the ones currently using it coz its inevitably the future , I saw Man City score a goal in injury time that would have seen them qualify to the semis , but after VAR , the goal was cancelled , effectively knocking them out , and in their stadium , that is when I thought of Gor Mahia and our forever right and never wrong fans , Mayienga .

  24. I read People Daily (PD) there are many KPL clubs that owes players huge outstanding salary arrears for several months. Gor Mahia is not among the clubs in KPL league that owes players salaries arrears list. Teams such as Sofapaka, K-Sharks, Mathare, Chemelil, Mt Kenya etc are teams with arrears dating to 6 months but you do not this nonsense of boycott. I am very disappointed with Gor Mahia players that have continued to boycott trainings because of delayed allowances and bonuses which are not entitlements.

    My honest advise to players is to terminate their contracts and get employed by Judith Nyangi and other incites because such players are foolish and useless with no future. There is no team in the world that can engage such players with discipline issues. Salaries are paid but they are busy destroying their careers.

    Let them throw away the league and let the team be relegated. I will switch to support Kisumu All Stars and foreign team. The boycott in any other way will not affect my life nor stop me from eating.

    EC need to move swiftly by suspending all the EC inciters and terminate contracts of ringleaders within the playing unit. We can start a fresh with few loyal and committed players. This has been done before and Gor Mahia will continue to be there with or without the EC inciters and indiscipline players.

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