Rachier dimisses critics, says there is no corruption

Chairman Ambrose Rachier has dismissed critics who of late have been accusing him of mishandling and even embezzling club funds. Rachier is adamant that for the past two years, there has been no money to embezzle.

“Corruption comes in when there is money to be stolen. Where was the money in Gor Mahia? Gor had no sponsor, I’m the one who knows where the money to run this club came from. All these noise you hearing now is from the fact that we have two sponsors now. The noise makers are targeting to control the new found money,” he said to Citizen FM.

A section of Fans have been clamouring for elections. Some have even started campaigning. One fellow told a local radio station that if he were to become chairman, the mashemeji derby would raise Ksh 50 million per game. But Rachier insists that there will be no elections anytime soon. He however will call a meeting to discuss the current status of the club.

“I will soon call for a SGM to explain to members the new developments, especially as far as the sports act of 2013 is concerned. Then from the SGM if they want elections I will call for elections. But not when the season is on.”  he continued.

Fans will be keen to see Rachier account for among other things:
1. Gate collections
2. How is the sponsor money spent?
3. How is the kit sponsorship money spent
4. What are the proceeds from the Gor Mahia SACCO and how are they spent?
5. Other revenue streams such as Gor Mahia water which retails for Ksh 50 and the Gor Mahia bread

Note that Gor Mahia water was available for sale at the stadium on Saturday and a club official said the club was happey with the revenue.

“It is a new revenue stream for us and we are urging our fans to support us by buying the water.” said the official.

Rachier went on to say that he will fulfill the pledge he made in 2008 to build a stadium for the club.
“We have land in Embakasi, but if the squatters are still there, then we will activate plan B. There is land at Kasarani that the new FKF president says we can build a stadium. I’m talking to partners to make this a reality.”

Meddie Kagere on the way back?

Rwandese striker Meddie Kagere, who left the club in December is back in town and may start training with the team again with a view to rejoining the club in June.

“He is our former player and because he is free, he has been talking to some of us but we will see what happens when June comes,” said Ronald Ngala told Goal.com

It is impossible to tell what will happen in June and by then he may have already found another club. Ngala also noted that Gor Mahia has already reached its quota for foreign players.

“I do not blame him for his earlier actions, it was evident there was someone, who misled him. He is a quality player and we would like him to play for us, however, we currently do not have a place for him since we have exhausted the number of foreign players in the team.” he said.

Chairman Ambrose Rachier explained that Kagere left because his demands were too exhorbitant for the club at the time.

“Meddie left because we could not afford him in December. We had no sponsor and he was asking for six million shillings which we didn’t have. We have now had a discussion and he will be back,” Rachier to Citizen FM.

15 thoughts on “Rachier dimisses critics, says there is no corruption

  1. Rachier you are the man…tell them how you personally bankrolled the club for 2 years and we won 2 trophies in a row. Where were this people ?

    Now in a typical Kenyan mentality style, people want to reap where they have not sown. Gor mahia has a sponsor and money to pay players salaries and wollla! Everybody wants elections, everybody wants to be a chairman, everybody wants to eat your sweat. Useless and shameless country.

  2. So sad that when we want elective posts we are very active but disappear when we lose, with all our pledges. The last time a candidate promised to get us a sponsor from a mining company in SA to the tune of 200m. But we still went on without a sponsor for that long and never heard of the candidate.
    We should be for Gor during bad and good times and fans should really vet potential officeholders. Being bought a few drinks at your local or some freebees does not make one a leadership material.
    Am sure there are leaders out there who can do better than AR but they need to come and tell us how they are going to do things differently. Telling us that you will build a stadium, merchandise sale, clamp on hooliganism etc without a concrete plan will not sway Kogalo fans anymore.
    All the members (not fans) are asking for is transparency

  3. I have said it here before, in that just because M7 rescued UG from the jaws of economy collapse does not means that he owns UG and treat it as a personal property and jails any one questioning corruption taking place there, on the same breath just because AR has done slightly better in the last two years maintaining GM financially does not mean that we stop asking questions concerning accountability, transparency and sustainability, personally I have no beef with AR, but we should think beyond our nose in that what will happen should AR exit the scene? as at now there is no structure put in place that can cushion those hell bent in robbing GM coffers…. these are my concerns not doing things by the roadside then we applaud!!!!!

  4. Let us be patient and give AR a chance. After all we entrusted him with the same responsibility when the club was in tatters and he navigated the ship safely. Polarising GM at this point will not add any value. Even if elections are held today still we have no guarantee of changing the club’s fortune overnight or changing anything at all for better.

  5. This guy calling others puff adder snake should look at himself first before calling others that way.Thats not sportmanship.We are here to build but not to antagonise.

  6. Surely where did these hyenas hide when we had no sponsor and keenly watch only to emerge when the club got sponsors? If AR did not devote his time for the club the way he did,we would today be somewhere far struggling to rejoin premier league.

  7. Sincerely speaking there is corruption in gate collections. Sometime last year one spotted some of the Gor Mahia officials selling fake tickets.

    If you take a year like 2010 when Gor Mahia officials were still honest, we used to get millions from mashemeji derbies but that is now history…

    However, if you are given two bad options to choose from, you will always get a good choice out of the them so we cant say we are in a crisis but I think we can do better.

    The worst part of the current office is that players’ recruitment are not left to the coach but they think they always think they know better than the technical bench. More professionalism is needed.

  8. Now that we have a second sponsor SAB Miller st the rate of 50m for three years I hope the EC will reduce the gate collections to say 100 bob and our fans will also do the needful and pay.

    Congrats EC for the sponsorship. Now it’s upto the TB and players to deliver

  9. When someone talks of proceeds from Gor Sacco;it is just mind boggling. The Sacco has barely grown and you want proceeds!.Let it grow like Equity then demand proceeds.The Sacco is also not an arm of Gor Mahia.

    1. @Moses, I hope those asking for the proceeds are members of the SACCO. Gor fans are notorious for asking for accountability where themselves don’t contribute. Occasionally you will see some forcing themselves into the stadium and then saying their money is being stolen/eaten. Or even demanding the players to pull up their socks

  10. Ngala talks much.As a fan I look forward to Kagere return in June.We can sacrifice one foreign based player for him

  11. As much we will re -elect AR,ndani ya ofisini kuna ufisadi kubwa,1.club bus harambee raised 6m yet its held by the bank coz of deni ya 1m.2.gate none knows the total collection in every much,so so secrate even treasure can account for acent.

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