Rachier gunning for top spot

Despite having unfinished business at Gor Mahia, chairman Ambrose Rachier has declared his candidacy for the Chairmanship of Football Kenya limited. He was endorsed by club chairmen of the Kenya Premier league. Should he win, be will be following in the footsteps of legendary Gor Mahia chairman and patron Joab Omino who in 1990 was elected KFF chairman while still Gor Mahia chairman.

Rachier said the KPL had realized none of the candidates who have presented themselves have the capacity to take Kenyan football an inch further and hence picked him as their candidate.

He will be running against incompetent incumbent Mohammed Hatimy, the all political Sam Nyamweya as well as fan favorite Hussein Terry. Former Gor Mahia winger William Obwaka earlier declared his candidacy but now appears to have lost interest. Other former Gor Mahia players, Eric Obura and Dan Shikanda are also gunning for posts. Perhaps the most intriguing candidate is an outsider the lovely Elizabeth Shako.

Elizabeth Shako

The move by KPL and Rachier appears ill-advised.One of the issues raised by Rachier as a reason for running is the lack of financial transparency. But Rachier has not exactly been transparent during his tenure as club chairman.

Secondly, it would make more sense for KPL to unite behind a candidate who is likely to raise the standards of football and enhance the Kenya premier league. That candidate is non other than Hussein Terry. By splitting the votes, they make it more likely that Nyamweya or Hatimy will win.

These are people who have run football into the ground as is addressed in a separate article. Click here to read the article

10 thoughts on “Rachier gunning for top spot

  1. if i had voting rights id vote for h.mohammed/shollei,tel us more abt this terry fela y the confidence in him,4 Rachier he’s one of the better candidates but has major blots eg where is our bus,players n coach treking,mobilizing fan base n ideas (c the drought response thru mpesa hasnt no.12 proposing this 4 GM).Finally 4 the list of shame candidates GOSH how did IEB clear them

  2. Oduori I do wonder how people come to talk the opposite of what they actually do in public..it worsens when they think people can easily be fooled into believing them.

    I know for sure that Sam Nyamweya is aware that he led Kenyan football to the dogs and at one time he was suspended by FIFA for the crime of corruption..Hatimy also knows he’s the worst manager football has ever seen..its not funny that they believe they will still cheat their way into this respected office!

    Yet i still dont understand how Sambu failed after being overwhelmingly elected sometimes back.

    For Rachier hmm.. i wonder how he thinks the endorsement by KPL will lie him into the big respectable office.

    1.Hoe can a learned person of his caliber run a club of GM magnitude without a budget..will this be translated in the national office?
    2.Why has it taken eight months to deliver the bus which now exists only in rumors?
    3.Why has it taken years to meet branch officials to enhance club revampment..why is he avoiding our branch leaders?
    4 Where are audited financial statements for the years he’s been in office?
    5.How comes the Tuzo deal is shrouded in much mysteries.
    6.Why is it impossible to have an office for all those years.
    7.And many more including the blackberry deals and bla bla..

    I never believe in electing anyone into a public office coz of non official affiliations..

  3. Agwa Kasam and Oduor both of u are right , first he should adress these isues first ur oponents will take advantage on this, on my side he doesnt like talking to GM followers

  4. What are being posted here seems to personal vendata against our chairman. Ambrose Rachier has all rights to stand for the chairmanship of kenya football federation. People are talking about the bus project, which I highly think is going to be unveiled. Suppose the bus is unveiled next week what are you fans going to complain about? Rachier has done well for the club. Before Rachiercame to the picture, GM was struggling with relegation challenges. Where were you fans? On accountability, yes we need to challenge the office to come out clean and present the audited accounts to fans during an AGM. The problem we have in Gor Mahia are our fans who during the AGM, elect inept officials who have got no brains and nothing to offer. The officials I’m talking about are Ataro; Mwalimu, Ngala, etc. From some reliable sources, these mentioned officials have ganged up against Rachier after our AFC match because the were stopped from handling the gate collections. In this regard, Ataro has teamed up with Hatimy (KFLChairman) to frustrate annd badmouth Rachier. The war in Gor is between these corrupt and useless officials that you fans voted during the elections and these officials are after their pockets and stomach. This is one of the reasons why we have never maximise in our gate collections like other clubs that had benefited from our matches. These officials have been running parallel tickets hence denying the club rightful revenue. In our match against AFC, entry tickets were printed in Dela Rue and they had limited chances to sell their illegal tickets.

  5. Its very disapointing to see people talk of Rachier in this manner.If i may ask especially those official and their purported fans
    1.Where were they before Rachier revamped the club?
    2.What is their interest in the club?
    3.Why cant they take Rachier to task that the club is not perforeming instead their energies directed to money
    Please gentle men Kenya has changed and we do not have a place for looters and spoilers.We need to build what we have and Rachier has done it wonderful,Its now history to hear players have not been paid.I want to tell these busy bodies that with Rachier out of the club even the sponsorship from TUZO might go,these people would not deal with noise makers,Please lets build but not destroy.Ask yourself now in Kenya which is the most vibrant Club? Ans.GM Who is the chairman?

    Hey guys wake up to new Kenya


    On a personal note, i wish to throw my weight behind the chairman Rachier for taking a bold step to gun for the top position during the forthcoming KFF/FKL polls.

    First, he has every right to run for any position. Secondly, he has got an impressive curriculum vitae (CV) besides an impeccable track record. He has managed to turn around the fortunes of Gor Mahia . The club can now boast of a lucrative deal from Tuzo brand of brookside. The deal caters for players kits, allowances and insurance.

    His style of leadership has brought stability and progress to the club. we have a functioning office, a state of the art website. Plans are underway to procure a club bus among other initiatives that geared to improve the club.

    A good listener but firm in his decisions. He is a reformer. I therefoere highly recommend him for the position.

  7. Rachier, go for it you have my full support. Should you be contemplating to resign from Gor upon winning the Chairmanship, please dont leave Tom Ataro behind.

    The reports attributed to him in the press were not friendly and shows the level of his education. We are past those years. Tom should find somewhere else to go to.

    The sponsorship that Gor got no matter from wherever it came from is highly welcome. We have waited for a very long time from E.A. Spectre or from Pan African Petroleum for a very long time but we havent seen any.

    Bravo Rachier go for it God is with you.

  8. In addition to my above comments, Gor fans from Kampala Uganda have thrown their weight behind the Chairman. Where is Leslie Okudo? The same people insulted Leslie out of Gor. Now that the sponsorship is here, they want to come in and loot the money. The players are not complaining against the Chairman.

    Please lets reason and stop being jealous. When Leslie was being insulted out of the club Atarolike officials like Vincent Onyonyi and Obita Odero took the club and managed the club to the dogs.

    Thereafter it changed hands to the likes of Fred Mwango and others but it is only when Rachier took over the club is when it came back to life large turn up to the stadia, travelling fans, huge gate collections.

    Tom Ataro must go

  9. The Atarolike officials some of them were later to feature in the newspaper notices as wanted persons with a bounty on their heads for having stolen their employers money.

    Lets watch what we say in the press. Otherwise such statement will come to haunt some of us. If I were to ask, how much was collected for the bus and for which type of bus?

    Rachier should groom someone good to take over the club should he decide to leave the club.

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