Rachier joins crowded FKF election field

Rachier with former Gor Mahia winger Dan Shikanda

As he did in 2011, Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier has once again announced his candidacy to become chairman of the FKF. He joins former Kenya International Sammy Shollei, Kariobangi Sharks chair Nick Mwendwa, well heeled upstart Gor Semelango and Tom Alila.

Rachier who is the KPL chairThe KPL chairman said his candidature is meant to end the many recurring negatives in local football. “For over a decade, we have wasted far too much time and energy on internal wrangles. Now we can together invest that time and energy on the real issues in Kenyan football,”

Rachier called for a transparent process to ensure credible elections. “I am happy that finally, the electoral board has been inaugurated. We want them to take charge of the process to ensure that it is not controlled by of the candidates,” he urged. He also called on vetting to be carried out from the county level so as to weed out fake clubs, or clubs that are formed for the sole purpose of elections.

Rachier has done an excellent job since he took over as club chairman in 2008. He took over at a time when the club was thoroughly mismanaged and constantly battling relegation. It is for this reason that many Gor Mahia fans think he is deserving of the FKF chairmanship. He ran on a similar platform in 2011. In that election he polled 333 votes, finishing way behind Nyamweya who garnered 1461 votes, Mohamed Hussein who garnered 1198 votes and Mohamed Hatimy who had 734 votes.  Some fans blamed pre-reform candidates for not uniting behind one candidate.


14 thoughts on “Rachier joins crowded FKF election field

  1. CEO of KPL….Jack Oguda, FKF Chairman…..Rachier
    Refferee body Chairman…..GMT Otieno. Gor will win everthing with these people in office

    1. @ingo, the problem is that AFC has no officials so you cannot field candidates at that level. AFC does not even have people with courage to take up leadership at the club level. Shemeji, if he was good for Gor, so he can for Kenya.

      By the way is AFC still honoring league matches? what for? the only teams which have reason to play on are those in the relegation Zones.

      I think Gor winning league early is not good for KPL. Put it differently, AFC not being competitive is not good for KPL

  2. Me can’t comment hear again after admin deleted my comments me did not abuse anyone but was suggesting ways for gor to get a sponsor n queries on update on court case good bread vs gormahia/elliots bread . Admin u are such egocentric

    1. No ones posts are being deleted. As I have said many times, the server will send some posts to the spam folder if it thinks it spam
      If you use too many unneccesary punctuation marks, add too many links, change your e-mail constantly, or write posts that are too long, your post could be marked as spam. Every blog needs a spam fiilter because every blog gets hundreds and hundreds of spam posts.

  3. Omondi…kwani you are sympathising with people who have no clue what being winners is all about?our team will continue winning trophies regardless of who is in charge….sijui chairman sijui c.e.o…some people must look for a way out to mask their teams mediocrity! !!

  4. Congrats to Rachier, but be aware of this club below.
    Leopards is now under a ‘Jubilee project chairman’ tasked to bring in NYS funds to AFC. The club will is now being sponsored thru money stolen from Kenyans. The will be the first club supported thru’ stolen wealth.

    1. @Dinga, can you stand before a judge and repeat those words? Let’s think before we write otherwise we will have no reason for criticising the likes of Moses Kuria

      1. The CS herself says over 700 mil nys money was stolen. Someone gets a letter directly from govt to take over the club, nxt harambees r being done… its just logic. So which part do u want to jail me for? Have I insulted someone or asked for someone to get killed simply coz of tribe? Its no secret govt wants the western vote. Can you tell me who is the current chairman of leopards club? Was he elected? Does he speak for leopards? As for stolen money, under who’s watch was it stolen, jubilee, odm, g4s, the church? U tell me. All this is in the public domain.

  5. Rachier is ambitious but he needs to be realistic. He polled poorly last time and this time will not be much better. For the sake of the country, he should throw his weight behind a reformer like Shollei.



    With all due respect AAR , MWENDWA , SEMALANGO , SHOLLEI and Co. Divided as you are despite your democratic right to offer yourself for the position of FKF presidency , i can bet here for sure that ALL of YOU will be defeated by NYAMWEYA.

    Branches are heading to polls which will be determined by the already “VETTED” participating clubs at the grassroots levels and thereafter its the so called “ELECTED” branch officials plus the selected few clubs in the FKF second-tier and first-tier league in addition to 16 KPL clubs,Referee and Kefoca representative that will vote for NEC candidates.

    1. NYAMWEYA ensured that the adopted 47 counties strategy for FKF grass root polls did not see the light of the day by colluding with FIFA to reject the amendment and that was the end game. MEANING THE STATUS QUO AND PLAYING FIELD WAS NOT ALTERED AT ALL COST

    2. The country wide branch election will be determined by the already “VETTED” 1810 clubs country wide, be rest assured that NYAMWEYA cronies will be elected in almost all the branches country wide cause he has the network in addition to all the groundwork that he laid since he assumed office. “SIASA YA MPIRA NI UJANJA” EVEN IEBC WILL BE CLEVERLY LOOPED IN THE MIX”

    3. SHOLLEI, SEMALANGO,MWENDWA and RACHIER will split most of the REFEREE’S, KEFOCA and the16 KPL Clubs vote based on vested interest, political and geographical affiliation besides the existing hatred and competition in KPL.

    4. The more the candidates the easier it is for NYAMWEYA to win with a land slide since he will only need 35 votes out 85 delegates and if my math is right, then “UNCLE” SAM will only concentrate with FKF grass root elections outcome and wait to be endorsed with over 65 percent.

    5. KPL clubs has only 16 votes and NYAMWEYA is not interested with those votes at all. HIZO NI ZA RACHIER,MWENDWA,SHOLLEI and SEMAMLANGO, But most votes from the FKF clubs and country wide NEC officials is for NYAMWEYA.

    2. NICK MWENDWA ………………….. 18 VOTES……… Some KPL&FKF Clubs and a few Branches
    3. GOR SEMALANGO ………………. 13 VOTES………. Scattered FKF, KPL clubs, referees, Kefoca
    4. AMBROSE RACHIER …………….. 12 VOTES………. Mostly KPL clubs and a few branches
    5. SAMMY SHOLLEI…………………… 7 VOTES …….. Few branches and scattered FKF/KPL clubs.


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