Rachier versus Judith Nyangi in court

Chairman Ambrose Rachier has apparently served Organizing secretary Judith Nyangi with court papers and is demanding a retraction of her accusations.

21 thoughts on “Rachier versus Judith Nyangi in court

  1. To her credit, Nyangi has tried to be the people’s voice inside the ultra-opaque Gor Mahia hierarchy. She has gone about it the wrong way though. From inciting players to throwing unfounded allegations every which way. Her unschooled ways may just come back to haunt her. If she is sure Rachier stole Walusimbi’s transfer fee, then she has a golden opportunity to give Rachier one hell of a 12. But if she was just being her crude, tactless self like I suspect is the case, she needs to retain the services of a bombastic, expensive lawyer from the right side of town ASAP

  2. In an opaque situation people are bound to grope in the dark. Why do some people wait until they are pricked then they react. We need transparency in every thing that we do, especially in positions held in trust. The minimum requirement is that one does personally benefit from such positions. I am eagerly waiting to hear what the matter in court is about, but it appears to that it could just be the cure that the team needed.

  3. Who would have known about these deals? Before any unauthorized transaction is done in Gor, one must now ask if Nyangi is around so that the looting is executed secretly. Intimidation with legal action should not deter whistleblowers.

  4. This is a result of an opaque EC. Before we condemn Nyangi, which of these EC members really knows what is happening at Gor apart from Rachier, Aduda and their henchmen. I hope they go to court coz this will mean the dirty deals come out in open. Rachier has taken great advantage of his profession to silence or intimidate others. I am with Nyangi on this… at least she is one person who has protested to the shinanigans at Gor. If players are not being payed I will be the first to ask them to demand for their rights.

  5. I did mentioned not long ago that, the Kings a bode has been invaded and exposed. Now swali ni hii..

    why go to court if you think you’ve done nothing wrong? Why dont you give evidence of transperency

    with genuine document of financial transactions to prove your innocence and leave Nyangi to us because

    we are the stakeholders. And unless otherwise, whether she is uncouth or ilitrate there are many

    reasons to believe her story!!!!!

    1. Going to court is what civilized people do when they are offended.Since Nyangi made the allegation it is her responsibility to support her claim or otherwise she will find life very difficult

  6. Jasego give us news about new arrivals and departures. That is what I want to hear. Hayo mengine will not add value to Kogallo and increase the quantity of omena and kuon on my table.

  7. Nyangi has been operating like a headless chicken with no direction at all. If she does not have facts, then it will be difficult for her to come out of this scandalous statement. You must have fact to give the press and media information otherwise legal tussles will be messy, noisy and casualties will follow suit.

  8. While Rachier can afford legal fee or even free legal services from his law firm, Nyangi will have to dig deep into her pockets to match the high calibre lawyers from Rachier & Amollo advocates. This case will most likely drain Nyangi financially. Court cases are never the best. It is always good to settle cases out of court.

    1. Her supporters will raise money for her. This opaqueness must stop.
      Rachier ok pek. Therefore he cannot be opaque. The club cannot be run like a village team even 50 years after its founding.

      1. May the trutb come out and a cleansing follow. We need a new clu b with fresh officials ..a new way of doing things.

  9. When things are done in darkness then you leave no option to the masses rather than speculation. Rachier can easily shut Nyangi up simply by making it known how Gor spent it’s money. There is no reason for him to go to court. Gor is a public institution and he took up the job by choice. Once you take up a public job then scrutiny by the public becomes part ur your life. You are obligated to release statements of the affairs of the club especially the finance statement. Gor Mahia is not a private entity. Rachier cannot win this case out of this simple fact. Has he a Gor statement of account to the members. This is the reason members (Nyangi) are speculating.

    1. @Dinga court cases are about factual evidence and burden of proof but not emotions, rumors, hullaballoos, innuendos, blackmailing, publicity, hearsay etc. Is Gor Mahia public or private entity? What is the status of Gor Mahia? Is Gor Mahia audited by the office of auditor general to make it a public asset? Yes, fans are supporters but they do not own the club or have no ownership right attached to the club.

      It will not be easy with Nyangi on this matter unless she has sufficient facts and watertight evidence to present before the court. Such kind of cases can make you bankrupt as you will be forced to use all your little savings and even sell your assets that include cars, house, furniture, clothes, goats, cats etc to stay a float.

      What may be you and other like minded fans can do better is to mobilise funds to help Nyangi meet all her legal costs and costs of damages as awarded by the court. My advice is that the EC should sit down together and sort out the matter internally.

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