Rachier: We may have to replace Oktay

Gor Mahia are in the dark as to whether Hassan Oktay is returning. As such, chairman Ambrose Rachier is preparing to take contingency measures according to goal.com

Additional reporting from goal.com

The KPL reigning champions are not sure whether Oktay will return to the club after he requested for leave and has not responded in time

The club will find a replacement should head coach Hassan Oktay fail to return from compassionate leave.

Oktay requested for leave to attend to family issues but is yet to join Gor Mahia who are preparing to take on Aigle Noir of Burundi in the CAF Champions League preliminary clash on August 10.

The club’s chairman Ambrose Rachier has told Goal he is ready to appoint Oktay’s successor should the Cypriot-Turkish tactician fail to report back.

“After the five days, he requested for leave ended yesterday [August 5], I dropped him an e-mail and he is yet to respond. We will wait until tomorrow [August 7] and see whether he will have responded before we are forced to make another decision,” Rachier told goal.com

Rachier added the club is prepared to find a quick solution if Oktay doesn’t return.

“Whether he will return or not, we are set not to be caught [with our] pants down. I still have the list of 53 coaches who applied for the job in November alongside him and I will chat and probably have one take the role should Oktay not return at all,” he revealed.

17 thoughts on “Rachier: We may have to replace Oktay

  1. All I can say based on Rachier’s assertions, Gor is ready for any eventuality. They have learnt their lessons. It looks like many coaches always wait at the wings. I think that it is also a thin veiled pointer to a local coach eventually coming on board at some point to avoid being put in catch twenty two. I know this may look like a mirage because there is seems to be a belief that there is no coach that can handle Gor as of now. All in all this is the confidence that we need now. Oktay himself also came when we were at a similar situation on that now there is readiness.

  2. Replace yes, but not with an Englishman. Bring back Ze Maria if he is ready to work in the Tech Bench with natives and if he will not insist on being flown from Nairobi for league matches in Nyanza, Western and Coast.

    Ja’Asego kindly do not bring that Steven Polack. Bring De Jong or another Dutch or Spaniard, but not an Englishman.

    1. For the upteenth time may I remind bloggers that there is no one by the name Jasego who is an official of Gor Mahia. Those in the know are quetely working behind the scenes to make things move. Sijatusi mtu!!!

  3. I hope oktay did not use his parents sickness as an excuse to leave Gor.. Karma has a way of biting back as that could come back to haunt him wherever he goes!!

  4. Oktay to be replaced by Englishman Steven Polack. Former coach of Asante Kotoko and Begum Chelsea. Steven is on his way to Kenya.

    1. God please bring De Jong’ or Ze Maria. Please make Steven Polack have a change of mind and turn back to where he has come from…Just dirtify his heart. De Jong’ and Ze Maria have proved that they can mould average players into deadly assasins with seamless flowing football.

  5. Ze Maria is the most clueless coach Gor Mahia has ever had with boring backpass football for 80 percent of the game. My first prayer to have Mustapha gone was answered early in the week. I am going on a fast to have lightning strike the same place twice by having Ze Maria bewitched from even hearing there is a vacancy. @BB maybe you have good reason for not wanting English coaches but I think most of on pitch successes have come under English coaches? I stand to be corrected though……On Oktay, myself and a few other liberal minded bloggers questioned his intentions here but you all remember what the see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil, head up in our *****, if i think for myself Armageddon is here Branch told us. It has now come full circle. Brothers it is not a crime to criticize or critique, God gave us a brain for a reason. Some of us believe we make Gor stronger by positive criticism, some of us believe sycophancy, donkey-kissing is the way to go. We are the sum of all our different parts. To each, his own.

    1. My brother, that Gor Mahia’s successes on the pitch have come through Brits is an undisputed fact. However, other than Len Julians, these other Brits have won more out of their structureless bora-ushindi hit and run long balls than anything tactical. If you heard Supersports commentators when we played Petro in both legs, Zamalek in Egypt and when we were away in Morocco, then you will understand what I am talking about. Can an Englishman give us a system that can yield memorable goals like the kind that Oliver Maloba and Softie scored against Efusi in Dar during Ze Maria’s term?

    1. @Jonny, stop being childish. Why can’t you offer your candidature to take over at the helm of the club. But the way Ambrose Rachier is going nowhere.

  6. Polack seems to have nailed it. Still unconfirmed but looks almost certain. It is now a wait and see mode activated.

  7. I am worth my words in dollars. Please bloggers, those that have consistently questioned ADOR’S leadership style should make our lives bearable by offering themselves to be elected or forwarding the names of their preferred candidate (s) . You sound incorrigible, incoherent and stupid to insist on one subject matter while you offer no solution at all. ADOR calls them “those people with no fixed aboard” Sijatusi mtu!

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