30 Aug 12

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Rama Salim’s close range tap in in the 29thminute was all Gor Mahia needed to register a win against relegation threatened Oserian at the City Stadium in Nairobi on Wednesday evening. Gor Mahia showed signes of fatigue after previously playing on Friday and they dried down especially in the second half.

K’Ogalo started the match brightly in their characteristic fluid attacking style. Oserian were solid in defense and they did not allow balls into their final quarter. Oserian had their first chance of the match in the 15th minute when Jerry Onyango came to the rescue of his team.

Joseph Kariuki was let through by James Macharia after a poor pass from David Owino. However, Kariuki could not lutch on to the ball faster and Jerry slid in to pick it before he landed on it.

In the 23rd minute, Kelvin Omondi had his header go wide after a nice cross from Moses Odhiambo. They continued asking the questions and they finally got the answer in the 29th minute through prolific scorer Rama Salim. Rama tapped in the ball after keeper  George Ochieng’ failed to hold on to a shot from Nasio Solomon.

Rama had a nother chance in the 39th minute from a cleverly picked Moses Odhiambo corner, but he shot wide with the defenders nowehere in sight.

In the second half, Gor seemed a little tired down and Oserian played more of the ball. However, they lacked the cutting edge in front of goal and most of their build ups were cut out by the Gor defense.

Coach Sammy Pamzo Omollo was a frustrated man on the touchline as he got frustrated with the many chances that blew off their faces.

In the dying minutes of the match, Gor came back to life for some moments with substitute Moses Odhiambo shooting on target but keeper Ochieng saved the ball for a corner.

The loss sees Oserian’s fight against relegation dealt a major blow as they stick to bottom on 19 points while Gor move to 5th above Ulinzi on 37 points.

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  • dinga says:

    yaani no 3 nil… sawa basi, it must be the ulinzi game. maybe it’s coz the fatigue. i hope the one wk rest will do good. OPERATION KISMAYU is on. two down, nxt five wins and the league is ours. afc watch and see. these guys are kama kawaida, u wait for gor to play ur best game. this is somethng that has been done by tusker n ulinzi (breweries et scarlet)for yrs and it never got them anywhere. ulinzi will do the same ie after chemelil beats them. one by one they donated their positions.

  • georgemondeng says:

    I will be damned if i dnt thank the family of Gor Mahia.We are moving foward.We are moving up.And we are ready to celebrate the boys hard work and the cauch strategic approach to the game.There is Mahia factor in our team and that is what we believe in.

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    Evidently there is fatigue. JBO and Odhis Dube also agree that a fresh impetus needs to be injected in the team. I think even the fans whose support was uncharacteristically subdued yesterday also need an injection of that fresh impetus.
    For the fatigued boys I suggest that the Log should take them swimming.
    @Dinga there is no one week’s rest since we are playing Western Stima on Saturday 1st Sept in FKF cup.

  • George Ochoro says:

    Oserian gone. Our forcus is now on sato match wth w. Stima. Even though stima has been a hard nut for gor, let them know we av all our tools in the box and they will find themselves loose. This cup we are chasing is the one logarusic values most this season. 3 trophys in our bag. GO!! KOGALO GO!! GOOD LUCK!!

  • jones mike says:

    something has to be done on the deffence of Gor and the coach must take note on this if we want to win this tittle,
    the should also get good boy like the oserian deffence was solid
    the match was not that entertaining,but thanks to God we got the three important points.

  • fred Odhiambo says:

    to be honest,yesterdays game was very boring.the boys dint even look up to the task….rama did not even celebrate his goal the way he normally does.i suggest that we rest some players this weekend and keep them fresh for ulinzi next week…

  • Jakoyo says:

    Logarusic pls reshuffle players we are heading into very crucial last eight games and surely these players must be tired by now. We should give anguyo , Rama, njuguna , odhiambo rasta and serunkuma a break before they start making silly mistakes. See what happened to mosoti against mathare.

    Omera the league title we must win it, by hook or crook. This is our last chance.

  • ODUOR12 says:

    Daktari showed real calmness,to score that goal.Now fellow bloggers this is the time to let the team GEL. Gelling was being misused in the past to give mediocracy a chance to get a foothold in the club,but the fans said a big NO.
    Don’t blame fatigue, Mr.Log says we need more versatility and I agree with him 101% especially hapo kati-kati i.e attacking midfield.
    When was the last time our midfielders scored.
    Remember yesteryears when Hesbon Omollo,Jogoo or Dawo would top the scoring charts but Zamalek,Nyangi,Fundi etc would be hot on their heels.
    Give Log and this bench a long term contract, EC pull up your socks and get atmosphere exactly right and then sit back, relax and enjoy Come Baby Come soccer

  • ODUOR12 says:

    Kidero to take care of Logarusic’s accommodation
    Logarusic’s accommodation taken care of
    (Photo: (Dan Ngulu/ Futaa.com))

    Former Mumias Sugar managing director Evans Kidero’s growing contribution in the Kenyan football scene has gone a notch higher with the undertaking to take charge of Gor Mahia coach Zdravko Logarusic’s accommodation.

    Fully furnished

    The Gor Mahia Croatian coach has been putting up in a hotel since his arrival in the country in March and with the new development, Kidero, through the EK Centre will provide a fully furnished apartment for the Top 8 winning coach.

    In a correspondence sent to futaa.com from the centre, Kidero promised continued support to the club and the entire Gor Mahia fraternity for the team’s success.

    Continued support

    -Following my meeting with the Gor Mahia coach, Zradvko Logarusic and Gor Mahia Fans officials, I have committed to continue supporting the club and working hand in hand with the entire Gor Mahia community towards the team’s excellence.

    -Moving forward, the EK Centre and I have agreed to take care of the coach’s accommodation by providing for a fully furnished apartment, it read.

    Kidero has been a key figure in AFC Leopards revival since last season and has also made important contributions for the welfare of the national team Harambee Stars.

    Written 30/08-12 10:20 by Dan Ngulu

  • OKOTH JABILO says:

    That was a lucky win not worth celebrating but thanks be to GOD for the 3 points. Call it fatigue,tired legs or anything but its all in the game of football.

    Now Logarusic has achieved his short term goal of pulling us out of relegation zone to the top 5. He has the SUPER 8 silverware and still very much in FKF cup competition as a mid term goal.

    The KPL championship will be just a bonus if he happens to clinch it; because it was a long term objective if we look back and see where we are coming from.

    Stop pilling pressure on the boys and technical bench that we must win the KPL by hook or crook. Those teams ahead and behind us are not just some participants but competitors worth their status in the KPL.

    what we should agree is that there is no team that will sit back and just soak goals from K’Ogalo without putting a brave fight like what we witnessed yesterday.

    let us embark on enjoying football when it is our day and accept that as the KPL wears down there are NO push overs as some of us have been dreaming. What happened to AFC last weekend can still happen to any of the top teams several times. Playing good football is good but maintaining the same is not easy unless you change your strategies occasionally depending on the opponents.

    But do we have the bench power that can match the likes of AKUMU,PABLO,DUDE,SSERE,RAMA. The answer is a big NO. That is why MACINI is splashing money cause EPL is just taking another direction which he did not expect.

    GOOD LUCK K’OGALO and may the most consistent team win the KPL championship after playing 30 matches.PERIOD!!!

  • Mboya Obendi says:

    With supper eight trophy now under lock and key in Gr’s cabinet, the battle to win both the FKF and KPL tittles is getting tougher. In view of the number of the games the boys have played in the last one month it is true fatigue is affecting their performance. I concur with the observation of Fred that Loga to rest some key players on saturday for the wednesdays Ulinzi game or the EC to ask for a postponment for one of the matches. Otherwise Im very pleased with the spirit the boys demonstrate in each game.

  • mwakio says:

    @OKOTH JABILO, am in total disagreement with your comment that “a lucky win not worth celebrating” but in agreement that you gave glory to God. Please note that our players are suffering from fatigue and need either rest or rotation.

    @OKOTH JABILO,victory is victory even if you are outplayed with a loser having a higher terretorial possession advantage of 80% against a winner with advantage of 20%. No matter the case, three points will go to the winner. It is sometimes better to win ugly than play good football and get either 1 or zero points.

  • mwakio says:

    I’m in Geneva now but wish to give all glory, honour and praise to our Almighty God in the mighty name of Jesus Christ for having given us 3 points.

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    Absolutely correct @Okoth Jabilo. Those are the sentiments of wisdom and foresight.

    This is crunch-time and every team is struggling to survive. There is a bruising battle among the teams occupying 6th, 5th, 4th, and 3rd positions. We have a chance of climbing to 4th or even 3rd after our next match (against Ulinzi) but that will depend on misfortunes befalling Sofapaka, Thika and Ulinzi. On the other hand we could (God forbid) even drop to 6th.

    The battle gets even worse for any team that plays against the relegation candidates and that is something we experienced yesterday.

    It is good to note that our players and the technical bench are cognisant of these facts and the Log is already addressing them in as far as resting of players is concerned. This is the time for the likes of Moses Otieno, Yusuf Juma, Musa Mohammed, Chris Wekesa, Gaucho, George Midenyo and Nicholas to stand up to be counted. This is the moment when the reserve players should go that extra mile and prove to the world that our tech bench has the strategists and the ‘Logistics’.

    Evans Kidero’s philanthropic hand to K’Ogalo is highly commendable and can only be summed thus: what Tuzo cannot do EK centre can do better. From what I read in Futaa.com this has come after some groundwork by our EC. Good job EC. Yes, good job but kindly move away from relying on charity. Work towards professionalizing all operations at GM.

    I thank @Oduor12 (and @Arrumtiddi) for his consistent call on the EC to tie the Log to a much longer contract. Guys I am sure your call has been heard and even implemented. Only that we may not be told of its implementation in social sites. Remember that financial statement saga? Yes, GB and the entire EC heard you and no one will make that mistake of divulging such information to the media anymore or so I hope. Surely who would be that dumb as to let go of a coach of the Log’s calibre?

  • Jakoyo says:

    Bwana Evans Kidero with all due respect to your wallet, why don’t you just buy a local club and finance it wholly…………..see what happened to man city, PSG , AC Milan and the many others. If you can do that then I dont see why we cannot produce another TP MAZEMBE in Kenya. Hi mambo ya kupatia AFC peas, alafu patia Gor, alafu patia sofapaka , alafu patia thika united, italeta siesta mini sana !



    Let us accept Kidero’s gesture be it political or not. I once worked with this guy and i know when he decides to offer support be it financial or otherwise he never looks back. GOR as a community club needs to keep LOG lifestyle within certain standards which is costly to their kitty and if KIDERO is the waiver so be it.

    KIDERO is a multi-billionaire real estate businessman of which offering LOGARUSIC a ready furnished house in his upmarket RUNDA estate is just a drop in the ocean. That is an incentive to the coach that we should all appreciate. What KIDERO decides to do with AFC is none of our business and as such we should desist from being very much pre-occupied with issue’s pertaining to AFC.

    LOGARUSIC is not KOOPS whom AFC bounced onto along the streets in BURU-BURU estate while holidaying in kENYA. LOGARUSIC was “single-sourced” guys and this kind of people are not acquired cheaply like some joy-riders that you pick 2day and kick out 2morrow like tissue paper. If FKF with the government support is already crying for corporate institutions to try help them in maintaining Henri Michel with his two assistance then there is nothing wrong for KIDERO to house LOG together with his fitness trainer. AMA NIAJE GUYS?

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    Ndivyo hivyo, the Trailer.

  • Dan says:

    @Trailer, you are right. If as fans we were given Gor to run we would not do it for two months. What with our domestic burdens and petty politics that will creep in. So we must support Kidero as he is setting the standard for us.

  • mwakio says:

    Well said guys. Thumbs up for Kidero and Keep it Hon Kidero for this good gesture of helping Gor Mahia. Let us all support such initiatives and stop myopic thinking. Gor Mahia is a big household name and we have supporters from all political divide.

  • Ochigah says:

    Pamoja O. Trailer

  • jakababa. says:

    mungu ambariki bwana kidero.ni mengi yanakuja.God bless gor.

  • Baba Travis says:

    Thanks Bwana Kidero.There is nothing wrong with this gesture.Jakom has helped efusi many times in the past and no one read politics in it.My take is that he wants to support soccer development in Kenya.W ether its Gor,Sofapaka or Shabana its less of a concern to me.

    I watched yesterdays game while in the far East.I agree with your comments and those of the coaches that the players looked fatigued.Thats to be expected.With games coming up thick and fast we must be ready for some drab performances by the team.As long as they are able to grind out results like they did yesterday, I will be fine with it.We are at a very crucial stage of the League where every point lost or gained counts big.Gor threw almost 8 players behind the ball every time they lost possession.This,invariably left a hole in the middle which Oserian used to great effect.With the existence of that hole,Gm resorted to driving most of their attacks through the channels,and,still with little effect.I AGREE with comrades who are vouching for squad rotation.However the Log is on record as saying that he will use his first eleven all season and that each player must work hard to merit an inclusion into the squad.Mr Log and Sir Bobby-if you are reading this-the ball is in your court.Wafuasi wa Kogalo wamezungumza.

  • Walter Alando Bwoga says:

    We needed the 3 points and we now have it.

    As for Bwana Kidero’s support it should not be a room for thinking that someone will take care of our burdens yet whenever we receive funds whether from gates collection, super sport and now Tusker, accountability becomes an issue. This is an eye opener that we can support our team even financially…let us not think Mr. Kidero has billions as some people may put it but he has a accommodating heart coz how many people are earning more than his among GM supports but can’t even support with a tune of a 100k, leave alone a 250 thousand?

  • Baba nyako says:

    Thanks mr. 2013 nrb gvnr

  • Omusala says:

    Congrats for bucketing 3 points even though i badly wanted you to lose or share spoils.thats the sweetnes and biterness of football@ Okoth Jabilo,u seem to have read the same lines as mine,and guys should accept because it’s true.as per now there’snt walking in the park as some of the fans might be thinking.all the remaining games can only be counted after hatching.this is the whole truth.what i know is Ingwe are under pressure,but tell the pressure you will get if you were seated watching a Gor game at 60th min and you are down by one goal.strikers are under perfoming,the ref has denied the opponent a clear spot kick in box.i tell you and let me repea that ball hudunda.we witinessed when we met KCB. @ Gor fans a friend of mine (INGWE FAN) read this blog 16 above.he felt bad and transfered the feelings to me,although hurstling is part and parcel of life,it isnt good to talk of persanal life of an individual especialy at a place even he himself can acces the information (anaona vile unamdharau) .what if it were you being spoken of? .hiyo sio poa.@ Harambee star. I know the new coach knows what he’s to do, i dont even need to advice,but my observation to the teams he has handled in Africa,ie Cameroon,Ivory coast,the players were huge and talented,so i think ours should go to jim.ama mnaonaje? For iam still praying for Afc leopards.

  • blogger says:

    Why can’t gormahia with all these ways and means not build a club house to accommodate players and staff instead of letting the coach to rent. Cant gormahia not afford 4 acres of land for a club house and a private training ground like that MYSA facility which is along Kangundo road?? A time is coming when this club will need a club house.

  • George Ochoro says:

    That’s a good motivat ion by hon. Kidero. I appeal to club officials to suppliment this effort by increasing incentives to our beloved spirited players. Surely the affairs of the players should be the top priority. With the Tusker sponsorship, we will get our share and this is possible. Add them something on their salaries, allowences and bonuses. Improve their living conditions. They have worked hard and they deserve it. LONG LIVE KOGALO!! LONG LIVE RAMMA SERRUNKUMA!!

  • Kassam Mwivangano says:

    O’trailer i agree with you fully about bwana Kidero. We must accept that managing Gm by both the elite and semi iliterate have been impossible! Just look at whats always said about Gm financing its begins and ends with AR. Yet here comes an educated, charismatic and good hearted nationalist who understands what we need for the current and we are ready with name calling and contempt! We must appreciate people who are development concious and learn to do even better instead of waiting to scream at every passing shadow fans, all ideas given from time imemorial have remained just that..ideas. The only two options remaining for Gm are may be spönsorship from certainly ss & tursker and donations from Kidero & Co. Remember many a times people who’ve done nothing get elected ending up stealing the cdf and other public funds. Lets embrace both short and long term measures for Gm’s survival.


    @ post 25 our brother OMWAMI Omuasala I have read your feelings and some correspondence that you allude to have shared with some of your friends regarding my comments @16 and I beg to apologize to whoever I have offended.

    But please understand that I was only trying to make some logical sense to stick to some of k’ogalo fans and not EFUSI because I am blogging @ gormahia.net with the K’Ogoloians and not anybody else least of all EFUSI (INGWE people) so that the myopic thinking “Green Army” is able to appreciate that EVANS KIDERO’S gesture is not a political moves and for that matter . Hence ii had to use some comparison for them to differentiate to them who is who. My apology to AFC fraternity and KOOPS in particular.

    But bear in mind that palipo na ukweli UWONGO uji- tenga my brother. I have stated the
    TRUTH which is BITTER to SWALLOW but hio ndio ukweli WA MAMBO. LUGARISIC is
    not a TOURIST we hooked on the street but an expensively out sourced tactician. POLE!!!