Rama Salim dropped from Stars


Midfielder Rama Salim who has been in sensational form for the past month or so has been shockingly dropped from the national team. Others dropped from the team are Victor Ochieng of AFC and Bob Mugalia of Sofapaka. Ochieng has not recovered the form that saw him shine for Chemelil last year and Mugalia has only recently recovered from injury. However the dropping of Rama will come as a surprise to many fans who follow local football.

The last time Rama Salim played for the national team was when the U-23 team toured Senegal in February. Rama Salim was one of those who gave an excellent account of himself. That leaves Kevin Ochieng as the only Kogalo player in line to face Malawi in the ANC qualfier next weekend.

Lubumbashi based Titus Mulama and Romania based Patrick Osiako will be joining the team.

23 thoughts on “Rama Salim dropped from Stars

  1. Kimanzi does not know what he is doing. I will go Kasarani to support Malawi. When a coach is recycled this is the problem.

  2. I have knon the same old faces at H stars some of whom have never lived expectaions of any kenyan.
    Kenya won’t go far because the team is full of bench warmers in scandinavia and the Andy Carol like players who make it to the team because of a two months for and media hype. Mangoli,rama, mieno and mugubi are the future of kenyan midfield which for along time has never had a good reportform to bring home.
    Kimanzi is doomed,we need a national team and not former mathare.
    Mangoli has performed better than gattuso in the past one year,jamal is good but hasn’t been playing,what is he doing in h/stars?
    Tungnje tuone mahali watafika!

  3. I have knon the same old faces at H stars some of whom have never lived expectaions of any kenyan.
    Kenya won’t go far because the team is full of bench warmers in scandinavia and the Andy Carol like players who make it to the team because of a two months for and media hype. Mangoli,rama, mieno and mugubi are the future of kenyan midfield which for along time has never had a good reportform to bring home.
    Kimanzi is doomed,we need a national team and not former mathare.
    Mangoli has performed better than gattuso in the past one year,jamal is good but hasn’t been playing,what is he doing in h/stars?
    Tungnje tuone mahali watafika!

  4. I may also not agree with some of the decisions, made by kimanzi,but i will just give him the benefit of doubt,since he’s the coach.I’d rather we give him time,space and the benefit of doubt,then give him a scorecard after the match.Meanwhile lets’ turn up in large numbers,to support our ‘mboyz’.

  5. Patience ,determination and focus is all that is required. There is no doubt and debate about the latter’s quality on and off the pitch.But I believe that his call up was rushed and done without good monitoring.Coupled with the impatience of Big Kim and the intense competition at that similar position of play. What I know is that being under the mantle of one more professional Zdravko,Rama will play for stars for as long as how the greats like Bobby and Thigo did.

  6. Kimanzi is a gambler. Without Oliech and Wanga in striking and the coach drops Victor Ochieng, Aswani, Rama, and ignores Barry of Sofapaka, Ndege of Tusker and Simiyu of Muhoroni what can one say? These players are the ones carrying their teams through the KPL at this stage and he chooses to gamble with funny players who are aging.

    Harambee iko na shida.

  7. rama is a good player but the current kenya soccer level it does not matter wether he plays or not. kenya soccer currently is going nowhere. not with these local coaches. kimanzi himself said that to much hope is pegged to his abilities. even he, knows his limits. unfortunately we are now getting immune to humiliation as far as football is concerned. the youth team was given 3-0. just wait for the rest of the results.the story was that we never had time to train in the previous tournaments. they trained for 3wks this time! i tried arguing here that unless kenya soccer(read club football) is first tested in the africa scene, then lets continue lying to ourselves. kenya has players who can perform but they are radderless, yaani the coaching is wanting. this is what the croat has to build in gor. my suggestion is that it’s easier and imperative to push clubs like gor in the african scene thru’ positive discrimination(depending on which side of the fence u r.) most kpl sides are institutions that WANT TO WIN THE league but that’s it. mumias, sony, chemelil n ulinzi are institutions that do not have the thirst for glory in the african scene. they are happy playing in east n central. they will claim how they want to do good but thats where it ends.gor is purely a football club with no requirements to produce sugar or beer. they are more likely to go for the cup unlike a sugar mill club. it’s up to clubs like kogalo to go for it. this is where i argue and still believe that the fans can make an impact towards this direction. gor is now becoming petty, that we are dancing in the streets over chemelil wins.have one or two clubs battling in africa and the rest follows. look at the leagues in europe, man c n man u, barcelona n real etc. look at the goal diff and total points. the top two clubs in these leagues are in a race of their own, it’s these clubs that provide bulk of the national team players. so does el mereik in sudan, al alhly et zamalek in egypt, and that congolese club. we used to do it before thru’ afc n gor…u cannot go to conquer the world if u have not conquered ur neighbours first. on thru whose land do u intend to pass? ask napoleon, alexander the great or even hitler. so fans, help gor go to africa but first win league. HOW , put more money in gor pockets, increase home gate matches,forget the naivasha games. with more cash buy quality players.soon(relative) players realise playing for gor is the deal which increase competitiveness among the players and brings out the best of the club(remember how gor KHARTOUM took the cup after beating afc in sudan final even after the banning of gor ZAMALEK.) in 87 gor supplied almost the entire harambee squad.btwn 79 and 87 the only challenge for gor in taking both the league n east n central was afc. meanwhile i hope gor players have a good rest, i expect the croat to be the tactician he was equated to be, RE-ARRANGE the gor game and win the league! i will state that i have no much hope on the stars, i however wish them the best.

  8. Rama’s form at the moment is at its very best but I suspect two reasons why Kimanzi might have dropped him – probably it’s becoz of experience and may be same position Kimanzi was to use him for he has reserved for Victor Mugube, Patrick Osiako or Patrick Obuya. Reason as for leaving Kevin Ochieng but dropping the likes of Rama, V.Ochieng & Mugalia is not very clear but the final squad will speak out for itself about the intention. May be he wants to use Kevin Ochieng for right wing or drop him by Thursday this week; same position if I were Kimanzi I would gofor Rama or Kevin Omondi but not K.Ochieng. Anyway the bottom line is beating Malawi by whichever margin.

  9. You cant tell the coach what to do for that’s why he is the coach and you are not?Guys we dont need to discuss this here we had the same problem at Kogalo and we gave the coach some benefit of doubt and there were results.Give Kimanzi the chance and ofcourse if he fails they will sack him if he proves you wrong you remain with the egg in your face,that’s the way it is.You know a player can be good for the big gun like in Salim’s case but that does not neccessarily mean he is good for the international stage…….if you have divergent views from the coach pleeeeeeease remain patriotic support harambee stars.

  10. Arumtiddi you have my applause, yer bro Paw akuche thats the way, imagine you have your professional job where non professionals and/or wannabies yell at every turn,coma and fullstop you jot! Guys let us appreciate that coach Kimanzi is qualified for the job and wants the best for H. Stars. How come we are not comfortable with the job we have- being fans, and do our job..this is the attitude that makes grown ups go to stadia only to end up jeering players and call for their substitution. Bure kabisa!

  11. @Paw Akuche. We cant tell the coach what to do. But we are free to give our opinions.

    Yangu ni machache. KBL have really spoiled things with the whole Oliech issue.

    Secondly, the defeat to Japan by the under 20 team was not shocking. Its a team made of nobodies. And aside from Thika and maybe Mathare, no other KPL team has a serious youth team or even youth development.

  12. Oooh my Kenyan coaches and their Kenyan ways!!!!!!! Rama just come home and rest waiting for the second leg of the league. We need you to deliver for us at worst a third place finish. Kimanzi does not appear to know where he is headed – drop Aswani, recall Aswani what hogwash. There was once a budding striker in Kenya know as George “Blackberry” Odhiambo. With the present striking crisis why is he never considerd for the National team? If he had been consistently nartured would we still be having this problem?

  13. Football in Kenya is business and a boom for few individuals who think abt their stomach.
    Kimanzi has just lowered my psyche for harambee stars.
    The organizers again have come up with charges that really make us to juggle between my sukuma wiki and watching football. Nimechoka!

  14. ummmmmmmmmmm this kenyan team is abig joke they are busy preparing for the sale of tickets at the expense of organising a winning team

  15. Ja thur gi ji you’ve made me wonder why they’re not giving Taiwo Atieno this chance now that we’re in a crisis and of course BB.

  16. Let’s leave the coach to do what he is paid to do. That’s how we messed GM by everybody being a coach even before knowing the 17 football rules. HS is not GM and the competition for numbers there is more fierce. Let’s encourage Rama to improve on all his weak areas and he will automatically be in HS. Let’s not do what we did with BB only for his growth to be curtailed

  17. By the way I was impressed to hear that Francis Kimanzi went to TZ to read the game from Namibia’s friendly with Tz. With that I do hope we’ll play like we did with Togo so that we get all the maximum 3 points. With Oliech & Mugube in the squad I know we’ll make it; it will all depend with our game plan and I know we’ll have attacking formation and score many goals.

  18. Dan I echo your sentiments. However, it’s normally good to put coach on toes so that he doesn’t take fans for grunted and that’s why you are seeing all these funny comments. On Saturday we’ll beat Malawi; no issue…What I know we have to beware are long range shots- Malawians are good in long range shots and yesterday Kimanzi attended their friendly match with Tz to read their game and I hope this will help us in lineup.

  19. A national team player must be alert and fit for 90 mins.Gor mahia of which I am a fan plays well in the first 45 mins and fades off completely in most of the second halfs I have watched against any team be it City Stars,Chemelil,western stima etc.The Gor of yesteryears would win a game in the 93rd minute like Man city by being in the opponents face all the 90 mins.Who taught us this soccer of defending a goal or two for an entire 2nd half.The representation of Gor and AFC in the national team reflects the quality of players we got and their capabilities in comparison to others from teams considered as inferior in our league.How can a true Gor Mahia team loose more than 3 consecutive matches in the Kenyan league.We cannot be blowing hot and cold then comfort ourselves that we have good players.Abbas Magongo,Sammy Onyango Jogoo,Peter Dawo,Mickey Weche,Josephat Murila,Mohamed Abbas etc were consistent performers in their clubs and in the national team.Hii game ya kubahatisha itatupeleka wapi.Just like we in Kenya know whole squads plus possible subs in the teams we support in English Premier League,it was possible to correctly predict Gor or AFC or H/Stars squad in the 90’s than it is today.Kimanzi is doing it right by making the young players get very thirsty for the national team jersey and this will make them give the best if/when given a chance.I expect H/Stars to win this coming encounter.

  20. IN NATIONAL TEAM “they do not know ..how much they do not know,,,”..just relax Rama,,,in sechond part of the season we will show them”…how much they did not know”..That is the reason why Kenyians footballis going down,,deper and more deper..127 position on FIFA rankings..BUT when wright coach will come with IDEA and without knowing who wos who in the past,,,and who is who”S relatives and friends..The coach with “the balls”..then the country with so many talents will be prud to show to Africa and to the world how good Kenyans are…

  21. Please boys be serius..without patetic words…National team needs complitly remont..fres start..new begening,,, new ideas..i can make better Natioanal team from the players I saw in the Kenyan premier league wich never even come close to National team..but they deserved to be there..but the criteria should not be,, frends relatives..the “football names ” on the past,,, the criteria is WHO CAN DO IT WRIGHT NOW..not who did it yesterday or who will do it tomoroow,,, that is serius job,, coach must have “the balls”..idea..vision..Kenyans are talented players..but they are on the FIFA ranking 127..somebody is not doing their job..Strong independent coach..wich can tell inthe face “you can do it..or you can not do it”..you are material for the National team…or you are not….or you where before…or you will be…MAYBE I should be back from Croatia a bit erlier to tray to fix those problems…but it is not easy.my dear Kenyans..BUT YOU DESERVE MUCH BETTER!

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