Second half penalty sinks Kogalo

Gor Mahia went down 0-1 to KCB in an evently contested match at the city stadium. The match was the first part of a double header with the other match pitting AFC against Mahakama.

After a barren first half , KCB scored thriugh a 72nd minute penalty after David Omweno was felled in the penalty box.

It is proving to be an extremely tightly contested league with even the bottom teams giving a torrid time to the top teams. Gor Mahia officials, players and fans will have to raise their game in order to finish in a respectable position this year.


24 thoughts on “Second half penalty sinks Kogalo

  1. Not so pleasant news, we need a bit of consistency if we are to be among the top contenders, we should beat small teams like kcb, am not a happy man, but hope next match we will bounce back

  2. We lost fairly. The boys played well and the coordination in the midfield was ok according to my observation. The only problem is that we don’t make use of the chances we get. We need an outright striker bila madoido, his is to get the ball shoot and aim the target. Lets hope that come 26th Wednesday we shall bounce back.

  3. If Kogalo wanted a serious coach, they might have hired Peter Otieno “Bassanga” who led SoNy to the league title in 2006. Coaches with winning records should be hired. Dont hire someone because they were loyal to the club when they played. Such people should be given other posts such as team manager. Before you hire a coach, ask yourself this question “What has he accomplished so far as a coach ?”
    “Does he have a record of winning ?”

  4. Its time for fans to put pressure on the club chairman. He should step forward and explain what he is doing to enhance the club.
    1. What has he done since he was elected?
    2. What are his plans for the future?
    3. Will the team just trudge along and struggle against useless teams?

    There was a time when club chairmen were made accountable for poor performance. We should return to those days./ This fellow Rachier is too anonymous

  5. Jo Kogallo, let us learn to accept defeat. Thats what football is all about. You win, you loose, otherwise the issue of pushing the Chairman into accounting for a single loss is misguided. Give Rachier a chance, so far he has performed very well. Dont be blinded by a single loss.Lets be humble when we win as well as when we lose.

  6. As i said earlier on this same forum,Zeddy will not survive another 5 matches,2 have already gone down.I felt so bitter and painfull when man Gideon was relieved of his duties.He brought us from relegation to the top last season,am sure the gods must be watching.The last four games we have played very differently.Yesterday during the game i heard fans on the stands commenting the same.Please do us a favour and bring Man Gideon back.

  7. Kosero please tell us how Rachier has performed well.
    1. What has Rachier done of note?
    2. Did he get sponsorship?
    3. Are the club affairs transparent and accountable?
    4. Did he get a good coach?
    5. What initiatives has he started to raise money?
    6. How come a church club like Sofapaka with no fans is more succesful than Kogalo ?

    Attitudes like your are why the club fortunes are plummeting. Fans should refuse to accept mediocrity. Accepting defeat is one thing. But accepting mediocrity is another issue. We must hold our officials accountable. At my job I am evaluated on my goals every six months. Fans must also evaluate our club officials.

  8. Albert please keep your horses cool. Ambrose Rachier has done a lot to the club. You are talking about sponsors, have you ever heard that there are salary arrears this year? Where is the salary paid from? Gor Mahia problems are purely coming from fans like you. Whether you like it or not, can you just tell us which sponsor can come to club where fans are abusing potential sponsors? Fans need to be discipline in order to attract sponsors to the club. We need decorum within the fan base. I was one of the spectators at City Stadium, some fans actions are regrettable. Why abusing one another? Football is supposed to entertain people but not throwing insults like stones. This is unacceptable with the modern football but not yester football as you allude in these articles or comments.

    The other problem in the team is about certain office bearers that include Ngala and Arrum. We need proper accounting for the receipts from the sale of Gor Mahia apparels. Can Treasurer tell the fans how much the club has earned this year from the sale arrangement with the distributors? We will require half year statement of finances as at 30 June 2010.

    To the office bearers we need some sense of discipline particularly pertaining with the welfare of players. I do not think Ole Dunda is the best in managing players’ affairs. His PR with players I do not think is conducive to the playing unit and atmosphere.

    Our game against KCB was a big example from the body languages of players from defence. It was Ongwae and Musa who played very well. In the midfield, it was Peter Opiyo that had a winning mentality after a long absence. In the striking, I can only single out Ngwa. Other players never lived up to the expectation of the club. We outplayed KCB but the team was lacking who can psyche the players to live up to the expectations of the club. Ole Dunda cannot do this. You need someone like Ghost Mulei.
    We have some quality players but the one to psyche them is not available. Gideon was good in this area as the team Coach. However, he has gone. Jakambare & Awilo were always awol. Kitawi, Teddy, and Blackberry need to pull up their socks for them to attract any foreign scouts. Francis was off colour, he should be coming in the second half. Teddy, Kiplagat and Kevin need to patience. These three boys are wonderful players and need to be nurtured with lots of care.

  9. Paul : The buck stops with the club chairman

    1. If fans are indisciplined then why cant rachier reach out to fans and ask them to behave ?
    2. If office bearers like Arumm are not doing their job then why cant Rachier do something about it ?
    3. If there is no accountability for apparel money then Rachier must do something about it. He is the chairman
    4. If Ole Tunda is indisciplined then Rachier should fire him and bring someone like Kamoga
    5. If players are sub par then Rachier should either motivate them better or replace them
    6. If Gideon was a good coach then Rachier should never have fired him and replaced him with a coach who has no record of winning.
    7. Why does’nt Rachier address fans or the media
    8. Why does’nt he conduct public relations activities for the club to attract more fans and more sponsors ? Is he just occupying space ?

    Bottomline : The buck stops with the club chairman.. He is responsible for all aspects of the club. Don’t go blaming other officials.

    Fans like me used to contribute money. We plead with officials to be transparent and publish audited accounts but they refuse. So we are reluctant to donate more money because perhaps Arumm and his ilk will just pocket the money.

  10. Namesake, go slow. Kogallo has played 13 matches so far. You have never raised an issues, why now? Is it because they lost a single match? Just accept, it was a bad day in office as opposed to looking at it as crisis. If clubs were to take your kind of attitude then clubs like Chelsea would have fired over 6 chairmen with every loss registered.
    What do fans want? Leslie Okudo brought a sponsor, and the same fans resisted claiming that he was auctioning Gor. Lets give credit where its due, Rachier has performed above average. Ever since he took office, I have not heard of players complaining about salaries or even allowances. Rachier is in talks with a few potential sponsor, but one thing must be clear, NO sponsor would invest in a hostile environment. Kogallo fans must learn to behave. You want results but your contribution to the clubs is almost nil. Lets not be too fast in pointing fingers. Give the officials time.

  11. Albert Kosero you are spot on. Your namesake is misleading stakeholders of this site. Does he want Rachier to go? Who is he having in mind to be the chairman? Well, all Kogalo fans must behave in a positive way in order to attract sponsors. Kogalo should at least have three or four sponsors. Oseko should learn to appreciate what Rachier has done to the Club. Do you go about blaming Chairman for continued mistakes of fans and errant officials? Officials like Ngala, Arrum and Oledunda are letting the club down.

    Please Oseko for heaven sake, the officials were elected by members and the same members have discipline issues which I think we all need how we can sort out our Gor Mahia problems.

    In future club officials need to go for orientation courses or refresher courses. Why should Ngala be collecting money from the sale of Club apparels? This should be the job of Treasurer. Bwana Ominde stop sleeping on your job.

    The errant officials are letting us down.

  12. Psyching players is a very important ingredient in winning games. For example you look at clubs like Arsenal, Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern what they have in common is to engage the services of Psychologist to just change or harden the mentality of winning. This is lacking in Gor Mahia and many other Kenyan clubs. Winning is always in the mind and absence of this will show disasters even in future games.

    Albert Oseko, please let us support our team with all our resources.

    Just to underscore what happened on Sundan game against KCB, the Prime Minister left the pitch annoyed because of the mediocre performance of the team and insults thrown by Gor Mahi fans. The PM found himself between a nut and a hard rock. He could have stayed longer top watch the next match but he left in hurry due to poor behaviour of Kogalo fans.

    Gor Mahia and AFC fans must always work in harmony to support these two struggling clubs. I suggest the the chairmen of fans of both AFC and Gor should be meetying regularly to update their members on the imprtance of these trwo clubs. This will in future compel the two set of fans to offer greater support to these two clubs.

    Gor & AFC have the same problems of financial support. The Chairmen of these tow clubs also need to work on a formula of generating funds and marketing the clubs to potential sponsors.

    For example, looking at airtime, naturally Gor and AFC fan-base are the major consumers of scratch cards of Safaricom, Zain, Yu and Orange. Why can these companies give something back to these self supporting teams? Why are they always identifying with clubs that do not have a formidable fan-base?

    Institutional clubs have no role to play in promoting sports in the country. Why should KCB sponsor KCB, KPLC sponsors Stima, Sony for Sony, Chemelil for Chemelil, Sher Karuturi for Sher Karuturi etc. We need a sports policy regarding the Insy=titutional clubs and self supporting clubs.

    Look at all mjaor internal leagues like FA, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Laga, Ligue 1 etc. There is no clubs that belong to large or small corporate entities like Barclays, Deutche Bank, Daimler Benz, Vodafone, BP Shell etc. This arrangement will continue to be counter productive for Kenyan football.

  13. You give Rachier too much credit. The only reason players are paid on time these days is because of the advance TV money they get from KPL and Supersport. Besides that what has Rachier done ?
    You guys have mentioned a lot of things that the club could be doing to improve. Why is’nt Rachier doing these things ?
    I dont want rachier to be removed. However we need chairmen who are active. Just look how Elly Kalekwa promotes his team.. Look how Bob Munro promotes his team to sponsors and foreign donors.

  14. Namesake, the financial discipline that Rachier has instilled in his management team should not go unmentioned. We have had situations where by officials disappear with money meant to benefit players. To me this is a big plus, the source of the money notwithstanding. It appears like you want Rachier to be appearing on the media almost daily or what. Elly Kalekwa is using church to help the needy who have talent which is a very good thing. Bob Munro is using his influence to help talents found in the slums of mathare which is also very good. Well wishers will certainly invest in such noble causes.
    Why would one want to invest in Gor Mahia? The risks are very high. I dont think sponsor would want to put thier money on a club whose fans have been banned from entering the stadium because of hooliganism. As Kogallo fans we must be disciplined if we must attract sponsors, no question about that.We either change or we perish. Football is serious business this days.

  15. Mr Oseko, we are not giving Rachier too much credit as you has alluded. The issue at hand is discipline as pointed out by Kosero. Kosero, I think Oseko requires more insight on how the modern football games are being run and managed. You do not run or manage the club by addressing press conference on daily/weekly/monthly basis. I have not heard any complaints from Gor Mahia players regarding the outstanding salary and allowance arrears.

    As professionals, Gor Mahia players are expected to translate this good gesture the Chairman has given them by scoring and killing up teams. No matter how much shouts the fans make, Rachier has done a lot within a very short time. He therefore deserves credit or a part on the back from all quarters including Mr. Oseko.

    I know in the office, there could be liabilities whose work negates the main objective of the executive and club. Also there are assets like Rachier, Col Owino and Ominde. You will concur with us that this has been happening in all Executive offices that we fans have mandated to run the affairs of the club.

    Mr. Oseko, I suggest that you should help the office and club by giving ideas on how better the club should be run. You should come up with ideas on how our faithful fans can be enlighten so that they reduced level of hooliganism in the club and also advise them not to abuse the Kogalo fraternity.

    I hope with good discipline, we can achieve a lot in terms of accolades. This will also have a positive impact in motivating players and more fans will be paying to watch all home and away matches and more well wishers going to stadium to support the club with all sorts of gifts/material/moral support etc.

    I wish to reiterate that we need to be going to stadium with our spouses; sons; daughters; sisters etc to watch and support Kogalo but the current issues on hand such as abuses, insults, hooliganisms etc cannot merit fans to go to stadium with their families. I wish to point out that with these sorts of detractions, do you think our wives, sons, daughters and family friends can go to stadium to support the team? Do you think you can expose your family to listen to all sorts of abuses, insults and collegial shouts? As a rational, normal and average fan, I do not think we can raise the match attendance due to these bad behaviors of our fans. Mr. Oseko, look at the types of songs fans have been singing of late…all are insults.

    Just to draw your attention to modern football, Mr. Oseko look at Liverpool, even if they are losing, the whole Anfield stadium breaks into a motivational song of “WE WILL NEVER WALK ALONE”. This is modern football but not crude football where you listen and go through all sorts of abuses and insults coming left, right and centre of the stadium. This must be stopped as football is a game of entertainment not abuses.

    In conclusion, we as fans, let us come up with modest ways of improving our fans behavior and this will increase the match attendance and surely sponsors will come knocking to sponsor our Kogalo team. We all have a role to play to reduce such bad mannered behaviours from the so called fans.

  16. Fans will not change their behavior unless the club chairman appeals to them directly. Stand in front of them before the game and address them and ask them to behave.
    Secondly fans will not return to the stadia unless the club chairman appeals to them directly via press conferences and the like.
    Sofapaka is only 3 years old and their fan base is growing because people like Elly Kalekwa and because he does a good job of promoting Sofapaka.
    And finally fans will not contribute money if the chairman does introduce transparency.
    Instead of defending Rachier tooth and nail maybe you guys should talk to him about the shortcomings I have pointed out.
    I want to see fans come back to the stadia but the chairman is the one who can make that happen.
    Maybe Rachier should talk to the media and tell the public about his accomplishments and initiatives.
    Kogalo news should be in the newspapers every day. This is the kind of good publicity that brings fans back. Rachier and co should get the public excited about Kogalo

  17. Albert, Kosero Kampala, Paul and the rest, all of you have a point. The only thing is to convert these points into REAL POINT AND GOALS. Albert has issues with Chairman and Paul is having issues with Ngala and Mwalimu while Albert Kampala is asking for tolerance among the Gor family.

    I think the fans, players and the office we should all have discipline in and off the pitch. Officials should not behave like fans. I agree with Albert on one thing, Mr. Rachier should come and address the fans on the way forward and what he would like us fans to support him on. We should also have what I call Gor Mahia fun day and brainstorm on this. we should not loss hope lets have hope and lastly our players should be more serious.

  18. I’m in total agreement with Oti’s summary. When can we have Gor Mahia fund day and look at how we can improve on the image of the club, educate our fans and reach out to all wellwishers? Can you Oti, Okinyi of Citizen and overall chairman of branches co-ordinate this process? The team belong to us and it is time we support the team with all our resources and energy.

    We should also come up with prizes to be won by well behaved fans and top players under overall discipline in training, top performer, top striker, top goalkeeper, defender and midfielder categories. Fan can also consider rating of players based on their match performance with the top player should score 10 out of 10 points. I will be will to start this with a personal donation of Kshs.100,000. With each top performer walks away with Kshs.10,000. What are your views?

  19. I’m willing to start this competition with a personal donation of Kshs.100,000. With each top performer walks away with Kshs.10,000. What are your views?

  20. Jo Gor, let’s agree that our Secretary General is not that aggressive to reach out to the fans. Well, with the branches and supporters of this mighty club Gor, we can organism one Saturday and play matches among our selves their after talk talk and talk about how to improve and make Gor a better team to support. We fans are the sponsors and we really know how to advertise the team most. Lets have this day and the guest of honour should be Rachier and his entire office. Bravo this MIGHTY CLUB.

  21. We need to move a step further. Fans, when can we start the process of bringing fans together? I’m waiting for your firm confirmation!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. All of you guys have great points.
    When we lose against a background of sound management, we won’t complain. When we lose on the pitch, and we lose in management as well, hey men we have a right to not only complain but point fingers
    Management/Official, please up your game,on areas of weaknesses as pointed out by your ardent fans. Fans let’s do our part and continue doing it especially with regard to Sponsors. I know fans such as Paul, Oti can really help the club. Management, we need a more close co-ordination. Fans have great ideas and in themselves great assets to the club. Listen to us please, the buck stops with Rachier and his team. Guide us!
    All said and done, Are we beating Leopards today? YES!


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