Sekisambu, Odhoji, Ogweno, Okeyo released

Gor Mahia have released Ugandan striker Erisa Sekisambu. The Ugandan was a high profile signing in 2018 joining from Ugandan champions Vipers. Gor Mahia had pursued him for 2 seasons. But under coach Hassan Oktay, Sekisambu struggled to find his way into the starting eleven.

Others released according to the Nation report are Cercidy Okeyo, Pascal Ogweno and Shaban Odhoji. 

Defender Ogweno joined from Kariobangi Sharks in 2018 while Okeyo joined from Tusker. Both had excellent seasons in 2017 but failed to make a mark at Kogalo due lack of playing opportunities. Shaban Odhoji played well in spots but was inconsistent.

Gor Mahia have signed Denis Oalo, Tobias Otieno, Ronack Elvis, Dickson Ambundo, Curtis Wekesa and David Mapigano. This marks the first time in a decade that Gor Mahia have not signed a high profile player. No word yet on former attacking midfielder Ali Abondo.

However CEO Omondi Aduda says they are still searching for additional players.

“The window is not yet closed, anything is possible,” said Aduda to the Nation.

32 thoughts on “Sekisambu, Odhoji, Ogweno, Okeyo released

  1. It is a total clean up of the club and am also glad the last of RS Berkane 6 has finally gone. i take there will be no discpline , player strike, training boycott issues etc etc in 2020.

    The exit number is officially nine so far released / gone…add blackberry, jausenge, kahata , bernard ondyek , francis mustafa and will rise to 10 with most likely hashim sampala who wants out .

    However, the elephant in the room is securing sponsorship for 2020 as Sportpesa is technically teethering on the brink of exit once more.

  2. If it’s true Bernard ondiek has also been released then I must say it was a sad ending to what looked like a promising talent for Gor.

    I always thought he would come in and be an engine for us but every time he was given an opportunity he failed to rise to the occasion.

    Perhaps he needs a new challenge elsewhere. He could just reinvent himself. To the others released, all the best in your career with your new teams.

    1. itchy? signing bonuses ar for you to know first is that season again you want to be relevant on this site but alas! your gor tunapeleka nyasi clarion last year has made u a non starter.can anything u say be taken seriuosly bwana or you ar our jester on this site? gor tunapeleka nyasi want to start an issue you know nothing about so…. this season gor tunapeleka wapi?….madagascar?….change that name…no,change your attitude to b taken serously.”gor player”

      1. lol….you have no clue what transpired. Kama si Zico, tungepeleka Gor Nyasi. Zico pleaded that we not take the fight in that direction. Namkianza kupayuka payuka tutapeleka Gor nyasi!

  3. Now we can confirm @Gor Player is just like me. A keyboard activist.
    @Gor Player we look forward to your positive contributions this season on this wall. So many players have been released, I don’t think you could have survived as a player. Fortunately nobody “releases” anyone from this wall. Welcome back

    All the best to the departing players. You played your part.

  4. Congratulations are in order for me to all the departing players. Our prayers are with you where ever you will be landing. Let us pray now so that we do not carry a debt of promising to pray and not praying at all. ” Dear God we thank you for the gift of life and talent. Thank you for our club and all that are involved. The technical bench and the players. We thank you for all their contributions to the club. May you grant the departing players opportunities in other clubs so that they may continue to exploit their talents and feed their families. We ask in Jesus Christ”s Name. Amen”

  5. Dear Lord we thank you for the humble beginning of our club to the current status it is in under the leadership of Ambrose Rachier, despite the ups and downs, our team has continued to make big strides both locally and internationally. May you bless him with wisdom and energy as he discharges his duties. We thank you for all the incoming and current players, that they will find a home at Gor. Help them to cement quickly in their relationships so that there is unity of purpose as they discharge their duties in the Club.
    Above all we pray that discipline will be inculcated in each and everyone of them. Dear Lord, open up ways of financial blessings so that our team will not luck but live in plenty, as they discharge duties and meet family obligations and responsibilities. This we pray in Jesus Chirst’s name. Amen

  6. We still miss a striker to replace Jausenge. Why not get Umar Kasumba and mould him to be our targetman. He is now a free agent

    1. Comparing our new strikers to Kagere and Tuyisenge is the most unreasonable idea. We had Habil Otieno, Black Berry, Ngwa, Sserenkuma, Kagere, Olunga then Tuyisenge but we have still improved from one year to the next. Whether it will be Ulimwengu or Kasumba let’s give him support

  7. Al Ahly Club of Egypt has 50,000 registered members with a membership fee of 62,500/-. I wish Gor Mahia can come up with strategies of achieving that including online registration as opposed to pure manual membership registration.

  8. I urge the management to look for height as they sign or beef up the squad. A player who is vertically challenged has a weekness as in ariel balls are concerned.

  9. Speed, ball control and ability to make quick decisions with the ball and not height. Look at Salah, Mane, Aguero and Messi. Short players with the highest scoring prowess in the world best leagues.Tall players often find it difficult to sneak through defenders while controlling the ball to shoot and score.

  10. It is my sincere hope that we will be patient with these players. The nay Sayers can easily derail a player with constant negative Barb’s that they endlessly and shamelessly throw at the players. The departing Jacque Tuyisenge was a true professional as he took all in his stride while he was still recovering. I will not repeat here what some very respected bloggers said about Jacque Tuyisenge on these pages.

  11. For CAF matches we need a striker ,I believe kasumba should be signed for kpl we are okay,where my friend jasego anybody with his whereabout to update me ,kwayo

    1. I tend to think that Jules Ulimwengu is far a better player than Okwi. Possibility that Okwi could turn out to be another Ssekisambu are very high.

      Baba Travis at what time are we playing KMKM? Please be sure to keep updating the wall.

  12. I believe Jules Ulimwengu is different from Thomas Ulimwengu of Tanzanian national team (Saoura F.C of Algeria).

    1. Jules is a 19 years old Burundian. Thomas is a 27 plus years old Tanzanian. Jules currently plays for Rayon Sports.

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