Shades of 1988 as 7 Kogalo players earn call ups

When Kenya went to the Africa Nations cup in 1988, Kogalo supplied 10 out of 22 of the players on the squad. Never before and not since then has one club supplied almost half of the Kenya national team. It was only a few months after Gor Mahia had won the Africa cup winners cup in grand style after beating Esperance of Tunisia.

The Kogalo players who were named to the team were goalkeeper David Ochieng, defenders Paul Ochieng,  Tobias Ocholla and Austin Oduor, midfielders Charles Otieno, George Odembo, John Okello “Zangi”, George Onyango and strikers Peter Dawo and Sammy Onyango. It would have been 11 Kogalo players had Abbas Magongo not been controversially dropped days before the tournament much to the chagrin of Kenya fans. Most impressive was the call up of the youthful Paul Ochieng has just joined from Mumias but despite his youth had made an immediate impact in the club. Kenya had just toured Brazil to play top Brazilian sides and John Okello “Zangi” had been named the most outstanding Kenya player by a panel of journalists.

On Thursday, new Harambee stars coach Henri Michel named a squad of 28 players to the Harambee stars camp in preparation for upcoming assignments. The squad includes 7 Kogalo players which reflects the fact that Gor Mahia has been in excellent form during the second leg of the league. This is a far cry from the same time last year when Collins Okoth “Gattuso” was the only Gor Mahia player called up.

Earning first call ups are defender Solomon Nasio along with Chris Wekesa and Donald Mosoti. Returning to the national team is skipper Jerim Onyango who has been in imperious form. A far cry from the early part of the year when he seemed shaky. Competition between the goalkeepers seems to have sharpened him.

Also returning is Moses Odhiambo who has been in and out of the national team since as far back as 2005 or 2006 during Bernard Lama’s brief tenure. The versatile Anthony Akumu who is rounding back into the form that saw him earn trials in Denmark has also been recalled. Rama Salim will hope to take his sensational form in the league to the national team.

Its not quite 1988 yet but Kogalo slowly  surely returning to the glory days that are referenced in the popular cheer song “Ndalo machon” by ardent supporters of the club.

25 thoughts on “Shades of 1988 as 7 Kogalo players earn call ups

  1. Congratulations especially to wekesa Chris. Your improvement has been amazing . Yourself and moses odhiambo will definitely be a utility player at harambee stars.

  2. I think the longest overdue of this call up is Nasio & Odhis Rasta.

    Kevin Omondi should learn from this and really pull up his socks..its so sad that a palyer of his skills and calibre should fairly miss a call up due to poor form.

    Please Kevo wake up and work your way into the national team Man.

  3. In 1987/8 the creme de la creme -midfielders Charles Otieno, George Odembo, John Okello “Zangi”, George Onyango and not to mention Abbas Khamisi Magongo “Zamalek/Orieko”

    In 2012- We have Akumu and Rasta.

    This is the one area where K’galo needs beefing up.

  4. A bright future for Mighty Gor. Hope Logarusic can stay longer to guide this team to even greater heights. For now, we take it a match at a time. Efusi here we come. I want to be in the stadium by noon on sato. I really want to see my club whip Efusi 3 nil.

  5. Congrats boys, dedication, discipline and humility will take you far! Nasio and Wekesa this is the time to show what you can do, Mosoti too! Gatusso has been repaid with his own type of currency!

  6. I’m really happy with these call-ups. I wished the fitness trainer Mikael Igendia could do something for the National team.

  7. The dreaded 1988 team was thrashed by Senegal 3-0 before holding cameroon to a nil nil score at Raj casablanca stadium morroco. For the called up players, your are the commanders solders of green army please bidii na nidhamu will keep green army flag hoisted high up. May prayers i petition to our creature to guide u to be the best and break to his 1st eleven.

  8. I disagree with kassim,point no.2.Its unfortunate that Kevin Omondi has missed out on selection.I will not attribute that to poor form because he has been one of our best players.Look how he has transformed the team every time he has entered as a sub.Michel has his reasons for not picking home and poor form is not one of them for sure.

  9. this call up is because of the discipline logaruse is puttin on the team. during the stint with local coaches , anyone kud see that moses odhis was a good player, but poor discipline. i once ranted on this site how odhis plays to show off. since logaruse came buy odhis has changed from the show of channel and is now paying attention to what he does in the field. and this was not odhis only, alot of the players during zedy’s time played for the crowd which only told you of one thng, luck of discipline … a player will also do this to cover his luck of training yaani cheat ur way by pleasing the crowd. this way the crowd will always demand for so and so to be fielded despite the fact that this guy kud be of poor form. it’s gud logaruse saw thru this, this players are now becoming fit and are on the process of learning what technical futi is all about. by michel picking these guys it’s a sure sign that logaruse has changed these guys. in short michel will plant more ideas in their heads. these guys have alot to thnk logaruse for their advancement. their chances of being taken seriosly in europe will also go higher once michel also proves himself. africa and all the coutries where michel has coached will obviously pay attention coz they will want to know how michel is doing in kenya. so more ppl will watch kenya soccer…so u guys who have been picked(rama et all) ur life is in ur hands, this is ur chance to change ur life. THE night of long knives concludes tomorrow…WATCH

  10. Well said Fred no. 8. It does’t mean those who have not been called by Michel are in their poor form. There r stil more players better than those in the camp. Let people know that out of the 28 called a team will be sellected. Some r going to be droped. Players like kevin, serrunkuma, Anguyo and many more may be called latter to take their places. So these players not called should not loose hope but to work harder and attract the eyes of michel. Am sure soon they will be called. Good luck!!!

  11. Cheers to Tech bench,Ec,Green Army, and The players for the excellent perfomace exhibited so far we are proud of you. ALL THE BEST TOMMORROW

  12. @ G. Ochoro Anguyo and Dan”Flava” Sserunkuma had been called up by Michel only for him to be told they r UGs.
    I also think the what is letting Kevin Omondi and Ali Abondo down is poor finishing or lack of goals which is crucial as attacking midfielders. If they work on their finishing then definitely a national call-up is not far off.
    The down side of all these call-ups, is that they will negatively affect our preparations/ training at this crucial stage of the league. Why does Michel need 3 days a week why can’t he do with 2 days and why start so soon?


    Every time there is a derby, I have very little to comment. First there are lots of butterflies in my stomach. Not because i fear the leopards but the kind of heat the derby generates. Bookmen have ever failed to predict the outcome of this high octane match.

    As usual, let me salute the fans from both teams who are today participating in a joint peace walk along the streets of Nairobi to demonstrate they committment to uphold peace before, during and after the match.

    The media houses especially Radio Jambo for the kind of hype and awareness they are creating not to forget the free tickets they are giving ardent listeners. I must say I really enjoyed listening veteran AFC Leopards maestro, Wilberforce Mulamba and other Kogalo fans this morning on Gidi na Ghost radio talk show. It also them who announced the arrival of the maverick GM tactician, Logarusic who was away on holiday in his native Croatia. The interview on phone was also quite reassuring to us all.

    My prayers are with you as we meet our nemesis at Kasarani. By the way, did I hear somebody say it’s a must we must meet at Rusinga Island before we depart for Kasarani?
    Anyway, I need the help of our self professed traditionalist to take me through the rituals( haha…just for laughs)

  14. The great moment is here and the time to slay all the demons and to bring the finally glory is here!

    From Ghana, the famous Gold Coast where we celebrate the birthday of Dr Kwame Nkrumah today, I hail our great Club Gor Mahia for all the glories of the past but pray that Almighty God will bless the Kogalo family with a resolute and a decisive win tomorrow in the derby against the Mashemeji at Kasarani.

    Kogalo for ever!

  15. The greatest thing that is impressive is the fact that we acknowledge God’s part in all the successes that the team is enjoying. Please keep it up and never forget about the Most High both on and off the Pitch.

  16. Thank u @Oduor12 for that correction. I overlooked their nationalities. Our home boys should put more effort to get a place in the national team.

  17. i have always say that one player whom our local coaches who were handling national team for reasons i dont understand is moses odhiambo. musungu have seen his ability n i kno 4 sure he’ll make our mid solid n the assist on the offensive

  18. i have always say that one player whom our local coaches who were handling national team for reasons i dont understand is why did not his talent n ability moses odhiambo. musungu have seen his ability n i kno 4 sure he’ll make our mid solid n the assist on the offensive

  19. i have always say that one player whom our local coaches who were handling national team for reasons i dont understand is why did not talent n ability of moses odhiambo. musungu have seen his ability n i kno 4 sure he’ll make our mid solid n the assist on the offensive

  20. The selection reflects how foreign coaches select players based on merit & not other varaiables. I was very very dissapointed with Kimanzi for leaving out Rama during the Kampala game.

  21. Kassam Mwivangano says it all
    Please Kevo wake up and work your way into the national team Man. Less talented guys are in Stars now

  22. 1987 was the best year for Gor.I watched as they beat Dragons of Benin with a last minute Goal from Peter Dawo;And eventually won the Mandela Cup(previously africa cup winners cup) at Kasarani.Hitchi TawfiQ the Lanky Esperance defender was a pain in the neck for Dawo.But “Omuga” as they called him pushed ahead.I still wonder what president MOI handed Dawo after that win.He quickly clutched onto it with his hand.People said it was mbesha…not sure still.
    In 1987 We used to live in South and Gor used to house at the south B guest house before their games.The house was owned by a close neighborhood friend.One of the best guest houses in Kenya at the time.So we would wait for the GOR MINIVAN(BLUE AND WHITE AND GREEN) and board it at the guest house for free games!!! city stadium and nyayo.we would sit on the laps of Paul Ochieng and Onyango Jogoo whose parents were well known in South B.and also Gor trained with Jack Johnson at the MOW club in South B or at RTI.their training was a full house you can imagine…….GREAT MEMORIES…hope they can buy their own club and sports center and convert it to a public limited company….oh and their team doctor was OCHIDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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