Shakava motivated to work harder

When the provisional Harambee stars squad that was to train in France was named, Gor Mahia skipper Harun Shakava’s name was nowehere to be seen. This came as a surprise to many as Shakava had an excellent season and was the most consistent central defender at Kogalo.

Even after Brian Mandela Onyango was waylaid by an injury, Shakava was not called up as coach Migne named the final squad. Shakava is taking it all in stride.

“I cannot force anyone to call me, it will be out of order to do that. This is a challenge for me to continue working harder and focus on the ways of improving my game because maybe my best was not someone’s best. What I know is that my chances will come one day and no one will take that away from me.” he said to

Former Gor Mahia midfield ace Anthony Akumu faired only slightly better. He was named to the training squad but was later dropped. Allan Wanga , Cliffoed Miheso and Jesse Were were other surprise omissions.

“The truth is that I am taking everything positively, that is the only way to grow. I also urge striker Allan Wanga, Anthony Akumu and Jesse Were to take this snub as a challenge to give their best next season.” said Shakava

Three Gor Mahia players made it to the final squad: Joash Onyango, Philemon Otieno and Francis Kahata. A slight improvement when compared to the last time Kenya qualified for the Africa Nations cup. On that occassion in 2004, no Gor Mahia or AFC Player was in the squad. Both teams were battling relegation.

Shakava for his part is not certain about where he will be playing when his contract expires.

“I have about six months remaining in my contract with Gor Mahia. I still don’t know whether I will be with them or not but years are not on my side so I just have to give my best wherever I will be.” concluded Shakava to goal

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  1. Self motivating words indeed. Not being called up for afcon isn’t the end of the world… football must still go on regardless.

    Meanwhile, who can clarify on the rumors flying around about teams already signing players yet our very own Ngala says nothing has yet been done or can be done until the transfer window opens…

  2. In modern day football , agents have become very funny , in the sense that they will talk privately to e.g Ngala and then leak the conversation to the media and at the same time use Ngala’s/Aduda’s approach to escalate the value of their player to e.g Wazito and once Wazito tables their offer , the same will be leaked to the media and Gor will be challenged to match Wazito’s offer , that is the new nature of the football industry and since their is nothing legally binding the likes of Ngala can do with players whose contracts are still running and moreso before the opening of the transfer window , the best recourse is to deny , deny , deny .
    Privately , some of us are privy to who is coming in and we are very very very happy about the new acquisitions from within and without the country but for now , we will deny , deny , deny .
    A new constitution , a new management structure , New Leadership , a viable business model plus shrewed new signings-Next season is gonna be HUGE .

  3. Your mates are either playing or are national team players while you stagnate in your carrier. Gor is the best platform in Kenya where most Kenyan footballers display their skills for quick and certain recognition by potential suitors. Avoid the easily predictable long balls and be humble by desisting from player activism and you will achieve self elevation to greater heights.

    1. Not too sure how good… Or bad this Otanga guy is but we will all know this coming season.

      Our signings over the years have been on point in spite of the fact that we may have missed out on some targets. I therefore trust the process!!

  4. Teddy next season will be tough on us aseluor kit rival signings maa timbee olokonwaaa otek smol…
    The transition From Gk, defense midfield to attack is wanting…
    Nevertheless we’ll not tire to offer our support to the club…

  5. I do confirm that I have downloaded the proposed constitution and read it several times but I do not support it as it does not give a solution to the myriad of problems the club has been going through recently regarding accountability, transparency, sound and prudent financial management, business and strategic plans, ambitions of the club etc.

    What we need in the club immediately is a paradigm shift from the current euphoric elections to turning the club into a limited liability company with only board of directors and Excom. The proposed constitution confirms that we are losing this great and unique opportunity to change the fortunes of this great club.

    I do reiterate that something is not right at all with this proposed new constitution. Why are we repeating the same mistakes that have always made the club not to compete equally with the likes of Zamalek, Esperance, Simba, Raja etc in the continent?

    The club needs a sound foundation of management and transparent governance that should be put in place first but not these knee-jack reactions of elections which is only aimed at complying with the requirements of the Sports Act.

    I am sorry to say that this proposed constitution will not change anything apart from reduction of the office bearers. How can board of trustees which is not elected have more power as compared to the elected Executive Committee? This will be panacea of problems and will create supremacy wars as well as confusion.

    Let all stakeholders at Kogalo take sometime to reflect on the problems that have continued to bedevilled the club and come up with a sustainable model that will work for the posterity of the club. We are fatigued with elections of chairman and other office bearers. Let the chairman and his team come up with proper management and controls structures.

    I do propose that management of the club structure needs a rapid and radical change with a view of converting the club into a limited liability company with a business mindset but not changing the constitution to let the status-quo continue with elections of some inept officials. The chairmen and patrons have limited lifespan.

    Let us seize this unique and great opportunity to change the club’s fortunes into a business and professional outfit with very transparent, clear, sound and accountable management and governance structures.

    What the club needs now is to change or immediately convert the club into a financially sustainable enterprise where the focus will be in commercialing club activities as commercial enterprise where the board and management will be focusing on developing and implementing the following strategic objectives:-
    1. Expanding sponsorship agreements. We can have four different sponsors on the Jersey in front, back, sleeves, shorts etc.

    2. Commercial trading by selling branded jerseys, branded merchandise, training and gym gears etc. Developing of sales outlets and franchising sales or distribution outlets all over the country.

    3. Broadcasting where we sign with paying TV stations, Internet and cable companies. Gor Mahia should have a plan for owning proprietary TV channel as GorTV for live broadcasting and recorded matches.

    4. Matchday ticket sales with sealing all loopholes of revenue leakages. Other activities season ticket sales, sale of food and drinks, event parking space etc.

    This proposed constitution does not provide a road map to turning the club into a limited company and it should therefore be amended with a main object of turning the club into a commercial enterprise.

    Anything else including this proppsed constitution will not help Gor Mahia to become a commercial enterprise and have a viable sustainable financial model.

    Why can’t the drafters borrow a leaf from Simba, Yanga both of Tanzania and St George’s of Ethiopia.

    We need to be serious with this great club yawa but not these proposals that will not change the club’s fortunes.

    We are tired of seeing this great club with a huge brand name always begging for tickets from well-wishers and government. We can capitalise on our great brand name and ever present fanbase to turn around the fortunes of the club for unforeseeable future for many generations to come.

    I appeal to our chairman Ambrose Rachier too think outside the box to instead come with radical proposals to convert the club into a limited liability company. The shareholding structure need to be broaden to include fans as shareholders whereby a supporters trust can be established to hold shares on behalf of the fans. For example we can have allocation of 20% of shareholdings to supporters under the supporters trust and the remaining 80% of shareholdings to be sold to individuals or institutional investors both local and foreign.

    What need to be done urgently is to develop a clear road map of converting the club into a limited liability company. We need to start with the following:-

    1. drafting of memarts (memorandum & articles of association),

    2. registration and incorpration of the limited liability company,

    3. getting resolutions passed and adopted by members or shareholders,

    4. Developing business plan and a detailed strategic plan with clear objectives etc

    This will make Gor Mahia to become a great club as well as to employ thousands of Kenyans directly or indirectly. We need a team that can compete with the best teams in African continent and globally.

  6. @Jamigori , I wish to , from the very onset disagree with your take vis a vis the new constitution .
    Various Successful clubs have various and differing constitutional models e.g(1) Real Madrid/Barcelona/Athletico Bilbao ,(2) Bayern Munich and (3) Man City /Chelsea/PSG/Simba Sports /Wazito etc and the constitution adopted by Gor is similar to the Real Madrid that has its President and the Board of Directors ELECTED by Socios (Members ) for 4year Periods .
    Secondly , when we are looking at issues , we need to look at them in context e.g the board of Trustees which is for all intents and purposes an oversight body akin to the House of Lords and the mere fact that it would from time to time have differences with the elected EC does not negate the positives it brings on board and plus its roles are clearly defined by the constitution .
    What is of utmost importance is how the club is going to sustain itself , Thrive financially and compete with the best in the continent and again reading this constitution , it clearly stipulates that a Transition Comittee shall , after the elections , be formed to come up with Legal , Operational , Business Models for adoption .
    The mere fact that Real Madrid has a community-centric constitutional model has not stopped it from being the Richest Club in the world (courtesy of its business model and inspite of its Constitutional Architecture ) and this is not in anyway an attempt to disregard @Jamigori’s model which eventually is the direction the world is going but which eventually will wrestle the club from Communities onto Multi national corporations/Oligarchs -That is what became of Arsenal where profits to shareholders matters more than Winning titles , the same thing is starting at Man U , on the other hand clubs like PSG and Man City who have owners that own Oil Wells will soon start running afoul of Fifa financial fair play for financial doping , Bayern Munich has a unique high breed Structure that Is for now unable to compete with the Man Citys and PSGs but which is the most sustainable in the long run .
    All we can hope and pray for is that we must ensure that whoever we put in any position of responsibilty must be solely on proven meritocracy , for even the best of systems fail when unmerrited people are put in charge .

  7. @RodneyOchieng , Contrary to your fears , it is my prayer that Wazito , Bandari , Afc uses their all to pick the best they can possibly get from within and without the country because in my opinion , this would pressurise Gor Mahia to go for even better players e.g Man City would not have had the urgency to upgrade if it wasnt for the Liverpool scare , Liverpool like Bandari are too also aware about what they need to do to catch up with the frontrunners .
    I honestly dont want a situation where we are champions even before the league starts and like we all have noticed , we no longer celebrate winning the league , but that is not to say that we will not kill the EC/Team if they fail to win it .
    Competion in all aspects of life is healthy moreso to the consumers of the products.

  8. Well said Teddy. Just to add, it’s often said winning the title is addictive… You keep wanting it more and more. We should not be an exception, let’s win it as many times as possible, even at the risk of it becoming boring!!

  9. I think it would be a grave omission to not acknowledge the fact that one of our players
    I.e Nicholas Kipkirui was berieved , following the untimely death of his father , and that we as Kogalo were ably represented at the Friday funeral by the EC and our esteemed fans , it would also be a grave omission to not appreciate the fact that our fans who turned up , turned up in the best behaviour , I say this because were the contrary be the case , tons and tons of condemnation would have filled this wall , including from me and it is only fair that we acknowledge them when they surprise us .
    What was unfortunate though was that all the players were conspicously and loudly absent , A lot has been said about our playing unit , and the no show at their colleagues hour of need goes a long way to affirm those perceptions – Surely , not even the Activist Captain could summon enough sympathy to make an appearance-Sad .
    Being a community-centric club , there are some social ethos that must distinguish as from clubs like Tusker , Bandari etc .

  10. As I watched the Business-centric manner Real Madrid unveiled Hazard infront of a paying crowd of 50000 , I was reminded of Ronaldo’s70000 crowd , Diego Armando Maradona ‘s unveiling at Napoli infront of close to 60000 fans , Neymars57000 at Barcelona and last but not least , being a kenyan and an ardent supporter of Gor Mahia , I remember the 2018/2019 unveiling of Erissa Ssesikambu , Geofrey Ochieng and which in the words of @Jasego , was done in a Dimly lit room , with signs of a Leaking collapsing roof , with the background to the photo shoot in the words of @Dan Original , occupied by the clowning quartet of Jaro Soja , Jalejo and some unknowns dorning expired kogalo regalia .
    Comparing the above scenarios , the EC must know that football is serious business and not an amateurish comedy .
    I think its worth noting , that two days after Ronaldo’s unveiling at Juventus , the club’s Ronaldo merchandise had grossed $68 million / ksh 7billion , the equivalent of what someone claims was paid to Kimwarer and Arror dams .

    1. Hehe @ Teddy nice TbT….My words are Worry Not at all Ye Kogalo followers for teams have made us the measuring yardstick to base anything they do here in KPL. We show signs of interest in a player next minute Wazito have splashed an offer. Some players on their part fear competition at Mighty Mayienga citing probability of not getting enough playtime instead of coming to fight for a starting berth. Be as it may we shall sign continental caliber players and fortify our dominance locally…

  11. Admin should have reported Kip’s bereavement on this wall so that we offer condolences to our hardworking striker, Shakava also could have shown some leadership guidance by organising a few colleagues to attend the burial.

  12. The club and us (fans) should have facilitated one or two players, especially the captain, to attend the burial of Nicholas Kipkirui’s father on behalf of other players. It is something which can be done which such a bereavement occurs in future to any player.

  13. @Jagem Oremo , why for heaven’s sake should fans and EC but moreso fans pay for players who are in employment and who earn more money than the average fans , to attend the funeral of one of their colleagues .
    Why wouldnt the employees/players fundraise amongst themselves just like all other employees do and send one or two from amongst them to attend , assuming they all cant attend .
    Its this kind of casual approach to players that make them relate with us like they are doing us a favour and not the paid employees they are .
    Their no show was one hell of a show of irresponsibility .

  14. I think we could be having a problem with the Captain, otherwise himself should have been at the funeral. Afterall he wants out. Captaincy should be both inside and out of the field. Jerry was the best Captain we had in recent years. Very sober minded.
    @Jasego, now that Otanga has opted for Wazito will Bernard follow suit? I hope we had several options locally. I also hope that the players who get little playtime will be loaned out to a team like Ksm Allstars.
    Of the teams with most teams at AFCON i saw Gor featuring highly and that’s good for our image.

  15. The players transfer window is not yet open. I think Otanga has just agreed with Wazito in principle but they have not signed him. How have they signed him outside the transfer window?

  16. Otanga or no Otanga , its worth noting that various teams are recruiting based on differing premises , whereas the likes of Bandari may be recruiting to challenge Gor Mahia , the likes of Wazito may be recruiting to give a good first season impression , Afc may be recruiting to defeat Gor in the Derby , We in Gor already already have a team to win the league irrespective of who comes in or goes out and as such our signings will be premised on a better performance at the continental assignments and this then begs the question , is this guy Otanga a premier league material or a continental material , is he e.g an upgrade to Kipkirui or not ? , I ask this because I dont know him , but what I know and can confirm is that the guy who is coming in is a proven upgrade of Jacques Tuisenge .
    @Moses , you asked if I could deny the signing of Nga , I hereby Deny , Deny , Deny .

  17. Now that kagame cup starts on 6th July, why not exit AFCON earlier so that Kogallo gets the opportunity to play against Zesco, Simba, Azam and most importantly TP Mazembe who are invited guests. These are our mates in the African club football and we’ll be able to properly gauge and test ourselves. We identify more with Gormahia than Harambee stars and therefore Joash and Philemon must be available before the due date.

  18. @Jasego somehow the transfers in the team will definitely have an impact on our morale levels in the team as we prepare to defend the kpl trophy and perhaps leave a mark on the continental arena…. my worry is still on the goalkeeping and defense… just go get the captain of that team kwa goalkeeping I’d suggest Saha ama the youth keeper incase farouk is out of our reach…. midfield Kuna vijana mboka… ama yule Kelly wa Sony kwa striking Sina say you guys understand it better… msisahau Right back hatuna… incase kachi aende then stretch mumletee madoya…..
    Let’s be swift with our transfers to get ample time to familiarize with our system of play and perhaps stabilize the team earlier….
    Last season we never dominated as such it was the experience coupled with flexibility to grind results that gave us the results…. Let the TB this time to get best and right who will play their hearts to get results,,,,

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