22 Jun 12

Courtesy of supersport.com

Gor Mahia has completed the signing of six players in the June transfer window.

The players include: Joseph Njuguna, Edward Mubiru, Nick Auma, Antony Gathu, Itubu Imbem and Dan Sserenkuma.

On the other hand, three were released on Monday. Joseph Kiplagat, Duncan Owiti and Ibrahim Kitawi ahead of the second round of the league that resumes this weekend.

Croat Zdravko Logarusic has said the main of the signing is to improve their squad.

“We want to strengthen our squad and improve our performance in the second round. We want to be the best when the league resumes and work hard to move to the top of the standings.”

Club secretary George Bwana has termed the changes as necessary for the club.

“We haven’t been extravagant in the market but we have done what we needed to do and that is buy players who can strengthen our squad.”

“We had a strong squad but the technical bench saw that the striking force was blunt and the defense had a problem therefore we had to bring in players who can do that job as we wanted.”

“We needed players who could hold the pressure, Joseph Njuguna and Nick Auma are the best for that work and that is why we included them because of their experience.”

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  • Walter Alando Bwoga says:

    Thanks EC for the updates on signings. Looking forward to positive results that will improve our fan-base thus enhancing gate collections/revenue. It is too early to tell whether the players signed so far are better than the ones released but time will tell. In other words our prayers is to get good results. How many players do we now have in total? Kindly let us know.

  • godfrey says:

    They have decided to avoid big names and instead went for the likes of Auma whom i have just heard today,i hope this time round the new signing will work for us,TUKUTANE MUMIAS COMPLEX.

  • jb says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this is they new gormahia cannot compete yet they compete surely this gor is long left behind let us wait and see

  • Ja Ngere says:

    Jb,Your mwalimu did not teach you where to put a coma or full stop (punctuations).yawa tho.

  • dinga says:

    personally i saw no need for that much players but all the same it’s all about improvement… but what i now like in gor is that things are not the same any more. you don’t perform u go, and this is irrespective of the sentiments the fans might have on such or such a player. this is good. this means that players will no longer play to please the crowd and competition will now be tough and real. the new players including the ones dropped was GIVE and TAKE. i do not really thnk that kitawi et gatuso were necessarily bad nor that the ones who have come are the best, but the point is about DELIVERY NOW. a player will nolonger survive cause of his BIG name. as i said before , it’s my belief that the best run clubs at the moment are sofapaka et breweries.. simply coz they demand the players to deliver, no mameno mingi. so gor players do the same, gor is the best place to do this coz it’s here ur carrier is most likely to TAKE OFF. two advantages u have over sofapaka and breweries i have already mentioned before… so mr croat show us the new game and what u are made of, personally i’m with you and i also support the EC for the bold decision they took to give u a free hand. i will support you on good decisions and equally critisize JUNK decisions. i believe this league can be taken. TWENDE KAZI.

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    Interesting! Compare these names with George Bwana’s list of 23rd May 2012!

    Just to jog your memory, the article read:”… Crispin Olando is among six key players that Gor Mahia intends to sign in the June transfer window…Club secretary General George Bwana told SuperSport.com that other targeted players include … Pascal Ochieng …. Kepha Aswani…. Noah Abich …Victor Ochieng….. Jesse Were and Jockins Atudo ….

    “We shall go for quality players ….. Talks are almost complete with our new targets and I can confirm they are all willing to join our club …… We want to finalize with their respective clubs on the financial aspect before we go public and make a major announcement,” said Bwana.

    That was exactly one month today. Sample some of the bloggers’ comments:
    Ja Thur gi ji :How has this come out,I thought there was a structured way of communication on these matters? …….. why are they in the public domain at this stage?
    Iganatius Otieno :….. Gor needs to invest for future growth…. 6 players is too much, Sec General you talk too much!
    Dan : I can assure you that now that these issues are out in the public domain none of these players will join us. Seems like we don’t learn from our past……
    Ogollah Wuod Nyawino :I am a die hard fan but this so called Bwana is messing us the way they did in the last transfer window!….
    Barefoot Bandit :Most honorable bloggers I urge you to hold your horses and keep your cool. I am seeing George Bwana’s move as a tactical decoy. Just watch this space and you will see the true picture soon!…
    PAREYIO 09 : AN OPEN LETTER TO GENERAL BWANA Sir,….. General Bwana is busy boring us with his endless good for nothing talks…Shame on you!
    OGANGO TRAILER : Just like myself and our current coach Logarithm, George Bwana is also a “chatter-box” that you cannot control or predict what his intentions are geared to achieve. G. Bwana is the “KALEMBE NDILE” of GM executive.
    arrumtiddi : GEORGE BWANA YOU TALK TOO MUCH!!!!
    OKOTH JABILO : George Bwana suffers from a cognitive medical disability condition abbreviated as ADHD caused by some strange chemistry disorder within his brain.

    What comes out of this is that the EC was at mind games. The question is: mind games with who? With the competition? I don’t think so. This bluff most definitely was targeting K’Ogalo fans especially in this blog where there are ‘Kalasingas wenye siasa kali’. I want to call for George Bwana and his team to walk in the light with fans and avoid trying to out-manouvre or out-smart us. This is dishonest and is unnecessary. How would you feel if fans paid to watch Gor Mahia home matches with fake currency? That too would be dishonesty…and it would bring GM to its knees. I know GB and the rest of EC will be entertained when the re-read these comments… I pray that as they laugh their heads off, they should also give these sentiments some serious thought and aspire for our common goal of seeing K’Ogalo rise to dizzy heights of achievement.

  • PAREYIO 09 says:


    Tonight, a contigent of the green army is on their way to Mumias, the sugarbelt region of western Kenya just in time for the first match of the season tomorrow at the Mumias complex.

    Mumias complex has brought us a mix of fortunes but i hope our gods will bring good fortunes tomorrow. With 6 new signings, coach Logarusic has no reason at all not collect 3 maximum points.

    I must also sincerely thank SuperSport for their decision to televise Gor Mahia matches again after they unplug the team for failing to control their unruly fans. I believe we have learnt a lesson. I have always urged our fans to exercise individual and collective responsibility in and outside the stadium. This is because they carry the image of the club

    Consequently let us give the coach and indeed all the support they need as they work hard to deliver the 2012 KPL prestigious trophy to us. It will not be easy or just just come on a silver platter. It is definately hard toil. Allow me also to salute all the fans of this great club for your fervent support you’ve given over the years. You have been an indispensable part of this great club. I thank you all.

  • mwakio says:

    We wish our team well in Mumias Complex. May our Almighty God grant you victory over Western Stima.

    I humbly appeal to our fans to exercise caution as they drive to Mumias. Please drive safely and do not drive when you are drunk.

    May our Lord give all our fans, EC, technical bench members and players on entouragw journey mercies and our Almighty God will deliver to us victory.

    And above all let us keep peace and stop hooliganism at all cost.


    Wish K’Ogalo all best result in mumias ; Personally I will follow the proceedings from SuperSports. We need all the three points if possible since EFUSI and SOFAPAKA will play to a draw that will help us reduce our point deficit with the top contenders.

    Go Go Mighty K’Ogalo!

  • Albert Kosero - Sofaset Branch - Kampala says:

    @OGANGO TRAILER welcome to the Sofaset branch. Some of us in this branch are so elated by Supersports’s move to bring the mighty Kogallo back on our 58″ Plasma Screens. Lets maintain discipline all the time. Wish our boys all the best. For God and my club Kogallo.

  • Kalixtos says:

    Anybody following the game in SuperSport or in Mumuas, please update us here as the game progresses, thank you! All the bests K’Ogalo!!

  • mwakio says:

    Full game stima 1 Gor 2
    We give God all the glory and honour for the victory over stubborn Western Stima. Njuguna and Sserunkuma were the scorers.

  • Kalixtos says:

    Thanks be to God, thats a good start, you’ve made my morning, I love K’Ogalo.. Can we say good signing?

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    What a way to silence the big talking Stima coach? The second leg can be K’Ogalo’s for the taking because we only have two truly away matches against Chemelil and Muhoroni. Other ‘away’ matches are against Nairobi-based teams…unless Rangers take us to Meru Kinoru stadium and Efusi take us to Mumius.

    Western Stima took us to Mumius because they thought it would give them added advantage. The same dirty tactics were used by Efusi against SoNy and against Tusker in Mombasa. I hope lessons are being learnt.

  • Dan says:

    I hope all the doubting Thomasses will now start to believe. As we criticise like I said before let’s not mention the players’ names negatively. Congrats boys

  • ERIC says:

    Hearty congratulations from Wenchi,Ghana the home town of the Ghana Black Stars striker, Asamoah Gyan. Kogalo for Ever!

  • Watching lucky dube tearing the western stima defence apart was a joy today! But we still need a strong midfield…how is oscar mbugua?

  • Adero Bruce says:

    Am huppy to see Dan sseronkuma and Njuguna in the team. The only area you need to improve now is the defence.Again I expect goolkeepers, kasaya to be the first goalkeeper and iva mwapundo.That is the only way we will get resault. Anyway, we can still win league.

  • Umar Lusonda says:

    George Bwana and others , the last time I checked all international transfers are only sanctioned by an ITC…how is it possible that you got EDDIE Mubiru without an ITC…Iam certain that KCC FC has not released him to us ..I hope this is not going to land GOR into real FIFA fines . This will be regarded as abuse by the mother Club that I am told bought the player for about $4000. Is it true Gor has only offered $1000 that would be absurd !