SoNy hold Gor Mahia

Gor Mahia settled for a barren draw in the Kenya premier league match played at Afraha stadium Nakuru on Sunday. Gor Mahia played well in defence and in midfield and maintained a far greater share of posssession. But they could not break through even after SoNy were reduced to 10 men.

Gor Mahia started brightly , maintaining possession for long stretches but luck eluded them as SoNy, now coached bu former Kogalo coach, Zedekiah Otieno stood firm. SoNy did create several scoring chances especially on breakways. Had it not been for some good goalkeeping, from Wycliff Kasaya, they might have stolen a goal against the run of play.

Gor Mahia continued to pile pressure but even the introduction of Duncan Owiti Macheda did not yield results.

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  1. Too much pressure on the players from funs and officials but they are about to come through at least from the relegation zone.

    Rachier lost the oportunity to one, get a good coach two years ago, recruit good players with experiance ie one midfield and a stricker from other countries.

    His luck of vision will criple us

  2. Ferroviaro have just been beaten 1-0 in maputo by Al Ahly shandy of Sudan.Berekum chelsea of Ghana have just thrashed Raja casablanca of morocco 5-0.
    Djoliba of mali beat ugandas URA 2-0 yesterday in kampala.Did you see the feature mike okinyi showed us on citizen TV about Djoliba of mali?.
    Take note of the following facts:
    1)we should not waste our time castigating players who lack the basics of modern football.what they display in the pitch are the symptoms of the nonexistant youth tier development systems you find in the continents elite clubs.
    2)we should by now get used to such results as we have refused to invest in our youth but have resorted to buying success.
    3)no kenyan club can be counted to belong to the 40 most elite clubs in african soccer and this is due to lack of investment in our youth who because of their hopelessness were the major perpetrators and victims of the post election violence.
    4)gor is just an ordinary club at the moment with egocentric fans who think that by their mere presence the club will get the results.
    5)our fathers were patient and moulded a winning outfit in the 80s and even players like nahashon lule got scholarships because of their vision.we on the other hand want results with zero investment .
    6)i repeat here that without starting afresh as the great sianga attempted to do before being ejected by myopic thugs ,then we should be comfortable with our current position .

  3. Anything different bloggers can say from the ordinary ones? If this becomes the habit we will start losing the fans and soon the club will have difficulties paying for its overheads especially the salaries for the big squad we have. Is this a technical, player or bad luck/ omen issue? Am astounded!!

  4. just read eblazings comments and you will realise where the problem lies.where are we supposed to get our players from? where does bad luck or omens come in?
    Ipromise you that should afc or any other kenyan club WIN THE KPL LEAGUE,they will be bundled out in the preliminary stages of the CAFS CHAMPS LEAGUE.
    Do you know why we had to play seychelles in the first place-simply because our soccer standards are amongst the worst in the continent.
    the problem is not the players or the bench but myopic fans who instead of yearning for structures and systems ,shout for instant results with zero investment.
    We asked for an academy but some gullible fans voted in a candidate who promised them a stadium!!!! do you know we can build a stadium where other teams can teach us how to play soccer as congo did at city stadium.
    Give the players and the bench a break and look for ways of us the fans channeling our efforts towards investing in our youth as sianga wanted.the club keeps on buying expensive players who keep on flopping while siangas charges still go strong-akumu and company.

  5. Wuonpap @3 and 5. I salute you. Yes, youths development programs times 100. Thats the solution. Not adding more.

  6. Sianga should be called back to mould a youth team before it is late, afc think they are doing well but incase they have three injuries to their main players they will be out, they will be worse than Gor lets not undergo the same mistake twice.Gor Plz learn lets have club goals instead of instant results.1st goal should be set up a credible Gor team B for Youth team 2nd goal Should be a stadium complete with a club house, Academy etc the others can come later. We should not rush to results when the skill level is very low.We should plan that in 3yrs we will be unbeatable in Africa but not in 3 months.

  7. as has been said a hundred million times, until we develop youth structures within the club and start building for the future, we wont achieve much..patience people esp fans

  8. Good people of God petience is all we need to have.
    Since the season seems to be going the wrong way,why don’t we accept the reality and fight for a top eight finish while we try to build a team for next two seasons.but we should offload some players who aren’t adding any value to the team.

  9. Wuon Pap i admire your never tiring effort to say the one and only way of making systematic and workable success. When i attended my first Gm Agm i l got a picture of a club whose beginning and end is politics. Someone said that he would not raise a finger when things get bad in the pitch, i did not understand but am begining to. Its the same fans who ferry old mamas to elect the so called officials and the same people who hounded siang’a out in collaboration with a perenial saboteur now turned ‘coach’ in some kpl club. Very soon they will say they want mzungu, and the bizarre cycle continues. GM will still do well but the mentality in the house cannot hold for any meaningful development, so sad. It is the same mindset that keep us arguing about spirits and unprintable stuff with those who think success can be concocted and decided with objects and not entirely player, ec & tech bench.

  10. Thank you Eblazing and Wuonpap. Perhaps the like-minded fans should arrange with the EC for some kind of self sponsored weekend retreat away from the trouble makers where these pertinent issues (that Wounpap and other bloggers have consistently raised) can be discussed and explored with the view of implementation. In the meantime may I request for your indulgence on the following:

    On Friday 23rd March during the 9.00 pm news cast, NTV ran an item regarding the ban imposed on Gor Mahia by the SSMB. What to me was not agreeable was the banner that rolled on the screen during that cast. Considering the credibility of NTV and the extensive viewership it enjoys especially at such peak hours, I am persuaded that that banner (GOR MAWE BAN) did portray Gor Mahia in some very bad light. Officially Gor Mahia is the EC, the playing unit and the technical bench and there is nowhere these three bodies participated in the disturbances that culminated in those measures that was the subject of that news item.

    My two cents worth of opinion (if I may borrow from Le Pastre) is that that banner is libelous and therefore legally actionable. Take note that that very prominent banner was part of the headlines and was later given a re-cast in the sports segment of the bulletin.
    It is possible that someone else might be seeing it differently…I request for your very honest opinion on this and the way forward.

  11. @Eblazing, I believe our issue is bad luck/omen. Of the matches I have watched the players are really trying their best but the goals are not coming. We have to appreciate that now we have gone three matches without losing , after losing three in a row. The next match is against Ingwe in the Super 8. Let’s hope yhat sanity will prevail when the case of the chaos is judged. Currently we are like being treated like outcasts despite bringing the hype in KPL. Footbal is fans, albeit peacefull ones. Watched some mid week and weekend KPL matches and despite the action on the field nobody in the stands to the extent that you could hear the players asking for the ball!! I like the morale of the fans and we shuld continue doing so as someone has said it’s us against them! Whoever they are.
    Let’s continue giving JBO and TO all the support thry require. We cannot force results. They will come and we will all be happy. The way we are ravaged by injuries most teams would not even raise a first 11. Is our medical team well-equiped to handle its jod. We seem to have injuries which are taking forever to heal. It’s time we thought of a medical scheme for the players and also let’s not put them under undue pressure as it will be counterproductive

  12. @10 what ur saying and perhaps unknowingly is this;
    the “stonage club” will make the club suffer. that’s the bottom line and its what sensible bloggers have been trying to say. when the adidas squad hits others with stones and kill… the person that suffers is gormahia, yaani the players(most), the tech bench and the ec. but here i will be less lenient with the EC coz they have failed to educate these so called gor fans, who now apparently, want to build a stadium!!
    this is what they will cost gor;
    yes its gor that will suffer, not the’s up to gor (thru’ the EC) to correct this, but unfortunately they get into offy thru’ the same hooligans so this might be hard. these guys are already comfortable in their dens picking choisy stones for the nxt battle. nation was simply desplaying the contempt that these guys are passing to the club image. just like when u cheat in an exam its the school image that goes down the drain…the clubs biggest threat is this hooligan.

  13. Owetena pliz let us be civilised. Utimoro marach ahinya especially fans ma ohero violence. Long live Kogalo. Wabiro itho table standing mos mos. Be Blessed owetena.Opak Ruoth

  14. @Wuonpap, you live up to your name. You are truely ‘father of the pitch’. We should plead with Sianga to come and take charge of Youth Development as a long term measure.

  15. Gor played well yesterday though it was a draw. Let us just absorb such results fairly and continue to hope things gonna be okay. I think we fans are putting alot of pressure on players. Gor has began to play beautiful soccer. I really appreciate fans who get upset but will never through a stone ( civilized fans). I surely don’t know where these goons come from, they have given us a really bad name. Am told they are being met today somewhere at the city stadium, my prayer is that may the real goons come with all sorts of hard drinks and drugs they always take during our matches. I really hat these people. GM will surely come up and there is no doubt about that.

  16. Its not just about having a youth team but also well co-ordinated lower tiers league systems…this is actually where young talents are horned…the “feeder” clubs should b up n running..remember kisumu all stars,hot stars,siaya medical,transcom etc..?all these floppped b’cas off bad politics[on the part of national football leadership]..lets ope the current office will live up to its billing.! as for kogalo’s performance there’s light at the end of the tunnel…am sure we will laugh last and of course loudest!!so let us b focused/patient n give JBO n the players the necessary support….TUMETOKA MBALI NA KOGALO!long live kogalo!!

  17. Fans lets have heart Arsenal began the PA badly but are now in top form , lesson? they did not fire Wenger and riot in Stadium but gave them support and encouragement this we need to do , calling Sianga to the technical bench will be a good start . Before the Sony Match in Nakuru there was a plea in the Blog for Funs to bahave , guess what was happening to the KBS bus ferrying twiiter barnch funs in Town? Some Ko galo fun was dangerously hanging out of the front window with a Vuvuzela in hand , shame on him . Me things each Branch needs a Marshall who will be seconded to Security during Kogalo games , other wise Jok ko Jok we are togeather

  18. Ker Siang’a is our answer let JBO deputise him and we will never regret. When arsenal was down remember they had to bring in somebody to psych the players and that somebody was non other than the legend Thiery Henry and you can see the results.

  19. An accident involving a starbus ferrying gor fans happened near kimende.I passed by as the injured were being taken to hospital.Anyone with further details?Once again to fellow kogallo supporters,lets’ always exercise caution on the highways and respect other road users.

  20. hi, its now or never the kogalo’ players should now wake up and do as proud,we should now boast on something not nothing all the times,fans travels all the way to support the players but when they come out with one point all the time its not encouraging all the time.

  21. @george binge – fully agree with you. Siang’a did a good job of moulding young players, but was chased away like a dog! Now I know where he is he is laughing at Gor! he has the solutions!


    Sirkal is a corrupted Kiswahili word Serikali ( Government)

    As a history student, i wanted to find out where the name originated. First, there is no such word in Gor Mahia constitution. Whilst K’Ogalo can be traced to the man the club is named, after, my search for the word sirkal was futile. An army on the other hand is a displine armed force , trained to protect the territorial boundary of a nation.

    Can the green army be compared to the real army they so much envy?

    A flag represents an authority. Every sovereign state has it’s own flag. Each citizen of a sovereign state must pledge allegiance to their flag. I have never known why some fans relate so passionatly with the American flag. During the last Nairobi derby, I watched in disbelief our comrades who sit at Russia hoist the American flag. Is it because they don’t know the meaning of a flag? When Dennis oliech scored recently in an international match, there were chants of Obama, Oliech and Raila? Tell me, what is the relationship between the three guys?

    An army is one of the most displine unit in a Government. The green army on the contrary is the most indispline lot. They have broken every rule in the book. If they are not manhandling a bodaboda rider at Mumias, pulling down perimeter fences at Thika or forcing through gate 2 of Nyayo because of some beliefs, or worse chanting reference will see war song like the one I overheard during the Nairobi derby.

    Going forward, the officials to ban the use of this word completely. It is not donig this club any good. The Y generation who now form a majority of fanbase must first internalize what was the vision of the club from his founder, the late Thomas Joseph Mboya. Mboya envisaged a successful club not just in Kenya but Africa. A club to propagate his certain ideals that he held dear. Some of these ideals are good governance, respect for the rule of law and patritism. I cry for the Y generation!

  23. Congrats team. We move up the log.

    @ Wuonpap as much as i agree that the team needs youth structures, it’s not the only route to success. One of the great attributes associated with Siang’a and many great coaches is the ability to scout great talents.

    Barcelona has been praised so much on youth systems but their current squad has three players signed from Sevilla and others from other Spanish sides. They also scout and sign promising players from other teams. Take a look at all lineups in Europe’s elite teams and you will agree that the coaches have very good scouting systems and do not necessarily depend on academies and their youth teams. It can work both ways and with our meager resources, it’s better to do proper scouting.

    I repeat that this is the time to bring in a professional coach who can start understanding our strengths and weaknesses before taking over. Otherwise, we can continue with our style of firing and bringing in new people at the last minute with no continuity. Let the new coach work with Big Bob and TO. Bobby was legendary in defence and is already sorting out that area. It is the forward line that at the moment is worrying.

    Many have suggested that Siang’a be hired as a coach but what if he doesn’t want? The EC announced that the current team is there for three months and any interested coach should apply. Please Mr.Siang’a, apply for the job and let us rebuild Kogalo together.

  24. I guess there are some improvement in the team and its just matter of some three wins then we shall be in top five.Players have now realized need to play football.i still support what sianga did in Gor,he build players physically and boost most of their confidence.I like the consistence in defence where we had problems earlier,midfield is ok,Bob should just work on finishing with available strikers to find winning formula

  25. Its good to see some positivity at last. As i said earlier and will repeat til proven otherwise, we have some light at the end of the tunnel.

    My 2 cents knowledge of football tells me that JBO as an international defender, has his streghth in defence/midfield. Look closely and you will see that these 2 departments are fairly organised now – except when Ali Abondo plays.

    JBO indicated he needs an assistant – me thinks the assistant should specifically come to sharpen the striking force.

    Gor Biro, Yawne yooo…

  26. Pareyio Ole @ 25. This tag Sirkal annoys many people; friends and foes alike. This self acclaim augers and exudes arrogance. Lets drop it and use Kogalo as everyone knows. Thank you for bringing up the issue.

  27. For comrades who have vehemently talked on hooliganism,I salute you.
    on this vice, i ask all stakeholders to team up and condemn this and be a brothers watch whenever in the field.
    We no longer take with us our children simply because of what comes out from dirty mouth of the so called ” FANS”. whats more annoying is that a fellow fan wearing Gor mahias jersey would dare fight and insult the other just because he is toxicated.
    much as we drink going to the field, it is always prudent to keep that for my own interest.
    We are working with legal arms to identify and follow up this hooligans.
    to mention but a bit about the Club, I want to ask the sec. General what his achievements have been since he gave us ten objectives to be realised once elected.
    we have come to learn that much as we have been condemning Rachier,as it is without him, there could be lots of dents in the club.
    the problem is the gor mahia’s Office. there is no motivation at all.
    lets unite as Gor mahia and rebrand the team.
    Rebrand,rebrand, rebrand!!!!

  28. patience is a virtue and many lack it here just looking at their comments. i think our focus is misplaced and very discouraging. i think what the players and the technical team needs today is 100% encouragement from us all. mambo na sijui youth program really at this time is misplaced and for sure is wishful thinking. i believe we shld be focusing on the players we have and pray the coach moulds them into a great team coz the players we have are good. if a mistake was done and i say if then its too late to cry over spilt milk and those who lack only remain with one thing frustration. its every teams desire to beat gor mahia and i can say without a doubt we are the envy of many who wish they can have what we have a passionate fan base. our only weak link is the overzealous and irresponsible individuals who do not have no respect for themselves and others. personnally i think its a high time the police did their job and arrest these pple so that they will know what it means to act irresponsibly. really at the of the day everyone goes to his home and why shld such pple soil the good name of a whole community. why why why i ask myself. we are abuse in the office , in the streets, social networks name it coz of someone with a thuggish mentality.

  29. The word here is patience. I have seen it in the last few games and I can tell you of my pride to be associated with the fans who, even when things are at sub-zero they are with the club. Even applauding the players after a loss or a draw, something unhead of before. I said earlier that we had reached the bottom and the only way is up. As we think of the academy,stadium etc the huge task at present is to get us out of the current hole. What if we have an academy and then the worst happens and we don’t get out of our current position?
    For thos mentioning that so and so didn’t play well or is not a good player let’s be carefull as the players read this blog and that’s not the motivation we need at this time.
    Now we are asking Siang’a to come back yet apart from @Kosero the rest were baying for hos blood. How soon do we forget? Sooner we might ask for Zico, Pamzo, Aura, Agido to come back and then we terrorise them again. How many of thos asking Siang’a to come back even contributed a cent when he was hospitalised and had issues paying for his hospital bill?
    We should know that nothing good comes cheap.

    Just heard that our Super 8 clash with AFC has been cancelled for lack of a playing field.

  30. Why can’t the members of the EC sit at Russia for once and understand what they are dealing with. There are people who never go to watch our games. They are there for some other form of entertainment. Either to smoke, drink or insult policemen. During the Ferroviario game i left the stadium five minutes to the end because there was a group that kept singing ‘Tunataka Tear Gas’. Have the security ever thought of what happens after games at City Stadium? Do they know what motorists go through?

    One thing that nobody is addressing is the attitude of our Luo brothers. I am a Luo man and i have always wondered what part of our DNA is attracted to group or mob psychology. Truth be told, let anyone go to any University, College, School, Political Party Rally or any other forum with a crowd and the most noisy or rowdy guy is likely to be my Luo brother. What part of us is responsible for this? I believe if any blogger is an adult you must have experienced what i’m talking about. What can we do about it?

    Right now we are being punished heavily and the same wild side of ours makes some of us think that it’s funny. Makes us think we can get our own stadium. Makes us think we will just raise money for our club to cover the losses. Makes us think we don’t need a sponsor. Makes us think we don’t need Supersport. Makes us think City Stadium is such a good idea when there is no VIP and terrace in case of rain.

    Let us sober up and for once encourage our brothers to be civil. This matter will only be used politically if we do what the schemers wanted us to do. Let us be calm and civil and shame those who think we are not capable of the same.

  31. Kogallo bloggers its important to realise and acknowledge the following 1) A youth side is meaningless if there is no youth league but a network of scouts to identify talent for an academy would be more meaningfull. The cheapest way forward is to work closely with the primary schools and secondary schools across Nyanza, western, coast and Nairobi and identify talent for placement in talent centres.
    2) JBO should be given time to mould a winning outfit of which he is already doing a good job as seen in Nku yesterday.He should be allowed to recruit an able assistant of his choice 3) We must have a register of our fans with a code of conduct. Those who break the law must be made to know that they would be identified and prosecuted in a court of law.
    4) We must have a lean squad of only 25 players.The other players should be given on loan to other clubs to improve match fitness.
    5) The technical bench, after signing binding contracts, should be sponsored for short refresher courses in Holland,spain, germany, brazil or france who are reknown for good courses
    6) We must engage a reputable security firm to help train our marshalls and equally man our gates to improve security for all fans. We must also have a good working relationship with the police(several officers are our fans) before our marshalls and intelligence,surveillance unit is fully operationalised.
    6) a)We need to help improve City Stadium,especially the development of more seats and a canopy, as we are presently incapable of developing our own. Our fans and supporters from the corporate/political world can assist.
    6)b)The banning of Kogallo from the use of Stadia by SSMB must be legally comtested as it is high handed,discriminatory with no basis in Law as they are as equally negligent as casual.
    7) We must be supportive of the EC who must also be transparent and accountable. The financial position must be made available to the registered members at least half yearly if not quarterly.
    8) The fan base has expanded beyond the Luo communityand we must use this as an investment base. It requires reeducation of some of the fans to acknowledge thus fact. We c ban then diversify and use the green army to reap millons of dollars for the good of Kogallo. We can introduce various of membership ie Platinum,Gold,Silver,Bronze,etc
    9) The revenue base can be improved further by engaging a professional marketing firm to introduce other ideas such as family fun day outs, entertainment for the youth,floating of shares and bonds, Gor youth empowerment for business,etc.
    10)The EC should call a meeting for us to brainstorm further. We are sitting on Gold

  32. from the cafs rankings our club is 46th in the continent and ranked 506th in the world.if you study in detail the top 10 clubs in the continent you will find esperance at number 3.this is a club that we beat at kasarani in 1987 when our captain THE LEGENDARY AUSTIN ODUOR LIFTED THE MANDELA CUP after DAWOS header gave us the cup on the aways goal rule.the difference between the elite of african soccer and the minnows is that the elite have invested heavily in their youth.a good example this year is TP MAZEMBE which carried out a nationwide recruitment and has just opened its own academy as you can see from the clubs website.they have realised that buying players is both expensive and may not bring the much needed results in the long for asec abidjan,tthey hold the world record for the going for most matches unbeaten-108 games.their alumni now grace the echelons of world soccer-toure brothers.IF ONLY WE COULD FOLLOW THE TRIED AND TESTED PATH OF INVESTING IN OUR YOUTH AS SIANGA TRIED THEN MAYBE NOW WE COULD BE AMONGST THE CONTINENTS ELITE.

  33. I have said it severally its all about individual responsibility and not about a mob or crowd responsibility coz one thing for sure whether we like it or not everyone has a level of tolerance towards a negative situation. As its said in such a situation there is what people refer to as “the right thing to do” and “the righteous thing to do” . In the minds of those who lack self control the former applies, reacting by hurling stones and abuses without a care thinking its the right thing to do in their own eyes but is from the evil one. While those with a sense of righteousness that is of God are self control respecting themselves and those around them. People need to start acting responsibly coz at the end of the day u stand as an individual. I.still believe this team is good and they have started playing some good soccer before long those who are sceptical will be proved wrong to the glory of God almighty.


  35. @Bob Wycliffe @36 what a good piece. Unfortunately we don’t implement and our rivals take the ideas and implement. These issues have severally been raised on this site but that’s how far they go.
    I still believe we have the best players, a good number were in the U23 team and the rest have appeared in the national team at one time or another. All we need is consistency and people like Jakoyo encouraging them. Where else do we get those good players? We got the best from the rival teams so thay must be good players. All this despite the fact that we are not scoring but we have to keep the faith

  36. kpl is considering to take action on Gor after they stormed into Afraha stadium for free…
    Gor iko kwa headlines for all the wrong reason top 8 tutamek it kweli.

  37. We are fond of blaming referees. He should have not given a red card in an explosive game. Whom do we blame for the indiscipline acts shown by our fans in Nakuru even before kick off?. I think our office bearers are not up to the task. With exception of Ambrose Rachier all are mare activists. They all want to be seen as GM spokesman. They want to comment to every thing without consulting. You can not say that certain people are against Gm and even before the heat cools down, your fans are involved again in another fracas in a different town. At this moment, who can will to sponsor GM?. Even tuzo fill ashamed because whenever fans are involved in hooliganism,pictures of GM fans or players are shown next wearing Tuzo jerseys. The company that is sponsoring GM is the same company that is sponsoring Thika United. But why is their terms with Thika United so good yet they don’t have a strong fans base like GM?. Their fans may be a few but discipline. I think we should change our leadership and get ones who can handle a big club with people of all manner of characters like GM.

  38. Just read the nation today on the sports side. I think there are thugs in
    GM who just want to spoil the name of the club. Imagine going all the way to Nakuru to cuase mayhem. Are these GM fans actually?. I just can’t belive it and I think there must be something into this beyond normally thurgery. Could it be political, so as the luos can be seen to be to unelectable?

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