SoNy to sue Gor Mahia

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Sony Sugar chairman reveals to Goal that they will move to court on Tuesday to demand for compensation after two of their players were seriously injured

Kenya Premier League side Sony Sugar now wants Gor Mahia to be kicked out of GOtv Shield Cup tournament.

To achieve this, the Awendo-based club will on Tuesday move to court to demand compensation from Gor Mahia after two of their players were seriously injured after their semi-final match at Kasarani on Saturday.

Sony chairman Christopher Odero said: “It is now obvious that the federation and all those committees are not serious in reigning hooliganism especially where Gor Mahia is involved.

“We are biting the bullet irrespective of what happens to us. On Tuesday we will go to court and demand that Gor Mahia be barred from taking part in the tournament. We will seek for an injunction stopping the event until such a time that we are compensated,” Odero told Goal.

He added: “After what happened on Saturday, it is now obvious that our position that it is Gor Mahia fans who caused trouble during our Kenyan Premier League match four weeks ago in Awendo was correct.”

He said Benson Waiswa, one of the players who was injured, will be transferred to Nairobi Hospital for specialized treatment.

“He is bleeding from his nose and ears meaning that he could have ruptured a vital organ. We have to transfer him to a major hospital for specialized treatment. He said further tests are also being carried out on goalkeeper Wycliff Kasaya.

Gor won the match 4-2 on post-match penalties but violence broke out immediately after the final whistle when K’Ogalo fans descended on Sony players and appeared to specifically target Wycliff Kasaya.

32 thoughts on “SoNy to sue Gor Mahia

  1. You go to court you are thrown out of FKF-related activities. Ask Shollei and Shikanda. As much as we don’t tolerate hooliganism there is due diligence and consequences of every action

  2. Sony will get nowhere FIFA rules do not allow football matters 2 be taken 2 court.
    Pole 2 Waiswa u weren’t the target.
    My line up Jagoal (Mapunda 4 Gotv), “King” David, Musa,Israel “Hulk” Emuge,Mosoti, Nugush, E Ochieng, Ade(Love-A-Star), Jehova Wanyonyi, Dan”Flava” & Oboya.
    Medics MUST ENSURE(& I REPEAT MUST ENSURE) Flava, Oboya & Love-A-Star r ALL FIT.
    When not facing Were “King” Solomon Nasio does well as a right wing back. Also avoid Mungu Saidia free kicks.
    Best wishes 2 exam ALL candidates

  3. From what Gor fans did yesterday and season long, it is apparent that KPL and FKF are not able to cab the vice called hooliganism and therefore it is not a bad idea to involve courts. For those who are saying that sony will be banned from the league should they go to court, please remember the courts can also suspend/ban the league. The courts have legal jurisdiction in Kenya and not Fifa, Caf or kpl.

  4. @Ingo if the courts decide anything even your beloved Ingwe will not participate in your long-awaited continental matches. By the way who will SONY be taking to court? Gor or the hooligans? How will SONY prove that the fans, whether in green or not, were gor followers? In cour,t unlike IDAC, you don’t go speculating but must prove beyond resasonable doubt.Remember the Gor Chair has one of the best law firms in the country. There is something called government interferene which is not tolerated by FIFA since they have the Court of Arbitration. And in case they go to court they also still have a case with IDAC which is yet to be determined. Let’s not forget that the Ingwe DESTROYER who disrupted the Chemelil-Ingwe match is still free to attend matches despite having been ‘banned’. We need to close ranks and condemn hooliganism by all means

  5. @ Dan, using the same argument you have used above, how can you prove that it was Sony fans who entered the field in Awendo and not Gors fans?

  6. as much as i hate hooliganism, gor is not liable in this one. sony badly wanted the match to end in chaos, it’s the only way they would get past gor. from the word go they were out to cause as much tension as possible and the usual star kasaya did this to perfection. but the hand in all this is one ziko. this guy wants glory and most of all he is out to punish gor. that the guy is a schemer is not news as all can remember how he ensured for his safety thru gangs while he was gor coach. it’s amusing how they are calling to be awarded the match yet all this took part after the match.
    but gor fraternity is playing with fire.
    sony or any other party that have fallen victim to gor hooligans are capable of revenging. how will they do it? they will hit gor where it hurts most – the players. the hooligans have ofcourse opened a new chapter, they attacked sony players so why not do the same to gor. the ogre has grown another head so to speak. but the two ostriches refuse to see this… gor EC and fkf. Ec has a relationship of sorts with the hooligans so do not expect any acton from them. these are the guys who get u to gor office. the gorverment can do something about it but it has not reached such proportions yet. Mr Nyamweya, that ur controlled by the gor fraternity is not a secret but get the BALLS and do something now. the other clubs can equally take a stand against gor. the gor EC will coil itself and deny everything kama kawaida.the other time police shot some fans after trying to steal and u all saw how EC came out to defend it’s hooligans. simple solution, gor matches be played in empty stadiums and shud fans appear the points automatically go to the opponents. i am a gor fan but let this discplinary action be taken now before that dreadful HEADLINE hits us as westgate.

  7. @Ingo that’s the reason we are not desperate to get the three points. Even a solomonic decision of 1 point each will do for us. And I gues the destroyer during the Chemelil ingew match could as well have been a chemelil fan

  8. its high time as real gor mahia fans we come out strongly to fish out hooligans in our midst as you are aware we have so many enemies haters of gor but why is this so is the question ? our fans should not give our haters any slight opportunity to paint all of us as hooligans. Am calling upon all of us not only the officials to be proactive in averting acts of hooliganism. concerning sony issue it was obvious tension was building but what did we do as stakeholders? yet anything that
    could av victimised sony all haters could make all hue and cry not forgeting the humility shown by ade in tying kasaya shoe laces. As we are about to be crowned champs we should remain humble and on the lookout these guys are capable of doing anything especially to our players now that hooligans can invade the pitch and attack players. they should be heavily be punished.

  9. @ Dinga well said bt LET’S TAKE CHARGE OF OUR BELOVED K’GALO.
    1. EC must outsource ticketing & security 4 its TPL home matches.
    2. Tickets should b sold away from the match venue & reasonably in advance & CASH BANKED DIRECTLY BY 9 A.M ON THE NEXT WORKING DAY.
    3. At the entry point the counter foil 4 each fan should be retained by the ticketing/security BUT HANDED OVER 2 OUR AUDITOR AGENT AT EACH GATE & appropriate accountability forms as 2 the no. of counterfoils handed over @ each gate……


  10. I dont understant why sony is targeting gor with this legal battle. What happened at kasarani is an issue of security lapse. Security agents are deployed to curb such incidences. Who was responsible for security in this case, i believe NOT gormahia as a club. FKF should have put mechanisms in place to manage fans and hooligans from both. Hooligans are in the society and i dont believe that they can only be found at gor.
    So, sony’s suitcase is misdirected and they should rethink and do an investigation before rushing to the courts bacause acase can only be sustained by evidence.
    Kasaya’s theatrics were also provoactive. This same Kasaya is said to have slapped Jerry jagoal in Awendo. He roughed up Sserunkuma in our first league match this season at city. I think he is becoming nortoriously irresponsible as aplayer.
    I remember there is time gor was penalized after Rama celebrated in a manner perceived to be provoactive against AFC. Why is Kasaya being left to continue with his provoactive theatrics.

  11. filled. Gates should b closed after 30min & the counterfoil report handed over by the end of the match.
    The accountability forms should be in triplicate 4 GM,auditors & ticketing/security firm.
    Our Fin& Admin mgr & auditors should then reconcile cash banked with Security firm making good any negative discrepanies.
    Clearly countering fake tickets & free entry will b burden of security firm nt EC & strict timelines will minimize collusion.
    Of coz the security firm & auditors must b of repute.

  12. Mr: Odero Nyatike go slow coz next you will be the target accept and move on. Sony is kdf younger brother.Sony should support Sirikal in all its endaviours

  13. AR to Judge
    1.In the Gotv cup there’s no home team & FKF is responsible 4 security.
    2.During his time as GM head coach Zico operated a gang of over 100 hooligans as his bodyguards.
    3.Due 2 his association with GM these hooligans acquired/bought /can buy GM jerseys.
    4.I submit that the whole saga was staged managed by Sony/Zico from Kasaya’s antics 2 the pitch invasion. Those were Sony fans wearing GM jerseys and y not we’ve seen robbers committing crime in police or even KDF (“KDF”) uniform.

  14. @ingo degenerate, Please mind your own business. I don’t know what you are looking for here! I hope you are not looking for a beating! Mind your own business please. Sony will not prevail on whatever conspiracy they’ll embark on!

  15. I abhor hooliganism in all its forms, but on this one I lay the blame squarely on Kasaya. It is regrettable that the ugly head of hooliganism resurfaced into our stadium. This was very avoidable. FKF should first take action on Kasaya then use the TV /CCTV footage to track the thugs who were involved. The assumption that all spectators donning Gor jerseys are their supporters may not be correct. However there is sufficient proof that Kasaya provoked the spectators who could have been AFC’s or Sofapaka’s. The intention here was to cause abandonment then blame Gor, then have them disqualified. Unfortunately these weird, demonic tricks brutally backfired. Kasaya, you are such a brilliant goalkeeper, you have a bright future but you need to grow up. Utoto ndiyo uache!!
    For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  16. I have always had this feeling that the reason hooliganism thrives is due to the fact that no arrests are made based on clear evidence of participition in it. Clearly drugs and alcohol is still allowed in the stands but who is allowing this to continue. On saturday there was not even a single police at the entrance to the field with most of them chilling outside the stadium. Bassaga is saying the attacks were premeditated and i ask the police to start with him since he knows better or has evidence. Hooliganism is a sign of rot in the society and am saying lets pick out these peopld and have them fined or jailed period!

  17. surel this is aliitle matter sisnce the onset of social media too much has been directed at gor mahia with tribal angle in it let me say the whole kenyan so city is filled with hooliganism weed it from politicians then remove the peck from gor mahia it will never go away through fines and awarding of points , for any public event to go ahead the police should give go ahead having arranged security matters , here a mere welfare like gormahia to organise for the security of 10,000 people its abig joke !!!!!!!! again , zedekia and his bang smoking brigade of kasaya should plan to beat gor in open play , look at this a woman thrown out of matatu cos she cannot raise ten shillings that does not make news but gor is news its better we blacklist some media outlets from covering gor events the Scottish police would plan a whole calender year for Glasgow derby here they are looking for cheap part of the news

  18. Jb I Agree with u. So what should be the way forward? Dont you think we need media liason officer to always deal with negative media publicity. It pains me when our beloved club and generally peaceful fans are condemned due to the hooliganism acts by a handful of those who claim to be fans. Then we also need to ask ourselves why there was no quorum in the kpl appeals comitte that
    was to rule on the gor vs sony case. Were they anticipating another conflict from the gor vs sony meeting in the gotv cup so that they rule in sony’s favour. As Gor mahia family we should open our eyes and not fall into some of these traps being set on our way. I repeat it Gor has many haters who can do anything just to ensure we dont win the league.

  19. As the debate on hooliganism and security goes on we need to be very careful how we treat the whole issue. I believe that it is the responsibility of the police and security agents to provide not only security for the players but for everyone attending the matches. That is a task that cannot be taken for granted. Unfortunately despite the assurance that we always get, that is never the case. Let us see people arrested for breaking the law, let us see people sentenced for months or years for hooliganism. Sanity will only be assured in our matches when you begin to see that happenning.
    Allow me to ask what makes one a Gor Mahia fan to the extent that the Club as an entity takes resposibility over his/her actions?? Is it the green jersey?? Am afraid that if anyone wearing a green jersey with the name Gor Mahia on it is a Gor fan, then the Club is finished. There is no way the club can control the behaviour of anyone who choose to wear the Gor Jersey. It is the work of security agents to monitor behavior of individuals and arrest those who interfere with others peace.
    God forbid, but next time the so called “Gor Mahia Fans” will attack a stadium with grenades, how much will the club be asked to pay?
    Lets us take matters of security very seriously because it affects us all and negatively affects the club, let us ask the police to do their job. Let us make stadiums safe places to go with friends and family to have good time watching good football.

  20. The worst thing is that we fall into the same trap all the time. i sat next to some guys who were in the company of a gal and what was astonishing is she smoked bhang oblivious of those around. She got so intoxicated and threw foul words. I insist this thing cannot be won withoug the support of all the govt included. lets smoke out these hooligans together.

  21. for once am seeing and reading sober comments from gor true fans. How I wish the club officials can be frank and admit that they cannot deal with this menace alone without all stakeholders including the media who instead of helping identify the culprits are busy with generalising gor fans at it again. George Bwana and Rachier please go through these comments atleast you will get some ideas on how we can eradicate this hooliganism. Now that Kasaya and Waiswa were attacked how sure are we that a criminal can put on a sony jersey next time we play sony and revenge on our players. After the positive publicity of giniwasekao craze let us not spoil or leave a few misguided elements to spoil our international brand of kogalo.

  22. Am just sick and tired with funny names on this site. Who are these bloggers called Arrest hooligans and man men? These is not need of posting in this site without your names. What are you hiding? Are you the real hooligans? Are you criminals? Disclose your names!
    Comment in moderation – just wait

  23. I beg not to dwell on this subject matter as it is being handled very ably by other bloggers. Let me instead indulge most eminent P. Mawego for his worthwhile reaction to my post in the preceding article.

    Foremost, I must admit that as long as we are still alive, we will always have new learning opportunities. I have learned something new today, that we blog in Gor to earn respect. I didn’t know. All this time I’ve blogged I did it as a way of sharing my perception of matters K’Ogalo, respect notwithstanding. I have perused my post again and I don’t see anything different from what this blog post thought then and even now about one SoNy goalkeeper. Some bloggers have even used harsher adjectives to register their displeasure with those antics.

    Where did most eminent P. Mawego miss me so that I should “loose” (did he mean ‘lose’?) readers’ respect? I seriously suspect that he must have attempted to multitask;….yes, reading bloggers’ comments while listening to those Nigerian FM stations in Abuja as they reviewed the achievements of “Go Mahaya”. Remember coach Logarusic’s position on multitasking?

    To most eminent P. Mawego, where exactly did I “loose” ‘my readers’? Is it in the vegetation? How do you explain that behaviour that actually climaxed after the 90 minute mark? If it was normal gum, the guy would not have become higher and higher with the minute. It must have been vegetation….It must have been Kuber….and did he not chew it with so much zeal as if he had just been nominated to be a cow hence had to try and out do the true cow? If it is his roughing up then this was my take: “…For his slight roughing up, unfortunate as it was but the lesson to many Kasayas out there is: you only reap what you sowed.” Is this what you refer to as sponsoring hooliganism? Is it not true that Kasaya has been in the news for sowing seeds of unsporting behaviour? It is obvious that what happened to Kasaya at Kasarani was the culmination of what himself had started several months earlier. Is it wrong to caution his admirers against aping his actions blindly? Peruse Dinga’s or Albert’s or Le Pastre’s or Oduor12’s post on the same and see if the same caution is not sounded.

    Most eminent P.Mawego please tell me something new. I have been with K’Ogalo for awhile…and I cannot hide my feelings when some nincompoop wants to mess K’Ogalo up. For Gor Mahia, I have known what it means to be pressed between men and women’s boots and the hard concrete terraces of Nyayo stadium (many others have not been as lucky to live and tell the experience). For K’Ogalo I have literally been to hell and back….and still prepared to go even further. I am not complaining about your sentiments. Perhaps I would have been more concerned had those sentiments come from Okoth Jabilo, Albert Kosero, Walter Alando Bwoga, The Trailer, Creative Village, Oduor12, Kassam, Joe Riaga, Ja Thur gi Ji, Dinga, Le Pastre, Wuon pap, Jakoyo or Motema Pembe.

    As for my alias, it is wrong for you to associate me with the criminal acts attributed to hooligans. Perhaps it would do you some good if you could visit or for a quick insight as it appears curiosity is getting the better of you.

  24. HAVE READ ALL THE COMMENTS ABOVE WITH SOBREIGNITY THUS THESE ARE MY COMMENTS:- 1. Lets weed out alcohol and bang amongst us in the stadium whether they are sponsors’ products 2. Let the fkf, kpl, media both private freelancers and others, police and true fans help weed hooligans in the stadium. 3. Let the laws of the game and that of the republic be applied without evenly without fear or fever by the respective agents 4. Improve on officiating, apply nyumba kumi or ten fan policy

  25. as unfortunate as this event was, I also want to bring the issue of procrastination of deciding Gor vs SoNy abandoned match.

    My assumption is that Had a decision been reached by now, their would not have been tension in this match. the usual culprit Kasaya, would have been disciplined and would have exercised restraint. The Referees should also take note of players who provoke fans – Remember Rama was penalized for celebrating in a provocative manner against AFC.

    Would the delayed “justice” in the Gor – Sony abandoned match contributed. I think YES, and FKL, FKF, Aguda, Disciplinary Committee, need to learn from this event.

    The same delay will begin to creep in the league, when Gor try to win this one early, and tension build because of delayed decision

  26. I do pray, someone can get the decision out, even by end of day today before tomorrows match.

    Word of advice. Our players have worked so hard up to this point and it is important that we fans do lead to abandonment of matches and loss of points. stay calm, celebrate victories with dignity

  27. All that we do, God has the final say. Lets pray that our team Gor gets to the desired end and our hard working players get rewarded for for hard work. For the hooliganism, someone has to take responsibility but revenge is not the best way. two wrongs do not make aright. When we hurt someone, it affects the family members who depend on them. may wisdom prevail in all that will happen. God bless K’ogalo

  28. kasaya and his coach should take responsibility for wahat happenend. A player who was duly fouled brazil was red carded for provacatively over dribbling na kuchenga half of the opponents and the goalkeeper and still stayed with the ball instead of scoring.
    In my view fifa should punish time wasting with a yellow card and free kick to tame people like wakina kasaya. Zico should graduate to be a manager and a role model to his players. Where were our security men. Fkf should realise football is emotional and we biled over then they should be controlled with reasonable force.

    Lastly the ec should contract a group dynamics expert who will run some sensitization programmes to fans. Luckily the fans are already organized in branches.

  29. Hooliganism is wrong. Police should be on the alert especially in the last games of Gor mahia since the stakes are very high and fans may become violent. I see such acts as a failure by the police who fail to ensure safety in such high profile matches. suspects are known and need to be arrested.I support Gor Mahia and I believe those who commit such acts are not true fans but fanatics and hooligans!

  30. @PMawego please you have no monopoly of deciding what title i use when iam blogging. I believe strongly that bhang and alcohol should be banned from our stands. Indeed even today in our game against sofapaka one lad with all show of arrogance smoked infront of policemen. Secondly it is a high time that hooligans are arrested once clear evidence is availed.

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