Sportpesa announces mega deal for Kenya Football

Betting company Sportpesa have returned to sponsorship with a bang. On Monday they announced a mega deal overing

“Our dedication and commitment to the development of sports in Kenya continues. We are proud to announce our return to local sponsorships with these key football industry players.” said Sportpesa in their social media pages.

KFF will getof Shs 69 Million, as KPL receives Shs 259 Million. Gor Mahia will receive Shs 198Million and rivals AFC Leopards bag Shs 159Million.

The three year deal that Kogalo is getting is higher than the previous deal which Sportpesa signed in 2016. That was for Ksh 180 Million over three years.

Mashemeji derby winner to play Hull

Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards will face off on May 1. The winner of the match will play Hull City on May 13. Hull City which is now in the English second tier will arrive in the country on May 11. Gor Mahia were originally slated to play Hull City but Ingwe appealed.

Hull City Coach, Nigel Adkins, said, “This is an exciting opportunity for the club to be able to go play in Kenya. The passion for football out there is enormous and we can’t wait to interact with the local teams. I’m very honored to be the first Coach to bring the team to Africa!”

Hull City beat KPL All Stars in 2016 with Humphrey Mieno scoring the consolation goal for KPL All Stars.

Sports PS Kaberia says he is trying to get Kasarani ready for the Hull City match.

“We are really pushing for Kasarani to be ready and host the match. We will be visitng there soon to check the progress. The venues under construction and renovations will be ready before June this year.” said Kaberia

37 thoughts on “Sportpesa announces mega deal for Kenya Football

  1. With Gor Mahia now at the group stages of the CAF Confed Cup let EC carefully pick and choose our friendly matches to avoid fixture crowding and the risk of player burnout/fatigue. We are SPesa’s poster favourites strictly by merit as: 1) We are the reigning SPesa Cup Champions 2) We are the current league champions. Note league is sponsored by the same SPesa 3) We are in the CCC group stages hence Gor Mahia will advertise the SPesa brand across Africa. GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE, SUCCESS ON THE PITCH (Players & TB) is why SPesa is giving GMFC a better sponsorship package. Unless, the 1st May match against efusi is a league match then let’s avoid uncessary distractions as we face Rayon in a CAF match of 6th May. Merit not appeals,by cry babies, should dictate who plays Hull City, another friendly on 13th May, which also ranks below the CAF and league matches in terms of priority.

    1. 4) We are the Super Cup Champions (winner of the match between the league and shield winning teams.) I.E GOR MAHIA EARNS ITS PLACE AS A GREAT TEAM BY RESULTS ON THE PITCH.

  2. What’s this derby about? Methinks this is an unnecessary distraction. If it’s only to decide who plays Hull City forget it and allow AFC to play them. Give it a wide berth, let’s fully focus on the Confed Cup

    1. I totally agree, if Efusi wants to compete in the boardroom football let them play Hull City FC. They are near relegation. Bure kabisa

  3. Agreed….this hull nonsense is unnecessary distraction unless of course we send our under 20 team.

    Me think focus should be on CAF CC and winning the league even kagame cup and shield cup should not be a priority

  4. Someone from somewhere where matoke is a delicacy insinuated yesterday that EC is “very professional” near almighty for negotiating mega sportpesa deals behind the scenes away from this chat group.To him i laugh heartily for he knows only what he reads after things have long happened.If one looks back at earlier posts concerning the above,I said again and again and again that SportPesa Never left nor stopped funding GM & ingwe.They continued doing it albeit discreetly and with less amounts to cover clubs running & operational costs.The understanding was always they would resume full funding to All former programs they had once their case was determined.I said that an announcement was to be made on April 3rd.It is a few weeks later but they did announce & our beloved GM got an enhanced package for qualifying to the CCC group stages.EC did nothing special for this just like ingwe EC didnt neither did KPL nor FkF.What EC Must instead do is pay all Outstanding Dues like the Nakuru hotel fiasco that has rendered them criminals with arrest warrants hanging over their heads which AR the Lawyer has ofcourse “stayed” in another court as that is his line of profession.Then pay Walusimbi & Tuyisenge & Blackberry sign on fees.Then increase players salaries & allowances as Motivation and finally reward the Great Sir Kerr for wonderful work so far.Transparency is what we want not praising nothing as money is squandered & stolen as has been done before by the same opaque EC.

    1. @Jasego, I do not agree with your posting. Who were in the office when sponsorship deal was being enhanced? I think we need to give credit where it is due. This deal was neither signed by the bloggers nor fans. It was signed by the current EC. Even if we do not like the office, we should learn to appreciate what the office led by Wakili Ambrose Rachier have done. I can bet that if you and I are given the mantle to run this office, it will only take one week before we disappear in thin air and our phones will be mteja.

      1. @Jamigori , I explicitly concur with your remarks , its a basic factthat things
        including sponsorship dont just happen , they r made to happen , by somebody or by something, in this case, like it or hate it , the Ec currently in office , their other weaknesses notwithstanding , its an juvenile insult to imply that acknowledging this basic fact is akin to worshiping the “almighty Rachier ” .
        As whether we should play Afc or not , the downside is that all over the serious world , sponsors have a certain leverage on who they sponsor , that is the reality we have to live with , my personal opinion though is on what basis Efusi was complaining

        1. @Jamigori,i cannot dare run GM office for i will indeed switch off my phone and internet connection within a week as you rightly pointed out,hence why i don’t run for that office,but snc AR does and gets the mandate he Must improve organisational mgt at GM.@Teddy i also appreciate your sentiments above only i demand more from EC for i know they can do much better but they Don’t unless steered by necessity into action.

  5. Also, the current very poor state of the playing surfaces of the stadia (one in entire country) in Kenya constantly exposes our players to avoidable long term injuries. Case in point we are now starved of the talents/skills of Karim and Wellington. Why expose our players to unnecessary risks by a “meaningless friendly” match? Wacha efusi wacheze na Nakuru Allstars to determine who faces Hull City, we’ve bigger fish to fry.

  6. Guys, let us cooperate, it is our sole sponsor ( Sport pesa ) who have come up with the decision. Playing Hull city will as well expose or sell our players and some may be signed by the teams in Europe , Hull city being one of them. We should also consider the bright future of some of our good players.

  7. Musa Should as well come back. Football is like politics, you can go and a gain come back, provided that you are productive and capable of contributing for the success of the team . In football there are no enemies.

  8. I concur with those who are against playing AFC to determine who plays Hull city. If it’s about the league match then I have no objection but playing AFC to determine who plays Hull is I’ll advised. We should only play Hull city as a friendly match. We don’t fear AFC because we will always beat them. The best they can do is a draw against Gor mahia. But they will try to inflict injuries to our players in the pretext of trying to win against Gor mahia which they will not. Sportpesa also should not dictate to us how to conduct our club operations. We’ve our part to play and they have their part to play. We should also appeal the decision of playing AFC as a condition to play Hull city.

  9. Gor has a squad of 30 players so playing AFC should not be a problem.Secondly the match has been organized by the sponsor without whose money we will be begging Sonko for air tickets so even if we dont want to play we will. Ama you sponsor the team then tell them not to play AFC, well and good.

    1. Last Saturday during K’Ogalo time programme at Ramogi FM, Sally Bolo, the GM treasurer stated that GM’s monthly payroll is kshs.5.5M but unfortunately and as expected gave no breakdown. That works out to kshs.66M per year and kes.198M for 3 years. Jasego has severally enlightened us that SPesa have been paying players salaries discreetly even before publically announcing resumption of the sponsorship package. This something that efusi’s chair also confirmed. Point is we will still need the likes of Sonko, the government, the fans and all other well wishers to meet airtickets and other club expenses. Of course CAF grant will come in handy and is the only new/ extra source of income. GMFC is the only one who has earned/merited and deserved its sponsorship. To the others it’s more or less a favour. Playing a friendly with efusi before a crucial CAF match is not a priority since winning the CAF match will promote the GMFC and SPesa brands to the wider Africa audience. Let’s get our priorities right.

      1. To cut a long story short, Sally Bolo and by extension the EC have declared that the SPesa sponsorship will just be enough to pay/cover the ONLY salaries at the club. Do be shocked in future by appeals for airtickets etc etc. By qualifying for the group stage GMFC has earned, from CAF, 3 sets of training bibs, 60 balls and kes.27M with FKF getting 5% add on grant courtesy of K’Ogalo’s achievements. CAF is where our priority lies, then the league and shield Cups which are a qualification route to CAF. Kagame Cup (which SP should consider supporting) for regional glory. Efusi na their appeals tunaweza revist kama next preseason friendlies.

  10. EC Must pay Walusimbi 1 Million kshs immediately for him to re-join the team in preparation for Caf.I mean we Cannot wrong someone innocent then lift our Noses in spite saying things Like he can go to Hell.He did no wrong but demanded his rightful dues.Tuyisenge & Blackberry are also owed the same,settle those first.Aboud Omar has also reached out to me on potentially joining GM in June after his contract was terminated by Bulgarian Side Slavia Sofia to which i say why not.Sign Him & Musa and let us have a rear guard as impenetrable as Fort Knox -the US Treasury.Better have More firepower than you need ever than less when urgently required.Our stand-in leftbacks try as they may Never shall match half of Walusimbi’s talent.Only Marcelo & Aboud Omar can.We cant lose our best over frivolous Nonsense like Chairman’s Ego was pricked by a player telling him to his face that he wont take false promises and wants his rightful dues.I also alongside Walusimbi will Never Worship you Mr AR,pay up now…

    1. I agree with you, it is high time GMFC learned to respect contracts, that way they cultivate good relationship with the players and that is what is needed at the moment. We have an opportunity to get lots of money from CAF competition if we put our players in the right frame of mind, why then not pay these players rightful dues and then ask that they deliver the bigger prize to the club, let us focus on the bigger picture.

    2. Nobody Should Lie To You That Gor Defence Is Stronger Without Walusimbi. So Far The Team Has Conceeded Five Goals In Five Matches Since Walusimbis Absence Something That Was A Rarity Before. Only An Idiot Will Not Admit It. Rachier Should Style Up N Pay Walusimbi.

  11. Is there anyone to coordinate the trip to Rwanda by road, early preparations are order.
    The fans can travel as a contingent to go a cheer our team, this a match that we can win and that will put us in a pool position to progress from this group. Let’s start to plan early for this great occasion.

  12. This is what we can do:- 1) play ingwe for the sake of the sponsor but pick carefully the team to play them. afterall playing on a Tuesday then the next game on Sunday is ample time and moreover we have nothing to lose 2) Chest thumping yet we could not even raise funds to SA will not help us. Let’s be humble 3) We need to sort out the players’ pending remunerations e.g. sign on fee, winning bonuses etc 4) Have a serious check on the medical scheme for the same players. i have a feeling Karim and Wellington are not having the best of medical attention but i could be wrong.5) i hope we learnt a lesson on what lack of funds can cause us

  13. Truly speaking, Kogalos Defense without Walusimbi has a lot to be talked about. Let us as well include Musa in the caf Confederation squad, or else, we might regret later

  14. Friendly mashemeji derby a good distraction only if we play the 2nd 11 team and a few sub from 3rd 11 team.Just recently when a Govt official was updating guys abt stadias, the dude was totally off mark, he based the readiness of this stadias on the Govt holding celebrations there first, not football.,ushenzi in totality..

  15. I’ve been advocating for branding and finally macron is in the house with the deal completed at close of business yesterday….. i think group stage has not just brought life back to kogalo but Will force professionalism in all quarter’s… this is a great thing….. I will be the first or among the first to don on that in the stands and everyone in my family must don on one to…. at least will have a brand


        Go to that site for more info. I had seen the poster advertising our friendly against Efusi for the team to face Hull showing the Macron logo on the Gor Mahia jersey and had been suspecting this news. It looked beautiful and of course Macron is known for quality. I will be lining for my pair the moment the replicas hit the shops.Thanks Sportpesa because this deal seems to have been sealed with their heavy involvement!!!

  16. The CAF group stage matches will efficiently expose the shambles that are Kogallo’s defence. We’ve been lucky to survive against the likes of Thika and Supersport but that defence without Walu is a balloon waiting to burst.
    June signings should include Musa Mohammed since Wellington and Karim may have prolonged injuries and when they recover, they may take time to fit into their former best.
    When will our management ever learn to respect these players? We have lost good players in the past due to unfulfilled contracts. Agwanda went that way. Walusimbi is a talent but we risk losing him.
    Let’s get clear here : – CAF is not KPL where we intimidate minnows like Wazito FC with our fanatical noises. Yanga has fans and is well supported. They know that they will play us. Rayon Sports is no pushover.
    Unless we invest in that defence, we will soak in goals like Thika.

  17. Is the match live?I mean Gor Vs Chemelil?Allow me to weigh in on Musa’ s possible return to Gor and Walusimbi’s saga.Comrades me thinks we should let the EC do his job.Musa chose to leave and Kogalo brought in other players for that position.We have Oluoch,Joash and Momanyi.Given time these players will mature and we shall reap great reward.I also do consider the small matter of loyalty to the club.He is still young and will not lack suitors. We have hyped the fact that Joash is vulnerable. That might be true.However Kerr once commented that he is happy with his work.He fields him a lot of times therefore,he sees something in him that we don’t.As for Walusimbi I think the EC was wrong.On the balance of my argument,there is need to consider the dressing room stability should the players return.I mean the love for the team.Can I lay my life down for the team?

  18. Macron apparel or kits is what gor mahia will don atleast for this season….. this was a requirement by caf for gor to deposit contracts for the kit manufacturer and kit sponsor by the close of business yesterday…they were to also surrender all tv rights to caf….. caf will be in kenya to inspect our home field next week or otherwise play our home games away all of them to the opponents

  19. The Wobbling Defence Shipped In Two Goals Against Chemelil Today. I Shudder At What Rayon Will Do To Us Due To Rachier’s Egotistic Intrasigence! Why Cant This Man Just Swakkow His Pride N Give Us Back Our Defensive Rock? I Am Miffed!

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