Simba financial muscle lures Sserunkuma

Gor Mahia striker Dan Sserunkuma appears set to join Tanzanian giants Simba. The Uganda Cranes talisman has been attending trials at the Dar es Salaam based club for a week. A report posted on suggests that he has passed a medical and set to to put pen to paper on a new contract with Simba.

Sserunkuma had earlier been linked with moves to Kaizer Chiefs of South Africa and Al Ahly Shendy of Sudan. At Simba, Sserunkuma will link up with another former Gor Mahia player Raphael Kiongera who joined Simba and in the process bagged a KES 1.8 million signing bonus and a monthly salary of KES 150,000. Sserunkuma’s terms have not been made public.

Financial Muscle

In Tanzania, football has a mass following unlike in Kenya. As such the top sides have been able to cash on the popularity of the sport. The Dar es Salaaam derby typically draws crowds betweeen 50,000 and 60,000 which is roughly three times the number that the mashemeji derby draws. Whereas the Mashemeji derby typically nets about KRS 3.8 million, the Simba-Yanga derby usually nets approximately KES 25 million per game. And these two teams meet about four times a year, twice in the league and again in made-up tournaments like Mtani Jembe cup. This means that in one year, the Simba-Yanga derby can gross KES 100 million whereeas the Mashemeji derby grossed about KES 7 million in 2014.

Simba has a sponsorship from the Kilimanjaro been brand which is owned by Tanzania Breweries. The sponsorship is worth Tanzania shillings 495 million which is KES 25 million per year. Vodacom sponsors the Tanzanian league to the tune of Tsh 1.7 billion per year which is KES 88 million per year. That is much higher than the approximately KES 56 million per year that the Kenya premier league gets from Tusker. The Azam media group holds broadcasting rights for the Tanzanian league. They also have individual broadcasting deals with individual teams worth Tsh 4.4 billion.

It comes as no shock therefore that Tanzania can lure the best players from Kenya and sometimes even threaten to take coaches who are under contract as they did when they threatened to take Bobby Williamson last year.

18 thoughts on “Simba financial muscle lures Sserunkuma

  1. Sserenkuma has made a decision and choice of his heart. His three years at Gor saw us celebrate league cup victories twice with him as top scorer and best player.His exit has come at a time when we are prepairing for continental and regional cups we must get a better replacement.But who will do this and the couch is on holyday abroad?
    While I wish him well, Simba fc should be informed that Gor is not their accademy.

  2. I beg to differ in some aspects.
    In my view financial mismanagement makes Dan ‘Flava” Sserenkuma opt for Simba. My reasons:
    1) Hooliganism is keeping the fans away from GM matches denying GM vital revenue,
    2) dilapidated stadiums are also keeping fans away. Our beloved City Stadium does not have adequate/proper terraces to enable paying fans enjoy their favourite team. Kisumu stadium is no better.
    3) Supersport and EABL sponsorship combined is more than the amount the Tanzanian league gets.
    4) At one time GM had a sponsorhip of kes.29million kshs.4M more than Simba.
    5) Then there is the absurd 50% statutory deduction/stadium hire fees. Imagine if Simba/Yanga were to pay kshs.50M of the kshs.100 million raise in their derbies as statutory deductions.
    We’ve let opportunity 3 & 4 slip away and now we’re crying that Simba has more “financial muscle” I don’t think so.
    I don’t mind loosing “Flava” but to Simba or some 3rd rate Armenian team, yawa.
    Kenyan football in general may not have a mass following but GM in particular has one.
    If “Flava” goes and with Nutall pegging his contract renewal on “finances & ambition” I for the umpteenth time call on the K’galo fraternity to wake up smell the coffee and get its finances in order.
    Another sad factor is Gor Mahia getting zero from this deal since “Flava” is out of contract.
    GM EC lets find out what Simba is doing right management-wise, fan wise and copy them.
    Without paying our players an average of kshs.150,000 per month GM will turn into a football academy.

  3. it’s the mindset of our football administrators which make it so hard for our game to grow. for instance, look at Nyamweya he is trying so hard to have a 18 league team without considering where the funds will come from. he thinks Oguda is eating too much, while Oguda himself has failed to make league lucrative. while on our side we have failed to look for broader picture. Kenyan football stinks, it’s being led by people of no ideas. Gor mahia can be a giant in African football, only if we change the way it’s being run. you can’t keep good players while on a begging missions. I’ll go Sacco all day long. it’s seems it’s hard the ecm to go that way. may be something meets more the eye. blessed

  4. Why do we keep on sulking? Our league is rated very highly in Africa though our teams don’t do well. To me Oguda has run the league well apart from the interferenfe from FKF. All matches apart from sony vs ingwe we concluded in the pitch.. I hear now simba wants Kizito also.
    isn’t this the chance for us to get other unknowns and groom? To me even Calabar should now move and make the bucks. Kenyan football cannot provide a retirement comfort for any player. We see them suffering after their playing days are gone.
    These good ideas we have has anyone approached the EC and they were rejected? Or we hope they will act on our theories?

  5. If Dani has made up his mind, then I think there is no need to cry over spilled milk. He has made his mark at Gor and he is really appreciated.Filling up his shoes could be a challenge but I think there are other equally good players both locally and internationally whom We can afford within our budget.Secondly this is the essence of having a Team.The game is not about an individual, that can be disastrous.By the way this is why you find that some good players do not perform when they move to some clubs because the style of play does not suit them.So at this time let us support the club and scouts so that just like they discovered Walusimbi, Kizito and Dani, God will lead them to other equally good players. United we stand divided we fall.

  6. @Dan original, I beg to differ. our league cannot be rated as among the best in Africa when only two teams have fans. the rest of the matches while played, you. might think they are behind closed doors with no fans. look at the prize winning package and the end year gala? you know what am talking about. and for Gor mahia? simba fc, has discovered an academy. blessed

  7. A league is rated as good depending on the number of star player appearing on world stage events. So how many players in he Kenyan league appear in for example Africa cup of nations tournament as compared to the Zimbabwe league? So when you say Kenya league is one of the best, exactly what do you mean? The Kenyan league simply has a sponsor in the name of Supersport trying to prop it up, meaning that the matches can be viewed across Africa. Does that make it a best league candidate? The term best league was simply a patronizing term used by Supersport when setting shop in Kenya. They would say the same if they went to Somalia. I am not condemning Supersport, they have been a benefit to the sport in Kenya.

  8. “Our league is rated very highly in Africa though our teams don’t do well.”??????
    My head is spinning please explain!
    Yes we don’t do well and CECAFA club & CAF competitions have proved this.
    We also don’t pay well even losing players to 3rd Division teams in Armenia.
    So who is this who rates TPL very highly and how is the rating done if not by performance in regional/continental competitions.
    Yawa Hii mambo ama tabia ya kujipaka vaseline/mafuta bila kuoga/ama juu ya vumbi sii mzuri

  9. Gor Mahia striker Dan Sserenkuma has reportedly signed a 2-year contract with Tanzanian giants, Simba SC.

    Mbom mbom mbom mbom kila pahali

    Sserenkuma passed his medicals at the club on Friday 28 and although two clubs are yet to confirm the news, Tanzanian publication Mwananchi reports that the diminutive Ugandan ace has signed a two year contract with the club.

    The publication further reports that Simba head coach, Patrick Phiri has confirmed that he expects Sserenkuma to link up with Simba squad on Tuesday 2 December in Zanzibar.

    Link up

    -I expect him (Sserenkuma) to link up with the squad on Tuesday, he has passed his medical and we are almost completing the signing process, he said.

    Sserenkuma was the 2014 Kenyan Premier League top scorer where he helped Gor Mahia win the Kenyan Premier League for a second consecutive time.

  10. Let’s all congratulate Danny and wish him well. He has done for us very well for us over the three seasons he played for us.Thank you Dan.

  11. I am worried that our EC will cotinue to tell us that we r talking to kizito & walusimbi bcos they r willing to stay just like they did with Sserunkuma.Now that Ssebo is gone we need a to quality striker.A real striker & not an amature strikers like otuoma from muho who somebody in EC thinks is a gud striker.Nobody can compare otuoma with strikers who r top quality. Go for Ssentongo or Nigerian who is Glo pl top scorer & plays for Enyimba international.

  12. @ODUOR12 , i must say i have been utterly impressed with your mastery of facts and knowledge of football issues.Keep the fire burning for a better tomorrow which is just a few hours away….

  13. Thank-you Collins.

    I done a bit of research and I have to clarify & also humbly correct some points about the Tanzanian league.

    1)Gate Charges are between Tshs.5,000- Tshs.7,000 which translates to kshs.285-kshs.400. This is comparable to the Kenyan situation.
    2)Admittedly Crowds for the derby are much bigger in TZ.
    3) In TZ there is a much higher transparency in Gate collection figures whereby statutory deductions including VAT comes to almost 40%. Same as in Kenya but note a total break-down is given which does not happen in our case.

    I think its time to hype up a Gor vs Simba (even Yanga) East African derby. We can only do this if we became a regional force.
    Imagine beating Simba in a CECAFA final at Dar stadium, then THEY WILL KNOW PEOPLE.

    See below 2 excerpts regard Yanga vs Simba gate collections.

    1)Dar es Salaam. Traditional giants, Young Africans and Simba SC are questioning the reported Sh427m gate collection from their Saturday’s derby at the National Stdaium.
    Speaking yesterday, Simba SC President, Evans Aveva disputed the figure, saying it was way below their projection. According to Aveva, their estimates showed at least Sh500m would have been collected following the increase in entrance fees for the match, whose entrance was between Sh5,000 and Sh7,000.
    Aveva said that there is a deficit of not less than Sh150m due to their calculation .
    CRDB bank Electronic Ticketing Project Manager, Mangire Kibanda refuted the information that the funds realized from gate collection were far from to the actual figure “Their mathematical calculations were not true because all the tickets were not sold, there were unsold tickets as well”. “For instance, we were remaining with more than 4,000 tickets for VIP B, meaning that we had a loss of Sh80m for that stand alone, besides others, which had also empty seats”, said Kibanda. On revenue disbursement, Kibanda said that what is believed is that TFF have given the actual amount of collection with regards to the tickets sold. ‘We got revenue collection forms from Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) for the money disbursement to the clubs and we did our job”, said Kibanda.
    “I think the clubs’ complaints should be for the TFF and not us as implementers”, he said.

    By Majuto Omary The Citizen Reporter
    Posted Wednesday, October 22 2014 at 10:45

    2) Dar es Salaam. The derby between age old rivals Yanga and Simba lived up to billing when it attracted the biggest crowd at National Stadium this season and a new record pay cheque for the 2012/13 Vodacom Premier League .
    The clubs that command huge following, have for a long time been the cash cows for the premiership and on Saturday, they proved that after surpassing the previous Sh390 million collection.
    According to figures from the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) yesterday, 57,406 spectators attended the match, contributing a gross revenue of Sh500 million, which is a record collection for a Premier League match.
    However, the stadium’s record revenue stands at Sh605 million collected during the Africa Cup of Nations qualifier between Taifa Stars and Mozambique in 2007.
    TFF information officer Boniface Wambura said the clubs earned Sh123.9 million each with over a half of the earnings going to levies and various service providers.

    Elaborating further, Wambura said Sh76,330,677.97 was remitted to the tax authority (TRA), Sh 63,036,064.81 (stadium management), Sh 3,818,890 (ticketing), Sh 37,821,638.88 (match fee) and the League Committee earned Sh37,821,638.88.
    Other deduction are Sh18,910,819.44, which was set aside for the Football Development Fund (FDF) while the Dar es Salaam Regional Football Federation (DRFA) got Sh14,708,415.12.
    “It is the highest collection for a Premier League match, this is bettered only by the Taifa Stars-Mozambique match, which surpassed the Sh500m mark,” said Wambura.
    The official said a big portion of the revenue came from the blue seats whose entrance fee was pegged at Sh5,000. Some Sh95 million was realised from 19,039 spectators.

    By Suleiman Jongo The Citizen Reporter
    Posted Monday, May 20 2013 at 12:10

  14. Dan Flava’s contract is set to expire so our beloved K’galo will get nothing.
    Just listening to radio Jambo the MP Benson Mutura is renovating Jericho Stadium to sit 5,000 fans, a new artificial pitch, new changing rooms.
    Cost kshs.50,000,000.00. Should be open in the next 3months am definitely going to see it.
    Affordable? Can Gor Mahia EC engage the one of the Nairobi constituencies in a long term partnership(50 years) to rebuild an existing ground of 15,000 to 20,000 capacity.

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