Statement from Sec Gen Ben Omondi

Gor Mahia secretary general Ben Omondi has come forward to assure fans that all issues that have been plaguing the playing unit have been addressed. Below is his statement.

All grievances were addressed, key being the CAF money which we have resolved to give players 20 percent of gross depending with outcome of remaining matches.

Minor discrepancies that 3 players raised over payment of bonuses will be addressed by treasury guided by the team manager.

Balance of 1 m from KPL will also be paid once received. As per now salaries have been paid to June 2018 while out of the 16 matches 15 winning bonuses have been paid.

Other challenges like incitement, ethnic groupings and what transpired at CECAFA will require scientific analysis but bottom line we reached a common ground in solving future disputes.

A meeting was held between office, technical bench and all players) where items that were bringing friction were all discussed. A good understanding was reached and that means, all issues were well ironed out and we are back to normal business.  This according to Tony Anelka.

The team manager apologised on behalf of all players – on what happened some days back in Tanzania and that’s water under the bridge now. The club through the chairman, explained to the players and technical bench the issues around finances and they all understood… a riot act was read and the club decided to form a committee to further investigate on what exactly led to what’s been going on and who exactly were behind it. It was thought making a rushed decision or punishing anyone right now was not appropriate because they need to be sure on what’s there. Wise decision if you ask me.

Chairman Ambrose Rachier promised to get to the bottom of the issues that were causing friction in the playing unit.

“It was a good meeting and we are all happy now because we’ve at least shared or understood each other well. Further investigations will be done to establish what’s underneath then we will decide what do after getting the findings. For now, we have agreed to move as one and with the same focus we had before.”  said Rachier.


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  1. At least the parties agreed that there were issues to be resolved. Now it’s back to business starting tomorrow. As fans we know our part.

  2. Does it mean that without Rachier these imbeciles cannot run the club? The club was almost imploding with Aduda and Pesa seemingly unable or unwilling to do anything. Rachier comes back and a day or two later a truce is reached!!!!!

  3. Lots and lots of thanks to God and all the protagonists for this very sensible way of sorting out the mess that has been creeping into our club. May the outcome of the scientific investigations be used only to make us better managers in future, but not for retribution.

  4. Positives and negatives are always there in any society. Let us address the negatives amicably and enhance the positives for the sake of our beloved club. For now, let us focus on the upcoming matches positively.

  5. It is good to see that there was a semblance of talks but unfortunately I do not believe in it. Why?
    We all know that Gor Mahia has only to power bases. One being the Chairman and the other being the Patron. The Sec Gen therefore giving assurances are as empty as space. What mathematics has been arrived at to give 20%. You cannot purport to give a percentage when on the other hand the club income is a total secret. In other words it’s 20% of what? How much has Gor earned in tournaments and how has it been distributed.
    2. has these figures been audited so that they can be accounted for?
    3. Who is T.Anelka in the club offiacials list, on who’s behalf does he talk.
    All this point to corruption being dusted under the carpet.
    there are two main sources of income at Gor.
    1. Sponsor money which is currently Sportpesa. This is a fixed income and is the basis of the current player contract.
    2. Tournament money. This money is up for grabs and the renumeration to the players has to be commensurate to the total amount and to me 20% does not necessarily sell. Again how did you reach on this figure. How much is the EC TAKING HOME? Remember that their salary is already covered by the sponsor money. If not how was their salary negotiated? The EC is simply a group of people who have been silenced into loyalty.
    In conclusion I do not see the players keeping quiet and if they do then this is a sign that many will leave the club at the earliest opportunity. In other words expect more 2yr contracts. This is what made the club lose Kagere in the first place and we all know who is going nxt.
    Players are on the right this time. They do have contracts which bind them but why did the club give them bonus promises with an intention not to pay? By winning tournaments the player is increasing the club income and as an executive is then should get something out of it. The figure can be 10% percent, my question is how did you arrive at the figure. This is the born of contention and I support them totally. Nobody is asking the club about salaries. The Sec Gen is being dishonest and it continues to show. Since when in Gor Mahia has ethnicity been an issue. From days of John Chore, William Obwaka, Abdalla Shebe, ethnicuty has never and was never an issue. This is the silliest attempt to sidetrack the payment issue and it is why I believe the EC is simply hoodwinking the players. So Kahata came to Gor cause of ethnic balancing, so what about the Pokots, don’t they deserve a rep in the EC?
    Players, stick to your guns and demand your benefits as a unit. Ethnicity is a tool that the EC was always going to use when push came to shove! It’s the Kenyan way of running organizations and eventually ruining any good thing. Any professional player worth his salt is mercenary, you pay I deliver. Trying to convince fans that the Luo player is a more loyal player will not sell.
    The club Patron rides on a platform of transparency… step in and have club monies audited!

    1. I like your input. I hope someone in the highest echelons of Gor Mahia power corridors is listening!

      Surely, this great club deserves better!

  6. What is this Tribal Groupings? Gor Mahia has never been a victim of this and history has it all. Where is it coming from in this time and age. If it is true then whoever is entertaining such thoughts must be corrected and be brought back to the fold. Whoever is involved must realize that it is very backward and archaic.

  7. While it is laudable that a truce has been reached , it is alarming that it required the phisical presence of Rachier for that to happen and as such this means that it is a simplistic solution to a problem that is otherwise systemic and structural and as such temporary and if the requisite systems and structures are not put in place and the sooner the better , we will be back to the same in the not distant future , hence those are the positives and negatives arising from this .
    It now behoves the thinking K’galo fraternity not to rest on their
    laurel but instead retain and maintain their anger hitherto and insist on long term solutions to these constantly recurring sheninigans .
    All this current
    “solution” denotes is that their is a blatant bloat in the hierachy in Gor management , excess capacity that are incapable of providing any leadership or solution without AR and on this , it is this one man who must bear responsibility for these happenings since they are happening under his watch .
    So I ask , what are the responsibilty of all these officials e.g Vice chairman , first vice chairman , second vice chairman , deputy S.g , vice S.g , CEO plus and including et cetera and what are they being paid for , and from what are they paid ?, all said , It comes as a relief that the storm has been abated albeit temporarily for reasons that have hitherto been numerously enumerated by thinking adherents of the club .
    Let the players show through thorough whipping of Yanga that indeed the handshake with the EC is genuine -We await .

  8. While the use of the word imbecile may be construed in bad light , put in context , and with the subject in mind , it makes perfect sense though I would have preferred to use the word Dunderheads I.e those whose heads read EC is enveloped with dandruff , 1+1=2 , it can never be otherwise no matter what formula you use , what surely would you call somebody whose word and deed denotes ineptness , incompetence , casualness and lack of any know how if not imbecility and dunderness – I
    Support .

  9. So far so good, my only worry and a serious one is “ethnic grouping” referred to here, let’s get out of whatever it is and not even further comments on it. Otherwise forward team for now and future. Yanga tomorrow

  10. Scientific analysis of Kwelo yawa is that really a necessary undertaking?Problems of GM are well known to all and sundry to be systemic and structural in nature. I understand a ceasefire was totally prudent taking Yanga is knocking our door tomorrow and the Derby awaits soon after on Sunday. But my wish is we don’t hoodwink players but rather commit genuinely to solving these recurring problems in good faith. Let us maintain our good run and cool down temperatures in the interim. My question though becomes…which Messrs in EC will carry out the Scientific Analysis of our problems?What is the Hypothesis and rationale of such an undertaking?What are the research parameters and variables that are to be investigated?What research Methodology will be employed?What scientific data analysis tools will be used to draw inference and conclusions of the problem?What are the research questions and quantitative parabolas that we seek to answer?Which data collection techniques are to be employed?What stastistical formulae is to be used to zero in on the Core Variant of this research?I ask because am a Dr of Philosophy in what is being alluded to as undertaking scientific analysis to determine what ails our beloved club

      1. Hehe @ Teddy you know they have touched my line of profession by alluding to carrying out Scientific Research for which am sure they know little or None of…So i was highlighting to them that it will be an exercise in futility as simpler more practical solutions like financial accountability and cutting down on docile EC Positions and replacing it with a lean effecient professional workforce can solve our problems…

  11. This are all bullshit and propaganda.Gor’s undoing is the bloated EC.

    People like Aduda are reaping and sowing nothing.

    Symptoms have been dealt with but the main disease is still intact.

    Wait soon,it will be explosive

  12. My fear was and still is, this officials are going to bring division among players so as succeeded in their corrupt dealings. That statement clearly shows the plan is in motion, by using words like ethnic grouping its clear the EC has an agenda.Identify a few players give them a few extra browns to side with you, & the ping pong begins.Investigation should be done on EC not the playing unit.Tuwe chonjo majamaa we are not immune we could easily go the ingwe way just because of some greedy officials.

    1. We are facing major matches this week…its better to give a break to all negativity for the sake of positive energy to the playing unit….if we are not able to do anything practical to help the situation as players did..its better to rally behind them in whatever they elect to do. They are training n hoping for a win..lets not derail this through negativity…

  13. Asked by the media during training at kasarani where some of the missing players were , Coach Kerr responded that Joash is suspended for this Yanga game , Mustapha is sorting out his personal stuff , Boniface Omondi and Wendo are injured BUT he is unaware of Boniface Oluoch and Blackberry’s whereabouts . . . . . . .Habari ndio hiyo , the rest of the players are good and rearing to go . . . .Best of Luck to the boys .


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