Kerr: Team is ready for Yanga

Kerr emphasized the importance of getting three points since all four teams still have a chance at qualifying for the next round.

“Its a CAF game that both teams need 3 points. With Yanga coming to Nairobi and us going to Dar in 10 days, its very important how we start the game. ”

Kerr further praised the state of the pitch at Kasarani where the match will take place on Wednesday at 7pm

“We have had the pleasure of training on the field and it looks like a proper field right now. So that will be an advantage to us.” said Kerr.

Kerr briefly touched on the recent financial debacle that set off a firestorm in the playing unit.

“We understand that money is the motivation of African players. I am trying to express to these players that to get that, you have got to be the best. It is not about me. My success comes from the players. ” concluded Kerr.

The Yanga technical bench for their part stated that they used the CECAFA club cup to study Gor Mahia’s strengths and weaknesses and are this ready for the encounter.

Kerr went on to tell the Standard that his playing unit was full of confiedence.

“The mood in the team is good. We are strong and a confident side. Yes, we didn’t get an opportunity to see Yanga play in Kagame Cup, but we are going into this game with one thing in mind; win at home and away, which I confidently believe we can,” said Kerr.

“In football, you must be mentally ready to face challenges and our challenge right now is to reach Confederations Cup quarter-finals. That’s our goal and that’s exactly where the money is. We have come so far in one year that I have been in charge.” said Kerr


Team manager Jolawi Obondo apologized to CECAFA for the team’s refusal to pick up their third place medals. He stated that it all stemmed from the CECAFA official told the players that they would not receive the prize money in cash but instead it would be wired to their accounts.

In reality, that debacle was probably just a last straw from players fed up at being treated poorly by the club officials.

Group D standings

Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1  USM Alger 2 1 1 0 4 0 +4 4
2 Gor Mahia 2 0 2 0 1 1 0 2
3 Rayon Sports 2 0 2 0 1 1 0 2
4 Young Africans 2 0 1 1 0 4 -4 1

19 thoughts on “Kerr: Team is ready for Yanga

  1. “In reality, that debacle was probably just a last straw from players fed up at being treated poorly by the club officials.”

    Gor has no reason to lose this one if both parties came to some sort of compromise. I expect the Arabs to do their usual AWAY DRAW theatrics. I also expect Gor to win. It’s a pity that all we got from cecafa was injuries and quarrels. Kerr says the players are in a good state of mind. Ok, lets wait n see.
    At it’s current state, Cecafa banning Gor is like the Somali goverment denying you a visa. Gor should concentrate on the African stage. Prize money at cecafa are indeed easy pickings but DO NOT do it at player expense.

    All the best.

  2. Hehe coach ibayo ayany mariek kanyo…We understand money is the motivation of african players…Life is hard in this continent my good Sir that’s why…lol…Gor Mayienga chuny Kenya go for glory today we trust fully that you arevthe best regionally..I await praising the outcome tonight…Forget the current debacle and be your best…Goodluck

  3. Kerr yajowa ! for the second time, please STOP generalising africans ( black people) in public. you were warned before….I think one more and you can be sure the hammer will strike.

    nevertheless, good luck to the boys this evening, AR as usual has done his negotiation magic !

  4. @jakoyo, if u are a magician ( Rachier) and you have a son (players) and you live him in the company of a sworn rapist ( EC) , should you perform your magic before or do you wait for them to be sodomized first before you perform your abracadabra , doing this magic while armed with a prior alert makes him nothing but an accomplice

  5. We need to pull all stops to win this match against Yanga because it is our penultimate home match. No draw, no loss; just a win.

  6. Cecafa pardons Gor , wires $10000 to Gor account , this is after Jolawi Obondo apologised to cecafa blaming Saitan for their actions , Now that being then , lets rip apart this Yanga team to show appreciation to our fans who have had to bare the burden of constant bad news -And fill that stadium as we also wait to occupy our sofasets .

  7. Cecafa new quite well that Gor is a serious crowd puller with a massive fanatical base. Banning Gor would mean severe revenue loss especially if the next edition will be held in Kenya, so they had to rethink their decision.


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