30 Oct 11

The much awaited KFF/FKL elections are over. The elections which were finally held after being postponed for a year were finally held on Saturday Oct 29. Out goes the much loathed group led by Mohammed Hatimy, Titus Kasuve and Erastus Okul who have been in charge of local football for 7 years and overseen what is probably the worst era in Kenya football. An era that has seen Kenya slide to the ignominy of being ranked 135th in the world and loosing to minnows like Eritrea at home while being beaten Guinea Bissau and soundly beaten by war torn Somalia among others.

In comes a new group led by Sam Nyamweya and former Tusker striker Sammy Tiyoi Sholei. They will now be in charge for football for the next 5 years. Nywamweya won the chairmanship by winning 1461 votes, 278 ahead of fan favorite Hussein Mohammed. Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier, who was fronted by KPL clubs faired badly winning a paltry 333 votes.  That is not a surpise to anyone.  Most Kenyans really wanted Hussein Mohammed to win. His exemplary record in developing grassroots football is well known. His keen sense of fashion and personality would have soon swung sponsors in the direction of Kenya football as opposed to the much loathed Sam Nyanweya who has been behind many of the problems Kenya football faces.

That Nyamweya won despite being immensely unpopular amongst the Kenyan public due to his incompetence is an indictment of Kenya as a republic. It shows that in Kenya vested interests far outweigh doing the right thing. But Nyamweya has been in charge of the KFF faction for the last 4 years. And since a significant chunk of the voters were representing KFF “clubs” and “branches”, it is no surprise that Nyamweya won. All the KFF affiliated voters likely voted for Nyamweya out of self interest rather than national interest.

The other aspect of Nyamweya’s victory is the fact that by controlling KFF, he had a vast network of contacts on the ground whom he constantly networked with. Hussein Mohammed on the other hand campaigned in the media and used social networks like twitter. This method cannot work when the election is determined by a small number of delegates. A harsh lesson Hussein has learned.

Many pro reform people in the blogosphere are now blaming Ambrose Rachier for playing the spoiler role. In their mind, Rachier split the pro-reform vote and handed Nyamweya a win. A closer look however reveals that KPL clubs are as much to blame. This column said back then that KPL should have thrown their weight behind one of the pro-reform candidates instead of selfishly selecting one of their own who had very little chance. This lack of foresight amongst the KPL clubs is why we now find ourselves with a chairman who does not inspire the confidence of the Kenyan public or the private sector from whom sponsorship comes.

Former Kogalo midfielder, Fred Awich came nowhere close to winning winning only 29 votes, 7 ahead of Elizabeth Shako who if she was a man, might have won this election. Her development record at grassroots level is exemplary. If Awich wants to stand a chance he should go back to the drawing board and perform some grassroots work and aim lower next time. We wish Ms Shako all the best in the future. Kenya womens football needs selfless leaders like herself.

That is precisely what Kogalo fan favorite Dan Shikanda did. For once there was dood news for Kogalo fans c when Dan Shikanda, a former Kogalo winger during the early 90s when he was a crowd favorite was voted in as Chairman of the Nairobi branch. Shikanda is a brilliant man and genial personality. While playing in the league, he studied veterinary medicine at UoN. As a winger, Shikanda is one of the best dribblers ever to don the Kogalo jersey.

Another former Kogalo player Eric Obura missed out on an NEC position which was won by former Ingwe official Robert Asembo. Former Kogalo winger William Obwaka had earlier announced his intention to run for the chairmanship but pulled out when he realized there were already enough reform minded candidates.

What is gratifying however is the election of Sammy Sholei who seems genuinely reform minded. He was even willing to put aside his chairmanship aspirations to support Hussein Mohammed. One only wish others would have done this. Sholei will therefore be counted on by Kenyans long suffering fans to hold any excesses and corruption in check.

It is in the best interest of Gor Mahia and other KPL teams to have a fully functioning KFF, corruption free KFF. It could mean more money in the coffers of clubs as more sponsors pour in. It could also make it easier for Kogalo to raise cash by selling players to foreign teams.

Sam Nyamweya -1461
Hussein Mohammed – 1183
Mohammed Hattimy – 734
Ambrose Rachier – 333
Twaha Mbarak- 199
Sammy Obingo- 54
Fred Awich- 29
Elizabeth Shako-22

Winner- Sammy Tiyoi Sholei – 1383
Josephat Murila- 381
Hassan Omar- 1225
Noah Wanyama- 401
Titus Kasuve- 118

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  • Bravo sholei for being elected and all my hopes for a change in the fortunes of kenyan football lies with you .we have faith in u and as a Kogallo fan we will support you to move football forward.

  • ODUOR12 says:

    Damn it truly annoying but we must learn to live with this for one of the worst candidates was elect through a democratic and fair election. We’ve been let down by the delegate. The other nightmare which may unfold is Ziko being sneaked to (un) coach GM. Why is the EC quiet on his fate. Remember in Kenya anything can and does happen!!!

  • omondi says:

    Rachier an ZICO should know Gor moved on and overcoming our challanges.

    Let them consider other options GOR IS NOT THEIR FALL BACK OPTION

  • Albert Kosero (Sofaset Branch - Kampala) says:

    Let us support the newly elected FK officials. Democrasy has prevailed. Losers, take heart, you will leave to fight another day.

  • Dan says:

    The only sure way to get who you want to lead a country or organisation is by selection. You cannot demand for election and at the same time demand that so and so be elected. Let’s support whoever has been elected and hope that the delegates will (did )not vote with their stomachs. Our only consolation is that Shollei is there to act as the eyes of the progressive groups. After all I believe the Chair is not everything and can be overuled in need be. Congrats anyway for all that were elected.
    On AR and ZD let’s not be hasty in our thinking and reaction. We need to reflect and decide what we require in the long run. Our decisions should now reflect where and how we want the team to be in the next five years. I have no problem with both but I hope that ZD can be confirmed as either the head or asst. coach for HS. That will be good for both parties and you never know, just like some are now saying Siang’a should come back we might need ZD one time. On AR I guess he learnt something on that election and will now dedicate his time to GM


    Congrats to the new TEAM you should start work immediately first and foremost, please improve our stadium.City stadium is the best ever stadium in kenya but something should be done.You can look for a sponsor to facelift the stadium hence Nyayo stadium for instance if the deal with coca cola didnt have politics,Nyayo could have improved much more TO THE NEW TEAM this is a challange improve our stadiums all across KENYA.


    I thank the delegates for ensuring the “johnny come too late” like on Ambrose Rachier was never elected. His greed for power that did expose GM has been rewarded by getting a thorough beating.

    Zico fate at harambee stars is as good as finished and let his sympathizers know that very soon he will see why “TAMAA ILIUWA FISI”.

    Lastly let wait for GM elections and also send Rachier packing so that GM is given back to its rightful owners.


  • Albert Kosero (Sofaset Branch - Kampala) says:

    He who is not ambitious is doomed to fail in life. I dont think being ambitious means greed. Joab Omino – RIP was once Gor’s Patron as well as KFF Chairman, then MP, I dont know whether that was greed. Musa Otieno is an assistant coach to Santo’s in SA, and also in Harambee stars bench. How come we hear no one calling him fisi? Why selective critism guys? Some of us think that they have more than one vote. Learn from just concluded FK elections. Who knew Sam Nyamweya could be relected. It is the people who will decide who to steer Kogallo. Rachier who some of us will never miss an opportunity to call fisi, may just carry the day. So lets hold our horses. For God and my club Kogallo


    @8 Albert Kosero (Sofaset Branch – Kampala that is wishful thinking and please have some much sweater dreams on the sofaset branch. You used to rattle people because ZD and i hope your also celebrating the fruits of ejecting him un-ceremoniously as some of you will always put it.

    GM is not KFF and one AR has reached his peak, let HIM go and multi-task else where but not at the expense of GM. The numbers are available to send him packing.

  • Joe Riaga says:

    Nyamweya simply created a bunch of teams that exist only on paper. And these teams “voted” for him. Classic rigging. I am glad that at club level, real members can vote. bwana chairman cant create imaginary delegates. He will be shocked to find himself loosing the next election if he does not style up. Rachier wake up. fans are not happy with your leadership. people I talk to are asking if someone can rise to challenge Rachier at the next election. William Obwaka are you listening ? This is your chance.

  • WUONPAP says:

    Riaga has put it as it is,all those so called clubs only have officials to vote but on the ground your guess is as good as mine.IM HAPPY THAT MOST KOGALLO FANS SHUNNED HIM,when he made his way to the mainstand during the sony match leaving a few thugs to sing his praises.Kogallo fans should by now know that the fate of kenyan soccer is in our hands.Let us register as members at any of the available branches so that our dreams and aspirations may come to fruit.I will always repeat that we need to :
    1)organize say a raffle and buy land to build an academy.
    2)From the same raffle we can get cash to send the likes of pro,korea,awilo and othe loyal servants of our great club to say holland to learn the basics of total football.They can then start with the junior teams as pep guardiola did during the tenure of cryuff,van gaal and rijkaard.
    3)propose that the club have a lean management team made up of professionals who can market and model the club to exploit the numerous revenue generating opportunities as they channel the funds to the clubs coffers.
    One club can make a country proud with proper structures and qualified personnel just as I ALWAYS REPEAT HERE,ASEC & BARCA.WE CAN BE THE CLUB.


    Congratulations ladies and gentlemen!

    The Saturday elections heralded a new era for Kenyan football. For the first time in the history of Kenya, the national football elections was conducted by the new Independent Electoral and Boundary Commission (IEBC). By and large, the elections were free and fair despite allegations of voter bribery by some candidates.

    The Sam Nyamweya-led team has their job well cut out. The in- tray is already full. We should therefore expects the team to hit the ground running by first harmonizing their manifesto. Mr Nyamweya and Shollei team were campaining on two different platforms. It will also be interesting to see how Nyamweya gonna work with KPL- a body that threw their weight behind AR.

    Finally allow me to salute the independent Electoral Board, the Government and the IEBC for a job well done. To our beloved chairman, to slide is not to fall down. I wish the new team well in your new roles.

  • Dan says:

    Let’s offer some respect to our leaders please. While AR is still our chairman we still need to respect him. @Ogango, what if during the GM elections only AR vies for the position of chairman? uta do? Nothing. So let’s keep some thoughts to ourselves or express ourselves in a manner that befits this blog. Offering oneself for election does not portray greediness.

    On ZD let me assure you that he might just land a role in HS and that’s the ambition of any coach, to coach his national team. Therefore let Nyamweya and team do what they were elected to do and as a team let’s not take sides but support the current admin. After all we will need alot of their support next year during the CAF cup tourney.

  • Manizzle says:

    What people are saying is that handling more than one post in two different organisations will lead to one suffering. We dont have a problem with AR vying for KFF chair, what we are saying is that while at it, he should have relinquished his post at GM to someone who’ll give the club undivided attention. I hope to see proffesionals with good track records vying for posts, I’d be happy if the likes of Dr William Obwaka offer themselves for chairman’s post. As for ZD, his time is up. Anaba Awono or ”Janabi Mahono” as a section of fans have cristened him, has done a very good job so far, i’m happy with his fielding and we’re playing better football (though with room for improvement) compared to earlier on. If something is working don’t fix it let Janabi coach the team.

  • Albert Kosero (Sofaset Branch - Kampala) says:

    @OGANGO, he who does not dream has no future. There are very many people who can lead GM, but they shy away because of some uncouth behaviour by some of us either on this blog or at the stadium during mateches. I will not be surprised if elections are called and only Rachier offers himself for the chairman’s post. Leading Gor is a life threatening venture and not very many abled persons are willing to put their lives at risk. I therefore plead with some of us here to respect the officials who have been mandated by members to lead Gor. Each member has a single vote, so watu wakutane kwa debe, If members decide that it’s time to send Rachier home, so be it. But please let’s learn to respect those tasked with positions of leadership. For God and my club Kogallo

  • Jarieko says:

    It is like you that will bring Gor Mahia down again. We all know where GM was before Rachier woke it up from a deep slumber. What has been you contribution to GM so far apart from? You seem to be an agent of destructive forces out to tarnish the name of AR. What AR has done to GM can only be compared to the good old days of Job Omino. So what if AR wanted to be the KFL (or whatever the name) chairman? Given kenyans and their “chicken complex” Nyamweya was set to win the chairmanship anyway, with or without AR in the fray. We should all be thinking of how to make GM climb to greater heights from here.

  • Mondeng says:

    Things are heating up among the fans.Guys please be civil and tone it down.Lets enjoy the victories and reflect on the losses.We are great because others are great too.

  • Mondeng says:

    Respect is earned.We are not going to go along to get along.Leaders must prove to us that they are worthy of our respect. Those with blind ambitions watch out; we are not not going to be manipulated by false smiles and shady characteristics. We are monitoring every activities these so called elected leaders are invoved in.We will strike with speed of lightening if you try to lead us into hell.