Three cheers to Okoth “Gattuso” for improved character

Collins Okoth “Gattuso” has extended his stay at Gor Mahia for another two years. Gattuso initially left Gor Mahia in 2012. He subsequently played for Tusker and Sofapaka before rejoining Gor Mahia in June 2014 on a one year contract.

Ronald Ngala confirmed that Gattuso has indeed signed a new contract that will keep him at the club until 2016.

“Gattuso’ is a good player, who has played a vital part in the team and it is important to retain him. “Yes we have added him two years, we shall reveal the terms in due course.” said Ngala to

“He has been a good player for us, very phenomenal and you cannot allow a player like him to leave. We are looking forward to working with him in future. Since his return from Tusker, ‘Gattuso’ has stabilized our midfield, his experience is needed and I am sure he will remain our anchorman for a long time.

Ronald Ngala praised Gattuso’s work ethic.
“His hard work when playing for us is visible to all, his commitment to the team is unquestioned; he is one special player, who can die for the team. So the best thing is to make sure he is here with us, he has not given us any problems.”

Indeed Gattuso’s character has improved dramatically since his first stint at Gor mahia three years ago. That period was characterized by numerous temper tantrums and run ins with coach Otieno “Zico”. He left the club several times and at one point said he was quitting football to focus on education. Prior to rejoining Gor Mahia, he indicated that he had undergone therapy.

He is still the relentless, tireless hardworking defensive midfielder he was in 2012 but now without the drama, his contribution to the club’s success is much higher.


13 thoughts on “Three cheers to Okoth “Gattuso” for improved character

  1. Kudos to Gattuso. This is a very good player that should be in the national team. His commitment to the team is unquestionable with great tackles and unique passes. Of course he combines well with Khalid Aucho.

  2. may the EC talk to kagere to extend his contract too because we are soon loosing him come january.

  3. And “GATUSSO” mid-field work rate earns him Harambee star call under BW, and so is Abondo and Olunga striking partnership without forgetting MUSA , Bonnie and Shakava for the clean sheets. Big up guys….Our next kid on the block is WAFULA..!!

  4. Were has a one dimensional game try to dribble from the left and cut back. He looses alot of the time and not adaptable, questionable character n volatilr. Seems like a powder keg ready to explode. Not the right fit for us in this stage of the season.

  5. i am fresh into this site and the comments are very encouraging. let me learn the trends so as to post what may be necessary. first of all, baraza blamed favouritism for muhoroni’s loss to kogallo. yesterday, his team received a worthier thumping in the hands o KCB. The story being peddled is that the referee was high-handed in dealing with his team’s faults. when will this man ever grow up?

    1. i have been agood suppoter of kogalo bt due to hooliganism i wont attend any game again ,
      youths starting chaos and injuring people.
      bad in deen.
      my freinds ear was choped off.


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