Uncertainty over how will 2019-2020 KPL title be decided

There is some uncertainty about the 2019-2020 KPL league. With Covid-19 taking centre stage, there is a likelihood that the remaining matches will be canceled. So how will the league be decided.

FKF CEO Barry Otieno says they are considering all options but they are likely to use the current KPL standings to determine the league winners, if the coronavirus pandemic persists.

“There is a possibility that we could use the current Kenyan Premier League standings to determine the champions.  But this is not the definite position because we are still deliberating and we don’t know how long it will take for the coronavirus to be contained,” Otieno told Standard Sports.

“We are still engaging the government as we monitor the situation because this is a global problem. But in case it will not be remedied in the foreseeable future and because CAF will need us to submit a name for next season’s Champions League competition, we will have no option but to use the current KPL standings to make that decision.” Otieno continued.

Asked about the FKF Betway Cup, whose committee is set to meet today to decide the fate of Gor Mahia, KCB and Bandari, who skipped last weekend’s round of 16 matches, Otieno said:

“For Betway Cup, it has to be played to its conclusion because we don’t have an alternative to choose the team to represent the country in the Confederation Cup. We are engaging the government and all those involved to ensure the Cup comes to its conclusion to the best interest of all stakeholders.”

But for KPL CEO Jack Oguda, they will only make the decision on the league after getting the green light from the government.

“It is our hope that the league will come to its inclusion but this depends on the state of the coronavirus as updated by the government. The league might stretch and then force teams to have a short preseason. Those are some of the possibilities,” said Oguda to the Standard.

“Even CAF and Fifa have said they will have to monitor the situation closely and there could be a change in calendar. That’s why as KPL, we are not in a rush to make a decision and we will make so after getting a directive from the government.”

Homeboyz disagree

Kakamega Homeboyz chairman Cleophas Shimanyula differed with FKF CEO’s opinion to award Gor Mahia the title.

“As far as I’m concerned, if this coronavirus persists, then we should have a play-off between the top two teams in a neutral ground. I think this will be a fair decision to determine the champion because this title race is too close to call,” said Shimanyula.

However, for Tusker chairman Daniel Aduda, FKF and KPL should borrow a leaf from European league’s rule book.

“This coronavirus is beyond our control but if push comes to shove and we are forced to end the league prematurely then we should take a leaf from the other developed league’s rule book. Let’s go with the best practice in the world,” said Aduda.



9 thoughts on “Uncertainty over how will 2019-2020 KPL title be decided

  1. His position can be taken by any team still with a chance to win the title.It can also be fronted by any team facing relegation.Additionally, Tusker oould also argue that that way since they trail Homeboy with one mark.At the end of it all we end up in an impractical situation.Shimanyula must understand the current crisis.

  2. Gor Mahia will be declared as the 2019/20 KPL CHAMPIONS if the situation on the ground does not change, you can take this to the bank. A league is not a knockout tournament but a competition where the team that gathers the highest number of points is declared CHAMPIONS when the prerequisite number of matches as determined by the organization running the
    Competition has been played.

  3. Lobi stars in Nigeria were awarded league before it’s conclusion by virtue of highest points, Shimanyula is Just an uneducated idiot

  4. You cannot determine the top two teams in according to points earned and fail to determine the winner.Play off would be unfair to Gor mahia.

  5. This will be a wake up call to other KPL teams to learn that a race to championship begins with their first match of any particular season!! Always remaining at the top can come with it’s reward in times of adversities like the global calamity we have as at now!!

  6. Kogalo is yet to play the relegation bound teams ie Kisumu Allstars, Chemelil, Wazito. KK homeboyze has played the relegation bound teams if we go by statistics KK will not be able to catch up with the leaders. Out of nine remaining matches Gor mahia needs to win only five matches and draw the rest to win KPL


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