Up Next : Mathare

Ali Abondo will be expected to step up and compensate for the injuries

Kogalo will face off with Mathare United on Friday August 24 at Nyayo stadium. The match will kick off at 7pm and will be televised live on Supersport.

Matches against Mathare over the past three years are usually closely fought affairs that typically end in a tie. However Kogalo will go in with more confidence, buoyed by their recent form which has devastated opponents.

Nevertheless, Gor Mahia who have played several matches within the last 2 weeks, are battling injuries. Pablo Njuguna and Moses Odhiambo have been ruled out. Rama Salim is doubtful

25 thoughts on “Up Next : Mathare

  1. The three players are avital cog in our team and i wish them quick recovery. That granted,it should not be an excuse for us not winning the game today coz we shud have the depth to cover for such eventualities………come on Kogallo…..chapa chokoraaa irudi mathare..

  2. I wish my team the best I think the coach knows such things would happend to players time like this. so at the end score would matter most to us .techbench beware of that mathare are ready for to play hardgame note that guys. thats new stly from other team.when playing gor but fans tutasija kama kawa.leo otieno.

  3. I hope the absence of the two should not be a scare as the team has equal replacement. gogogo Kogalo secure the three vital points and many goals. God be with you all, for the fans fill up the stady. players dont underate any team at this crutial turn off.

  4. Our Almighty God will visit Gor Mahia today to give us victory. In this regards, it is our prayers that we shall win today’s match in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen

  5. the reserve bench should come in n show their worth,kogalo is a big team with big players,come on n prove the pundits wrong,3 points is all the green army wants.

  6. It’s confirmed that all the said players have passed the fitness test and have been included in the starting lineup. No cause to worry and let us soldier on for the big match tonight.

    However as I did warn last time that ULINZI were no pushovers the same ace applies to Mathare who will come press GOR very hard in the opening minutes. GOR please harden up and utilize each and very opportunity to improve on goal aggregate as we never know if the league might end up being decided on goal differences. All the best team K’Ogalo !!!

  7. Mathere is a good side but GM will carry the day. Come baby come.

    Wishing Pablo & Lucky Dube quick recovery. Let Moses Otieno play the role of Pablo and Kevin Omondi play the position of Moses Odhiambo then the rest of us can join in celebrations after 90 mins.

  8. Best of luck K’galo. Nowadays i go to the stadium with confidence na SSMB wajue RGMs (Real Gor Mahians) are no longer stone throwers but will never be stone collectors, never ever.

  9. I wish you well Kogallo, May the Spirits guide as always, remain firm and score those goals for us, Kogallo Forever!!!! Go boys Go!!!!

  10. Good spirit,mathare could not match us, was happy cheering in the house.well done kogalo. U make me happy in addition to giving me the best birthday gift on sunday at kasarani. At least i will remember the day always in my calendar. Go gor mahia!!!!

  11. GOR GOONS FC CAME FROM 2 GOALS DOWN TO LEVEL WITH MAZARE 2-2. THIS IS NOT NEWS TO US INGWERIANS: NEWS IS THAT MAZARE IMEPANUA SHIMO KATIKATI YA INGWE NA GOR GOONS FC TO 10 POINTS!!HALO? HALO! ARE YOU STIL DREAMING TO WIN THE KPL CUP? This reminds me the 23rd game will not be interesting because the league will have been won by INGWE, The game I am looking forward to is the likely fkf semi final between INGWE and GOR GOONS FC! My message is, start preparing now! otherwise, the result will break your hearts on that day, weeks and months to come!

  12. @Mwakio, dont dwell on the sentiments of the so called disi . I think he doesnt have something to keep him busy coz he is commenting in every wall. Kogalo is displaying good football and this is a fact. many admire our play coz it’s not only about goals and winning but entertainment ,where else in kenya teams can u get this? ONLY IN GOR MAHIA!!!!! WENYE WIVU WAJINYONGE.

  13. Most of you have brains but do not want to think and see things in their right persepective! The only person who has seen it is @ 20 above! and the sooner you realise this the better for you all as you will be saving yourselves stress related ailments!

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