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  1. Having watched the highlight, there is no way that the tackle deserved a red card. It was a rash challenge. But it was excercebated because the AFC player was jumping. Abondo raised his foot but only to knee length. Also the AFC player was clearly play acting. That was biased officiating. Why does KPL keep giving this biased referee more games ?

  2. I wish angemkanyaga kwa ma ‘K’ That was not warranting atraight red as it was not career threatening.

  3. As Kogalo fans,we should desist from hooliganism and unwarranted actions and resort to civilised mode of conflict resolution

  4. I look at the video above and am convinced that the fans were provoked,coz both players were on air and one can even see Abondo trying to avoid the harsh tackle by turning the otherway,NOwonder the referee was appointed by his master for that mission.

  5. We dont have referees in kenya what we have are people for hire masquerading as ref otherwise have you heard any officiating a match outside KPL and you will never. This is why the quality of soccer in the country has gone down people like Wanga and Shikokoti whenever they attend trials outside the country they are un able to shine since there are no refs to help them hence they come back to their masters for assistance WANGNI WADINO NU……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. AFC leaopards has 18 Million AAR premium insurance cover that has been paid by sponsors, Mumias Sugar Company. when is GM going to do something to our team that can encourage our players.

  7. Looking at the video there was no intention on the part of Abondo to harm the AFC player, both players were on high speed, and if you look carefully Abondo tried to turn meaning trying to avoid the direct impact.The referee ought to have used common sense in this kind of match and given a yellow card instead of direct red.

    But look who is at the main stand jumping up and down? Political undertones in this game cannot be ruled out. Even the way the AFC officials are talking shows there is something behind this matter. It is not just football and thats why Kogalo fraternity we have reasons to be very afraid and careful, otherwise we could be wiped out as a club altogether.

  8. This team belongs to the fans….it is us to clean the image and learn to survive with our own resources…..the process has begun check GM facebook some fans have began the process!

  9. @Motema Pembe, you raised something on insurance for AFC. I believe GM has good fans in places of influence and they can use those positions to benefit the team. That’s what Ingwe fans are doing. Why can’t we do the same? Some of our fans behaviour also has the potential to drive away potential sponsors though we have the critical mass that any sponsor would wish for. The other thing we are asking is to be given that Mpesa account and even this insuance and motivation money we can contribute. Do we have to beg to support the club.
    During the campaigns we got this promises to increase the revenue base of the club. I believe the honeymoon is over and the EC should now concentrate on such things. Otherwise they have our full support i.e. some of us who are for stability and progress of the team. Those not happy unfortunately have to wait till the next elections.
    On the ill-fated derby let’s pray that the decision to be made will not affect he momentum we have already picked. It’s just a matter of time for us to be where we belong.

  10. We or rather the EC has its in-tray very full for the moment. I say this in view of sentiments by Motema Pembe and Dan. Those are grand ideas but unless we actively join hands with EC they may have to wait till this mess is sorted out.

    @Dan I felt proud to be Kenyan the day GM and AFC fans gathered at Nyayo stadium to manually clean the place and remove any sort of missiles that could be utilized by those hellbent on creating mayhem. Where did that spirit of friendship and brotherhood go?
    Can we as GM fans come up proactively and try to preach peace and repair the rift?

    As for the decision, let us leave that to Yeso Okweya jabura. Gor Mahia has very valid grounds for defense and this will form the basis for our very strong appeal…Something am sure the GM legal advisers are equal to.

  11. I would like to let Dan and Motema Pembe know that FIFA is implimenting a rule that will see all clubs register their members under medical cover. This is after the Bolton player incident and many others experienced in the past. And for your information, we don’t do things because AFC is doing, we have our own constitution.
    Secondly, Ole Magello should stop fueling war by saying that they need points and Gor should be punnished. He should not decide for KFF what to do. And by saying Gor fans planned to cause chaos is uncalled for. We condenm violence but what do they say about Ingwe thugs who stripped our fans and robbed people in broad day light? Referee spoilt the brooth period!!!

  12. i thnk @2 sums up the kind of ppl managing gor, coz likeminded will always work together… and u wonder why “AAR” will not touch gor. ppls understand that image sells , right now gor image is going down the drain. killing and causing damage is not the way to go and frustration is no excuse.crowd mentality, that gor fans are so proud of will eventually kill this club. gor fans pride themselves that they can make the numbers to attend matches even if the club has no sponsors… why is this not the case in europe even with full stadia in every match. make note that more than half of these fans don’t even pay…! “ati fans in influencial places” …wow the same gorilla who stoned that potential sponsors car while he was innocently passing by, is that what it takes to get sponsors these days. i guess then even hitler, the nazi, had reasons for what he did just like these fans.

  13. Let us move over the derby issue.

    Please EC we now want to see action. You collected 4.6 million against AFC, collected money against Ferroviario, against El Mereikh, against Tusker (Leasgue and Super Cup), against Muhoroni, from TV rights and other sources. Please keep your books in order as this is a new Gor. Accountability lazima.

    George Bwana and team, we now want to see positive developments for the club. Not stories as has been the norm. Wapi mPESA account? Wapi official site? Wapi insurance for players? Wapi stadium?

    On the coaching front, we want to see serious action. Not some stories like the Zambian who never turned up. Please don’t try to play with fans. Three months is not a long time. Hire a professional coach.

  14. @Dinga please furnish the blog with more information about AAR not touching Gor. When and where did AAR take that stand and to who?

    AAR is in business and are out to make profit wherever an opportunity arises. Who knows if their next client will be GM? Besides it is not only AAR that is in the medical insurance business.

    Dinga we have heard your position and we know you are very bitter. I feel that is enough. Change tune now and put forward suggestions that can build Gor Mahia not to destroy. It will take you and I and all of us to restore that image you are constantly reminding us is soiled. Do you realize that there is a lot in common between your take and that of @Dan to whom you are actually making that veiled reference? Do this my brother (or sister?) bring out those very brilliant ideas of yours and help us pull in one direction.

  15. Gor Mahia is a great team, Let us never allow stone throwing to be used as our name. Gor Mahia is a sacred name. Why spent most of the time fighting off the pitch. Let our legal committee follow up all matters.

    Hooliganism must stop. We need to attract sponsors like AFC Leopards and much more. YES WE CAN.

    We should come up with a campaign dubbed, “cleaning Gor, the makers of soccer.” to help us as fans exercise discipline because our hooliganism just turns everybody against us including referees.

  16. Where’s @Mwakio and @Kosero. We miss their comments at this crucial time when sober minds are required. As much as the off-field derby issues wont go away shemejis have acknowledged that they have no info on any of their fan passing away. Could be the the same way we ‘passed on’ our fans from the Naivasha game. Nobody should lose thier life because of football. Read this contrating articles on the way forward http://www.futaa.com/blog/fines-and-bans-will-not-solve-the-problem_4 and http://www.futaa.com/blog/hit-gor-where-it-hurts–the-pockets. Let’s not cocnetrate too much on sunday and forget that we have another crucial match tonite

  17. what i would do.
    – make EC educate supporters to abhor violence.
    – make use of ‘coins in gor’s pocket’.
    – shade parochial image

    @13 pls not that my “AAR” was in quotes.

    1. u never know who ur stoning. there is a difference btwn fanatism(+) and fanatism(-). the cooperate sponsors talk and believe me they influence each other. if one of the guys u stone is from one of the top industries, pls note that word of mouth builds and it also destroys in equal measure. maybe its even a CEO’S maid u stoned… it will not matter.
    2. gor has alot of fans as one thing going well for it but this is not enough. the EC must let these guys learn why buying a ticket is v.important. milk well what u have going well for you. change ur get-keepers, look at the kind of money the club collects vis-a-vis the numbers in the stadium!
    3. shade parochial image. safaricom et kbl will not just come and hug you. the club patron is the PM. why hasn’t he convinced these blue chips to put money on gor by now. simple, these companies are national and they want to attach themselves to only things that look national. their image also is of very high value.(read about building cooperate brands)gor mahia here is parochial in that its die-hards come from nyanza, (pls don’t point out kiplangat and the congo players, that does not count even though it’s one way to go), its about image, tuzo will easily put there money on gor so as to reach certain sales targets… but the moment it is perceived that “tuzo ni maziwa ya wajaka” then even they will vermoose so fast.(i don’t know if this is coming out clear).
    gor has alot going for it and alot of potential sponsor would kill for the kind of attention it brings…but poorly netted this crops up to zero. football is now business and ppl buy what they percieve to be a successful product. my question is then why is beckham still the top best paid player(only numb two messi) yet i’m sure many of u would not even rate him in fifa top ten…yap, including me. i don’t think that there are immidiate quick fix remedial answers to gor problems. u the fraternity must work towards them. bogus referee decisions will persist, they exist in champions league, premier league and u so it kick ghana out of the world cup, LIVE WITH IT, it’s going nowhere…deal with it thru’ “KNOCK-OUTS”.

  18. @14 I want to thank for two things:
    1. You very prompt reaction.
    2. Making the reaction very elaborate and far reaching.

    I have taken note that your “AAR” was in quotes and I apologise for the oversight.

    Now join us and let’s engage the EC to improve the image of Gor Mahia from within. AFC Leopards is associated with the former Western province. Why should the association of Gor Mahia with Nyanza be a problem? Should I pull out and wait for someone to come from Eastern or Northeastern to support Gor? No my brother. Have confidence. We don’t owe anyone an apology for coming from wherever we come, or for supporting our culture.

    Gor Mahia encompasses more than football. This club to some is a religion and to the Luo community it is the hallmark of our culture. I’m sure you’ve been to Mombasa and heard a Luo being described as M-gori! These are facts already established and there is very little we can do to reverse them. Let’s identify with it as we dedicate our efforts towards eradication of violence and cultivation of tolerance.

  19. If am not wrong i stand to be corrected.We usually give best suggestions on this site for betterment of the club but none is implemented.one of them is insurance,our inlaws have reading this site hence they implement for us.EC a wake up call also look for other sponsors hence civic education to K’ogalo Army.


    Ladies and gentlemen of this blog with all due respect I have one begging question to all and sundry who post brilliant ideas on this blog. Are you registered in any of the official branches of GOR MAHIA F.C and what is the current position with regard to the above stated Bloggers branch? Does it exist in words or is it officially registered ,recognized and affiliated to the GM main office?
    However much you are in the know with regard to developing GOR MAHIA in all aspect of soccer development be it through financial contribution ,strategic plans ,elimination of hooliganism or moral support ; you need to understand that unless you channel your presumed resource through the branches your cries,frustrations, suggestions or criticism on this blog will just be treated as PARROTING and it will remain as such,


    Last year @JABILO did a fantastic job and managed to mobilized bloggers up to the point that members were registered, Lawyer omondi omollo provided our draft constitution and if
    am not wrong the branch was in the last stages of attaining it’s official registration at around mid December.

    Our DIVA @Eblazing complaint bitterly about lack of players motivation on the eve of our derby against AFC, Last year prior to and after the election @ MWAKIO and PAREYIO OLE LERUE provided a well researched GM “Football business ” strategic development plan that still exist on archives of this blog and which amongst many items had players medical insurance scheme and financial generating activities to say thevleast.@ arrumtiddi has shouted himself several demanding for M-PESA account number but all this ideas has ended up in the archives of this blog. WHY? Because GM has a constitution ,structures and channels that empowers branches to conduct their affairs freely and promote the club.


    We are a team of people well above average basic knowledge and we do not require rocket science or legal consultant to acknowledge that we can bring changes in K’Ogalo from within the officially recognized framework and not by exposing our frustration left,right and centre, day in ,day out on this blog site.

    @OKOTH JABILO, MWAKIO, VINCENT OCAMPO, JACKOWILI, EBLAZING, PAREYIO, JB, ODUOR12,ARRUMTTIDI amongst many other on this endless list it is time to act now.

    @OKOTH JABILO can you show leadership and the way forward . Your bloggers branch baby is in ICU and membership is just on the rise. UPDATE US ACCORDINGLY NOW!

  21. @Jackowili you are right. But the comments were from @15 Dinga and not @14. All footbal is local and is also part of a people’s culture. That’s why in Lamu donkey-riding is the main game. In kenya footy is basically a favourite for those from Western (the shemejis) area and coastals of arab origin. So sponsoring any of the teams will always end up in getting the markets of those regions. We used to have Mathare with its across-all-the-regions support but that has literally fizzled out. The way forward to make the clubs strong both financially and fan-base wise we need to open them up to those from outside the stronghold. GM has done it very well on the playing unit where the we have players virtually from all corners and we treat them all the same. Even our fan base is now national though they are not as vocal as those from the lake. We now need to open the rest of the areas e.g. in the EC. Maybe with that we could get someone or ideas to take us from this inability to make the financial/commercial decisions to take the club to the next level. We all know that there are people here in Kenya who are not into footy per se but can take advantage of the current situation to make GM a club to be envied locally. We can be the TP Mazemebe or Al Hali of Kenya

  22. I am today, a very disappointed disciple of Gor Mahia. Main reason is that SuperSport has given Kogallo a blackout because of the “addidas” guys. Some of us follow Kogallo from our sofasets. Now we shall be starved for God knows, how long.
    We shout about sponsors, and all manners of good things being suggested by us and end up being implemented by AFC Leopards. While AFC medical is being paid by Mumias Sugar, Gor “addidas” guys are busy fighting TUZO the sponsor. Throwing all manners of insults. Someone is demanding for accountability of the 4.6M raised during the sunday derby. There is no need, since almost all that will be spent on paying fines for mistakes made by “addidas” guys. It is high time the real Kogallo supporter restained themselves. We need to change our attitude as well. This idea of we can survive even if the sponsors withdrew will take us nowhere. I hear people asking for MPesa account. I am not sure how much can be raised through that initiative. In any case that is not sustainable. How will that money be accounted for in the first place. In my view that is a waste of time. Way out, is to attract as many sponsors as possible. Gor would be having 3 – 5 sponsors now if it were not for “addidas” fellows. I am proud of being a disciple of Kogallo and regret sharing Kogallo with “addidas” guys. For God and my beloved club Kogallo

  23. @ Eblazing our match against Rangers is very much on schedule despite the on and off cancellation that was depending on mutual agreement between Rangers and their kit supplier. Let meet at NYAYO and do the needful for our team.

    @ O.Trailer the BLOGGERS BRANCH official launch is well in progress and as of now wakili omondi omollo is finalizing on some fine details otherwise as of next week we shall post all the developments and also encourage new members to post either the email address or phone numbers in order to get in touch with Vincent OCAMPO and enroll as members. We had planned to meet this coming weekend but we postponed since our match against SoNy has been switched to AFRAHA in NAKURU.

    @Kosero on post 22 , it nice to hear from you and sorry for your predicament brother. You have been victimized by the act of hooliganism of none other than both the “ADIDAS” and “LEGEA” goons in the name GOR MAHIA. It’s high time GOR MAHIA should think beyond supersports and engage KISS TV. I just wonder why the same verdict was not applied when AFC rioted during FKL cup semi-final last year. But all in all we have ourself to blame.

    It’s my request that we forget about this “Derby debacle” and concentrate on how to collect maximum points from our two games against Rangers and SoNy. The more we spend our energy on irrelevant issue’s and side-shows from the Magelo’s and supersports of this world the more we deviate from our core agenda of pushing our team forward as fans.


  24. let the real fans take control of this hooligans masquerading as gor fans. this people don’t watch the game but very fast in throwing stones. remember we go to the field with our kids.

  25. obunga jabunga iwacho adier. This is our club we either make it or break it……its up to us as fans. And we r parents as well n our kids visit the same stadia that we go. Lets transform our image n stop the 1960’s act. We r the revolution we want.

  26. We as jokogalo we go to stadium to watch opira live live, we dont watch on telebison so the so called super schieth to hell with their threats.

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