Video: Abbas Magongo’s goal against Esperance in 1987 and Peter Dawo profile

This story about Peter Dawo also has a very brief video showing the goal scored by Abbas Khamis Magongo during the 1987 Africa cup winners cup final, first leg match played in Tunis. This appears to be the only footage of Gor Mahia in the 1980s that is publicly available. It appears that Kenyan television stations have these videos available but for some strange reason, they are just sitting on them.

Also unfortunately, the footage only shows about 15 seconds of action. It did not even show the goal second goal that was scored by Peter Dawo.  Most fans especially fans of that era would give anything to see more camera footage from that glorious era.  To relive those glorious days and show people how good some of these players are. The TV stations that have this footage are sitting just on a goldmine.

9 thoughts on “Video: Abbas Magongo’s goal against Esperance in 1987 and Peter Dawo profile

  1. Shame on Gor for not helping players who made them who they are today! From the video, Dawo is a miserable man. Why cant the club set aside a small percentage of all its gate collections and prize money to help players that gave 5 or more years of service in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s years? These are the players who made Gor what it is today. Dont forget that most of those players only got a small allowance for practice and game which they used for bus fare. Most of them worked for Raiways, Posta etc for their livelyhood and only played for Gor as a matter of pride. Anyone aspiring to be a Gor leader in the next election should have bulletin points as to how he or she is going to help ex Gor players who have 5 or more years of service.

  2. @Ingo, next time before you open that stinking mouth of yours ufikirie kwanza.una memory ndogo sana,juzi tu one of INGWE’S legends MZEE KADENGE alifungiwa hospitali sababu ya bill na harrambee ikafanywa na INGWE did not contribute even a single cent and you’re here commenting ni kama mtu amesotwa akili.SHAME ON YOU.

  3. @ Nyakwar….Your are not correct about Kadenge at all. Anyway, this blog is for Gor matters and not ingwes. How does your posting above offer suggestion/s on how to help ex Gor players? Now you see who has a stinking mouth?


  5. There is a longer clip on kbc that shows the final of 1987 in Kasarani – it is also about Dawo, and it shows him heading in a goal.
    At least Dawo is still active, wengine walikufa penniless. I think Sammy Owino “Kempes” and those who migrated to the diaspora lucked out.

  6. I love Gor Mahia so much. I really do. But I think we group think so much. I believe there is a job that Dawo can play for goal. I think we can remember him for whom he is. To honestly speak, no one cares. In Kenya, people live for the moment. Don’t you think Rachier knows about Dawo? How about Raila? How about George Bwana? why not Gor Mahia fans set up a fund named Gor Mahia fans for retired players? I would gladly offer support. Perhaps the reason we have not been successful is because we forget the past. This is a very unusual Kenyan culture

  7. Surely this is bad behavior. OMUGA needs to be remember and honoured. He made us to be all time proud in Kenya, in Africa and the world. Luo Business men, politicians and leaders can mobilise entire Luos to build even an Estate for OMUGA. remember That Only Goal that made all the difference. PLZ. Not too late to do something.

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