Wanyonyi leaves for AFC

Timonah Wanyonyi who has been rumoured to be leaving Gor Mahia is now fotrmally out of the club and is set to join arch rivals AFC Leopards according to a report from goal.com

Wanyonyi is believed to have approached AFC Leopards’ to sign him on Wednesday. He took advantage of the few days remaining before his contract at Gor Mahia expires on June 22 to leave.

AFC Leopards Organising Secretary Timothy Lilumbi revealed to Goal the move but insisted that no official communication will be made until June 23.

“He (Wanyonyi) still has a few days before his contract at Gor Mahia expires and so we don’t want to say much but the fact is he approached us wanting to join our club and we cannot be blamed for that.” said Lilumbi to goal.com in a bid to deflect attention from the fact that they have been seeking Wanyonyis signature ever since he joined Gor Mahia in mid 2013.

Gor Mahia Secretary General Chris Omondi said the player had refused any contract extension talks and wished him the best. “We have been trying to have him extend his contract for the last several months but he has not been keen on it.

“Apparently, he was up to something and we can only wish him the best of luck. We have depth and his absence will not affect us.”

Wanyonyi scored against AFC Leopards’ two weeks ago when his club lost 3-1 to Gor Mahia.

Wanyonyi had tried to join AFC leopards when he left Aspire academy but AFC declined. It was not until he started shining at Gor Mahia that AFC started to pursue him.

41 thoughts on “Wanyonyi leaves for AFC

  1. Let us wish him the best. After all it was his childhood ambition to join Ingwe. I don’t think his going willl have a huge impact on our team though it is always sad to lose players.
    Now is the time for us to welcome those who are also ‘dying’ to play for Gor. I can assure our fans that they are many out there.

  2. Wish you well Wanyonyi.
    AFC is where you want to be and may we wish you all the satisfaction there.

    K’Ogalo for ever!

    In victory or in defeat!

  3. good to gor…coz ts only here where a small player or hidden talent anaweza tambulika ,all thenx to gormahia family yani ma fans.any player on the bench now is ur time to grab that number.Gor is Gor second leg.and am thanking God almighty,first imetupata na points poa number 1.there will b no gor biro yahwne yoo,but gor osethii…en mana buru maneno.

  4. Karibu Wanyonyi! Not to throw salt in eyes of ingwes worthy opponent Gor, but the truth is that money talks in this business. Wanyonyi might have wanted to play for Ingwe from his childhood days but what lured him to Ingwe is nothing but money. Who remembers that old song ……shillingi ya ua ahh tena maua.

  5. He should have focused in his career rather than money.I‘m still wondering the position he will play in Efusi but we wish him well.

  6. am i disappointed that he has left?no!will we miss him?no!
    to be honest he was my weak link in midfield….scored against afc,but that doesnt make him a star!
    player for the future though but had his sight firmly on his roots team.itwas just a matter of when!

  7. Its all about blood relation and not money bwana Ingo. He had already expressed interest in playing at the Den. I believe we still have what it takes to win the league. We just need to ensure the mid is tweeked and hope the players have the hunger to win games.

  8. THANX Wanyonyi, c ata Keli alienda INGWE,na alikuwa na goals ngapi kwa kcb by last tym,? na sahizi ni goals gapi kwa afc? c his tym at kcb alikuwa anashine? wanyonyi thnk twice.a?????????????

  9. For me it’s a bad move influenced only by ethnic consideration not even money, too bad for a young person like Wanyonyi. Efusi are frustrating development of talent, they only wait for others to discover talent even in their backyard then they pounce. Next is surely Shakava, they must be burning inside how he is starring for Kogalo and tend will surely come for him. Taking everybody back to the day when gor was for luos and AFC for only luhyas, but I believe we at Kogalo are beyond that, shame on them.

  10. # 16 Jathur, haki AFC is making Gor look like their feeder team; just like Kisumu Hot stars and Homabay used to feed Gor with young talent.

  11. Nothing lasts Ingo. Enjoy for now bro. Its a question of time. Rearrange ur team Ingo but no trophies this season.

  12. I see it as an attempt by Chris Omondi to bring down the wage bill. I am not sure if he tried hard to convince the lad to stay. The timing of the move is suspect. Who else agrees? Financially, the club is down!!

  13. Pmawego it’s not money here, coz if its about money then you are saying everyone should be going and we close down. .

  14. I have penned it again and again even when the Lad was being fielded the two games we played Afc. You can not compromise loyalty. The challenge I have noticed with the Technical bench is the will to exercise industrial phsychology.
    Anyway lets foccus and swallow this bitter pill without complains. Its a lesson we must learn. My advice to the EC is to forget about sponsorship and turn around Gor Mahias fortunes into real business. I told Rachier that Gor can easily be making 150million annually making it the most self sustaining club in East and central Africa save for TP mazembe. No action.

  15. ati wanyonyi leaving is a bitter pill to swallow?not at all!!!!so far he is still a very average player.he has not really wow-ed me yet.in short,i wont lose any sleep because he has ran off to join the den!!

  16. Guys, players just like other professionals have a right to choose where they fill comfortable. Getting worked up just shows how ungrateful we are.

  17. #20 jathur’ ……it is all about money. Offer all those players you are talking about more money and see if they will stay. Why do you think Allan Wanga’ went to Sudan? Because he loves the Country Sudan? Because he loves Elmereikh’? It is because he will be making 800,000 shillings a month. Offer Wanyonyi even 100,000 a month and see if he won’t change his mind.

  18. Guys Danny is off for trials in Denmark while Rama and Calabar are MIA. Hope all is well within the camp. It could be the usual way the media always amplifying Gor issues.
    @Ingo, money matters but is not everything. Have you ever heard of a player taking a paycut but following their heart?

  19. Dan…true. LeBron James is an example of a player who took less money to play for the Miami Heat. But wait a minute, how much does LeBron make per year? Over $ 100 million. The point is that our players are make hand to mouth salaries ; a good player would therefore never take a pay cut

  20. I think that for any player, like any one who would like to improve on their, livelyhood and proffession, Wanyonyi has done the right thing. For once your heart has led you to a place where you eventually find yourself, it is good to be there.Am thankful for his contribution while at Gor. Am sure that he has also learnt something.In fact where ever he goes even after AFC, it will remain that he passed through Gor. However, Must AFC be depending on GOR to porch players from us? I think it is bad trend especially at this time.

  21. Each time yu steal something from ithank God coz he has blessef me with sthing you admitre.But more important i feel so happy that you are daily aspiring to be like me.Best of luck Wanyonyi.

  22. Each time you steal from me i feel proud coz its an admission of secret admirition of what i posses n my lifestyle.

  23. @Jakorando, you are now betraying the intelligence we thought you had. Is it so hard for you to engage in a debate without resorting to abusing language?. Where has @Ingo used bad language for you to resort to that. That contribution betrays your reasoning. I am so disappointed in you. Did you run out out any more reasoning capacity to resort to that?

  24. Wanyonyi was Wanyonyi last season,now he performs below average,for example against his tribal team,he scored yes but how many other blunders did he make??to me won’t miss him,there is still one remaining in the squad that I pray leaves,n won’t miss him too,at Gor we never lack talent.

  25. wish the boy well in his career no matter what influenced him to move but he has been average n only got more play time after Mutisos injury ,WIPER will b back soon and we won’t miss Wanyonyi, we also got a great talent in DANIEL ONYANGO and soon he’ll get a chance to proof what I mean

  26. well, let wanyonyi follow his heart, but efusi should be ashamed of themselves and know that titles are not `bought` for there is no single season that efusi doesnt buy `big` but year afta year they keep on failing, besides, at the end of the day, they fix themselves for they never understand that some players form are inherent to the team they play for. they created alot of hulabalu about masika insisting `shiyu ni shiyu` or something like tat only to go waste a talent which was almost at its peak, wat followed is anybodys guess.as for timonah, the kind of football that he plays and the way he requires many chances to score 1 goal can only work at kogalo for kogalo knows what patience is and acknowledges that wine mature with edge, he should be wary, very worried at efusi. any wishing him all the best. as for efusi, they should look for something known as nurturing talent or else they will end up with a squad of former stars, ama waliovuma like there last season signing

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