Welcome aboard Crispin Odula

Good news in the Gor Mahia camp as veteran defensive midfielder Crispin Odula has finally received his International Transfer Certificate and is available to play in all tournaments. This according to club official Ronald Ngala.

“We were waiting for his International Transfer Certificate, ITC, and clearance before he gets the chance to play for us. I am glad he has been cleared and can now play for Gor Mahia.” said Ngala to goal.com

Odula has been training with the club and should thus be able to slot in seamlessly.

“Odula will now be available for selection and, who knows, if the coach deems him fit, he will play this weekend, but that is the decision left for the technical bench. He has been training with the team; I do not think he will have problems to fit in.”

As a replacement for Khalid Aucho, He will add much needed steel to the midfield and free up Francis Kahata to focus on playmaking.

He is a vastly experienced player having played in the KPL since 2006 as well as in Tanzania and in Finland. His experience will come in handy during the 2016 campaign which promises to be a tense and tight contest. Inexperienced players typically struggle to handle the pressure that comes with a tense league race. Odula will also be able to impart his experience to the younger members of the core like Wendo. Odula joined from AC Oulu of teh Finland league.

26 thoughts on “Welcome aboard Crispin Odula

  1. News keeps getting better…. Hope he fills the gap left by Aucho so we can stop conceding and return to our clean sheet era.

  2. Actually why do we keep on overating this guy Aucho. I do appreciate his efforts when he was at Gor but I think we are taking it too far. I think this guy Wendo has never been properly utilized , especially when you play him together with a junior like Nondi. Logically such combinations work in very rare cases and this becomes worse in a game of high expectations by fans. To me Wendo was the perfect replacement for Aucho when played together with Gatuso. This will give the likes of Kagere and Kahata enough space to create chances for Tuyisenge coz defence will be presumed totally secure. With such a powerful midfield overlapping defenders like Nzigi and Marcelo will just prove too overwhelming for the opponents coz obviously there will be confusion on who to mark. Otherwise we are waiting to see Odula in action to confirm his abilities.

  3. Anybody who has played in the Kenya premier league for 10 years is probably 35 years + of age …..prove to us that we are wrong wuod odula.

    1. I remember when Odula joined Coast Stars, he had just recently finished form 4. So If I were to guess his age I would say around 29.

  4. Karibu Oduss, just organize that midfield for us, age is but a number. Not so rosy at Aberdeen lets pray for and encourage Aucho, ama wanataka sponsorship.Warning Okewkanango you just continue killing us slowly with laughter when we are dead you will be left alone at this site.

    1. Yawa odiwuor What givin you laghing. Ngato nono sasa siku hisi nataka kujua kisungu. Isorait lauging is makes piple live lon.Tibim. mwaka 5 kutoka sasa kama atakuwa hai okewgadongo takuwa naweza andika kisungu quota ya iyo nyi naandika hapa.Iko na imani . Tena nashaanza practce na hisi kitabu za Tom an Mary.

      1. @okewkanango dont read tom and mary books,just watch tom and jerry sani kisungu naskia ni digital.can someone tell me if we are playing sony or nairobi stima this weekend.

  5. All we can do is to wish Crispin all the best and hope that his impact is felt immediately. Currently we need all our best arsenals to be able to start pulling away from the leading pack. Deep inside I believe that we will still win the league but will have to REALY fight to do that. The gap will be smaller this time.

  6. The addition of Crispin in our squad will add steel in our midfield since he’s a box to box midfielder and infact he will be darling to fans watch this space and see midfield maestro taking charge. With Walusimbi fully recovered, l’m not worried about our midfield coz it will be tight. lf the coach can field marcelo as no11 then Waluwalu as no 7 and we have Gatusso/Odula as holding midfielders then it will bet very difficult to most teams to penetrate our defense. l have suggested marcelo/ Walusimbi coz all of them are dribblers, they are able to provide pinpoint crosses, strong against one on one and lastly they are able to provide defensive cover comfortably. By fielding them it will be tricky to any coach to stop us from making pin- point crosses into the box coz we will having four players who are difficult to mark I.e Sibomana, Nizigiyamana, Marcelo, Walu who are all able to execute that role effectively. Through this we can field Kahata and Agwanda as super subs. Kahata with his crisp passes and an eye for the space he will create fouls to the tiring defenders and Man Agwanda with his throws, Our opponents will be in constant panic mode creating no room for wasting time/ playing defensive by our opponents. Just my opinion though coach need look as well the partnership of Jausenge and Kagere if it is working na kama haifanya the he should partner Jausenge with Berry coz they dont have pace or Kagere/Keli because of their pace. ero uru kamano.

    1. @tosh@musaymo what should be done with our right wing? it doesnt seem strong the way it was last year.even i do conca with bro.dan original that the ligue is ours to loose.if we can cry over the draws then i know gor dont hav loosing in their vocabulary odula/walu seems to be the missing link@jakoyo please start the countdown i.e how many marches 2 go forus to take the ligue the way you did the previous years.

  7. I concur right wing is our weakest link and that’s why we are forced to play a utility player in that area by the name Walusimbi. lf look the form Wafula had ? last year is totally different with what he’s playing now. His crosses/passes are poor, he holds the ball too long until he looses it, he’s not covering Nizigiyama thus exposing the defense all of us saw how Jimmy Bageya caused havoc in that wing. For Omino no comment coz l can’t even explain what happened to him in fact he was supposed to be taken for Loan to a team like Sony and therefore we are left with Waluwalu as a better option coz of his passesand crosses are pinpoint, he’s able to no 2 well and also his workrate is above board.

  8. Ayawi okewkanango isorait am back. TIBIM. Mosna Musymo,Tosh,BB and others. This weekend is NRB Stima, hii ni nyama tu. The team should now be a fairly complete with Odula in. Though there has been goal drought for the twin strikers, that happens a lot in foot ball; I have watched all the matches and I saw the pair of Magere and Jausenge have been working very hard in the last three matches. Their contribution is significant in worrying opposing defenders.

    1. Jathur Gi Ji I must confess I am so happy to have you rejoin the blog. Welcome. I wish I could see a similar return of the likes of Okoth Jabilo, Mwakio, Wuonpap, Pareyio Ole Lelerue, Jasawagongo, Gem Kendgi, Vincent Ocampo, Ochigah. Albert Kosero, The Villager, Le Pastre, Dinga, Walter Alando Bwoga, Arrumtiddi, Ogango Trailer, etc, etc.
      Baba while you were away, this is what Okewkanango subjected us through:

      Barefoot Bandit says:
      July 26, 2016 at 11:58 am
      A Person once in the not so distant past, your post reminded us of Wodu Wakiri the village wag. Man you were dead right. Here is something sampled from herein to spice your day:
      “Sasa ndio naamuka……….Tafadhalini patia Kahata Ugali……..iyo Sudan nashakuwa bunduki, bunduki kila saa. Tafta kuku uambie nayo mwili pole sasa……….Musyom we naeshimuingi wewe………sisi hapana panga kuruka uwanja. Ni vile si karibu kulia halafu goal ndiyo hiyo……. hiyo ndiyo siku gatuso naruka kwa sisi mafuns……Kwani hao watu wote wanaambiana turuke ama inakuja tu………Mimi kumbe naelewa eti funs wako sili kisa nasema wacha moto ipate moto……mimi pia naweka mkono chini nawachana na iyo maneno…………. Sasa napiga pole kwa kuelewa mbaya”.
      Okewkanango says:
      July 26, 2016 at 12:33 pm
      Kiswahi sumbua wiya bana. Si we naona mi najaribu sana. Iyo wuod Okiri ndo sijui sana. eni dobed jatuk gor machon moae gweng koso yawa

  9. Its news when a man bites a dog not when a dog bites a man. Gor Mahia winning the league is/should be expected and routine despite the hicups enroute. The challenge this year is winning the league, Top 8 and GorTv. Now if EC focusses on the local scene then others will catch up with Ko’galo with the phrase “there is no small team in the SPL” becoming more common coz when you stagnate not all stagnate with you. Instead EC should focus on winning a continental title then we might reach the semis/ group stage, win or be a finalist in CECAFA. Lets start hearing phrases like “there’s no small team in Africa” when Mighty Gor Mahia pips/draws with Zamalek, Esperance, Wydad Casablanca in North Africa. Hehe of course the some will tell you “my friend Gor Mahia No No that is not a small team!”

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