Williamson blames bad luck

Tusker often resorted to rough play

Coach Bobby Williamson attributed the failure to pick maximum points on bad luck. “We were unlucky. We created so many chances but failed to get that decisive goal. The officiating was very satisfactory,” said Williamson to the Nation.

“I feel we gave it our all, but luck was not on our side. We created so many chances but were unlucky not to convert them” continued Williamson

Gor Mahia created several chances. Kevin Omondi was twice denied by the cross-bar.

Venue Change

Coach Williamson also expressed displeasure at the suddn change of venue from City stadium to Nyayo stadium.

I really don’t get this unusual change of match venue a day to the match. We had trained knowing the match will be played at the City Stadium, which hosts our match only for it to be shifted to another venue, Williamson said after the match. -This affected us and had its disadvantages to be honest, he told futaa.com.

The venue change was supposedly done for security reasons.

Gor Mahia will next travel to Mombasa to play Bandari.

25 thoughts on “Williamson blames bad luck

  1. Very good performance, actually beyond expectations.Keep it up its still early in the season.Culprit number 1-K14 where are your scoring skills? those were too many chances you missed considering what are normally capable of doing with the ball.Can a way be found for Dan to take a few matches rest,it is clear there is some fatigue catching up with him?

    For the supporters who turned up, congratulations for behaving well,I was so happy moving out of the stadium with such peace,KEEP IT UP.

  2. True BW the lady luck evaded us on almost 4 occasions and am happy with the pep talk you gave the boys to rise up their game. As opposed to Top Fry where we left the pitch without a single short on target, yesterday they were countless and you need to work on your players composure in side the box. We just need some precision and accuracy.

    Do not complain of the last minute venue changes because we being the home team made the decision to switch to NYAYO , but only if ADE(3) , Kizito(1) and Kenga(2) had converted only half of those clear chances that came our way ,then we could have hit TUSKER by 4 clear goals.

    To GOR players, please maintain the tempo and pile pressure to their opponents as defending champions. Be aware that it will not a walk in the park and all teams playing against us will use all the tricks available to walk away with a point from us

  3. Venue change was in bad taste as most fans went to City, me included. We had reach Nyayo there after. I believe we lost some revenue.
    The team played well, despite the bluntness upfront. The midfield (Baba n Eric)was classic, a beautiful surprise was K4 on the way he fitted at the central defense. The back 4, you were so delighting and keep going stronger.
    Congrats to Jerry n Kenga and the entire team.
    Tusker played a very rough game with dirty tackles aimed at injuring us. In fact, Abondo should have been red carded only that Berry retaliated after being hit on the jaws.
    I wish Oboya quick recovery.

  4. 11 against 9 and not even a single shot off target and the all of us are happy with the performance!
    I saw nothing good to be happy about.

  5. Boys played well it’s true luck was not on our side. Tusker played very un-profesional game in the second half which might have caused some fear.

    The coach’s game plane was enterupted when Oboya was injured immeditely into the game.Keep the spirit boys and the TB.

  6. Dear comrades, let us not be rush on judging this team only six matches into the season, rather, I insist that teams are judged at the end of the season, therefore, let us be patient with this team.
    This is a point gained, and we are not badly off as compared to those in front of us
    I hear Bandari has changed venue to Machakos Stadium? Kindly confirm

  7. All, if only we would give this team all the support they need as fans then we will go far. there is a saying that if you run alone you will run faster but in a group you will go further and we all want to go further. Before yesterday’s game i was abit pessimistic especially the defence without Owino, Musa and Emuge but we held well and in fact Tusker never made any serious raid on our goal yet we hit the post 3 times only for luck to elude us.
    We need to seriously work on the composure in front of goal and as someone said let’s rest Danny or use him sparingly in some games and try the likes of Kopany and Obwoge. The lad must be tired.
    The Bandari game will be at the Msa Municipal stadium so let’s all be there for those who can and the rest can support the team from wherever they are.
    For those who stilll don’t believe this is one of our best starts in the league for quite some time. In 2012 and 2010 we were runners up just because we started the league very poorly only to mae good runs in the second leg. Last year we had a comfortable run just because we didn’t need to play catch up but led from the front. I see the same scenario replicating itself this time.
    From my crystal ball I see this league as a two-horse race between Ingwe and Gor with Sofapaka and Tusker trailing them.

  8. @mcosweto, the quality of a team’s football is as good as the quality of the opponents. Note this statement very well. That is why Gor Mahia played two very good games against Esperance even though we lost both matches. The quality of our team on both legs was there for all of us to see. Some of us were fortunate to watch both matches. Now when it gets to playing City Stars of Thika United, you see a different ball game. With 9 men, Tusker had to play dirty and thus made it hard for Gor to play quality football.

    By the way, you have seen Man United play so well and beat Arsenal then a few days later loose to a team in Singapore with the same players. Try Gor Mahia vs Arsenal at Kassarani and you wont believe its the same team you keep castigating week in week out. I hope you wont be too frustrated since we gained one more point yesterday even though 3 would have been better. 3-2-1 is still a very good record at this time of the season.

  9. @pmawego, Which quality are talking about when some player who has been in the team for 4years,with a good chance in the 6yard box, still wants to curve the ball into the net? Why are we shying away from the truth? Gor played badly and got the best result they could have wished for and that’s why most of fans are ok with one point.

  10. @Mcosweto it’s high time you go to pitch n score easily as you are trying to indicate above. we must appreciate the team played beyond our expectations knowing very well that we had injuries and that Tusker deployed anti-football tactics to injure our players. we are contented with the point gained coz it was not a lucky for us having hit the bar thrice.we will leave to fight another day n let’s avoid putting uneccessary pressure to the team since it’s too early.

  11. Thank you very much onyangooloeverlyne. Truth is always a very bitter pill to swallow. How can a team play well as you tend to believe then fail to create even a single goal scoring chance? Against 9 men? For a whole 15 minutes? Which decorum are you talking about when you go around insulting others, and especially those you don’t know?

  12. @mcosweto, stop dwelling so much on the past. You can’t change it. The game was played yesterday and God drew with Tusker and that cannot be changed. Stop crying over spilt milk. Be happy about the point and let us live to fight another day like Omondaye has said. It’s good to be unhappy about missed chances but dont be too over critical. You should be happy that we for once were a good looser yesterday because on an ordinary day some fools would have stormed the pitch as a result of the bad tackles. Meanwhile, let us know your transfer price tag because we want EC to sign you as a strike for the second half of the season. That way, we will have very good conversion rate!!

  13. And by the way, we need to see football as an entertainment and not a life and death thing. Some people are making it look like “Gor must win otherwise I burn my house” It is a game, it is an entertainment, it is a social event. Think of a time when we go to stadium as a social event and not work (its the players that should see it as their work to entertain us). So the day the don’t entertain us and we loose, we go home sad and it ends at the sadness but the day we are entertained we are happy. Let us be making fun about how K14 missed a seater or how he scored a brilliant goal because in the following match things will be different. By the way, on Tuesday night, I saw some fans in two stadiums supporting their teams and managers to the end even though their teams were loosing and drawing. It just shows you this is supposed to be a social event and not employment.

  14. @mcosweto be calm, that is what has kept us going for the last 18 years. a lot of people are working with team, praying for the Team, encouraging those who get injured in the pitch etc, Play a ROLE brother. find something positive in Gor

    Even if you don’t, other will. And their belief and commitment that Gor will always get better will certainly come to pass. It not going to happen overnight. We have fallen many times and the more we fell the more we remained committed to the course, the more we fell, the more we had many come behind us to pick us up.

    We will surely overcome

  15. We played very well, especially in the first 45 mins. Donge?

    Tusker were out to break us. @ Dan, Oganjo, Sam Muga, Achabo & Omondi I echo your sentiments.

    Note – season has two segments (1st and 2nd legs). We will continue getting mixed results and at the end of it all I am very confident we will carry the day; no need to panic.

  16. whoever said football is just a sport lied… it’s about life and sadly, sometimes ppl die. that’s just an argument.
    i congratulate gor for the good game but i urge Bobby to be careful when teams play gor. most teams will not approach gor the normal way and the tech bench shud start taking notes of pattern behaviour. notice that teams playing gor seem to be repeating certain patterns.
    some teams now resort to time wasting tactics, some will use rough soccer which is basically aimed to the fans, some will pack the defence and some will just come out for a tit for tat good football even though these are rare. what i am trying to say that Booby is being given a good platform to change his game accordingly while the players are being exposed to all kinds of situations. the average gor player is most likely to be an international player in a short time than would the same player be plying his trade elsewhere.
    in short there are KPL matches and one GOR MATCH. i am suggesting is that Bobby should also come out to play a particular club rather than just come out to play soccer. if ur going to play a time waster as thika then respond immidiately rather than complain.

  17. @dinga you are spot on in your analysis.It‘s high time Bobby to play against clubs to counter what most teams have been deploying against Gor M i.e time wastage, play rough n tackle perceived threat players hard to play with Gor fans emotions. Therefore BW should pull a surprise in his squad to counter the obvious strategy of opponents coz his squad is easy to predict jst a suggestion .

  18. @Dinga, I think when we are playing physical teams like Tusker then we need physical players like Obwoge, Owino, Onyango to take them on. If you watch Chemelil you will realize that Ballotieno takes the hard knocks as small Likono moves on. We seriously need to start with the strong guys before we bring on the K14, Rama, and BB

  19. @Dan Original it is all up to the TB to devise all the tactics that will work against our opponents and this has been my only reservation with our TB.

    At times it is no even about the physique or how hardened a player is but simple basic skills. The are only for basic concept in a tactical formation that any football coach will apply depending on the kind of opponents he is facing. Its as simple as DEFENDING, CREATING,POSSESING and FINISHING.
    1. Despite his body size Kelvin Oluoch was my man with
    his positioning and timely tackles while defending.
    2. Daddy “ADE” and KENGA worn the creativity but
    failed in finishing.
    3. Tusker was good in possession and this was proven
    especially when they were two men down, they were
    still comfortable in playing the ball and almost
    opening our defense at will.MONDAY worn the midfield
    and when Wahome was red carded he took up his role.

    And this is exactly what @Mcosweto and @Jakoyo are interrogating with regard to our players & TB ability to read the game and change course depending on the prevailing circumstances.

    Kimanzi made tactical substitution by bringing in Ali Abondo and Joshua Oyoo to replace Omunuk and Dunga in the wings since they are good ball players & holders , as well as dribblers and that justifies why With two men less and 20 minutes of play for remaining;

    Gor players we kept on hoofing the ball upfront aimlessly[PURA BOLI MBELE] instead of taking advantage of our numerical strength to POSSESS and move the ball around and subject the opponents into errors within their own half.TACTICS YAWA! JBO please give BW some very simple tips of TPL teams and we are home and dry.

  20. The game ilikuwa poa na kwa ukweli walicheza lakini ni2 ha2na bahati ,na tena husisahau mafans wenzangu,hakuna team yenye atabali afangwe hvo raisi, wale pia wanataka points ili wasonge mbele,so legue ni ngumu mani….2tafunga 2kienda cost.acpt reslt

  21. Some people lakini jokmoko yawa never see anything good always whining. We played well period like it or not you haters. So many factors come into play in soccer and to me the greatest contributor is the status of our pitches which is just pathetic. Indeed watching some of the missed chances by Kevo boils down to the way the ball moves on the pitch when its meant to roll it bounces.
    The defence of Shakava/Oluoch played so well in general and so did the midfield of Eric/Kizito. The two inclusions made the difference. I still pray that we learn to consistently pack the defence the moment we loose the ball like we did in thd first half. The second thing is not play to the fans direction like we did in the last 20 minutes of the second half when we had an upper hand. We should have stuck with the tactic of going for counter attacks instead of lobbing the ball.
    I concur with some people that Sserenkuma should take a bow because he looks tired and thus needs to rest to get his groove back. Bandari next.

  22. why is everyone talking about luck!?kwani our opponents are the only ones who are lucky?
    for me its simple ….we need to up our game and stop blaming it on bad luck and negative tactics from our opponents.
    the team needs to improve….period!!!!

  23. The tech bench must simply evolve and start winning excuses are expressions of failure,and as explained above dont just play football prepare for each team individualy.

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