Williamson: Gor Mahia is ready for continental

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Gor Mahia Scottish coach Bobby Williamson believes his side is ready for continental challenge but is still not impressed by some of his players.

Williamson says most of the new signings are working well with the rest of the squad but some are yet to convince him they are up to the task.

After watching his side battle to a one-all draw with lower division side Nakumatt FC in a friendly match on Wednesday afternoon at the City Stadium, Williamson said some players will have to pull up to make the cut this season.

“I have given every player a chance today to play. I can say a bulk of the players are ready for the season but there are some who will have to work hard. It is not going to be a free ride for them into the team. I am not ready to accommodate their weaknesses,” said the Scotsman who guided Gor Mahia to its first league glory after 18 years last season.

“From the way we played, I think I already have my starting team. Some of the new  signings have shown tremendous improvement, some are still slow against my liking,” he said.

Gor Mahia, who face US Bitam of Gabon in the preliminary round of the Africa Champions League on February 8 in the first leg in Nairobi, signed 11 players to bolster its squad for the continental challenge.

Among the new signings are Ugandan duo of Godfrey “Baba” Kizito and Goeffrey Walusimbi who impressed in the friendly with Kizito manning the midfield alongside Anthony Akumu and Walusimbi taking charge of the left fullback position which has for some time been Gor Mahia’s weakest link.

Other new comers to K’Ogalo are the Western Stima trio of David Juma, Daniel Onyango, who was the scorer of Gor Mahia’s equalizer against Nakumatt, and Kevin Oluoch.

There is also Jared Obwoge from Chemelil Sugar and Bandari’s Shaban Kenga, Haron Shakava and Herbert Kopany.

The league champions also saw the return of George ‘Blackberry’ Odhiambo and Rama Salim.

Odhiambo, the KPL player of the year in 2010, showed some flashes of brilliance same as Rama but it was evident they are lacking match fitness.

However, Williamson said that should not be a cause to worry as he expects them to be in top shape by the start of the season.

“We have a big match in two weeks and we will be ready for it.”

20 thoughts on “Williamson: Gor Mahia is ready for continental

  1. @ BW; You very well understand that the Kogalo fan base is very hyper-sensitive and we can only believe if your words will be reflected with the players performance on the pitch. @ Jakoyo yesterday sounded some warning bells and the coach agrees with him that some of his players are yet to hit the ground running. @Jakoyo ni Kusema Na Kutenda.

  2. What we should know is that the Gabon players are currently sharpening their knives at CHAN. We therefore have a big taks ahead. But with determination we will make it

  3. Now you can see the real people who understand football in Kenya….the rest in kupayuka, PAyuka !!

    ! ” Gor Mahia coach Bobby Williamson has insisted that the team would have done better in their midweek friendly match against Nakumatt FC-It was okay but was definitely not good enough for Gor Mahia and the fans as well. It was partly due to the changes during half-time but I had to give everyone a chance to play ” !

    Let bloggers learn to be issues based.

  4. The minimum I ask for from coach Bobby Williamson is to restore our dominance over Efusi and to finally beat Zico’s team in open play. The rest will be a bonus. Efusi na Zico tu! As for Gabon, we have always had a good run over them both at the National team level when they had the great Jonas Ogandaga and at club level. Does anyone remember what K’Ogalo did to Dragons Oumme?

    Bloggers Jakoyo’s apparent omnipresence should not be a cause for concern. Just from his name, you will realize that he is like the wind and therefore has the capacity to be in many different places at the same time.

  5. @ Jakoyo, I think this term of kupayuka, payuka just depict you and your real character. You have gone ahead to misinterpret what the coach had alluded to my friend. Just recheck and compare your comments with BW.

  6. Guys, lets be moderate and friendly as we are all disciples of Gor Mahia, we are all different in our opinions and intentions and the more reason we have this site to share, and sharing we should with responsibility and understanding, each is entitled to his/her view be it insane, all we need is to forever be loyal followers, whether we conquer, are relegated to 3rd tier or wherever. That’s Gor for u. Any player who dons a Kogallo jersey knows his responsibility and if it is not excellent then TB will show him. Peace fellow adherents.

  7. What is the difference between what jakoyo posted under the previous topic and what the coach had to say about his players? Was it because he mentioned blackberry? Truth and honesty will set us free

  8. Am really warming upto head coach BW. He seems to have a mission & is really focussed.
    He seems to be on the same wave length as bloggers who find it odd that GM should not be rolling over the likes of Nakumatt (not that the team cannot have a bad day in the office). Another chance is the upcoming Charity Cup, then the serious staff begins.

    Its my hope that we will see a more entertaining brand of play/ more goals compared to last year.
    Looks like i very exiciting/competitive season ahead, given that our rivals have not been slouching either.

    I concur with BB apart from CAF I am expecting GM to sweep the board i,e CECAFA,TPL, GoTv in particular.
    The difference between the top tier teams will be a reflection of their technical benchs ability hence I think the tough approach by BW.
    All the best

  9. I agree with Bobby Williamson that some players are yet to hit the ground running. Especially the guys who have been in the team, I thought that their reactions are still slower and they look heavy. I wish they could catch up with the crisp playing that was displayed. And that means quick reaction and speed.Otherwise, I will not be surprised if some of the favorites sit on the bench for not performing up to par.

  10. we should not worry wether one is on form or not cause one thing is for sure in gor mahia. it will be very expensive for a player to warm the bench in gor. so pls expect an ‘auto pilot’ factor to come in. gor is continually becoming pro and a players has to deliver to remain in the club. just look at the kind of players gor has had to let go and this will tell you the same. it would really be foolhardy for a player to ‘wait until he is ready’ while the others are scoring points.it is my belief that the ‘fat’ players will wake up rather sooner than expected. i do not think that williamson is under any delusion that excuses will be tolorated during the league. williamson is in charge of the ‘kitchen’ in gor and is also in charge of the ‘sous chefs’. for now these are friendly matches and he can say what he likes. but during the league he will be asked one question… “who are you telling?”


    A professional means one who has mastered the skills in his/her chosen field. He/her certainly offers a higher degree of excellence than that of an amateur.

    Playing day in and out with average players does not push up performing standards.Even if the EC pumps in millions of shillings into the TB game-PLAN, how on earth can Gor Mahia football reach a degree of technical excellence as that of the GOLDEN AGE “87” in the African continental show-case ?

    Basically we expect the performing standard of our club to be necessarily of an extremely high order with the kind of quality players that are generally in abundance at this time and moment, which will enable Coach Bobby Williamson to make the professional circuit work for the club.

    This the naked truth that we must accept as a club once we start competing with the continental giants.

    It is elementary to know that we as fans inclusive of @Jakoyo pay without reservation for quality soccer and not for the average or the ordinary. Football unfortunately, in our land is far from quality or worse now, in terms of technique, skills and tactics. Even in the fundamentals, such as speed, strength and stamina, of course with the ball, we have a long way to go. “RUNNING & THINKING WISELY”

    And i agree fully with one @dinga who always remind us that most of our players may have gotten a little hardened and experienced but the technical mediocrity in their play that continue to plague their skills and technique cannot be mastered at maturity, but only at the junior stage.

    Gor Mahia as any other club elsewhere in the world is a sort of a firm or company, where share holders have pumped in money for every detailed expenditure, such as salaries and tax, payments for coaches, trainers, physiotherapist, players and facilities for both training and competition, players kits, food and medicine to name a few basics.

    How do we repay the investment? Isn’t it from the gate collection monies?

    Will our Fans pack the stadiums or the grounds regularly to watch mediocre performances? . THE ANSWER IS A BIG NO?

  12. Happy new year K’ogalo followers.Even marathoners start at their weakest just 4 them 2 gain speed as they continue.Players will also gain momentum mos mos yawa.

  13. ‘It is not going to be a free ride for them into the team. I am not ready to accommodate their weaknesses,” said the Scotsman.

    From the above statement, i can only worry.

    Fellow bloggers, we all know that BW is quite different from Loga in how they express their frustration but i sense that he is unhappy at some of the (defunct EC) recruits. The statement is loaded with doubts on the ability of some players performance even if given time.

    Dear Players,
    When you are called upon to wear the Green jersey, please take advantage of the opportunity that will have come your way. Please let us see the same input some of you give in ‘Harambee Stars’ and take every game seriously and professionally as Ogango is asking.

    Give good entertainment and results and you will change your lives forever. The league has grown in the last few years to a point which if i can quote our chairman ‘Few years ago, our players were earning a meager 4,000 and now some are earning a whooping 170,000’

    Your age mates can only dream of the money you will be getting in Kogalo but the career is shorter. Please take care of your bodies, health and fitness. Work hard and remember to save or invest.

    Have a successful season. Thank you.

  14. Thank you very much @ogango trailer and @ the villager – the real voice of reason in modern day football.

    We fans pay their salaries, therefore we must demand good performance at all times regardless of whether it is a friendly or not.

  15. The coach is just doing his job.what if the football is entertaining but the scoreboard is otherwise??
    we need a result ultimately and i think the coach knows that very well am with bobby guys he should be left to do his job.

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