Williamson happy to have Sserunkuma back

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Gor Mahia coach Bobby Williamson has revealed his delight at having Ugandan striker Danny Sserunkuma back in his squad after his bid to secure professional football in Eastern Europe fell through.

The diminutive reigning Kenya Premier League player of the year, featured as a substitute for 30 minutes in Gor’s 3-0 victory over Muhoroni Youth that maintained their lead at the top of the Kenya Premier Leagues standings.

“We are very glad to have Danny back. He is going to give us more options up front and that is what we need at this point in time,” remarked Williamson.

“We are obviously disappointed for him that he did not secure the move he wanted and the opportunity to make more money but I talked to him last Friday and he is entirely focused on helping the club achieve its objectives for the remainder of the season,” added the Scot who gave Sserunkuma his international bow with the Uganda Cranes late last year.

Sserunkuma’s presence was enough to inspire Gor to their biggest winning margin since Williamson took over as Kevin Omondi’s tap-in in the first half and a second half thumping header from in form Ugandan defender Israel Emuge and another from Mungai Kiongera secured the win for Gor against hard fighting Muhoroni.

“It was good to score three goals. We had enough time to work on a few things and I was happy to see them come off in a real match situation.” observed Williamson.

“more importantly we are still keeping clean sheets, this was our fifth in six matches and that makes it very difficult for us to get beaten, so scoring goals now will give us a good chance of winning many more matches,” he opined.

With ten matches to go Gor look every part a firm contender to lift this years KPL title and end their eighteen year wait to be crowned champions but their Scottish tactician was not willing to look that far ahead

“There are still plenty more matches to be played and we cannot afford to look beyond our next match. The most important thing is to keep winning every match and see how that leaves us at the end of the season,” he said.

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  2. Thank you Bobby Williamson. I think having a moment with Danny is very Fatherly. Professionalism also takes relationships into account. You have shown it and the very tone of your remarks evidences it. With the support of other players I see Gor lokre Mahia. With steadfast concentration I see every team coming our way, will be burnt. K’Ogalo we are behind you as always.





  4. I echo sentiments of above fellow bloggers.

    On a different note, even though Ssurunkuma wasted three clear chances, I think his presence brought immediate impact ; I hope he will gain form quickly. Oboya and Paul Odhiambo too who came as substitutes impressed in equal measure. Man of the match was Odhis ‘Dube’. In fact all players put more effort, played themselves out and it was very enjoyable match. Congrats.

  5. Good player, great coach.

    Allow me 2 digress & excercise my right 2 comment bcoz articles are posted 2 elict comments frm those who have something/anything to say.

    I feel the following are “officials enough” & hopefully will win the elections Dr.Obwaka, Lule, Sianga, Makamu in a lean office with a lean secretariat of full time employees.That way we would not have the chair intervening late in the day. Remind me again how long ago did we play city stars & he calls 4 dialogue at the 11th hour

  6. Oduor12 i think you have “gonga ndipo” Rachier does not seem to be interested you remember this guys instead of going to consult with the Nairobi PPO on how best hooliganism can be contained as most of the time this vice occurs while the team is playing in Nairobi they were holding white cheap handkerchiefs and indeed they looked hopeless and helpless.So a fully fledged office is the only solution and a lean office to remove the political appointees from interfering with the club affairs let employees run the club.

  7. Gentlemen the remaining terrain towards the finish line is very rough for which Im pleased with the availability of Danny. Lets all at this time pull all our usefull support together than never before to boost players psyche.

    For the last one and a half decade, it is this season that we seem to have a realistic chance to be KPL champions and as such utmost sobriety and moral maturity must be observed by all fans.

    I wish to remind the “GONGA NDIPOS” oF this blog that as much as I respect their views, they should know that it is every fan’s responsibility to control and stop unnecessary violence, and not the percieved omniprecence of the chairman all over the stadium within or without to arrest hooligans.

    Take for example what hapened in Luanda in 2011, Nakuru in 2012 surely do you blame the chairman for any negative incident by excited or emotinal fans?

    I think the state security agencys should borrow advice from England on how they mannaged to stamp out acts of violence in foot ball because theirs was the worst and it was stopped.

    I think elections are not called singularly to deal with fans trouble.

    Lets all come out in our numbers on sunday wherever the venue to witness another win, the boys are in top form.

  8. I have seen on GORFC.COM that Rama has landed a deal where his monthly salary is expected to be ksh.1,700,000.00 and the transfer fee paid to Kogalo is kshs.5.2m can some one confirm this?why is the club not talking about it?if its true it could be a very good deal for both player and club somebody please confirm.

  9. Exactly Paw Akuche none of the gang of 13 has confirmed after all the hulabaloo from Bwana & Faiz. Read about it on 17/8/13 on futaa.com who also seemed 2 b just speculating.


  10. as we all know by now gor has agreed to pay after alot of chestthumping by bwana. so now he agrees that gor fans cause damage. but will these guys let him go in piece, only time will tell. bwana can choose to call them whatever name but they now know how to make him pay. i too, am a gor fan, just because i do not take part in hooliganism does not mean that other gor fans do not. so for to that gor fans are not hooligans was a mistake. now ur minus 2.5 mill clean. remember one thing, these gor goons do not miss matches, reason being that they never pay in the first place. that officials use goons to get to each other in both afc et gor is no secret. now that SSMB has flexed it’s muscle, like a bully they will not relent, they will want more in future. they know ur desperate for money, EC could have decided to play in an empty stadia but thats a thought they could not even want to imagine… and someone somewhere knows how to work the goons. so now the choice to raise the entry fee to 500/- flat. gor surely is a dairy cow. i would not mind paying 1000/- to watch gor, but in this case who will the 500/- be serving betwn these three new shareholders.

  11. this part reads;
    …denying that gor fans are not hooligans was a mistake.

    EC, just raise to the occassion and manage gor out of this hooligan crisis. it can be done by any level headed leader. the benefits are enormous for the club and especially for you. i hope that all goes well for the EC, and gor mahia club et fraternity especially the fans(the type who blog here) who have choosen to stick with gor when things sometimes seem to be lost.

  12. As we criticize the EC let’s remember that those ‘white handkerchiefs’ might have resulted in averting the chaos at Muthurwa. Or did the goons see the light and avoided the confrontation with the hawkers. We have to appreciate some small things. On the Kasarani issue we are all to blame, I mean GM fans as well as EC. Some of the ‘good’ fans we have at the stadium fear even to raise their voices when they see an act of hooliganism happening in front of them. By the way whoever says AR should report to police these acts. The police themselves are quoted as saying that gor goons are a menace that they don’t know how to handle. Therefore we need to personally take cre of our security. For the derby let the price of a ticket be 800/ bob so that we all ‘suffer’ and know the consequences of our actions. After all that’s what they pay to watch Yanga and Simba playing

  13. I hope that EC will read this 2day.plis EC charge the match @1000/- 4r VIP mainstand & 500/- 4r terracess. Also dont sell on match day & dont sell tickets on match venue.why do i say that tickets should be expensive? so that goons from both sides will not be able to find their way into the stadium. Infact if u could even charge the gates at a flat rate of 1000/- it will be very ok.That mashemeji derby even if we have 10000 Fans attending that match and we leave in peace will be better than 30000 fans

  14. Original Dan look at how i think,with the photographs of some goons breaking chairs at Kasarani don’t you think they can be profiled, put in the print media but after AR reports to the police so that they are summoned to report to the nearest police station to help with investigations on who broke the chairs which is destruction of public property?There is no other way to deal with goons unless they are made to understand that choices indeed have consequences!
    And about small deeds……excuse me…. Kogalo is a big team ranked by CAF as no.40 in Africa and no.1 in Kenya and the whole of East Africa and to get where we need to be we must have a big mentality look at the successful teams both in Africa and the world what is the budget of Orlando Pirates,TP Mazembe,Zamalek,Esparence Yanga or Simba? Look abroad at footbal powerhouses like Man U,Barcelona ,PSV Eindhoven,Bayern…..to be a big team you need a big mentality to spend money you must make money,to make money you must attract it and you need a good reputation to do that you need to be respected and with hooligans who will respect you?
    We are keeping away the high end Gor mahia fans who have got money to spend by tolerating a few hooligans who enter the stadium even without paying ksh.200.00 no way Dan hapo hatuelewani bro.You have to agree with me that Kogalo is blast from the past to reach where we need to be we must go professional and there are no two ways about that and to prove that point look at our achievements in the last 20 years.
    On increasing the derby price i totally agree the demand for Kogalo as a brand has shot through the roof and so i tell you even if it goes to kshs.1,000.00 the stadium will still fill up but elaborate security measures must be put in place and i think that should be outsourced on a percentage basis to a company that has what it takes in terms of manpower experience and resources to deal with the goons coz they will be there in their hundreds amadioha forbid.

  15. @ Michael…Let us not do that, the goons will turn on you knowing you have at least Kshs 500 or more heading to Kasarani. They will be more ruthless knowing “Michael Odhiambo” will pay when they get the chance, or when we go back to City

    Let us find a long lasting solution including the time for the match. I have always though derby should be at Mid Day. I mean it 12.00Oclock. The goons like it when it is getting dark

  16. Raising the gate charges may not be the solution. The hooligans do not pay, they bribe their way in.
    Let the Police map out the hooligans and arrested them later when they lease expect.
    Let us all enjoy the derby and accept the outcome, it will be a beautiful day.

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