Williamson not sure of Stars job

In an interview with the Daily Nation, coach Bobby Williamson has indicated that he is staying with Gor Mahia for now.

“I will concentrate on my job at Gor Mahia until something comes up,” he said to the Daily Nation. Pressed further he said : “I am with Gor Mahia, it is my home.”

Williamson has not received a firm offer from FKF and there has been confusion over whether Amrouche’s 5 year contract can be terminated. And this is why giving a coach a lengthy contract like 5 years does not make sense.

Williamson further indicated that he is not interested in handling two jobs.

“At the moment I am still the team’s (Gor Mahia) coach, but I am certainly not comfortable with handling the two jobs. Those two are very demanding jobs and I do not think it is tenable for me to handle both. I am yet to make up my mind but I feel it would be very unethical to take both jobs” he said on the KPL website.

Williamson may be finding out first hand the incompetence that is in FKF.

Gor Mahia official hits back at Mururi

Gor Mahia official Ronald Ngala castigated Chemelil coach Mike Mururi for his claims that referees favoured Gor Mahia. Ngala said that Mururi’s comments show his ignorance.

“Mururi’s comments show only ignorance. He does not understand that performance is dictated by many things. Our own coach Bobby Williamson has been summoned by KPL disciplinary body over comments he made about refereeing. How can he say that we are being favored?” he said to goal.com

“Local referees do not help when they show open bias. It catches up with teams when they go out for international assignments.” continued Mururi.

In fact Mururi is showing bias and ignorance. International referees are far more corrupt and susceptible to bribes. When Gor Mahia played US Bitam earlier this year, they referee almost single handedly eliminated them.

Mururi’s views first reported on goal.com and reflected on all the Dailies suggested that Gor Mahia’s inability to win in Rwanda was because referees favoured them in Kenya.

“Gor Mahia are suffering from a self-inflicted problem. They are used to local referees favouring them to win matches in Kenyan Premier League. When they get neutral officials it becomes difficult for them to perform and this is what happened in Rwanda,


19 thoughts on “Williamson not sure of Stars job

  1. BW and the players should not be distracted by anyone or anything.CECAFA is behind us.Focus now is how to retain the kpl trophy.We have a run of 5 games begining this sunday.i believe the matches can be won and cement our position on the kpl log.By the time we play tusker,we shall have opened a 7 point lead.We should win all our home games.
    24/08/-Sony sugar-city stadium
    28/08/-KCB-Nyayo stadium
    06/09/-Bandari-City stadium
    14/09-Tusker-Nyayo stadium
    30/09-Chemelil-City stadium

  2. A positive resolve from the team and the lessons learnt, the ridiculous comments from the likes of muiruri should all combine to make the boys prove that it wasn’t pooor playbt that luck and good play determine results.

  3. Bobby forget the HS and Nyamweya job, they are so disorganized nobody now knows from where those statements came from.You have a job and doing all that you did in Rwanda just focus on the goal,retain the KPL trophy because we believe we can.

    To the playing unit,guys hold your heads high coz you did well but bad bad luck followed you in all the matches in CECAFA, you learnt a lot.Wasione simba ikinyesewa wakafikiri ni paka!!!The luck you lacked in Rwanda played in your favour at home,no team gained anything to talk about while you were away,catch them and show them dust,the likes of Mururi.

  4. Amazing how FKF or is KFF can issue a public statement saying bobby is their coach yet the guy has not been approached , leave alone given a contract!!!!

    Africa football management here we come…….

  5. There are no easy games these days but if we can win these 5 matches then we will be champions 2014!! Let us really pray and support the team

  6. mururi is a serial failure…..what meaningful contribution has he made in kenyan football as a player or coach?and a poor coach at that since none of the teams he has coached has really done anything of note!!4

  7. Why MUST people bring make political connotations on issues that do not deserve them. Really, how does CORD/JUBILEE come onto this website/discussion. Seriously, some people just waste their lives spending too much time on politics instead of concentrating on their own personal welfare. Ombeng, you are a looser!!

  8. Guys, Mururi just indicated that he quoted out of context. Remember when I said that english and most og our players is like north and south pole, far apart. We need to concentrate on real issues and not be side-tracked


    Albanian side FK Tirana has parted ways with Kenyan international midfielder Francis Kahata.

    -Francis Kahata can officially leave Tirana. The Kenyan midfielder will not return to Tirana. The club and staff do not have plans given the number of foreigners in the team as rules set by the federation which allows only four players of foreign decent, read part of the statement.

    -The player will be settled all outstanding obligations as he claimed.

    Ellio Loli confirms

    Thika United, who had loaned out the star midfielder on a six month agreement confirmed of the development through Chairman Ellio Loli who said they will plan out their next move with the player since he cannot play for the club in competitive matches in Kenya.

    -He is no longer a Tirana player but still has a six month contract with Thika United. With his ineligibility to play for us in competitive matches, we shall figure out what to do with him within that period, Loli told futaa.com


  10. Kahata are the likes of players we miss at Gor,if we can have Kahata,Osumba,Abud Omar,and a fighter like Agwanda of sofapaka then Kogalo will be retaining the kpl trophy year in year out.

  11. i will continue insisting that the only way out for Gor is to recruit youngsters from colleges and secondary schools so that they bring new energy and flexibility to Gor.

    Gor should be like a factory of talents, now that we have BW staying let him be given powers to recruit talents

    How i wish that the current Gor players get recruited by clubs outside Kenya so as they can make money and have investment.

    Maintaining TPL is important but we should never tie players to Gor for long period, EC should advice this players. look at jerry and owino calabar they are growing old but they have never featured in any club outside Kenya also sserenkuma should be loaned to simba or other club before he looses out his form

  12. i agree so long as the transfer makes both economic and sporting sense.Economic to the club interms of transfer fees and sporting to the player interms of growth and development.

  13. most of Gor fans are selfish they expect players to do wonders and when a player gets an invite for trials they are the first one to say no to player exit, look at serenkuma he got an invite for trials at Kaizer but he could not be released by EC. i dont think sserenkuma will agree to renew his contract at the end of season begging on how ungrateful we have been to him, you ask yourself why Rama did not renew his contract it is the same predicament he suffered previously.

    GOR OF 2014 have never played impressive football let the truth be said as most of players are weak n tired already, this begs the question why is fitness trainer sleeping on job, let him wakeup, second leg isnt going to be easy as teams are working on tactics to stay afloat. GOR SHOULD FORGET OLD FOOTBALL THEY HAVE BEEN PLAYING they should change this system 4:3:3 because it is predictable and known by other teams

  14. I Think the problem has always been the timing.Other leagues break at the time when our league is at its pick.Its sad loosing players in the middle of the competition.KPL should revise the league time table to be in line with rest of the leagues.

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