Willliamson blames bumpy pitch

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Gor Mahia tactician blamed the condition of Mombasa County Stadium as a result of their 1-2 loss to Bandari in a Kenya Premier League (KPL) match played on Sunday 30 March 2014.

Speaking after the match, the Scot described the surface as bumpy hence slowing the flow of the game and partly to the defensive lapse which he promised to work on.

Defensive frailties

-The pitch was very bumpy hampering the flow of the game hence had to depend on second balls in vain. We have to go back and work on defensive frailties which cost us especially for the second goal that demoralized the players, the former Uganda Cranes coach said.

Former Western Stima forward Alloyce Mangi fired Bandari into the lead before Dan Sserunkuma restored parity with Victor Majid winning it all for the hosts as they registered their second win of the season and the second defeat for the defending champions.

Fans demand explanation

Kenyan Premier League (KPL) champions Gor Mahia have gone winless in four matches and it is not business as usual with fans now demanding an explanation for the recent slump that has seen the team drop to sixth place after the seventh week of matches.

The champions’ latest defeat came at the hands of Mombasa side Bandari FC on Sunday 30 March and the fans at the Mombasa County Stadium, led by former vice chairman Faiz Ochieng, told futaa.com it is high time the management came out to address fans over the poor run of form.

Key players

They acknowledged that the absence of key players may be a reason for the slump but observed that the team is not playing well lately and that hurts.

-We just want the management to tell us what is happening with the team. The team has had a very poor run of form lately and it is unacceptable. We can’t go on dropping points like this; we are not putting blame on anyone, we just want this slump explained.


-We know a number of our key players like David Owino and Akumu are unavailable but that is not a reason for the poor way the team is playing. We should be playing like the champions we are and we want that explained.

-It is very sad for fans to travel from far and wide only to witness the team play the way they did today. It has to stop as soon as possible – we want to see the team winning and playing well, they told futaa.com.

Gor Mahia has so far suffered two defeats in the KPL and drawn two in seven matches.

12 thoughts on “Willliamson blames bumpy pitch

  1. BW you are the head coach therefore watch your language, if you keep blaming everything other than the players, when will this players realize that it is their responsibility to play well and record positive results. Personally, am beginning to dislike your tactics !

    Secondly, if players keep registering such poor performance in actual matches, what do they actually do in training matches? I urge you to look at this players ball control, possession, wayward shooting, lousy positioning and you wonder if this is practice match or a live match.

    Lastly, tukipata Kichapo against KCB, MUHORONI and KRA , then our fate as fans in 2014 will have been sealed and so is yours, please take charge of this team and save us from the endless heartaches, headaches and frustrations !!!

  2. @ BW the best way to answer your critics is to ask your players to respond with a convincing performance in the next match. Remember Man U fans hired a plane and flew over “The theatre of dreams” in Old Trafford with the “MOYES” denouncing banner; But the players display and response in the pitch on the very match day against Aston Villa saved MOYES face.

    BW fans have already nicknamed you “MOYES”. Please ask your players to respond accordingly. Or r u “MOYES”?

  3. One thing I can assure fans of is that we will win the KPL this season. 23 matches to go and the league is wide open. Keep faith and get behind the team. Do we want to be considered one of the greatest supporters? If answer is yes then we must learnt to get behind the team no matter the results. It does not mean we should not demand changes. However, those changes must be demanded after a careful thought. Not after losing 2 matches at the beginning of the season. Guys, get behind your team!! Let us go to the next match and sing, dance and enjoy ourselves as if we have won the league.

  4. But even city stadium is rumoured to be obsolete, so are GM players training on bad turf and playing on horrible pitches. I blame the tech bench 30% and EC 70%. Beware bloggers these players sometimes take to the pitch hungry for food! Just sack the entire bench guys, if anything tumefuta wangapi? And the cycle continues.

  5. I mean those who want to satisfy themselvels with any action and believe the only available course of action is sacking the tech bench can jump to that and do a replacement but we still need to go the normal route to success. I recommend we keep the personell we have including players with (minimum changes),develop them and strategise for future instead of the quick fix approach. Truly we have suffered under this hire and fire craze, but anyway this is a public thing.

  6. Am happy 2 post right after Kassam.
    Gor players do not take 2 the pitch hungry. There might be an issue of allowances but remember players according 2 AR earn between 40-170K/month. How many of u get that much.
    Of with the lapsing of the sponsorship, corrupt ways of EC there is anxiety as 2 financial stability.
    So when we reelected AR we made a BIG MISTAKE. We hoped he would change & run GM proactively & tranparent 4getting that he’d not done much 2 structurely improve GM.
    Mr. Bure Wewe is…..

  7. next big problem in GM.
    The players ua castigating we recruited by him after observing them in training. His style of play is the typically British i.e direct/aerial football. It requires physical/big bodied players which GM lacks.
    I don’t see anyway forward unless we the TB is changed as for the main problem AR our goose is cooked for 2 years.

  8. No Please a minute!!! How many of you who are blaming Williamson and tech. bench were in Mombasa…… Trust me my fellow loyal fans, i witnessed that match and the picth (Mombasa Municipal Stadium )i would say players never expected such a turf… Bandari are always there and they have mastered this bumpy pitch,ball timing & control was very tricky for us (GOR)and PIERE among others played very tactifully , this pitch is HORRIBLE ladies and gentlemen YOU CANT PLAY MEANINGFUL SOCCER HERE ….PERIOD, stop over demanding!lets demand for better facilities.

  9. It seems there are people here with a hidden agenda period. I dont trust them and their agenda is to create diunity. I pray that their agenda does not see the light of day. They should be put to shame.

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