Willliamson eager to end drought

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Gor Mahia Head Coach Bobby Williamson is looking forward to the club lifting the 2013 lifting the 2013 Kenyan Premier League (KPL) title.

Gor last won the league 18 years ago but looks set to lift this year’s title as it’s at the helm with 50 points having played 26 matches.

-We are one of the biggest clubs in the country because of our fanbase. Ourselves and AFC Leopards have a huge following. Despite that, we’ve not won the league for 18 yearas. Can you imagine Rangers or Celtic not winning the league for that length of time? Williamson told Sportsmail,

-It would be an achievement if we could hold on to win the championship. It would be great for everyone from the club president (Chairperson) down to the staff and the fans,

Good days

-That’s why you are in football, to try and give these guys good days, he added.

Williamson joined Gor mid-season following the sacking of outspoken Croat, Zdravko Logarusic.

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  1. I would like to address Sir Bobby Williamson on this occassion and anybody who is able to advise him to read this to do so.
    Sir, I know that you r in the verge of winning the kenyan premier league that has elluded us(Gor Mahia family) for 18 yrs. But I want u to know that in kenya we have two leagues for Gor & Afc. btwn these teams, the team that wins the last encounter bcomes the winner of that league. That league is called bragging rights & even if we win the kpl but fail to win against afc in the

  2. 1. On 6th December, 1987, All the major Daily Newspapers with mass circulations united in congratulating Gor Mahia for winning the then aptly named, the Nelson Mandela Cup. The Daily Nation Newspaper had this screaming headline-: Yes it is Mighty Gor Mahia. This kind of ACHIEVEMENT catapulted us to the dizzy heights of African football and we were instantly installed among the then African footballing greats such as al ahly, Zamalek, Accra Hearts of Oaks, Kumasi Ahsante Kotoko, T. P. Mazembe, Canon Yaunde, Enugu Rangers, etc.

    2. After watching the semi-finals of the CAF champions League 2nd leg on Saturday and Sunday, I want to report that the gap between the teams has really been narrowed. The results show this as both the North African teams of Egypt and Tunisia could only draw their home legs and away legs. Al Ahly vs Cotton Sports of Garua from Cameroon
    (1:1) and Esperance v s Orlando Pirates (1:1)
    3. The team that we currently have if well-prepared can match these teams toe to toe. I did see anything very special About the players tht were on duty for the two semi-finals. If the players are disciplined and BELIEF is instilled in them then nothing can stop Gor Mahia from being competitive. Cotton Sports of Garua had a team with an average age of 22 yrs and only lost to Al Ahly on penalties after holding them to 2 identical draws of 1:1. Orlando Pirates of South Africa eliminated Esperance of Tunisia on away goals rule after drawing 0:0 at home and 1:1 away. Orlando Pirates for your information won this trophy in 1995 when it Had among other players- Mark Fish, Andre Arendse, Neil Tovey, Doctor Khumalo, John Mosheu Shoes. Almost 20 years later, they are in another finals and with a big chance to win the trophy. They had beaten the same Al Ahly side, featuring 11 players in the Egyptian National team lead by Captain Wael Goma and Aboutreikha 3:0 away during the group stages.
    4. If we prepare well then there is nothing to fear as I believe in Bob Williamson and JBO we have a technical bench that is technically and tactically superior to most. Our Goalkeeping coach is one of the best. Jerry, Bataro and Mapunda are very good students of this coach and I believe Jerry is the best GK in the local league.
    Jerry Frederick Onyango will win 2 awards- he will succeed Danny Sserunkuma as the Best player and best GK during this year’s awards. Eric Ochieng should win the best Midfielder’s award hands down while Calabar / Emuge is going to inherit Anguyo’s best defender award. Calabar should also be in the running for the overall best player. Timona Wanyonyi has no competition for both the young player’s award and the revelation of the year award. We will only miss the top scorer’s award because Danny was off-form in the beginning of the Season.

    I Watched in disbelief as Selebwa and Kimanzi, during the newly launched programme on Super Sports, installed Efusi the favourites to win the GOtv Shield. This is a derby match to be played 1 month from now!!. I view this call as premature and one hatched to hype up and give the feel good factor to Efusi . God willing, all our players will be in tip top shape with Danny firing on all cylinders come the big day. You are my heroes and I celebrate you for restoring Kogalo to where we rightfully belong- the very summit of Kenyan football. Make us even more proud by bringing the two trophies home and may the footballing gods be with you. You’ve been winning it when it had no monetary rewards attached to it, I believe you should be more thn focused now tht we have a Ksh 2 million grand prize riding on the trophy. Remember the heroes of 1986-(Abbas Magongo and company) they launched their continental dominance by first winning the brand new Moi Golden Cup 1:0 against Bandari. We went on to win this trophy 2 more years in succession beating Efusi in 1987(Peter Dawo and Co) finals and KBL in 1988 (Peter Dawo and Co) finals. Our players should be more thn motivated to confound those installing us as being 2nd favourite. We need to send a powerful and an unforgettable message to all and sundry especially Efusi by spanking Sofapaka tomorrow 23-10-2013. Our players are just as good as any other if not better and must ignore all that is being said around and about them. They must concentrate on making self and team improvements if they are to be successful. As Le Prof puts it- consistency is a mark of quality. We have Been the most consistent team in the League so we must not let this drop.

  3. cont@ no 2
    shield cup, then Afc will be like they have won the league just bcos they have won against there bitter rivals.So winning the shield is not about winning the trophy but is about bragging rights and we will be very sad if we loose against Afc than loosing against even talanta fc. So take note of that Sir Bobby williamson. K’ogalo forever.

  4. In the 70s,80s & early 90s,in particular 1987, GM won titles b4 the rain started. We had GOALS,BEAUTIFUL SOCCER & LARGER MORE PEACEFUL CROWDS.
    i humbly suggest we do away with vague positions & reorganize our EC into a leaner goal oriented structure with an effective & efficient secretariat. Let’s agitate 4 a SGM 2 abolish….

  5. As the coach starts to think how to cow AFC, one thing that is true is that AFC will keep running on the wings, Wanga, Were, Wafula…….if we keep this guys on check, their defense becomes vulnerable.

    that’s how we managed a comeback when the trio were dead tired.

    This guys have no other game plan when WAnga Were and Wafula are tired

  6. vague positions of 3 vice chairs or 5 secretaries and create positions that from their titles require specific competencies & can be evaluated e.g
    1. Director (Chairman) in charge of Sponsorship & Security. Despite AR opaque style of leadership ANYONE WHO WANTS 2 B GM’S CHAIR MUST OFFER A BETTER SPONSORSHIP PACKAGE. Chair must also have specific plans of eradicating hooliganism.
    2.Director Technical & players welfare e.g medical insurance etc
    3.Director- Membership ,Marketing & Public relations

  7. 4.Director- Finance/Admin.
    The board then hires a LEAN secretariat of qualified CEO, FIN & ADMIN MGR & OF COZ HEAD COACH 2 IMPLEMENT POLICIES & DAY 2 DAY RUNNING OF CLUB
    This can b easily done by passing amendments in a SGM.
    Let’s ask the prospective candidates HOW,WHEN e.g
    Bwana says Fb branch has so 5K members where does the membership fee go? Adede & AR say GM can build a stadium so WHEN & WHERE?Bwana & Roselinder HOW come uve neva published GM a/cs as per ua election pledges?
    More views pliz.

  8. Kudos to the manager. You are a real manager. Cool, Collected and calculative just like Lens Julianns Ochieng.

    You have even managed our expectations well by your doctrine of one game at a time and every game is a final. Looking at things even in a game situation you are a man in charge and its seems the lads play into your game plans and strategy.

    Its my appeal that you keep it up and beat afc because as fans this will make us happy throughout until we meet them again. Just develop a plan to contain Were and we will be home and dry. You might not know how much hapiness and hope you have brought in us. Some of us are once again feeling like kenyans simply because KOGALO is winning the kenya premier league.

    Lastly Mr. Bobby i hope you are advising the EC to plan properly how will celebrate in an organized manner. Am seeing our impeding celebration as a disaster in waiting unless the EC plans for the table of events like road shows, parties, kogalo night, community services like cleaning,charity and so forth. How does Rangers or Celtics cope with celebrations. Kindly Advice.

  9. abu kassim you are on the right platform. to save lives, to save our image, to honour our players, to celebrate our heroes, there should be an elaborate plan to manage the excitement. EVEN right now, we should have a clear plan which roads should be closed on the day Gor are announced champions. You are likely to find the GSU sent to fight jubilant fans and all joys turned into chaos. For sure, we need a committee to organize these events otherwise we will end up with a commission of enquiry and our officials in Jail………..

  10. Ooh Laa la..!!

    I have no comments so far as regards the TPL 2013 title expectations. But I have been impressed by what I have read on this site since on Saturday when we played SoNy.

    My only concern is that the more GM seems to be capable of winning triplet of trophies , the more the brand might suffer from negative publicity if not properly managed. Mean while as I wish K’Ogalo all the best while playing the “small-cat”, I also wish quick recovery to the injured SoNy players through acts of hooliganism by Gor Mahia goons.

    Our fan base has some of the most idiotic,stupid,silly uncouth, barbaric and for lack of a proper word “In-human and lunatic” supporters. What our fans did on Saturday can not be tolerated at any cost as much we blame KASAYA. Kasaya played his role within the rules of the game. OUR FANS SHOULD STYLE-UP AND BEHAVE IN A CIVILIZED MANNER.

  11. isn’t it about time the powers that be in soccer FINALLY arrest and charge the people behind this barbaric acts??!!
    I think we are all sick and tired of too much lip service on how they will deal with hooligans….the time is now!!!

  12. @Ogango Trailer I support you on the issue of hooliganism. Kasaya actually played with the minds of our fans and they fell for it. So long as he did nothing bordering on the safety of our players he was right in all he was doing. I wish these fans would spare us that bad publicity that they have started to build.
    I liked the passion of BW ,who even in the driving rain, was there with the players, his suit being messed up not withstanding. At the same time the rest were using umbrellas to cover themselves. Kwani SSMB cannot afford a canopy for the subs?
    We now need to start informing our fans how to go about celebrating else the whole city and country might ‘regret’ GM becoming champions

  13. I agree with you fred@12…
    for me,all Gor games have the potential for chaos as long as these hooligans get away with punishment.Why does the club bear the brunt of punishment by being banned or fined and the real culprits walk away Scott free?
    Soccer authorities and our EC,put your house in order!what happened to the much talked about cctv?what happened to the beefing up of security at Gor matches?why were policemen with dogs outside the stadium when the real problem lies inside?your security lapses are proving very costly!!!

  14. One way of celebrating is to Invite one team from TZ – Yanga – with a deep history like Gor for a friendly in Kisumu,

    Bata Bullets – Malawi – currently called Big Bulets let them play in Mombasa

    Mufulira Wonderers – Zambia for a friendly in Nairobi

    the cup will be unveiled in each of the cities and we will be satisfied

  15. As we prepare & arrange 4 the well deserved lavish celebrations let us remember that;
    1. The team / players have no medical cover
    2. The club needs money to sign/retain quality players for CAF/CECAFA Cup which commence early next year.
    3. Tuzo sponsorship was only extended 4 one year & note that gov’t (as michezo afrika) has just pulled the carpet frm under FKF/Nyamweya’s feet by saying it has no money 4 the much hyped Snr CECAFA Cup in Nov.
    Lets celebrate but after we’ve sorted out our priorities

  16. We need to humble Sofapaka and we are home…by the way we can say sorry to Sony FC for what happened over the weekend by donating the 3 points!…just thinking.


  18. My permutations show something pleasant.as things stand now,we are at position one with 50points.Sofapaka follows on 2nd position with 43points.if we beat Sofapaka,we will have 53points,they still have 43points.This effectively means we will be crowned champions tomorrow if we beat them since the maximum points they can garner can only push them up to a maximum of 5 points assumingthey win all their matches and we lose all our remaining matches(after beating thrm tomorrow).

  19. It may be a month to the finals of the 2013 GOtv Shield but bloggers are already thinking ahead as nothing is yet sure as daylight. I believe what Omondi-@6 has said is spot on. Beating Efusi in the finals of the GOtv Shield, especially this being the last derby of the year is very important and special to every Kogalo fan! Did JBO and more so Bob Williamson brave all tht rain just to lose in the finals? I don’t think so.

    Inspired by Omondi’s observations I have decided to put up this piece for All the lovers of Gor Mahia to read. I welcome all the positive criticism.
    1. The so called football pundits of Super Sports (Selebwa and Kimanzi) may have installed Efusi as clear favourites to win the GOtv Shield but thts their personal opinions. No fan of Gor Mahia should lose sleep over the remarks made by these people. They are paid to give their opinions. I will wait for Kanyangonda’s wise opinion on Thursday as only in him, Ghost Mulei, Le Pastre and Ampher Apidi have we come closest to replacing Uche Onyebadi ( the equivalent of footballing prophet). Robin Toskin is overrated and is fond of giving emotional and leaning opinions. Super Sports should use all the resources available to them to lure Ampher Apidi to the Sports channel. Le Pastre is still faceless. In the silent, calculating, tactically and technically astute Bob Williamson, Gor Mahia have the best qualified and experienced coach in Kenya. I believe he still has some aces up his sleeves tht he will unleash on Efusi during the finals. This will be his 2nd meeting with Efusi and I hope to see him perform better than he did in the first. He has watched their direct style of play and has the players to stop Efusi in their tracks. Calabar and Musa are very solid defenders and baring any injuries should start at fullback 2 and 3 respectively. The rest of the team should pick itself with the only debate being on who start on the bench and where (position) to play Kiongera, Lavatsa, Mutiso and Oboya and when(time) to play any of the four. Our defenders have the experience and speed to be very effective against the Efusi front 3 of Wanga, Were and Wafula. Mosoti and Emuge must improve on their positional play and awareness. The team tht wins the League is the team tht has been more consistent and I believe Kogalo has been tht team. Boys the gauntlet has been thrown at you and you must pick seize it and disapprove
    the nay sayers by winning the double.
    2. Sports Psychologists will tell you that wht you feel in your mind is what you eventually become. The fortitude of mind is important and I’m happy our team has this in abundance. Our players have developed the winning mentality to the point tht they don’t know how to lose unlike our opponents. Once we got this winning mentality going it has been almost impossible to stop us. It has made our recovery after any bad result very easy. Our loss to Tusker didn’t signal the beginning of our downfall as our opponents expected. Like an experienced fighter, the team never allowed the loss to dwell in their minds. We used tht bad experience to launch ourselves again and we haven’t looked back since- grinding out wins after another. Our team must occupy and maintain the moral high ground of invincibility going into this match. The technical bench must ensure tht starting NOW, AS BEFORE: nothing else plays in the minds of our players other than the thought of winning the DOUBLE.
    3. Its called FOOTBALL 411 and it has already began in earnest. The KPL may still have 4 matches to go and not a Champions declared yet, but it has already taken a back-stage because of the upcoming Gor Mahia vs Efusi GOtv Shield Finals. Both teams were morally dead between the years 2000- 2009 hence any meeting of the mashemejis became an ordinary football match. Its between these years tht Efusi were relegated to the old Division 1 while Gor Mahia was merely making up the numbers in the KPL. The last meaningful Cup Finals meeting between the 2 teams was in the 1991Moi Golden Cup Finals at MISC. .
    The 1991 Moi Golden Cup Final was billed to be a cracker and it didn’t disappoint both in the field and in the stands. We lost 1:0 to a Francis Oduor and Tonny Lwanga inspired Efusi wth Francis Oduor scoring the only goal of the match. In this match, Kogalo fielded among other players notable names like Jua Kali, Zico and Paul Ochieng in a rock solid Defence while Fred Awich, Felix Otieno, Allan Odhiambo and Jared Achieng Achieng patrolled the midfield like a colossus. Tom Odhiambo and Mike Otieno led the striking force superbly. Its still a mystery how we lost this match! It must have been a case of the footballing gods conspiring against us. How did we lose this match having outplayed, out- thought & outfoxed Efusi in every department from start to finish!! Its this loss that the majority of KDF wants JBO and BW to avenge by winning the GOtv Shield and the Ksh 2 million at stake. Please God allow us to win this match as doing so will help our wounds to finally heal.
    Back to football 411. FORM is TEMPORARY but CLASS is PERMANENT so they Say. Our class should carry us through in the Finals. Many are going to talk about these two teams as from now – some positively others negatively. We must not get lost in this madness but keep our focus on the PRIZE. Efusi hasn’t won anything of note since being promoted back to the KPL. They will employ all the resources at their disposal to try and dethrone Kogalo of their trophy. (Including witchcraft) or how do you explain Duncan Ochieng missing the ball and grabbing his defender during their GOtv semi-final match against Sofapaka!!. They are going to pledge huge cash and equipments rewards to the team if they can beat Gor Mahia on 16-11-2013. Some of these pledges will be honoured upfront to try and motivate the players even further. We should not be left behind and ALL those tht love Gor Mahia must take cue from our arch rivals. I’m expecting the current office ang all those angling for offices in the upcoming elections to lead by example in making these pledges. Nothing tastes sweeter than beating your eternal enemy and taking their crown. Just ask the fans of the 2 Manchester Clubs- City and United. We are the defending Champions and we must use all our arsenals (except witchcraft) to defend our trophy. Efusi have already started the mind games. They are a massive 9 points behind us with only 4 matches to go, yet they still harbour hopes of snatching the Championship from our Hands, how?? If Richard Ekhalie (CEO of Efusi) and Okhusimba of Radio Jambo are to be believed, they too are dreaming of doing the Double. This is called Motivation disguised as mind games. In the days leading to the match date, I will not be shocked to watch, read or hear commentaries on both the print and electronic Media declaring Efusi as the club to beat in the GOtv Shield Finals. The KDF must not be left behind and we must arise to the occasion and counter every negative theory or energy aimed at depicting our club as being 2nd best in the FINALS

    We MUST believe in ourselves and keep our winning mentality for us to win against Efusi on16-11-2013. Thank You.

  20. And dont forget if efusi can win all of their matches,they will have 53pts.so we beat sofapaka and pray for karuturi to draw na efusi then we are champions.GOD BLESS GOR MAHIA.

  21. My call is let the hooligans be arrested and fined once evidence is availed. For how long will a few people soil the good name of Gor mahia? Hate or love me we must kick alcohol and bhang out of our stands. How do you explain a grown man running into the field and attacking players if its not under the influence of something? Corruption by the gate keepers and security is what is fueling trade of these items in our stands. Please let the executive take charge by stationing anti-narcotics at the gates. Sale of alcohol in non-designated places be prohibited by the government. Arrest, arrest and arrest these hooligans period.

  22. Our match against Sofapaka tomorrow is a very decisive match. A win for sofapaka means that the gap is reduced by three points and there will be only four points separating these two teams. A win for us will give us the title.
    I urge our boys to give it their all. The title seems to be coming our way and i only urge fans that when celebration time comes then we should celebrate and express excitement in amanner that will not hurt your neighbour. God bless you all guys.

  23. hehehehe,wanafik wa gor mahia.net waikashifu klubu na mashabiki waklabu tena,,, chanzo cha vita hivi vinaletuana kutokuajibika kwa shirikisho kinacho simamia kadanda humu nchini.kwa nini niyaseme haya?wiki takriban sita zilizopita mashabik wa klub ya sony walishabulia wasimamizi wamechi baina yao na klabu ya gor mahia na mashabiki hao wakashabulia pia mashabik wa gor mahia ususa mechi ile likatibuka.lalamiko lika wasilishua kwa kpl bodi inayo simamia ligi nchini baadala ya kuchunguza chanzo kwani mechi ikatibuka hao walikimbilia kusema mechi hirudiwe bila uchuguzi.fkf pia kwa upande wao wakatangaza kuwa pointi zipewe kwa klabu ya gor mahia,sasa hapa kukawana kushikamana kwa pandezote mbili ambayo sisi kama mashabik tuwataraji hao kuliendesha soka inchini vyema.jambo iliotokea juma mosi imewadia wakati mzuri sana kwa nini?tangu tukio hio ifanyike fkf ijakashifu jambo ilo kwasababu wao sasa wanagojea kusikia kpl watamuaajee kwa mechi iliopita siku ya halamisi.kwa mashabik amboa wanawasi wasi mwapasua kurulia kwasababu gor awawezi piteza mechi zote mfunulizo na klabu zinginezo pia hawawezi shinda mechi zao zote,ilatu tuweke maombi mbele kwanza.

  24. Honestly beating up players in the pitch is very primitive. This is a wake up call to the police who should not spare brutality on such people. Actualy these are extreme blood mongers in the class of terrorists. Otherwise the tech bench has shown their eagerness for the trophy practically the verbal statements is just an addition.

  25. I want to wish the MIGHTY GOR MAHIA fraternity a win on the long awaited league title .

    I pray that the players will have strength , energy up to the end .

    I continue to decree and declare GOR MAHIA FC will have a double in 2013.

    Mighty lord , bless them and establish them steps. AMEN.

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