14 Feb 17

The Fifa Ethics Committee has opened investigations on three Kenyan Premier League (KPL) clubs (Gor Mahia, AFC and Sofapaka) over alleged irregularities on past player transfers according to the Standard. The three clubs will meet with the head of Integrity and Compliance Kimberly Morris next week. The Standard report says that the investigations have to do with the fact that on some occasions, the clubs have not been receiving money in their accounts on some player transfers.

“The Ethics Commission is concerned that while the three teams have been selling players the money has not been coming into their club accounts and they want to find out what has been happening,” said our source. Gor Mahia acting Chief Executive Lodvick Aduda confirmed the club has been summoned to meet the Fifa officials, but insisted they have nothing to fear.

“The fact is all the international transfers that we have done in the last two years were captured on the Transfer Manager System (TMS) of the federation. We can account for every player sold during that period and therefore we have nothing to hide,” Adda said to the Standard.

Before the meeting with Fifa officials, Gor Mahia have been asked to submit to FKF their financial statements for the last two years which Aduda has confirmed they have done so.

Doubts, however, still remain on exactly how much the club received for the sale of Khalid Aucho to South African club Baroka this year. Sources say the South African club paid an official of the club cash money instead of depositing it into Gor Mahia’s account and this among other cases may have drawn the interest of Fifa.

In September of last year,Gor Mahia announced that they had received Ksh 1.6 million from Baroka FC of South Africa as Aucho’s transfer fee. As for Ali Abondo, the club announced that he had left for free despite still having a yer left on his contract.

Ze Maria calling for quick resolution to impasse

Gor Mahia coach Ze Maria is concerned about his player’s focus and is calling for a quick resolution to the impasse between KPL and FKF.

“We were prepared to start and we now feel disorganized. When finishing the pre-season training, you mentally and physically condition your players for a strong start but their minds have now drifting elsewhere. We didn’t expect the two bodies to spend a lot of time in settling whatever is stopping the league. I hope they will agree as soon as possible so that we get started. We are already late and the delays will spill over into our fixtures through the season,” the former Brazilian international stated.” he said to Citizens sports.

Ze Maria has no problem playing in an 18 team league so long as logistics are taken care of.
“I played in Italy where the top-flight is 20 clubs, so 18 teams in a league is not a big deal. What matters is the organization of the same. For example do we have enough funding for our teams? Can we fly our teams from Mombasa to Nairobi or to Kisumu?. In European countries, when it is very hot, teams schedule their matches at night but here we don’t have capacity in of most our stadia to play at night. Basically with improved general environment of the local sport going to as many teams as 20 won’t be an issue,” he continued.

In one of his first coaching positions, Ze Maria coached a team whose logistics were so poor that fans would at times donate their own cars to ferry players from one town to another.

Stadia closed for renovations

Speaking of stadia, all the Nairobi based teams will need to find alternate venues for their matches because Kasarani, Nyayo and City stadium will be closed for renovations. Kasarani is being renovated for the IAAF World Under-18 Championships in July. Nyayo is being renovated for the 2018 CHAN. City stadium has been closed since last year though renovations there have yet to start.

“For Gor Mahia and Leopards games which are classified as high risk, the alternative venues are Afraha stadium in Nakuru County and Machakos stadium,” said Jack Oguda, the Kenya Premier League CEO to the Nation.

The other Nairobi based teams will play at Camp Toyoyo, Ruaraka and Naivasha.

Willis Ochieng to replace Ottamax

Gor Mahia have officially hired former national team goalkeeper Willis Ochieng to replace Mathew Ottamax.

“We have appointed Ochieng’ (Willis) as our new goalkeeper trainer and we believe that he will deliver in the docket.” said Ambrose Rachier to goal.com

Ochieng previously worked in the same capacity for Zoo Kericho and Western Stima. As a player, he is one of the most experienced goalkeepers Kenya has ever produced. Locally he played for Chemelil Sugar, Mumias Sugar and the national team. Abroad, he played for Free State stars in South Africa, Skelleftea in Sweden, Marienham in Finland and Simba of Tanzania. While in Finland he was implicated in a bribery scandal.

Ottamax was left out of the team that traveled to Sudan in January amid reports that he was not getting along with Ze Maria. In 2016, reports emerged that he had been fired by Ze Maria only for chairman Rachier to intervene and reinstate Ottamax.



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  • Dan Original says:

    FIFA? It’s good for these things to come out. Now o understand why we need club licencing. For accountability purposes

  • vincent owino says:


  • musymo says:

    If all transfers were captured in the TMS then why is there suspicion? You will do well to remember that Mwendwa used to run the TMS so he must be armed with an axe and a sword. We may be relegated for this SPORTING reason!!!!!

  • musymo says:

    As for Willis Ochieng it will not be long before he is at loggerheads with Ze Maria and he should expect to be blamed for sabotage should we fail to win silverware!!!

  • odhis muga says:

    Chickens have come back to roost,the corrupt and inept officials will face the music.Mugabe and company must now be preoccupied by crucial matters and not sideshows to divert attention.

  • Jakoyo says:

    Hehehe, nyani aoni kundule !…FIFA suspects Kogallo ? What a joke….if anything it should be the other way round ..kogallo suspect FIFA.

    FIFA has no moral authority to lecture us on ethics, they need to clean their house and arrest and imprison those officials in Zurich that have looted billions of dollars in the name of world cup.

    On stadia being closed, it was coming, I am of the opinion our home matches for 2017 should be kisumu. We have a descent record in that stadia.

    On Willis ochieng, that’s good, I will continue to champion for jodala. I expect another jodala to be appointed this week. However, ze maria must be reminded to learn how to work with people and respect their values. Teaching jodala basic principles of tiki taka at their age is an insult to their intelligence and experience.

    Finally, where are the friendlies ? Are we so scared stiff of loosing …….any updates from someone ?

  • ja thur gi ji says:

    There should be no such thing as “jodala”, there should not be at all. Jakoyo please do not drag this great club to those narrow parochial mentalities. We are and should always be beyond that.

    On transfers and other integrity matters, let FIFA carry out their investigations thoroughly.

    On preparations, if there no KPL matches,please give us some friendlies but not at camp Toyoyo

    On non availability of stadia, Kisumo and Nakuru nyale for home games. However silly county officials, how can they shut down city stadium for two years and even there is no work going on!!

  • Jakoyo says:

    @Jathurgi, you contradict yourself, parochial mentality is retrogressive and so is lack of diversity on the TB.

    Diversity is the new world order…We want to see an all inclusive Kogallo TB where other peoples ideas and views are respected. If you think diversity is parochial mentality what will you say of Barcelona and the TB full of catalans ? ever seen a Brazilian club with a foreign coach on their TB ? Ever seen an Asia club with 100% foreign TB ?…..Look around you!.

    • ODUOR12 says:

      Whether TB is 100% jodala or even 100% aliens from Mars or players are from the lakeside or even from Jupiter is immaterial (to me). What matters are results and titles which will belong to GMFC i.e Let the headline read “Mighty Gor Mahia Wins(& defends) Kenyan League,Go(r)Tv, CECAFA, CAF Title.”

  • ODUOR12 says:

    So how did GM get the CAF license if FIFA can sniff out anomalies, who is our auditor.I believe that apart from brewkenge & ulinzi the rest of the licenses were River Road generated. Mugabe always manipulates AGMs such that members are only used as voting machines- financial reports are never tabled as required,as per GM constitution appointment of auditors is the duty of members not EC. There you have it,for those who believe that Mugabe is the only one who can run GMFC? +8 YEARS AND APART FROM LOCAL TITLES,ALL THERE IS, IS LACK OF STRUCTURES AND CHAOS,KRA PENALTIES,FAKE PROJECTS THAT MILK GMFC’s BRAND NAME. P.S What matters is TITLES,local,regional and continental whether the results are delivered by jodala or an alien from Mars is immaterial.

  • ODUOR12 says:

    EC please pre contract Aucho and Massa for the 2nd leg.They can keep fit with the club as they await final decision in June17.Don’t say there is lack of money when we still remember the Thiago salary saga and open lack of transparency that has even attracted FIFA all the way from Zurich. Meanwhile Top 8 and GoTv can kick off. In EPL these tournaments run concurrently with the league.

    • ODUOR12 says:

      Meanwhile,even the DsTv Super can be played. Note the Brazilian has already started complaining so expect excuses of “ooh after losing all our preseason games the delayed league start affected the players negatively”.

  • A person says:


  • ODUOR12 says:

    @JASEGO & DO,betting and bribery are definitely SPORTING ISSUES because they negatively affect,and in a big way,the outcome of a match therefore a league or tournament especially if 2 parties are affected directly.Just as serious as doping, especially in individual sports,whereby Olympic medals are being recalled decades later.Remember the outcome of the brewkenge/GMFC match was concluded on the field.When an entity has severe financial constrainsts, its the creditors who may force it to a lower league in order to cut costs i.e wage bill.It is just a common sense survival tactic.Lastly even slavery and apartheid were legal”misguided own rules” in certain jurisdictions but globally were repugant hence had to be repudiated.As such I DON’T EXPECT ANY TEAM,MORESO GMFC, TO EVER AGAIN BE DEDUCTED POINTS FOR A CONCLUDED MATCH. Also why relegate a team that is 49% compliant and retain a team that is 51% compliant.If compliance is the criteria then only 2 teams should be in 2017 league.

  • ODUOR12 says:

    @DO “….other rules crafted by local FA to help run the game….” So what was the rationale of the differing decisions in the 2 similar local situations brewkenge/GMFC and afc/p.rangers? Meanwhile let’s just accept that with or without EC’s complicity GMFC will never be docked points again because of the behaviour of an “alleged fan” who most likely is not even one of the 982 members. Such a biased decision will not be allowed again!

    • Dan Original says:

      @ODUOR12, looks like the fact that AR is heading Gor is really hurting you. I can feel the tone of the emails. One thing I was told is to accept the things you cannot change

      • musymo says:

        @Dan Original, do you think it is fair to dock Gor Mahia points for pitch invasion yet not do the same for AFC Leopards in their game with Posta Rangers. My asking does not seek to have the points given back but to let you admit that these rules you say are ‘crafted by the FA to run the league’ may be used to cripple a club for very partisan reasons. I dont support hooliganism and if the docking of points is the solution, then it should be applied to all at all times. Gor Mahia can pay players right now because of the sponsorship. Should that package lapse and Gor is unable to pay salaries for two months as used to happen in 2015, will you stand and applaud their relegation?

        • Dan Original says:

          @Musymo, Our contract with Sportspesa is so fickle. Ask Ingwe. Any chaotic scenes we get threats of withdrawal of sponsor. I hear Betway didn’t have such clauses. Assuming (God forbid) that we find ourselves in such a situation and with our high-powered squad we definitely would be relegated. And I can tell you that 2/3 of the country would be ‘celebrating’. So what I am saying is that let’s respect our leaders (no derogatory nicknames), respect the laws (however bad they are), and also respect opposing fans and teams.
          All those taking nothing from us . we will still remain a BIG team respected by the smaller teams. Do we still remember 2 years ago when Bandari and City Stars had to help Gor financially to honor a continental match? Yet at that time we were still chest-thumping on this blog?

        • ODUOR12 says:

          Your “email toneometer” not withstanding its about GMFC realizing its potential locally, regionally and continentally i.e WINNING TITLES. After +8 years Mugabe has nothing to show for the latter two and in 2016 ZERO locally.The lack of accountability at GMFC,that some have have always denied,has now caught FIFA’s attention so its not a small amount or a one off.Jasego raised an issue you responded and i responded,challenging with facts what you said,so why pull out your “email toneometer” gun and digress.If i’ve misrepresented any fact point it out and if true i’ll accept.I’ve accept before.

  • Joe Riaga says:

    With no home games in Nairobi, where will Kogalo play their home matches?

    • Jasego says:

      Kisumu Stadium with Thika Sub County Stadium and Afraha Nakuru Stadium being alternative venues being as were banned for life by Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua from stepping into his county ever…

  • Jasego says:

    FIFA welcome and try your best to clean for us our great club being as we have been unable to get vital answers as far as annual audited financial statements are concerned leave alone by an independent firm but even from our own internal auditors.Add gate collections which are now classified as ”Taboo” to query and you realize you have your work cut out for you.Not forgetting countless investment ventures that are white elephants and clandestine selling of players even for ”free transfer” while still validly contracted.Temuru we await the Findings Eagerly but please whatever the Case take action of culpable errant officials in their private capacities but leave GMFC out of it unless players were involved in any malpractises.The law of contracts should apply here whereby the club is considered a separate legal entity from its ‘owners’ and can sue them in their private capacities for any commission or ommission of crimes against itself

  • moses says:

    we will have a very disorganized KPL season.Can you imagine a football match in Ruaraka or un even afraha pitch.Gor should relocate all home games to the aging Kisumu astro turf.

  • moses says:

    Anybody; why must Kisumu matches be held from 2pm;has the floodlights ever been used?

  • Jb says:

    Not even a single cents goes into the club contracts of players are held and some ” lawyer ” sells the players