Ze Maria sets goals for 2017

Gor Mahia coach Ze Maria appears eager to make amends for the 2016 season which ended without Gor Mahia bagging a single trophy. The Brazilian tactician wants to win every trophy on offer in 2017.  And he believes last Sunday’s win provides a good platform.

“We have fulfilled our first objective this year, which was to win the Super Cup. We want to win every title that is on offer this year. Even though the rewards for this particular win are small compared to the competitions that we are about to face when the season begins, it is a good start for the team.”  he said to the KPL website

Things are looking better for Kogalo this season

“What impresses me the most is that we have beaten Tusker yet last year we were unable to overcome them in the two league matches. The team played very well and that is very encouraging as we prepare for the new season,” he said.

Gor Mahia start their cup campaign this weekend against newly promoted Kariobangi Sharks at Thika municipal stadium on Sunday.

Gattuso: I have buried the hatchet with Ze Maria

Collins Okoth Gattuso, who last year had run ins with the head coach, now claims the have patched things up.

“It’s true that we were not in good terms with Coach Ze Maria at some point but we have ironed out our issues and we are now great friends. He has told me that I’m in his plans and I’m also very ready to make him proud. I want to work hard on the pitch and turn a deaf ear on off the pitch issues,” said Gattuso to goal.com

However Gattuso was missing from the line-up on Sunday and according to club official Judith Nyangi, it was he (Gattuso) who simply decided not to show up for the match.

Last Sunday against Tusker, he decided not to honor our call and he chose to remain at home. We are not going to tolerate that, we have summoned him and he has to explain why that is happening. Action will definitely be taken against him because it is wrong and we do not support that at all.” said Nyangi to goal.com

27 thoughts on “Ze Maria sets goals for 2017

  1. Nyangi is behaving like the prefect of Gor , which isn’t bad but I think the ec should be more focused on club issues (sponsorships, clearing of debts, kitting, status of our land etc) and let tb deal with players

  2. This Gattuso issue needs to be sorted once and for all. Gor-Sharks match to be played in Thika. A godsend it seems as we can go there in thousands and make Gor the away home team. Last Sunday’s attendance in Nakuru was disappointing maybe because of the reduced stature of the competition after DSTv bailed out. Against Sharks let us flock to Thika. A kind word to those who lecture people here about not analysing players or criticising the TB. Supporting Gor is not being a sycophant of the TB or EC. It is going to matches, offering positive criticism when we show cluelessness in fielding and play and applauding when we our tactical prowess overcomes the Brewkenges and the Mwendwa Sharks of this world. So don’t sit at home behind your keyboard and wait for Monday for Musymo to comment on his own analysis of the player ratings, tactics and fielding to lecture. Go to Thika Stadium, watch, cheer, encourage and come here on Monday and post your own opinion of the match if you have something to post and not just to post something,…… anything. Otherwise, the true lovers of Kogallo tukutane Thika on Sunday. I am confident of victory.

  3. Can’t agree more! Thanks to AR, the prospects of 3 titles in 2017 looks very real especially after overcoming our key undoings – TB weaknesses and match attendance.

    On a different note, why is DSTV mum on the live weekend matches or should we start thinking of investing in bamba TV?

  4. I support all those advocating for diversity of views on this blog……it is what makes this site and indeed life in general, very interesting.

    For those who dont believe in diversity, please start your own kogallo blogging site.

  5. Now Gattuso is on Goal.com claiming he explained to the coach he had family issues and was allowed by the coach to miss the two matches. Nyangi claimed yesterday Gattuso has gone AWOL and will face disciplinary action…..why is there so much confusion in our club? Who is saying the truth? When Nyangi started updating us on the going ons at the club e.g. during the trip to Sudan,I was one of those who were praising her for giving us timely updates. Now I am starting to have my doubts more so when she was quoted saying Walusimbi had not returned from Uganda only for me to find Walu warming up and later playing against AP at Toyoyo and being informed that he had been in training the previous day, the same day Nyangi had claimed he was MIA

    1. Musymo otek…Misinformation galore osiepa and esp the walusimbi scenario I was in South Africa but took my time and effort to talk to the lad who simply laughed off claims of seeking trials in northern Europe assuring me the season was still young and he was very much part of GM.I made that clarification with the assumption that he was still in ug like Nyangi said but since he wasn’t thinking of moving abroad all would be well.For that I was castigated as if I came up with the Awol story of him being in Uganda.Such is the harshness of us Gor Faithful so clarifications aweyo omera let nyangi mislead us till kingdom come

  6. Information management is very important. Otherwise we could end up with a scenario where everybody will start giving information based on their world view. I think that before anything is made public to the press or to bloggers, it should first of all be interrogated and be agreed upon as the true picture of the status quo. Pulling in different directions is a recipe for mistrust and that is not what we want. As much as we would like to be informed of what is going on Nyangi or anybody else should not feel any pressure at all. To put it another way, do not feel obligated to keep us happy. Remember that the public may praise you and sing your song but it is the same public that will put you to the gallow. Therefore be steadfast and all will be well. It is better to say one word that is truthful that a myriad of words and statements that are but all confusion.

  7. Contradictions,accusations and counter accusations will always be part of Gor.Let Gattuso our star midfielder shine for us in peace so long as he is okay with the coach,also he must inculcate a sense of self discipline and teamwork at all times and respect fellow players.Am always glad knowing he’s part of GM.On a light note my brother Jakoyo must speak to jodala to give correct updates.Nyangi is saying unverifiable things that can lead to confusion and anarchy.

  8. Nyangi may have to step down sooner rather than later. These friendly fires will soon turn to enemies fire. The rashness with which she spits out info on the players is not calculated and may in turn injure her reputation and that of the same players she should watch out for. Jasego had just said she misled her into bflievjng her story on Walusimbi. Now look at the Gatusso scenario. We might soon be forced with a situation of having to ask her if she is Akso that careless on the home front. A piece of advise to the Nyangis of this world- there is a long standing tradition in the EPL why the EPL managers must appear before the media on Thursdays, Fridays and even on Saturdays to give briefs about their teams. This is a must and therefore should left go the coaches to give infos about thri teams. Pls cut down on the excitement and you might just surprise yourself by how well you will be appreciated.

  9. This is a petition to DStv management.Please continue airing KPL matches as the official broadcast sponsor.You have done so since 2008 and I believe our the quality of our league has grown in both leaps and bounds since then to currently offer value for money.Furthermore,a majority of us are not ready to invest in startimes and Bamba TV decoders after getting used to satellite HD TV viewing.Please consider our plight.Much oblige

    1. @Jasego, something is smelling fishy in the DSTv-KPL kitchen. First, the withdraw from sponsoring the Super Cup and now a day to KPL kickoff they are loudest by their silence. Usually by today they would have announced which matches they will air on Saturday and Sunday. Iam afraid they may not air this season’s matches. As for me I wont mind as I will attend all the matches so DSTv can go……..themselves.

  10. Guys, I have a guess as to why DSTV pulled out of sponsoring the super cup and why they may be contemplating withdrawing from the league itself as well. Picture the following scenario;

    It is the beginning of the year and DSTV are doing their programmes planning. They know that on such and such a date their will be the Super cup to air. So they spare that time for the game. They go a head and invite advertising clients to book for advertisement of their products at that premium time. Advertising is not cheap, so a lot of money is transfered into DSTv accounts. Everything is set awaiting the day to come. A few days to the match day…..oh, the match has been postponed because of the wrangles between FKF and KPL. Clients are bored to the bone but are persuaded by DSTV to be a little patient….the match will be played next weekend and their advertisements will be aired. Come next weekend….oh, the match has been postponed……again. This time the clients loose patience. They demand refunds of their money and DSTV looses business.

    Same scenario happens with the league itself. Doesn’t start at the scheduled time so the broadcaster keeps on loosing business opportunities. To make matters worse, this is a soap opera that keeps on being repeated at the beginning of every year.

    If you were DSTV, what do you do? What do you do?

    No one wants to be associated with such a mess. So if DSTV pulls out from the league, personally, I will not blame them. I will blame the football managers of this country for treating us to this useless circus every year thus scaring away sponsors.

  11. Seems my prayers have been answered promptly as soka.co.ke reports that three matches will be aired live by Supersport. One on Saturday pitting Tusker against Nzoia FC the a double header at thika sub County stadium in Sunday featuring Mathare United Vs Thika United followed by our very own Mayienga again st sharks…It is well

  12. Seems my prayers have been answered promptly as I have read reports that three matches will be aired live by Supersport. One on Saturday pitting Tusker against Nzoia FC the a double header at thika sub County stadium in Sunday featuring Mathare United Vs Thika United followed by our very own Mayienga again st sharks…It is well

  13. Watu was siasa Kali, who said dstv won’t air kpl matches, wacheni kujipatia story, ngoja upewe, Sunday tunajaza uwanja live on ss3 4pm

        1. No one said DSTV had stopped broadcasting KPL matches.Concern was after pulling out of sponsoring the shield opener and prolonged silence on whether games would be live.Ofcourse some people have assumed the title of official agenda/opinion shapers by keeping mum while others blog with a singular view of noting what everyone says,misunderstanding the same and ultimately countering with petty sarcastic undertones…Let guys be free,let’s leave our ‘Big’ job titles and authority at workplaces/homes away from this site…Humor and free speech is all that is required here

          1. @Jasego, my exact thoughts, I said I was afraid they MAY not air the matches and gave reasons for my fears. I did not say they WILL NOT. A cursory glance at my dictionary tells me MAY is a word used to express a possibility and not a certainty. I am always hesitant to call out people’s names but I have noticed that Dan Original, a member of this blog I respect so much, of late waits for my posts then give very petty replies. I have always ignored, thinking it is our usual difference of opinion but it gets more and more petty by each passing topic. My brother, we are not enemies or in competition@DO. If you think my opinion is subjective or wrong, counter with your own. I know how intelligently you can post so don’t stoop too low. The other culprit is @JTGJ, whose controlling streak bubbles over into this blog every time someone posts what is not politically correct in his book. My dear brothers Gor Mahia that unites us is a thousand times bigger than the little difference of world view that we have. To me it is better to come to this blog and be a mtu wa siasa kali, innuendos, rumours and concerns but at the end of the day travel land and sea to support our team kwa hali na mali than be politically correct and wait for the matches on SS3(or is it SS9East?). This blog is for free expression of opinion so why don’t we come here to post constructive content whether it is praise or criticism and not to react with misplaced parochial hogwash!!!!

  14. I have not spoken, yet I am being dragged in to this. Wachaneni na mimi. I am preparing to go to Thika on Sunday, that all am about.

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