Ze Maria to fans: Don’t worry

Gor Mahia coach Jose Ferreira aka Ze Maria has sought to assuage the concerns of Kogalo faithful over the poor results recorded by the team during the 2017 pre-season.

Under pressure from fans, Ze Maria wants fans not to lose faith. According to him, pre-season matches are used to try out new players, new strategies and to experiment.

“I know that friendly matches are used to gauge a team’s preparedness, but they can also be used as a platform to test the things that work and those that don’t. We are in preseason and as you know, there are a few new players who have joined us.” he said to the KPL website.

He also insisted that things will be different when the league starts.

“That means that we have to find the right balance to ensure that we are able to make a good start in the league and sustain that performance until the end of the season. The fans shouldn’t get worried at all by these results. Things shall be different when the league commences,” he assured.

Gor Mahia’s first three losses came against strong opposition in the form of Al Hilal of Sudan, Thika United and Onduparaka of Uganda. Another loss which was perhaps the most shocking came against Administration Police.  The two wins came against lower tier opposition in the form of Wazito FC.

Indeed if coaches are judged on pre-season results then they will all resort to playing mediocre opposition which will not prepare them for the rigors of the season. For this reason, the club EC has decided not to judge Ze Maria on recent results. The rubber will meet the road when the league finally starts.

25 thoughts on “Ze Maria to fans: Don’t worry

  1. Very well put! We are on training. I see negative sentiments left right and center. Over in called for. Ngojeni muone ball . I have confidence with the boys. Kufungwa mazoezini means nothing for those who’ve played competitive football.
    Give the coach time and some of you should stop behaving as if they are more equal than others or they own the club than some of us who sacrificedourselves when their were no incentives.

  2. So far your experiments (aka trials and errors) are yet to work with even friendlies, so Mr.Mad Professor Genius what makes you think that come the league you will have “stumbled” upon the magic formula.Reality check remember you’ve been at GMFC from March2016 and have had 2 transfer periods to choose your preferred players.Omera there is something called value for money starting with yourself and highly paid MVPs and experienced players. I will be happy to accept it if you were playing a sick joke on us by saving the best for competitive matches but i’ve my doubts mara delayed start affecting players,mara Ogweno/Ottamax issues etc etc. Remind me Papa is there a special membership recognition for “those who sacrified when there was no incentive?” Can your sacrifice compare with the gate collections from the fans especially za Russia? Has your sacrifice been captured in the accounts as a material revenue stream for GMFC? Really as a true supporter of GMFC it beats me why one would defend non-performers.

    1. Hapo sawa Oduor12, it is nothing but the truth. I am sure that people who are always claiming credit for having stood by Gor during hard times may have contributed very insignificant amounts if any. In fact they may have contributed nothing. On the contrary, the quiet “goons” may have done much. But as you rightfully put it, there is no tag to differentiate the ones who may have had deeper pockets. But Mugabe failures must be highlighted. And Maria mama must show us why Ambrose robert preferred him to our great FN.

  3. Thank you very much Sir for the explanation but all other teams are ‘trying new combinations’ and ‘testing new things’ and have new players who joined them but are winning!!!!

    1. I think this guy (infact his previous track record does not even inspire) and his God Father are just con artists. “Testing” and “trying” are for training which happens daily i think Monday to Friday. Maybe even twice a day morning and afternoon. Friendlies,akin to mock exams, are for executing what you were “testing and trying” and constant failure should have you very worried because they are a pointer that your “testing and trying” are WRONG/USELESS TACTICS.This guy will struggle locally forget regional and continental soccer.Gor Mahia went for experienced players, not youth and for most friendlies its the experienced players who fielded with poor results. Only way out is ABRA CADABRA or maybe EC has no intention of qualifying for 2018 CAF tournaments (avoiding real CAF licence scrutiny) and are just toying with our minds.

      1. @ODUOR12, you have said something very important. If the coach is testing and trying in friendlies, then what does he do in training?

  4. Ze maria you are an ex footballer but talks trash like somebody who has never played football…. Friendly or not, Do you understand the psychological implications repeatedly loosing matches has on players, fans and the TB ?

    Omera come April without a trophy you will be gone !

  5. Ze, Maria, thank you for the explanation. I also do not think the coach will share with us his note pad. So we do not know what is going on in his mind. I hope when the league begins, we will understand when others become bench candidates

  6. The first 5 matches will determine your fate in Gor. Lose 4 matches out of 5 and the pressure will be too much to bear.We hope you have found your formula from the six friendlies.Remember your head has been placed on the chopping board by kogalo fraternity.No more flip ups.Otherwise wishing you best of luck in your first five matches.

  7. Let’s give Ze maria time, let’s wait for the league to start then from thea I think we can start comparing notes but now it’s too early to judge.

    1. Pole Jakababa, I am out of town and will just rely on updates from other outlets. Any member of the Bloggers Branch who can slip away from the office please do. go and relay for us the match real time.The All Stars team is of equal calibre to Gor and I will closely be watching the results. This is a good opportunity and should give us a real picture of how well our team is prepared. And for this match the coach should not go to ‘test’ or ‘try’ since those he can do in training. Let him go all out and compete!!

    1. Van Gaal won the English FA cup (but was still fired)& had an enviable track record.Any trophy Ze Maria wins now will be purely ABRACADABRA/a first time FLUKE in his coaching career.Hapa bado hatuna kocha.His record past & current bear me out so on what basis is he being given time.FN came in as a “trainer” but when he left we had won the league twice and reached CECAFA finals that was PROGRESS.Avoid tying your loyalties to personalties (Mugabes,ZMs etc) but rather be loyal to GMFC the club and those who deliver results.If Kagere & Jausenge etc can’t score against AP,will they score against kpl teams.Na shida iko wapo-coach,player or both.We Need Titles Local,Regional &Continental,that is our pride & joy not cat fights btw EC/Stewards or Mugabe being chair at 93 coz no can rule “Zimbabwe” and the now the latest ati now there are “incentives”. WHAT INCENTIVES “KICHAPOS RIGHT,LEFT AND CENTER”.P.S I would gadly vote for Mugabe @ 100 as long as GMFC is winning locally and progressing regionally,continentally

    1. So if your wife is cheating on you(God forbid), you will be in full support of her because you checked and found out she is your wife? This is a purely hypothetical question but has a very fitting parallel!!!

    2. Let him continue being the coach only as long as he is giving Gor value for money. Why should we have a coach all the way from Brazil without results. Otherwise if he continues with this trend, Rio Kogalo edition awaits him
      Lane I – Fontino
      Lane 2 – Aurelio[ not even sure of his name]
      Lane 3- Maria Mama
      And the rest will follow.

      Ottomax is not there for him to smell alcohol. No more excuses.

  8. Guys we must agree that kogalo had a bad season last time after three consecutive seasons of success, secondly discipline is Paramount.if ottomax could not behave then there was no problem him leaving,what if he had died?you want to say no one could have filled the gap
    Am proud of zemaria due on how he is naturing the youths at kogalo and the figure team

  9. Meanwhile Gor Mahia EC are currently operating without physical offices as the one at Nyayo Stadium has been closed indefinitely due to rent arrears dating back to 2011 totalling 4.6 Million.Check goal.com for that sad breaking story.Admin please post that piece here asap so we can ventilate accordingly as such cannot be allowed to happen at our club in this day and age with sponsorship from SportPesa and gate collections…We Say No

  10. Meanwhile Gor Mahia EC are currently operating without physical offices as the one at Nyayo Stadium has been closed indefinitely due to rent arrears dating back to 2011 totalling 4.6 Million.Check goal.com for that sad bresking news guys.Omera ambrose mugabe such cannot be allowed to happen at our club in this day and age with sponsorship from SportPesa and gate collections…We Say No

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