Ze Maria wants to strengthen midfield and central defence

With the transfer season looming, coach Ze Maria has provided some thoughts on what he will be looking for during the transfer season.

“We have very good players currently, but we need to strengthen the midfield and central defense positions, and I am hoping to get about six new players that will see us regain the league title and other trophies we lost.” he said according to goal.com

The central midfield area had a gaping hole when Khalid Aucho left. Matters were not helped by the fact that Collins Okoth “Gattuso” was missing in action yet again due to discipline issues. And Ze Maria may have finally reached the conclusion that he needs a dependable player there.

In central defence there is a lack of depth. Which means that if either Shakava or Musa Mohamed is unavailable, the defence is in trouble. Last season, Gor Mahia tried to add depth first with Luke Ochieng then with Wellington Ochieng.

Ze Maria is also keen to sign players who suit his system, something he was unable to do in 2016.

“As you know, I only joined this club after the team had played about four games. Next season I want to be actively involved in preseason and recruitment so that I can be in a better position to make decisions concerning players,” he continued.

Indeed some players who played really well in Frank Nuttall’s system have not thrived in Ze Maria’s system. Players like Innocent Wafula and Karim Nizigiyimana come to mind. One of the pillars of Nuttall’s system was lightning quick attacks down the flanks. And this is where Wafula thrived.

Ze Maria’s contract apparently runs until February 2018 according to goal.com.  Why the club would end a contract in February when the season has already started defies logic. This is contrary to what was announced when he joined and announced that he had a contract until December of 2016. This will be the longest tenure that Ze Maria has had as a coach. His previous coaching stints all lasted six months or less.

Gor Mahia will also need to work on expiring contracts: Boniface Oluoch, defenders Karim Nizigiyimana, Abouba Sibomana and Eric Ouma plus forward Enock Agwanda are running out by the end of the year . Of these, Eric Oula is the most in demand from other local clubs. But he has thrived under Ze Maria whi himself was an overlapping fullback in his playing days. He stands to gain a lot by staying at this club until he gets an offer from a foreign league.

One player who might feature is Brazilian striker Thiago Da Silva. Not much has been seen from him. However he did play in several friendlies and scored regularly albeit against lower tier teams.

Ze Maria is currently holidaying in Italy where he played most of his career and started his coaching career.

20 thoughts on “Ze Maria wants to strengthen midfield and central defence

  1. Ze Maria says he wants to be actively involved in the transfer biz. Good thing. Bad news is he is on holiday and may come back too late to have his influence felt. In his absence the EC may just recruit a few has-beens like we have seen happen so many times.

  2. Ze Maria should take time during his holiday to come up with a variety of new strategies.
    Kenyan players with their poor ball control are not suited to tiki taka.

  3. Hate to cast aspersions bt at tyms inabidi,jst like Donald J wuld trump wuld say somebody shuld appoint a special prosecutor to luk into GM situation of signing VERY AVERAGE players frm stima at the expense of REAL TALENT Countrywide. So I read there is intrest in a certain midfielder frm stima.Wether it’s the 2 chairs that are involved or the one ja asego the situation shuld be lukd at. Abt Ze this is PR,I hardly saw him go watch kpl games unless it was a double header or afc b4 Derby,I wonder how he has identified the players,remember many are the tyms our opponents seemed to have mastered how to counter our tactics. & sometimes we seemed clueless on what to do,reason the coach never took tym to learn the strengths and weaknesses of the opponents. Jury still out Thea.

    1. Sahihisho ,its Donald J wuod Trump .I hope the new office bearers & the coach will learn from Nkata on the importance of early preparation for continental matches if we get that chance later than soon, & not to wait for 2-3 weeks before the tournament starts that’s when we are assembly the team. After elimination we give an excuse of futbal Calender not being favourable

  4. Yajowa ! now my favorite coach PAMZO has just been snatched by posta rangers. Could’nt we even find a position for him within the TB ? As usual the EC member in charge of recruitment will wake up from the slamber in Janauary once all the best deals have been done.

    Vote AR for another 10 years to finish what he has started.

  5. Oh yes,so that AR can continue paying Thiago $3,000 per month(refer to soka.co.ke).BTW he says he’s FED UP and is not coming back.Has EC remitted PAYE on this $3k,bet you even Waiganjo/Jabrazil is being paid secretly, add signing secret contracts with Ze Maria.We thought we would win the league when the highest paid player is ineligible to play.AR “pepeta” akili yetu and is just about to break the Guiness Record.According to Thiago players are paid at different times,SO AFTER +8 YEAR EC HAS NOT PUT IN PLACE EVEN A PAYROLL SYSTEM.@Teddy there was an article where you ended with “THIS MUST STOP”.It captures objectively the inability of AR to lead the GMFC. I ugre bloggers to re-read it!! #ElectAR+Co.&AndNextAGMwillBeIn2020……..#WantedNamesMakingGorMahia’s”HugeDebtList”

    1. CORRUPTION YA GMFC’S BLOATED EC IMESHINDA HATA YA CHUPLEE NA KAUNTI GOVERMENTS.HOW MANY SKELETONS ARE HIDDEN OVER THE +8 YEARS? ZM wants 6 players but how many is he offloading? We only need 25 players + 5 TB. Ati officials are dodging a player and they want to be re-elected. There is no need of the treasurer and asst. treasurer positions in GMFC PESA YOTE NI YA AR aka “deep pockets”

  6. Regardless of whether we are taking part in continental or not,early preparations are required.We are always dogged by lack of poor preparations and early recruitment of new players.
    Am sure nothing concrete will happen between now and the election day but i hope those who will be put incharge of the club will hit the ground running by putting structures into place for the new season 2017.


  7. Maria Mama, the tourism period is over.We won’t listen to any excuses next season. If any person is forcing you to sign a player, just bench such players for the entire season.They can warm the benches, gain weight and then move to Pand Pieri Youth Club. The Tiki Piti without trophies is nothing to us.

  8. @ levelmind are you refering to Kenneth Muguna from Western Stima?My targets are Robinson Kamura, Eric Johanna, Amos Ekhalie, Ovella Ochieng, Calvin Odongo and Moses Otieno (Rangers) plus a fpreigner to replace Aucho, either kwizera or baba kizito then offload one whose contract is out.All these players can fit into our system,.they will try out and Ze Maria will decide,those he identified himself i have no idea but we will know them whjen he announces.This ones of mine are in long held tradition of better be ready than sorry as i always have preferred list for GM player recruitment which at times is followed at times discarded.One thing though is GM success is almost always certain when my preferred players set foot in mayienga.Look at the past season when none of my options were brought on board and the rest like they say is history

    1. Try your best @Ja’sego together with Maria Mama. Some people are really provoking you to reveal your identity but I don’t think that is important. All of us here have concealed our identities so why should you reveal yours. wachira mayo coz it will be used against you. What we all want is prosperity at Mayienga club. Anyway I don’t know whether I have not been very keen, but this Johana boy has never impressed me.

  9. We seriously need to beef up the central defense. I don’t see any in Ja’Asego’s list…. I wish Eric Johanna could improve on his selfishness. Meanwhile, when is Passenger 27 leaving? I hope he ain’t staying till 2018.

    1. @BB Kamura is a central defender plus Saleh is coming back. If he is not discarded by the coach, then that is two foer central defence.

    2. @BB Note: Saleh is a central defender!

      Jackson Saleh has been released by AFC Leopards and will return to his parent club, Gor Mahia FC , Futaa.com understands.

      Btw I understand that like Odula, Saleh was signed with a recurring injury, while Thaigo was paid kes.1.8m for 6 months to get fit. All this WHILE PLAYERS WHO TOIL ON THE FIELD HAVE TO STRIKE TO BE PAID THEIR WINNING BONUSES.
      KRA please ensure that PAYE has been remitted in full on this salary and all benefits paid to this player and all foreign players.

      GMFC seem to be a rehabilitation cum get fit center aka Parent Club for unwanted cats. Agenda of AR+Co is to front GMFC as a football club while the real business is to run cartel e.g Fake ticketing,Fake merchandize.

      To compensate for accepting to be deducted 3 points.
      Gor Mahia FC has been nominated among the five teams that will battle it out for the Fair Play team of the year. Source futaa.com

      Ja’Asego please note:

      New deal awaits Harambee Stars midfielder in Scandinavia
      By Vincent Opiyo | Tue 22 Nov, 2016 18:04
      Kenyan international Amos Ekhalie has agreed to a contract extension with Finnish Premier League champions IFK Mariehamn, the club has revealed. The 28-year-old, who is currently in Kenya after the completion of the 2016 season, will in 2017 be playing his tenth season in the Scandinavian country since making the move in 2007 from Kenyan side Coast Stars.

      Reflect on these hard truths, from our @Teddy as you prepare to vote:
      * my humble conclusion is matters Gor Mahia AR has reached the end of his intelligence and has no nothing new to offer .
      *With the benefit of hindsight I have come to understand and appreciate why Chris had to resign , Chris was naive to assume that other members of the EC shared his vision for the club only to realise that this setup was one huge gravy train to drain Gor Mahia while giving the fans the bare minimum to mollify them e.g winning the league and while we celebrated, behind closed doors they shared amongst themselves the spoils so greedily that even at most times the players were forgotten.

  10. I think that Tiago’s stay and participation in the league could just be a blessing. He has had the opportunity to see what goes on. With his stature and character of patience, he could be a player to add value to the club.

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