13 Mar 13

GorĀ  Mahia vs Ismailia 1969, Gor Mahia vs Zamalek 1994, Gor Mahia vs Zamalek 1998 Bassanga, Oteino solo, Ayman Masnour, George Owallam Steve Okumu, Allan Odhiambo, Dan Oganda. Tom Okaya, Ouma Chege, Fred Siranga, James Sianga, Mahallon Danga, Abdallah Shebe, Abbey Nassur, Onyango Fundi, Len Julians,

Story by Muroro Pacho
Milimani Strathmore


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  • Pod Antie says:

    This is that group of players who’ll reverse this jinx. We believe this is our year. All the best mighty Kogalo.

  • Mwakio says:

    Great article and now I know why Gor Mahia is a great club in Africa. We such articles to help people like myself know more about Gor Mahia. How did Gor Mahia won Mandela Cup? Can someone tell us because I was in class 6 in Taita Taveta.

  • Henry Ogoye says:

    wish the team all the best in this match and return leg. I believe we will move to the next stage

  • Walter Alando Bwoga says:

    @1 Pod Antie – it is true this is our year; no doubt. I will still repeat that as long as we are not conceding easily we are going far..watch this space.

    @2 Mwakio – brother Mwakio welcome back after the election break (week). I hope the admin has seen your request on Mandela Cup and will probably post the updates/footages over the same.

    Finally, these Egyptians are beatable. By the way can I tell you one thing – Nigeria National team beats Harambee stars every time because we fear them; otherwise nowadays any team is beatable. Someone tell me which team or club in this world you think is unbeatable…In fact because ENNPI will be attacking in search of a goal when we go to Egypt, we need to take advantage of that to score an away goal because you never know, they may come to Kenya to defend and our weakest point is when the opponents start defending (‘closed match’ as I have previously been putting it)

  • Joe Riaga says:

    Meanwhile you can read about 1987 on this very site : http://www.gormahia.net/late80s.html

  • Arrumtiddi says:

    Muroro pacho, your aricles are usually very insightful, well researched and refreshing.
    Elsewhere I also read that the admins here will be keeping tabs on assists provided by gor mahia players.
    That is very welcome and timely . Other than 89.59 on twitter who keep tabs, records and statistics on kpl players and matches, I dont think of any other people who gives an indepth analysis of the kpl.
    At this rate, we will count gor mahia.net among the big boys of the kpl coverage.
    Thanks muroro pacho, vince mugenya and all the admins here.
    The fact that we’ll play ENNPI behind closed doors, should give us motivation, we should exploit this and milk as much capital out of this as possible.
    Lets’ get a good result in egypt then come and finish off the work in nairobi.
    This am certain we can.

  • Jakopudo says:

    I was actually at the 1969 Ismalia game; my father took me to that game, it was my first Gor game. I still remember the players and their nicknames: Chege wuod okuyu, japuonj, Ojukwu, Ogwanjo, nyathi otenga, Abawa etc.
    …and the game was not complete without buying njugu from one Arudhi who sold by tossing them from any distance and remembered each one whom he tossed to, blew my mind as a child.

  • Vitoo says:


  • Erico Jarae says:

    GOD will give us a positive result tommorrow,lets just pray

  • Eric says:

    Thanks Jakupudo.
    Chege was the late William Ouma, the telesmatic Gor and Harambee Stars striker, Japuuonj was midfield maestro Okeyo Kapila who was a teacher, Abawa,the great goal stopper and coach Sianga is still with us and I believe Ogwanjo was Nicodemus Arudhi one of the greatest prodigies of Kenya soccer.

    Timu kubwa Mola awape ushindi maridhawa kesho dhidi ya upinzani!!

    K’Ogalo for ever!!

  • Kamau wa Njoroge says:

    Go luck to my beloved Gor – play without fear, and the Egyptians can be had.
    Go Gor !
    Go Gor !!
    Go Gor !!

  • Natasha Mburugu says:

    That Zamalek story of 1984 has really made me sad. However, I believe the current Gor squad is the rebirth of that great team of yesterday. With God’s help, we’ll beat ENPPI and advance to the next level. All I pray is for our boys to have courage and confidence in themselves because any team is beatable. God bless Gor. God bless Kenya.

  • Ochieng David says:

    This is one of the websites that we have in Kenyan football clubs and i would like to urge you to post any achievement or challenges to the net so that it enriches the club history and activities. Please do not leave these vital information to disappear. I hope that you will up date you site quite often.

    Thank you very much and give us information on the current status of the club.
    Best regards David Ochieng