Hopes of 1988 as Gor Mahia return to the Islands

Story by Muroro Pacho

Milimani Strathmore

Gor Mahia vs BTM (Bankin’Ny Tantshaha Mpamokatra), George
Odembo nyangi, George Onyango fundi, Razafindralambo


12 thoughts on “Hopes of 1988 as Gor Mahia return to the Islands

  1. As i leave the sun infested city of Kisumu to my rural Home Muhoroni in readiness to offer some fellows (6) a five years job contract on 4th March 2013 i take this early opportunity to Wish my beloved team K’Ogalo a big win on Saturday. K’Ogalo symbol of PEACE All the best Mighty GM.

  2. I know men don’t cry but I look at those photos and the sight of Peter ‘Pierre’, the menacing height of Artillery, the business-like demeanor of Fundi and the sly grin of Orieko drives tears to my eyes. Admin of the blog where have you been keeping the photo? One would think it was taken this morning.

  3. This is precisely why fans sing about the club’s glory days. Ma Players wa siku hizi should read these stories and get inspired. There was a time when teams all over Africa would shake in their boot at the prospect of playing against Gor Mahia

  4. By the way Odembo Nyangi had a look a like in GOR…”Joseph Owino” but it was Nyangi’s prospects at Harambee starts that stood out.GOR was a very DANGEROUS TEAM…this kids playing today just don’t know which shoes they are trying to fit in.I think the Coach and technical Bench should get the old GOR MAHIA VIDEOS from KBC television for the current crop of players to see the history where Gor is coming from…..

  5. I agree the current crop is the best assembled squad ever assembled in resent years.With experienced technical adviser,Gor will go far this round.

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