14 Jan 14

Story by Muroro Pacho

In its 46 year history, Gor Mahia has seen its fair share of deadly strikers. It is difficult to come up with a precise list of who the best strikers ever to don the Kogalo jersey. But below is a sample.

William Ouma “Chege”

Maurice Ochieng “Sonyi”

Nahashon Oluoch “Lule”


Sammy Onyango “Jogoo”

 Hezborn Omollo

Peter Dawo

The Early 1990s: Tom Odhiambo and Jared Achieng

The Two Steves : Odiaga and Okumu

Steve Okumu in his heyday

 George Odhiambo “Blackberry”

Dan Sserunkuma

 Teamwork and Partnerships

The key to success for any strike force over the years has been team-work and the ability of the strikers to gain an understanding with each other. The most successful strike partnerships have been those where the players are cohesive and are willing to work hard for other team-mates. One hopes that the squad of 2014 will follow in this vein.


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  • plz hw can I get a copy of legends playing? I miss watching about those guyz

  • fred odhiambo says:

    great analysis…takes me waaaay back!point of correction though…Jared was Jared Achieng Achieng and not Jared Ochieng Achieng!!

  • George Odhiambo says:

    The first photo is for Steve Yongo and not that of Chege Ouma.

  • james goro says:

    what about abdalla shebe, william obwaka, abbey nassur, john chore,ndolo,ben oloo, goro oronge and gideon hamisi

  • james goro says:

    is that picture of chege ouma or steve yongo?

  • ODUOR12 says:

    Yes Mighty K’galo had many talented strikers happy that two of the current squad are worthy to be mentioned.
    Goro Oronge I remember used to be brought in from Kisumu especially against AFC and was very effective scoring almost every time he was fielded.
    Its for the current squad to emulate these star, am also impressed by bloggers indept knowledge of their legends.

  • Muroro-Pacho says:

    @George Odhiambo thanks for the correction. I have replaced Yongo’s pic with “Chege”

  • Mwakio P says:

    Congrats Muroro Pacho for this great article. Keep it up.

    Meanwhile, please do the same for midfielders, defenders, goal-keepers and even fans and executive committee that served the club.

  • James says:

    @George Odhiambo , that is William Ouma Chege alright, Yongo Steve had a much more plum face. @Goro Oronge, fact is Kogalo has had a large number of strikers such that a list of even ten would still leave out some great names but sure guys like Hamisi Gidi “mugabe” , Shebe and even yourself really lit up the scene although remember Gidi Hamisi “Harare” was a winger not an out and out striker . Nice to see Tom Odhiambo “Hustler” on the list , what nice memories they left us with Jared Achieng Achieng , Felix Otieno and Steve Odiags….pure nostalgia….great article however.

  • Jimmy says:

    Great article. It seemed like Gor and Leopards won the league so easily in the past that people forgot that it took very talented players to make it look so easy.

    However like someone mentioned you have forgotten a few Kogalo heroes like peter Omolo, Francis Kasinde, Goro Oronge, Abdalla Shebe, Mike Otieno, Aziki, Ben Oloo, Anthony Ndolo etc.

    These guys all contributed in there own little or big ways but were very important to the success of the club. I hope we do not wait another 18 years to see a league championship which seemed a given in tester years.

    I personally was a Kogalo fanatic in the late 80s to the mid 90s when it started going downhill. Glad to see us back in control and it is very exciting. I hope we can keep growing.

  • Jimmy says:

    Wait a minute. How can i myself also forget a player who played at kogalo for a very short time but was instrumental in 1990 and 1991. An ethiopian by the name of Zelalem Teshome. Those of you who were at Kasarani to witness the first super cup between Kogalo and Rivatex would know what i am talking about. Alfayo Odongo who would later join Leopards was part of that team as was Sammy Sholie. But Teshome was the star of that game scoring with a rasping low shot that Namudeche in the Rivatex goal never saw coming.

    In later years we struggled because we were unable to keep our young players who were offered better economic opportunities by company owned clubs like KBL, Bandari, Mumias etc.