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9 Jan 18

Additional reporting from goal.com
The Green Army soldier was run over by packed bus along Thika Super Highway last September after he slipped off

Gor Mahia family is mourning once again following the passing on of a fan, who was run over by a bus last season.

The K’Ogalo fan known mostly by his Facebook name ‘Jakababa Jakafadhe’, succumbed to the injuries on Monday after a lengthy four months battle at a Nairobi Hospital.

The Green Army soldier was run over by packed bus along Thika Super Highway last September after he slipped off the moving bus and fell under the bus.

He was part of the Gor Mahia fans traveling back from Thika town after watching K’Ogalo battle to 0-0 draw with host Thika United last season.

The accident happened not far away from Nehema Uhai Hospital (opposite Safari Park Hotel) where he was rushed before he was later referred to St. Francis Hospital in Mwiki-Kasarani.

The news came barely a week after the reigning champions lost another foot ‘soldier’, Dennis Osoti, who died last week.

He battled his injuries in hospital for 4 months during which Judith Nyangi was a regular visitor

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14 Sep 15

Both Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards have been fined Ksh 1 million by the Independent Disciplinary and Complaints Committee (IDCC). IDCC is chaired by Professor Migai Akech. Other members are Njeri Onyango, William Booker Odeny, Elijah Gitonga, Peninah Wahome and David Otieno.

The match which was highly anticipated by Gor Mahia fans, was ruined by AFC fans when they realized that they could not win it. There are reports that the fracas was planned by certain politicians.

IDCC ruled that Leopards was guilty of causing the abandonment of the match.

“It’s clear its (AFC Leopards) fans made it impossible for the penalty to be taken. The referee had already made a call for the penalty to be taken and could not have continued with the match unless the penalty was taken.”

However, in their ruling, the IDCC found Gor Mahia liable as hosts. In their ruling they observed that Gor Mahia did not provide sufficient security nor did they print enough tickets.

“Having considered all relevant factors and in the exercise of our powers under Rule 7.8 of the Rules, we apportion liability between the 1st Respondent Gor Mahia) and 2nd Respondent (AFC Leopards) at 60%:40% with the fine assessed at KSh1,000,000.00 hoping that this will get the Respondents to find a way of controlling their fans and generally managing security in future matches. This means that the 1st Respondent, Gor Mahia Football Club will pay KSh600,000.00 while the 2ND Respondent, AFC Leopards SC will pay KSh400,000.00. This fine should be paid within 60 (Sixty) Days from the date hereof,” .

“From an assessment of the evidence and the submissions, a lot of the unfortunate events that happened on that day would have been avoided had proper security arrangements been put in place and the things agreed to be done, done. Gor Mahia failed to print enough tickets and failed to adhere to the safety and security guidelines that had been agreed upon,” IDCC said.

Indeed Gor Mahia did not show sufficient organization for a match of this magnitude especially with regard to making tickets available.

IDCC also recommended that the Kenyan Premier League have a bigger oversight role on security matters in the football matches, electronic ticketing be introduced in the league and matches be called off once a serious breach of security has occurred.

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20 Apr 15

Gor Mahia have raised the red flag with regard to poor officiating in the Kenya premier league. Club official Ronald Ngala says there is too much poor officiating and nothing is being done about it.

“This issue of poor officiating is becoming too much now and it is being caused by unqualified referees. Every time we complain no one lends an ear to our complains,” Ngala told goal.com on Monday.

Ngala also took issue with the fact that four out of seven of the club’s matches have been officiated by one referee.

“We also take issue with the fact that in our seven matches, four of them have been handled by one referee. This clearly shows that there is a big problem.”

An FKF official confirmed that they have indeed received complaints from several clubs.

We have received a letter from Tusker and understand that several clubs are not happy with officiating in Kenyan Premier League.

“One thing is for sure; all referees in KPL are not qualified because they are either retired or those who have not undergone PET test. We will have to look at the issue if we get more clubs complaining to us.”

The official further went on to say that another test will not be conducted until June.

The League’s reputation is at stake

According to the Daily Nation,none of the 16 centre referees, 24 assistant referees and 16 match commissioners drafted to officiate in this season’s league matches are accredited by Fifa.

In contrast, Kenyan referees who are sanctioned by Fifa continue presiding over matches in the Football Kenya Federation Premier League.

The head of FKF’s Technical Committee, Elly Mukolwe, on Monday confirmed that none of the match officials under the KPL roster has undergone the mandatory tests required of top flight league referees, which is a violation of the Fifa statutes.

“They know the truth. I can say without fear that many of those referees have been brought back from retirement. Some failed even the local Member Association fitness test,” he said.

Both Gor Mahia and Sofapaka had reason to be disgruntled.

Poor officiating is a stain on the league’s reputation. If the league is perceived as poorly officiated, the resultant public relations stain can affect public interest, sponsorships and attendance. But even more importantly, the league aficionados should understand that football is an emotional sport and poor officiating can lead to crowd trouble. And this is not unique to Kenya.

And the club officials are best placed to handle this issue. Ambrose Rachier is after all the current KPL chairman. Officials of all clubs have a direct say in how KPL is run and can petition FKF for better referees.

But the club’s reputation is also at stake

It appears that many fans have still not learned from the travails that the club has gone through over the past year. Club officials have gone from one corporate to another seeking sponsorship to no avail. One of the key reasons the club cannot garner sponsorship is precisely due to crowd trouble both inside and outside the stadium.

What is worse is that this time, the people who tossed foreign objects into the field were fans in the main stand and not fans in Russia. You would typically not expect this kind of behaviour from fans who sit at the main stand. These are the fans who should understand the club’s precarious situation.

There are literally hundreds or thousands of the club’s enemies who cannot wait for slightest sign of crowd trouble to flock to social media to besmirch the club. Some of this politically and/or tribally motivated. These kind of people were actually disappointed when the recent mashemeji derby came and went without incident.

The fact that Mathare United recently penned a ksh 75 million sponsorship deal despite not having a fan base and despite not having the history or pedigree of Gor Mahia should have made it obvious to fans now. Mathare got the sponsorship with very little effort because they have an excellent reputation. Media reports suggest that it was Britam who came seeking a partner. Under normal circumstances, companies would be lining up to sponsor Gor Mahia.

Aside from sponsorship, the club could face the real prospect of being punished by losing point or having to play in an empty stadium, something that the club cannot currently afford. There is also the possibility of sanctions from CAF or FIFA.

It is understandable that fans would be unhappy with poor refereeing. Football is after all a sport that can engender all kinds of emotions. But given the club’s current situation, fans ought to know better.


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10 Jan 15

Fidel Odinga the Grandson of Kenya’s first Vice President Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and first son of  Kenya’s foremost people’s rights fighter Raila Odinga was laid to rest.

Fidel Odinga was an avid Gor Mahia fan. Unbeknownst to most, he was involved in various activities including the youth team. It is for this reason that Gor Mahia fans turned out in droves for his funeral.

According to the Standard,Gor Mahia Football Club carried out the day as they turned up in large numbers to pay their last respect to Fidel Castro during his emotional send-off on Saturday. The fans hummed praise songs and dirges to eulogise the late Fidel Odinga stating that he was a true Gor Mahia hero. “Fidel was a friend of all the people and to be specific the Kogallo family. I sell peanuts in Kisumu, but when games are held in Nairobi I travel all the way to sell to the fans. Fidel would use as much as Sh3000 in purchasing peanuts just for the fans,” said Ezekiel Kawere an ardent fan.

“I have lost a customer and real fan who motivated most of us. Someone who would chip in to support the club, not everyone has such a heart,” added Kawere. The emotional fans who mourned in peace stated that the late Fidel deserved respect and a peaceful send-off. “We have not been harassed by anyone and we will not create any tension. We have lost a dear friend and disciplinarian. Too sad for us and he can never be replaced,” said Jack Omondi a fan from Kisumu. Youths from the county eulogised the late Fidel as a social person, who loved giving out without complaining.

Jaro Soja and others below represented the Gor Mahia contingent at the funeral Image courtesy of Michael Onyango

Fidel also supported other sports.

In 2014, Fidel stepped in to offer financial support to Kisumu Rugby Football club. The club had been in a dire financial situation having lost their previous patron. They had forfeited many matches because players simply would not show up. Fidel came to the rescue. It is for this reason that the Kenya Rugby Football Union (KRFU) mandated a moment of silence to remember Fidel.

“He bought some of the uniforms our players wear during games and sometimes he chipped in financially, because he has walked with us we are here to give him a decent send-off . The last time I saw him was during Rugby Dala sevens in Kisumu and he was jovial and a simple man,” said Tecklar Wasongo a fan of Kisumu RFC.

A moment of silence was observed before the match between Homeboyz and Harlequins in order of Fidel

Former KRFU chairman Mwangi Muthee eulogized Fidel Odinga thus:

“I met Fidel Odinga about 10 years ago. Fidel liked rugby very much, had many friends among rugby players, but followed the game very much in the periphery. Only very recently I appealed to him and encouraged him to help out in rugby management; by assisting Kisumu Rugby Football Club which was then struggling in many aspects” said Muthee

“He effected a remarkable, almost immediate, turn-around. He became the Chairman of the team that had been relegated from the top-flight competition and which, in just half of the current season, is topping its second-tier division, virtually guaranteeing itself a place in the play-offs for promotion back to the Kenya Cup”

“Fidel had become my friend whom I admired for the commitment to support rugby in one of the high potential regions in our country, Kisumu, in particular and Nyanza and Western in general. He was so effective in stablising the game, bringing in freshness and boosting morale that the game was looking up like never before”

“Fidel’s humbleness, calmness and easy-going nature was unbelievable. His background was in the top echelons of society but he was the finest example of wonderful Kenyans who get along across diverse class, regional, religious, age or philosophical lines”

Because of his love for sports, rugby players and fans were among the thousands of mourners who made it to Bondo.

Rest In Peace

On behalf of Gor Mahia bloggers branch, Gor Mahia online supporters club and GORMAHIA.NET, this author would like to offer condolences to the family of Fidel Makarios, Castro, Odhiambo, Odinga, May the Lord rest his soul in eternal peace and give his family strength.

Artwork courtesy of Victor Oti Owach

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6 Dec 14

On Saturday November 6 2014, the Gor Mahia fans foundation visited the Kenyatta hospital children’s oncology ward. This is an tradition by the organization which visits children in hospital several times a year.

During the visit, the foundation presented gifts to the children including:
• Books
• Mosquito nets
• Drip stands
• Toys (assorted)
• Wheel chairs • Medicine for cancer treatment
• Patient stretchers
• Fruits
• LCD tv sets
• Pay hospital bills for needy patient

• Panel heaters
• Toiletries




I would urge the foundation to alert media outlets especially TV stations whenever they engage in CSR activities on behalf of the club.

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1 Dec 14

A massive crowd gathered outside Kisumu stadium on the penultimate day of the 2014 league


Gor Mahia players line up before the penultimate match of the 2014 season
Front Row: Walusimbi, Simon Pierre, Sserunkuma, Eric Ochieng, Jerim Onyango, Blackberry
Back Row: Okoth Gattuso, Kizito, Kevin Olucoh, Owino Calabar, Shakava


Midfielder Eric Ochieng celebrates after scoring the first goal as Gor Mahia beat Ushuru 3-1 in the last match they had to win to secure the league title

Players mob coach Frank Nuttall and the celebratory shower


Players celebrate after the final whistle

Patrick Oboya and Pierre Guidongue carry coach Frank Nuttall shoulder high

Coach Frank Nuttall and Chairman Rachier revel in a hard fought league title


This fan desperately wanted to join the celebration on the field

Dan Sserunkuma played a pivotal role in both championship campaigns. In 2014 he finished top scorer with 16 goals in the league and 19 goals in total


Fans were pumped up and energized at the venue. On Friday, no air tickets were available for flights to Kisumu because they had all been purchased by Kogalo fans


Jerim Onyango was mobbed by jubilant fans after the game. Jerim as captain and starting goalie made several crucial saves to earn points for the team throughout 2014

fans were there from all corners of the globe

Fans went crazy after the game

Gor Mahia overcame a lot of enemies off the field to win the 14th league title hence this defiant message on a fans T-shirt

This fan expressed his dissaporoval at Tuzo for withdrawing their sponsorship by cutting off the Tuzo label on his jersey

Fans celebrate a second successive title after the final whistle

Players pose with the trophy after a hard fought season in which Gor Mahia overcame a lot off the field

Nairobi senator declared that he had been a Gor Mahia fans since the days of players like Sammy Onyango and Bobby Ogolla


Fans were at JKIA to welcome the team back from Kisumu on Nov 14

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30 Oct 14

With the race for the 2014 Tusker premier league heating up, Gor Mahia fans have established a fund to motivate the players.

All contributions are channeled through M-PESA – 0716 373 503.

The initiative started on Wednesday and according to group treasurer Tony Anelka a sum of Sh100, 000 was realised by close of the day. Anelka also led the initiative to raise funds to defray the medical expenses of former Gor Mahia full back Solomon Nasio.

“We’ve had one of the toughest seasons considering financial status of the club and now that the title is in sight, evil forces are all over to make sure we miss it. Our support as fans has been the main source of joy to a team that has shown great dedication and commitment to the club and followers at large.

“Despite the tides since February, the team have remained focused with one thing in mind – winning the title. We are not far from realizing that dream and together, we believe the dream is achievable. Only two matches to go and as good fans that we’ve always been, let’s forget all haters and focus on our team.

“We can put our hands together for a few days to collect something to motivate and appreciate the good work our team has done and is still doing. It’s been fans’ desires to do something and l think time is ripe to start off the drive that can see us collect the much we can. ” said Anelka

Anelka says the target is to reach fans and enable them to contribute any amount.

“Whatever one can get hold of or whatever one can afford, will be of great significance and will positively change the figures and our players will for sure feel your love beyond the 90 minutes of play.”

And with the winds of bad publicity and sabotage trying very hard to derail the club, this is the time when fans must stand tall to support the club.

Gor Mahia disowns steward

It is now a mystery as to whom the steward who attacked Sofapaka custodian David Okello is. The supposed steward was caught on live television assaulting Okello after he held on to the ball moments after midfielder Geoffrey Kizito scored Gor’s second to reduce the deficit to one forcing referee Nasur Doka to stop the match for over ten minutes.

Secretary General, Chris Omondi now says the steward is not their member.

“As a club we are convinced he is not one of us because our stewards wear blue bibs with numbers on them but from our footage, the person who attacked the keeper was in a red bib.

“We can’t say those who caused fracas were Gor fans because it’s difficult to define who is a real Gor fan. Wearing a Gor jersey doesn’t mean you are a fan and we believe there are people who were hired to harm the clubs’ image and our progress in retaining the title,” Omondi said according to capital FM.

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14 Oct 14

The Gor Mahia family fun day for 2015 will be held this coming Saturday October 18.

Speaking to futaa.com, club Executive Committee member David Kilo urged fans to seize this opportunity. It is a rare chance to have close interaction with players.

“We expect it to be a great outing and for it to be successful we are calling on fans to come in plenty. They will have a great opportunity to interact with the players because the players will be the officials in the matches and this is a great opportunity for the most important club stakeholders to bond.

-The coach will also be there so they will get the chance to speak to him up close and it will as well be a good opportunity for the fans to get to know the happenings at the club and the plans ahead” he told futaa.com.

Once again the officials deserve their due credit for organizing this event. When the officials deserve credit we must give it to them. It must be said however that like most club events, this one has received very little publicity. This author has not seen anything in the daily papers nor on television. Had this been announced earlier then perhaps the Bloggers branch would have fielded a team : )

Use this opportunity

Hopefully the club will also take this opportunity to raise funds by making the replica jerseys available for sale at the venue as well as other merchandize that is available courtesy of Joma.

And hopefully the club chairman will take this opportunity to address fans regarding pressing issues like what is the status if the standoff with the Kenya Revenue authority, is the club on track to get a sponsor and what is the status of the 35010 initiative.

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19 Aug 14

Gor Mahia players are now back in the country after the below par performance at the CECAFA club cup. The poor run came against the backdrop of a poor run locally that saw them eliminated from the GoTV shield and drop several points.

Gor Mahia will now embark on defending the league title that they won in 2013. And the players say they have learned harsh lessons in Kigali and will apply them in their league campaign. And with the club out of the GoTV shield, the KPL Top 8 and CECAFA cup, the league is all that is left in order to avoid a trophyless season, something that has not happened since 2010.

Team captain Jerim Onyango admitted that the team’s below par performance was a wakeup call as they now embark on defending the league title.

“We did not expect to give such a poor show, but we have learnt the hard way that every game counts and that working hard is a must for every team, even league champions,” Onyango told Daily Nation Sport.

“We will now focus on the league and hope we win it so that we can take part in the same competitions next year,” he added.

Much has been said about why Gor Mahia experienced a poor run. But what is clear is that today starting on August 19 2014, The club needs its fans more than ever. The club is facing a crisis similar to the ones they faced in 1973-74,  and 1984-85. To retain the league, fans must jump in and support the team materially, physically and in spirit.

Get Involved

The club needs its voiceferous  fans to join in building the club by contributing and by becoming active members. Of late there have been several examples. During the AFC match, fans performed an impromptu fund raising and raised KES 75,000 to settle player allowances which were unpaid. Two months earlier, Kogalo fans came together to raise KES 150,000 to defray Nasio’s medical expenses. Aside from helping defray expenses, it actually lifts player morale.

The above two examples show that fans are capable of seizing the initiative to help resolve the club’s financial issues when the EC has proven incapable. And there are plenty of ways can contribute time and effort. There is the Gor Mahia funds foundation which actively supports the Kogalo U19 side and engages in public relations initiatives on behalf of the club. They too need your support.

Branches which used to actively bolster the club’s finances have been rendered almost irrelevant in recent years because the office has not seen it fit to incorporate them into the club’s structures. This is a tragic mistake because branches are the most effective means to get fans involved in supporting the club materially. In past years, whenever Gor Mahia visited Kisumu or Nakuru for example, it was the local branches that hosted the team. No such structures exist today. It is up to individual fans to take the initiative to revive these branches. And today branches need not be locational. They can be virtual, such as an online. And why not a diaspora branch for Gor Mahia followers overseas ?

Election aspirants

Taking the initiative to be active in supporting the club is especially important for those who who might be aspiring to hold office in the club. Fans tend to vote for people whose track record they know. An incumbent is likely to be re-elected barring unique circumstances. And this is why aspirants who tried to challenge Mr. Ambrose Rachier in recent elections failed miserably. Unless Gor Mahia fans know your track record, you likely will not be elected to the Chairmanship. Being antagonistic  against initiatives introduced by the club will not get you elected.  If for example you oppose the #350100 initiative due to lack of transparency then why you can  start a program of your own. Show your transparency, your organizational skills and then raise funds for the club. When you do this, the fans will see you as competent and will be more willing to elect you. In past years we even had aspirants promise to get sponsorship for the club if elected. This begs the question : If you are able to get sponsorship then why not just do it ? Why insist on being elected first ?

Back in the 1990s, one Maxwell Ombogo was elected Gor Mahia chairman unanimously because he took it upon himself to raise funds for the club and donated much of his own money. Unfortunately for Gor Mahia fans, Mr. Ombogo passed away shortly after being elected. And more recently, George Bwana was elected Secretary General in part because of fund raising efforts. At one point, online branches raised money to buy airline tickets for the team to travel to the Coast.

The point being made here is that if you aspire to hold office then involvement in positive initiatives is a sure way to get voters acquainted with you. So if you want to be elected, then do not just sit back. Get involved. The club needs all hands on deck. This will also enable the club to vote in competent, committed and  diligent officials whose track record has been seen by fans.

Go to the stadia and support the team

Player morale may be at a low point right now. There is uncertainty about whether coach Williamson is leaving. There is uncertainty over constant player turnover. And it is not clear whether players salaries and allowances are being paid on time. What all this means is that the players will need the fans to get behind them to lift their morale. Now more than ever, fans must attend matches in droves.  And just as important, fans must turn out in droves and pay for tickets. Fans who try to get in free must be confronted and handed over to the Police.

If you know this chap tell him that the club does not need fans like him

Hold the EC Accountable

The fact of the matter is that there has been gross negligence at the club over the past year or so. This negligence saw the club land in trouble with the KRA and let the sponsorship with Tuzo lapse. And now 4 months later, fans still do not know where we stand with the KRA. Has the club engaged KRA to sort out this issue ? Has the club sought any assistance from the ministry of sports ? Does the club really owe KES 118 million ? If not then what is the correct amount ? For some reason the club EC has not seen it fit to address this issue since it came up in April. The gross negligence still abounds.

The current instability at the club with players and coaches deserting at every opportunity to seek greener pastures are directly due to this issue. And unless it is resolved, there will be no sponsor forthcoming. This is  because as KRA stated in April, they will confiscate all sponsorship money until the tax issue is resolved. And which sponsor will be willing to support the club under such conditions ? Most likely none.

At this rate, the club will end this 2014 league and go into the 2015 league without this issue being resolved. This means that we will start the 2015 league still with no sponsor because the KRA issue has not been resolved. That is unless fans pressure the EC into resolving this issue.

Time to Change the constitution

Another area where fans should push for change is in the constitution. The club still has an archaic constitution that was probably created in 1968. The issues of gross negligence are precisely because the club rarely has competent people running the club. In reality, the only elected positions should be those of Chairman and one Vice Chairman. The remaining positions should be held by competent professionals such as a CEO / General Manager, Marketing and Accounting, all hired on performance contracts.

Buy Club merchandize when available

The phrase “when available” is key here because as far as I can see, even with the financial difficulties the club faces, the EC has not seen it fit to sell club merchandize. And those new Joma jerseys are not as inspiring as the “Gor Mahia” jerseys that became immensely popular starting in 2010.


Once again I urge fans to get solidly behind the team as they resume the campaign to retain the league starting this Sunday against SoNy Sugar. With no sponsors in sight, fans are the only recourse the club has if the club is to retain the league title.

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28 Jul 14

After the mashemeji derby, match, the players benefited from a Ksh 75,000 cash donation from fans as a way of saying thank you for maintaining their form despite not being paid allowances for weeks. This according to a report on goal.com.

If it is indeed true that the club has n0t been paying player allowances then it is a grave issue that the club must address immediately. A few weeks back, club official announced that the membership recruitment drive has stalled due to lack of interest from fans. In addition, the club says that the 350100 initiative has also stalled. Its time for the club officials to put these two initiatives back in gear as they have been on neutral for months now. In fact the initiative picked up steam when the club regularly updated fans in the spirit of transparency. But the club has long since stopped.

And the club still has not announced any progress they have made towards resolving the standoff with the Kenya revenue authority. Last year, the KRA contacted Gor Mahia about outstanding tax bill. The KRA claims the club was lackadaisical in its response and thus it slapped a ksh 118 million tax bill on the club. Now this year it appears the same pattern might be repeating itself. It has been four months now.

The last thing we need is for the players to adopt another go slow at a critical moment.

The fact that fans conducted an impromptu Harambee to pay players is a good thing. However it also means that many fans do not trust officials with their money and are willing to contribute if they can bypass said officials. Remember the same scenario ensued during the Solomon Nasio saga when fans organized themselves and raised Ksh 150,000 in the space of two days and the money went directly to pay Nasio’s hospital bill. This means the club EC must work harder to assuage fans who are still apprehensive about transparency.

Omondi urges further fan engagement

Secretary Chris Omondi thanked fans via social media. His message read in part as follows :

Its a known fact the club is going through very difficult moments financially,and i have always believed fans n branches can proactively AUGMENT THE EFFORTS of the officials,esp,during these hard times…..

Put differently,fellow joKogallo,i am imagining the impact a headline such as “GOR FANS PAY ONE MONTH TRANSPORT ALLOWANCES..” or GOR BRANCHES HELP CLUB PAY TWO MATCHES’ WINNING BONUSES vis a viz GOR FANS RAISE CASH TO MOTIVATE PLAYERS…..”

Bobby Defends Jerry

Coach Bobby Williamson has come out in defence of goalkeeper Jerim Onyango who has come under heavy criticism from fans.

Jerim seemingly gifted captain Martin Imbalambala the second goal when he came out of his line in the 82nd minute leaving an empty net beside him. Until that time, Gor Mahia had looked set to win.

It was an error similar to the one that gifted Esperance their second goal during the Champions league first round match.

However Williamson insists that Jerry has been doing an excellent job and should not be judged on one error.

“There is no doubt that he made a mistake and it cost us. However, he should not be wholly blamed for that goal. He has done very well for us in the past and we cannot look at one performance to judge him.” said Williamson to goal.com

Iddi Salim defends Jerry

Goalkeeper coach Abdul Iddi Salim has also come out to defend Jerry.

“I find it a little strange that fans all over have attacked Jerim for allowing AFC Leopards take away a point from Gor Mahia in the Sunday derby. He did not concede by choice, he slipped when going for the ball hence Leopards equalizer. We have even seen the best keepers in the world”. Iddi said to futaa.com

Salim also insisted that Jerry played well and should not be judged on one error.

“We need to look at the whole game where his performance was outstanding. Let’s not blame him for just one mistake that was not of his own making” continued Salim


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