Bus repair divided fan opinion

A story in the Daily Nation indicates that a branch of Kogalo fans have raised a significant amount of money towards the repair of the team bus. The action has divided fans who question why repairs are needed at a time when the team is not traveling and players are going without pay.

Additional reporting from the Nation

Gor Mahia fans, through their branches, have taken a huge step towards renovating the team bus by issuing a down payment of Sh187,113 out of Sh250,000 required to get the job done.

The money was collected by the branches under umbrella of GMFC COC with the repair expected to be completed once the remaining Sh62,887 is raised.

“Thank you for the good job you did in raising fund towards GMFC bus repair. On Sunday 17th we manage to give a down payment Sh 187,113,” reads part of a post on Gor Mahia FC Facebook page

“The mechanic agreed to do the repair at a cost of Sh250,000. We urge all GMFC branches which have not fulfilled their pledges to send their contributions as quick as possible to enable us raise the remaining amount totalling to Sh62,887,” the post further reads.

Pictures of a dummy cheque of the issued amount were also shared on the post.

However, the decision has not gone well with a section of fans, who claim that the money should have been used to pay players who have gone for months without salaries.


“I can only be proud of you guys mkisema players wamelipwa hiyo bus haijawai cheza game hata moja. Players wanaumia hawalipwi mnakuja na kiherehere ya bus,” wrote one fan by the name Bingi Man.

“Misplaced priority,” said a certain Tom Okoth.

Others supported the idea saying they are also open to mobilization of resources to buy the team a new bus.

“How I wish we could gift the team with a Scania after winning this trophy again this year. Let’s try comrades. Together we can,” said George Vallens while George Guya wrote “Good job next try to give a quotation for new bus.”

8 thoughts on “Bus repair divided fan opinion

  • Dear fans. I urge you to be vigilant with your money. Be careful whom you trust. Due to the absence of leadership amongst Gor Mahia officials, fans have taken it upon themselves to raise money for the club. Some are genuine and some are scams. Reports state that a few weeks ago a group of fans who call themselves Flyover branch in Kisumu raised Ksh 397,000 for the funeral of one of their members. They promised to cater for funeral expenses and give the balance to the family of the deceased. Reports indicate that two members of the branch pocketed the balance of Ksh 130,000. Some fans have concluded that because officials are eating, they must also eat. Be careful whom you give money to. Some charlatans will take your money and also ruin the club’s name. I am not reflecting on the bus issue. I m just urging fans to be vigilant. This rotten culture of pocketing money could start spreading even amongst branches. It has become a free for all.

    • Just pay the players, ingwe can lend you our old bus (by the way, have you seen our new bus dubbed the Monster?)

      • JamRiambo

        Thanks Ingo for the offer. And congrats for purchasing the Monister. We as Kogallo are never jealousy of your achievements, like you. We see the energy you are investing to fight against our enthronement. Did you do the same when our points were deducted and awarded to Tusker??

        • JamRiambo, Nikiongea, kila sa una-inturupt; wakatimwengine na matusi. Kwani wewe ni Wilbroda (bibi ya papa shirandula)?

    • “I m just urging fans to be vigilant. This rotten culture of pocketing money could start spreading even amongst branches. It has become a free for all.”

      Clap! Clap! Clap. Well said Sijeyo.

      If you are raising money for Gor Mahia using the Gor’s name/brand, then give the money to directly Gor Mahia players & TB.

      Let’s not be fooled by this banker’s cheque strategy/ploy. It does not guarantee transparency since it can’t prevent KICKBACKS.
      Why would you insist on repairing a bus while players starve?
      In Augmentin’s case it’s banker’s cheques are backed up with mpesa transfers direct to players & TB.
      What is in doubt is whether members saw the list of 76 mpesas, 36 senior and 40 youth team members (WHO ARE THEY?) and whether they know where and why their 200k+ is being “pocketed”.

  • Yes next season our new signing a red hot striker, Scania bus will score goals while the old bus will keep goal.
    Wana K’galo be it branches or fan initiatives priority is
    a)Youth team,
    y) players & TB salaries
    z) injured players

  • Open Letter to performing Gor Mahia players.

    Now you’re, Gor Mahia players, are blaming head coach Pollack for not “tetearing” for you to be paid.

    What is the job of T.M Jolawi Obondo who gets the same allowances as the head coach?

    It’s the same T.M who always sends a bloated list including non performers and a supporters’ fund just pays.
    If you “pay” 76 people in a football team and “overpay” some people of course you are denying the 30 who are really performing and merit payment.
    That’s why one of you is stranded and starving in a hotel.

    As for the branches, please use the repaired bus to transport your members to watch matches and funerals.
    If I were a Gor Mahia player I wouldn’t board that bus until my salary and allowances are cleared.

    To Gor Mahia players, especially those who are performing, please channel your frustrations to the right people.
    1) The officials (entire office) who saddle you with non performing players who are just draining money meant for you. Can’t get sponsorships etc.
    2) Branches who care more about buses, funerals than players,
    3) Initiatives who use Gor Mahia’s brand, built by the main players’ sweat and blood, to raise money which they then “pocket” while players starve.
    Without you, the performing GMFC players, nobody would give them even a shilling.


    Remember nobody can force you to play without being paid. If you play then that’s your own choice, BLAME NO ONE, especially when you have not be paid in full 3 months.

  • It is indeed sad that a group of fans can raise 397000/= for the sole reason of burying a “Gor Mahia branch member” at a time when we are at the risk of burying our players because of hunger , it is a good deed for a branch to raise money to repair a bus but the reasoning behind , considering the timing is misplaced and chicken brained when shallow reasoning would point to the fact that the main users of that bus I.e the players are starving .
    It is casual and pathetic that a Gor Mahia “fan” can in the full glare of the media , use the Gor Mahia brand to make , brand and sell the club’s branded masks , sell and benefit while the club gets NOTHING .
    It is equally sad , that one can be so obsessively obsessed with casting aspersions on a good intentioned initiative like Augmentin , who are selflessly doing the much they can with the little they have to remedy a situation that is not their creation , why mourn louder and hyterically than the bereaved , unless you are a professional mourner , a proffesion that is at the moment highly discouraged due to the Covid 19 pandemic .
    All these above actions points to a highly disfunctional office , an office voted in , in broad daylight by the mourning fans themselves .
    So long as the “fans” opt to be only active on their useless social media handles and not register and turn out to vote , then we must from henceforth desist from sheding fake tears , all those good things we yap about can only come forth if we proactively engage , unfortunately , the advent of social media , with its cheap bundles , has created “sad experts on everybody and everything .
    It is sad that a club , the magnitude of Gor Mahia can have in its leadership , a character the likes of Nyangi , someone who is not even fit to lead a
    a mirrar chewing or Simba waragi swallowing group .
    Give a good intentioned entity to pinheads and what we see is what we get , give a good intentioned Rachier blockheads as members of his EC and you are a blockhead yourself if you expect any better .


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