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2 Mar 17

Former Gor Mahia goalkeeping coach Mathew Ottamax Owino, has claimed that he was unfairly forced out of the club.

“Cartels forced me out of the club,” Ottamax said in an exclusive interview, adding, “A couple of days ago, there were false reports in the press that I turned up for training while drunk. That is certainly not true.” Ottamax, told Kenyanstar

Ottamax also said that his relationship with the club’s current Organizing Secretary Judith Nyangi was severed, as he did not approve of her modus operandi.

“There are lots of lies that have been propagated by among other people the current organizing secretary. She has handled lots of club matters very casually. Whilst she claims that I turned up for training drunk, she is the one who instead drinks in the presence of players. What example is she setting?” Ottamax posed.

Ottamax was replaced by former Harambee stars goalkeeper Willis Ochieng.

“Tom Ogweno and I were fired and instead some people related to her(Judith Nyangi) were hired. That in itself says a lot,” he continued.

Ottamax also denies that he was fired
“I didn’t want to create an instability, nor wrangles within the club. Sensing that matters were not moving on well, I left peacefully,” the former Kenyan international shot stopper said t Kenyanstar

Ottamax has had run-ins with coach Ze Maria. But despite his severed relationship with current coach, Ottamax hailed the Brazilian’s abilities, saying that he was a ‘very good tactical coach.’

Ottamax is currently at newly promoted Nakumatt FC

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14 Feb 17

The Fifa Ethics Committee has opened investigations on three Kenyan Premier League (KPL) clubs (Gor Mahia, AFC and Sofapaka) over alleged irregularities on past player transfers according to the Standard. The three clubs will meet with the head of Integrity and Compliance Kimberly Morris next week. The Standard report says that the investigations have to do with the fact that on some occasions, the clubs have not been receiving money in their accounts on some player transfers.

“The Ethics Commission is concerned that while the three teams have been selling players the money has not been coming into their club accounts and they want to find out what has been happening,” said our source. Gor Mahia acting Chief Executive Lodvick Aduda confirmed the club has been summoned to meet the Fifa officials, but insisted they have nothing to fear.

“The fact is all the international transfers that we have done in the last two years were captured on the Transfer Manager System (TMS) of the federation. We can account for every player sold during that period and therefore we have nothing to hide,” Adda said to the Standard.

Before the meeting with Fifa officials, Gor Mahia have been asked to submit to FKF their financial statements for the last two years which Aduda has confirmed they have done so.

Doubts, however, still remain on exactly how much the club received for the sale of Khalid Aucho to South African club Baroka this year. Sources say the South African club paid an official of the club cash money instead of depositing it into Gor Mahia’s account and this among other cases may have drawn the interest of Fifa.

In September of last year,Gor Mahia announced that they had received Ksh 1.6 million from Baroka FC of South Africa as Aucho’s transfer fee. As for Ali Abondo, the club announced that he had left for free despite still having a yer left on his contract.

Ze Maria calling for quick resolution to impasse

Gor Mahia coach Ze Maria is concerned about his player’s focus and is calling for a quick resolution to the impasse between KPL and FKF.

“We were prepared to start and we now feel disorganized. When finishing the pre-season training, you mentally and physically condition your players for a strong start but their minds have now drifting elsewhere. We didn’t expect the two bodies to spend a lot of time in settling whatever is stopping the league. I hope they will agree as soon as possible so that we get started. We are already late and the delays will spill over into our fixtures through the season,” the former Brazilian international stated.” he said to Citizens sports.

Ze Maria has no problem playing in an 18 team league so long as logistics are taken care of.
“I played in Italy where the top-flight is 20 clubs, so 18 teams in a league is not a big deal. What matters is the organization of the same. For example do we have enough funding for our teams? Can we fly our teams from Mombasa to Nairobi or to Kisumu?. In European countries, when it is very hot, teams schedule their matches at night but here we don’t have capacity in of most our stadia to play at night. Basically with improved general environment of the local sport going to as many teams as 20 won’t be an issue,” he continued.

In one of his first coaching positions, Ze Maria coached a team whose logistics were so poor that fans would at times donate their own cars to ferry players from one town to another.

Stadia closed for renovations

Speaking of stadia, all the Nairobi based teams will need to find alternate venues for their matches because Kasarani, Nyayo and City stadium will be closed for renovations. Kasarani is being renovated for the IAAF World Under-18 Championships in July. Nyayo is being renovated for the 2018 CHAN. City stadium has been closed since last year though renovations there have yet to start.

“For Gor Mahia and Leopards games which are classified as high risk, the alternative venues are Afraha stadium in Nakuru County and Machakos stadium,” said Jack Oguda, the Kenya Premier League CEO to the Nation.

The other Nairobi based teams will play at Camp Toyoyo, Ruaraka and Naivasha.

Willis Ochieng to replace Ottamax

Gor Mahia have officially hired former national team goalkeeper Willis Ochieng to replace Mathew Ottamax.

“We have appointed Ochieng’ (Willis) as our new goalkeeper trainer and we believe that he will deliver in the docket.” said Ambrose Rachier to goal.com

Ochieng previously worked in the same capacity for Zoo Kericho and Western Stima. As a player, he is one of the most experienced goalkeepers Kenya has ever produced. Locally he played for Chemelil Sugar, Mumias Sugar and the national team. Abroad, he played for Free State stars in South Africa, Skelleftea in Sweden, Marienham in Finland and Simba of Tanzania. While in Finland he was implicated in a bribery scandal.

Ottamax was left out of the team that traveled to Sudan in January amid reports that he was not getting along with Ze Maria. In 2016, reports emerged that he had been fired by Ze Maria only for chairman Rachier to intervene and reinstate Ottamax.



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23 Jan 17

Ottamax in his playing days with former Gor Mahia striker Tom Odhiambo during a stopover in London

Gor Mahia’s goalkeeping coach Mathew Ottamax Owino, is in hot water again. This time he has been formally suspended by the club.

Club official Judith Nyangi confirmed to goal.com that Ottamax did not make the Sudan trip due to the suspension.

“The coach complained on his (Ottamax) behavior of coming to work while smelling alcohol, a thing which resulted to his suspension. He was not available when we played Al Hilal in Sudan and will not be available when we play Onduparaka in Uganda.” she said.

Last year Ottamax was at odds with Ze Maria over a different issues. At the time it was reported that he had beeen fired by Ze Maria. Upon learning of the decision, Ottamax went on social media to rant about Ze Maria’s perceived incompetence.

The decision to fire Ottamax was reveresed by the club EC at the time.

This time Ottamax has taken a more calm demeanor, posting only one benign sentence on his social media pages which read”

“The more NANYAMAZA the more naona NIKIUMIZWA…..”

Ottamax is a former goalkeeper for Re Union FC, Gor Mahia, AFC Leopards and Harambee stars. He made his national league debut while still in secondary school.

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31 Aug 16

Will peace reign on the training ground?

Will peace reign on the training ground?

Gor Mahia’s goalkeeping coach Mathew Owino Ottamax has resumed his position on the technical bench. According to the Nation, Ottamax posted about his return on his social media pages.

“The hunger and passion for winning and glory drive CHAMPIONS to the point of fist fights, verbal wars but not hatred! We are on a mission and our house is in order. Respect Zee Maria. Respect Gor Mahia,” said Ottamax.

Last Friday Ottamax had announced on the very same page that he had been fired by coach Ze Maria. But the Brazilian tactician denied firing Ottamax saying it was simply a disagreement. The Gor Mahia EC led by Chairman Ambrose Rachier also denied that Ottamax had been fired.

Ottamax now says that his outburst was due to intense pressure.

“Sometimes things happen because of pressure to win and regrettably it portrayed a bad picture to the public. However, I am happy it has been settled and we are now focused on helping the team. Everybody is contented with the decision made and as the season nears a close, we are ready to bounce back.

“We have the Kenyan Premier League and KPL Top 8 titles to fight for, and that is what we are aiming.” he said according to goal.com

Ottamax had a similar outburst when he was dropped from the Harambee stars technical bench.

And Ottamax is not the first Gor Mahia official to react this way.  Chris Omondi who had just been elected to the position of secretary general had a similar outburst when he ranted against the rest of the Executive Committee and announced he was resigning. He is among those who have declared candidacy for the club Chairman position.

Ottamax will now need to mend fences with the coach for the sake of the club which has not registered a good result in eight games.

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30 Aug 16

Gor Mahia’s Brazilian tactician Ze Maria has now distanced himself from reports that he fired goalkeeping coach Mathew Owino Ottamax. He is also livid that Ottamax went to social media to make the announcement.

“I feel going into the social platform and writing what he wrote was unprofessional and should not be so. All in all, I respect my players and staff, I have not undermined anyone in any way. This is because we have to work together in unity for the good of the team.” said Ze maria to goal.com

Ze Maria is adamant that Ottamax walked away from the team and was not fired.

“Having a misunderstanding does not mean that you walk away from the team. That is what Ottamax did, he walked away from us; I did not fire him at all.” he continued

Chairman Ambrose Rachier is also unhappy with the behaviour that Ottamax exhibited

“Issuing such a statement on social media is also shocking because if such a thing happens he (Ottamax) should have just informed me. Until now, I have not heard from him (Ottamax) and I strongly believe that he is the keeper trainer at Gor Mahia,” Rachier told Goal.

Rachier had earlier released a statement in which he said he was unaware of the firing and that as far as he was concerned, Ottamax is a high quality coach and is still responsible for the goalkeeping department at the team

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29 Aug 16

Drama continues to plague the Gor Mahia setup as bewildered fans watch in disbelief as the poor performances on and off the field. On Friday, goalkeepers coach Mathew Ottamax told media outlets that he had been fired by Brazilian tactician Ze Maria.

“He told me yesterday (Saturday) that I was not needed in the team and that I could not fly with the team to Kisumu (for the GOtv game).

“Things have not been fine because the coach has been belittling us. He has no respect and talks to me using foul language in the presence of players,” Ottamax added.

Ottamax claimed that the coach, had, commissioned one of the senior players to source for his replacement.

“I decided that I could not take it anymore because he told me to keep away. He is running down the club.”

Ottamax with another former Gor Mahia player Tom Odhiambo in London in 1996

Ottamax with another former Gor Mahia player Tom Odhiambo in London in 1996

Mathew Owino Ottamax who was a stalwart for Re Union FC, Gor Mahia, AFC Leopards and Harambee stars during his playing days in the 1990s, wrote a letter to the fans base on his social media pages.

“A blank firing coach decides to fire his goalkeeping coach…maybe this will solve his scoring problems! Mine is to say a BIG THANK YOU to Gor Mahia players, staff, the executive office and our loving fans for everything we achieved as a family during the three and a half seasons I was with you. I remain loyal to my Mother Club” he said.

However club chairman Ambrose Rachier said that he is not aware of such while club treasurer Ken Ouma dismissed the sacking claims saying that Ze Maria had no powers to hire or fire.

“The matter has not come to the office and if there is an issue then it should be brought to us. It’s however not official because the coach is an employee and has no powers to fire anyone,” Ouma said to the Daily Nation.

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25 Aug 16

Gor Mahia are currently preparing for their GoTV shield round of 16 match against Nzoia United. The match will be played this Sunday. Gor Mahia have been lackluster of late.Thankfully they have had some time off to sort out their midfield and attack issues.

“We are aiming to go past the round of sixteen meaning we have to win this match at all costs. It is a fact we have been shooting blanks in our past matches, but that has to change this weekend against Nzoia.” said Mathew Ottamax to goal.com

And Nzoia who are currently leading the second tier league and are gunning for promotion will not be an easy task as goalkeeping Mathew Ottamax points out

“We are Kenyan champions and we have to show that against them. They might be riding high in the second tier, but we have to show that we are one step ahead,” Ottamax said to goal.com

Unfortunately they have had to do it without coach Ze Maria who traveled to Brazil and has been away for almost a week. He was scheduled to return on Wednesday

“It is nothing serious at all, he had family issues which he has gone to solve but we are expecting him back tomorrow (Wednesday) to prepare the team for the weekend’s assignment. There is nothing alarming at all, he is still our head coach,” said Ronald Ngala to goal.com


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