Sam Nyamweya threatens Innocent Mutiso

An audio recording between president Sam Nyamweya and former Gor Mahia winger and now KEFWA Chairman Innocent Mutiso is currently doing rounds on social media.

In the recording , FKF chairman Sam Nyamweya is heard threatening to deregister KEFWA because its officials led by chairman Innocent Mutiso are supporting a rival group ahead of December national soccer elections .

In his phone conversation with Mutiso, Nyamweya says ” Mutiso, Mutiso, Mutiso hii siasa ya mpira wachana nayo, I will suspend you na utakwisha milele.You are supposed to be neutral , Who are you endorsing na hata hiyo nini yako we don’t recognize it. Tumeandika barua hiyo organization yako ipotee kabisa.”

Mutiso for his part vowed not to be cowed and even stated that he would organize a demo against FKF on Saturday


FKF plans to reduce number of foreigners to 3

FKF chair Sam Nyamweya has concurred with Tusker coach Francis Kimanzi and has decided that next season the number of foreigners in each time will be three, of whom only two can play at the same time.
“We are concerned by the huge number of foreign players in the country and while we have allowed clubs to sign five, we are now going to scale it down to three.” said Sam Nyamweya to the Standard.

“Furthermore, to ensure that only the best are allowed into the country, the federation will set up standards to be met by those wishing to play in Kenya.” he continued

Nyamweya also wants the immigration department to clamp down on foreigners playing in lower leagues.

“We are aware that many foreigners are taking part in the other lower leagues and the fact is we have not given them permission. We are wondering how they got work permits without us ” he said.

This came about after Tusker coach Francis Kimanzi singled out Gor Mahia as a team that is benefiting due to foreigners.

“It is good that Gor Mahia are doing well in the inter-club championships but the unfortunate thing is that when you look at the squad, their key players are all foreigners. “This is an unfortunate situation and unless addressed urgently, it will affect our progress as a country,” said Kimanzi to

KPL chair Jack Oguda concurred that the number of foreigners needs to be curbed.
“We are considering things like imposing an age limit on the foreign players allowed in our league. We also want to comprehensively deal with the issue of refugees which continues to bother us,” he explained to the Standard.



FKF want to borrow Gor Mahia coach again

It appears that once again FKF are interested in using the services of the incumbent Gor Mahia coach. The AFCON qualifiers due to start shortly. Kenya open their qualifcation campaign on June 17 against Congo-Brazzaville and Nyamweya wants coach Frank Nuttall to act as Bobby Williamson’s assistant.

“We are talking to Gor Mahia to lend us Nuttall when we start our campaign for Afcon 2017.” said Nyamweya to

In a bid to assuage Gor Mahia fans who may worry that FKF are grabbing Nuttall from Gor Mahia, Nyamweya has assured that he will not be hired on a full time basis

“We don’t want to engage him to a contract but need him to come on board and work closely with Bobby Williamson because our aim is to make sure that Kenya qualifies for finals to be held in Gabon. We will only require his services when Stars’ are in camp and nothing else. We always have a break for our local league when Stars’ is playing in international matches. This is the time we will need Nuttall’s services.” said Nyamweya.

Nuttall apparently already has a working relationship with Williamson given that it was Williamson who seconded Nuttall to Gor Mahia. And Williamson is likely impressed by the work that his successor has done at Kogalo.

And whereas Musa Otieno is a defensive specialist, Williamson probably needs Nuttall’s attacking mind.

“We will be borrowing for his services. Williamson will remain our coach and Musa Otieno the assistant and Nuttall will only come in to give a helping hand.

Aside from taking Bobby Williamson from Gor Mahia last season, FKF also engaged coach Zedekiah Otieno “Zico” when Harambee stars were attempting to qualify for the 2012 Africa nations cup.

It is commendable that FKF are taking the qualifications seriously. However Gor Mahia officials need to be careful to avoid any arrangements that will derail the club’s aspirations.



KPL matches suspended as FKF invites Gor Mahia & AFC

The Kenya Premier League has suspended its activities after a court order that barred the league from proceeding was finally received by the KPL. Football Kenya Federation had on Friday evening secured an injunction from the High Court barring KPL from conducting any matches, but the league body went ahead with seven fixtures because it had not been served.

“We were served early in the morning and we are currently preparing documentation to challenge the court order. As it stands now, we cannot hold any league matches until the case is heard so we are hoping that that it happens as soon as possible,” KPL CEO Jack Oguda said to the Daily Nation.

The order states: “It is hereby ordered that the Defendants/Respondents be and are hereby restrained by way of injunction from hosting, commencing, starting, running, managing or in any other way conducting a parallel premier league in Kenya in the name of the Kenyan Premier League or in any other name for 14 days from today 20th February, 2015.”

The Defendants are Kenyan Premier League Limited, Kenya Referees Association and the Sports Kenya. Oguda indicated that KPL plans to challenge the order in those same courts.

“We cannot go against the law. I think we have a legitimate case against our challengers which we shall argue out on those same courts,” Oguda said.

Players up in arms

A number of players both overseas and at home are speaking out against what they perceive as selfishness and incompetence on the part of the parties involved in the current tug of war.

Last week, Harambee Stars captain Victor Wanyama urged the feuding parties to find common ground for the sake of the game.
“For the sake of our beloved game, FKF & KPL is time to think about the future generation, players and their family who depend on football to earn a living. Let us unite and speak as one and raise the Kenyan flag into the next level,” the Southampton midfielder posted on his Twitter handle.
Former captain Dennis Oliech also weighed in.

“Enough is enough, we will not see football being destroyed in Kenya and the dreams of the youth extinguished. Let’s all stand up for justice in football,” Oliech posted on his wall.

And Monday, Stars and Lillestrom goalkeeper Arnold Origi launched a scathing attack on FKL and KPL.

In a hard-hitting post, Origi termed the two bodies “selfish”, while challenging his fellow footballers to stand up and fight for their rights.

Local players led by Bandari goalkeeper accused stakeholders of putting their livelihood in peril. They vowed to lead fans in a demo to get the current officials banned from football if the issue is not resolved.

Nyamweya formally introduces FKF Kenya Premier league

FKF chairman Sam Nyamweya claims that he has received a petition from owners of Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards demanding that both teams be included in the FKF premier league. Both sides were included in the list of teams that will participate.

Nyamweya announced that each team will receive Ksh 1 million to begin with and receive a further Ksh 1 million each month. He announced that the league will be run by a governing council of the clubs. According to him, FKF will have nothing to do with the league. Though he contradicted himself by saying FKF will have a veto vote.

He announced that a sponsor has been found and will be unveiled soon.

Nyamweya announced that there will be a new broadcaster announced soon. The broadcaster will have live streaming, pay TV, free to air TV, radio broadcasting, inflight services and a host of components yet to be seen in this republic according to Nyamweya. who stated that he wants Kenyans to watch matches free of charge.

All this is very enticing to the public. But football fans will be forgiven for not believing Nyamweya.

It must be asked that if Nyamweya has a sponsor and a broadcast partner ready then why has he not unveiled them? Does he want clubs to commit to a league only to find out 3 months from now that there is no sponsor nor broadcast partner?

Nyamweya announced that he has been petitioned by the real owners of Gor Mahia and AFC not to lock the two clubs out. He stated “Gor Mahia is not owned by one person” in apparent reference to chairmen Ambrose Rachier and Allan Kasavuli.


Confusion galore as parallel leagues start

Football Kenya Federation have promoted 13 teams from the nationwide league to participate in the FKF run league.

FKF chairman Sam Nyamweya said the new teams would replace the 13 top clubs who refused to play in the new 18-team competition.

“The new clubs will meet on Monday to come up with the new fixtures to the new league, which will kick off next Wednesday,” Nyamweya said.

The KPL however maintained that their own league will begin this weekend with all the 16 teams taking part – even though three of those teams have agreed to the rival fixture list too.

AFC to join FKF League ?

Other reports however indicate that AFC leopards and Muhoroni Youth have submitted a written request to FKF to be allowed to participate in the FKF league.

A report posted on says that a statement signed by Media Officer John Kariuki reveals that Ingwe and Muhoroni have written request to be included in FKF Premier League of 18-teams.

The statement read in part, “After Football Kenya Federation released list of clubs to take part in only sanctioned top tier league – FKF/PL – it was a beehive of activity at FKF Secretariat, with clubs in KPL requesting that they be allowed into legitimate league.

“First to troop back with a written request was AFC Leopards through Secretary George Aladwa as well as Muhoroni Youth. Most institutional clubs are also expected to shift their goal posts and jump into FKF/PL after their top management, who are their sponsors weighed their options of playing in an unsanctioned league.

“Football Kenya Federation has already informed its parent bodies Fifa/Caf on new composition of 2015 league and a communiqué will be issued before end of day today (Friday).”

But when reached for comment on whether they had written to FKF Ingwe secretary Aladwa told Goal, “We support an 18-team league but we are yet to officially write a letter to FKF. I am not the only official in AFC Leopards’ and such a decision can only be made at a NEC meeting.”

Minister Hassan Wario

Sports Minister Hassan Wario had earlier warned the two factions to reach an agreement by February 17 absence of which the government would take action. That date came and went with no government action. He has now warned that the government will not tolerate parallel leagues. But it remains to be seen what he can do. The last time there were parallel leagues in Kenya, the sports minister at the time forbid one faction from using government stadia.

Update: AFC deny joining FKF league

An updated report on now suggests that AFC have not joined the FKF league.

But in a shift rejoinder, Ingwe have denied they are part of FKF league and will instead feature in KPL league that kicks-off on Saturday. “On behalf of AFC Leopards I deny writting any letter to FKF about FKF/KPL stand-off. Our position and confirmation as a club about 2015 league will be communicated by Allan Kasavuli, club chairman.” says the statement.

Kasavauli has been in the neogiating team along with Ambrose Rachier of Gor Mahia, Elly Kalekwa of Sofapaka and Jack Oguda of KPL. It appears an FKF official released a deceptive statement.

This kind of stalemate however is not good for the game and needs to be resolved one way or another.


Now FKF fines Gor Mahia , Sofapaka and bans refs

FKF has banned the referees who officiated the match between Gor Mahia and Sofapaka and also fined both teams Ksh 200,000.

According to story posted on, an FKF official announced the sanctions.

“Gor Mahia and Sofapaka are our members and by participating in a cup that was not sanctioned by federation was disobeying our statutes. As FKF, we did not sanction the match and thus both teams must pay the fine of Sh200, 000 and face further disciplinary action if they continue to violate our rules and regulations.

“The same will apply to referees, who officiated in the match. By officiating in the match, they disobeyed our orders and thus will serve a ban of three months and this could increase after our disciplinary sits to discuss the same.

“Suspended referees are Moses Osano, Dorcas Wanza, Stephen Oduor, fourth official Amos Wanjala and Paul Kaunda, who was match commissioner.”

“We will continue to take disciplinary action against clubs that are not following our statutes. All clubs in previous Kenyan Premier League are our members and should follow orders from Football Kenya Federation.”

This is a sign of things to come because it basically means FKF will seek to end the KPL league by banning any referee who officiates in the KPL league and fining teams that participate.

A similar farciacal scenario played out approximately 10 years ago when there were parallel leagues. On that occassion, the government banned KFF from using its stadia while KFF retaliated by banning referees who officiated in the breakaway league. The difference is that this time, all teams are unified in support of KPL.

Sepp Blatter aiding in Nyamweya’s corruption

Nyamweya’s ability to run roughshod over Kenya football is aided by none other than FIFA president Sep Blatter. It is he who has now allowed FKF to disregard the recomendation of the FIFA advisory panel that recommended that the league remain a 16 team league run by KPL. He does this despite full knowledge that Nyamweya has been siphoning FIFA money into his own bank accounts.



Gor Mahia set to visit State House

Gor Mahia could become the first football team to visit the State house. They apparently have already received an invitation.  According to, it is understood that President Uhuru Kenyatta is keen to help the team acquire another sponsorship after their previous one with Tuzo lapsed.

“The President has been very keen to meet the team and he has finally secured them an appointment on Thursday. Furthermore, he is keen to see the club get a sponsor and is willing to help. He is likely to reveal this during their Thursday visit,”said a well placed source

President Uhuru Kenyatta was among the first to congratulate Gor Mahia after they captured the 2014 Tusker Premier league.

Nyamweya asks government to pay for air tickets

Gor Mahia Chairman Ambrose Rachier recently raised the alarm suggesting that Gor Mahia may not be able to participate in the 2015 Africa champions league. This is due to the prohibitive cost of playing away from home which according to Rachier amounts to KES 7 million.

With that in mind, FKF chairman Sam Nyamweya has appealed to the government to purchase tickets for the club.

“We want to ask the government to assist Gor Mahia honor their first two fixtures by giving them air tickets. I missed my flight to Kisumu to watch final match against Ushuru FC because flights were fully booked by Gor Mahia fans. The quality football we saw in Kisumu has never been witnessed in the country and that is a true sign that we are destined for greatness.

“The league has ended well and Gor Mahia has won and they deserved to win. We expect a very exiting league next year. As you can see the Cabinet Secretary for Sports and Culture Dr. Wario is here too and that is a sign that our sponsor number one, The Government of Kenya, is well in our support.

“I remember President Uhuru Kenyatta sent his congratulatory message to the team within half an hour of being declared champions and soon we will take the champions to go and shake hands with him.” said Nyamweya.

Back in the early 1990s , 1980s and 1970s, it was the government that footed the bill whenever Kenya’s representatives played in continental tournaments and even the CECAFA club cup. That all ended when the IMF introduced austerity measures in the 1990s.

Wario Praises Gor Mahia

Minister Hassan Wario did not commit any government support. He whowever praised Gor Mahia for brnging color to league.

“The colours you (Gor mahia fans) bring to kenyanfootball is second to none.You have made watching football even on television interesting. Long live Gor mahia” said Wario

“Gor Mahia are worthy champions. They brought pomp and color to the league. The KPL would be poorer without you but the concern of hooliganism must be dealt with,” continued Wario.

In a separate function, former speaker Farah Maalim also declared his support for Gor Mahia

I dont go around looking for Manchester United,Arsenal….I support Gor Mahia Football club…I believe in homegrown.”said Maalim