Tuyisenge, Wendo put pen to paper

Gor Mahia talisman Jacque Tuyisenge and defensive midfielder Ernest Wendo have both put pen to paper on new contracts signing 2 and 3 year contracts respectively.

“It’s my best career moment, I had never won a league title before. I chose to stay on because of the love I have been offered here,” said an elated Tuyisenge to the Nation.

In 2016, Kogalo paid Ksh to Rwanda Police for his services. Since then he has been the leading scorer for the club.

This is good news for Kogalo who need to keep their squad intact if they are to make an impact continentally.


Kerr Shifts focus to Continental cup

This video was recorded before Tuyisenge and Wendo put pen to paper.

Walusimbi: This time if the office comes on board and performs the required preparations, the team will perform well.

Tuyisenge: We want to reach the group stage of the champions league
Kerr: I am confident that if we have the right players and the right mentality, we shall go far.

Walusimbi on whether he will stay: If the offer is good, maybe I can stay. If I get a better offer elsewhere I might go. But I would like to stay.

Kerr on the players status: I want them all to stay. If you break up the team, you will have to start from fresh which is not healthy


8 thoughts on “Tuyisenge, Wendo put pen to paper

  1. This is great news to all Gor Mahia fans. I am elated by this great news and I thank Ambrose Rachier for moving too fast to extend these contracts.

  2. Locally our EC is the best , like them , hate them , that fact is uncontestable , having said that , my comparison is vis a vis Local EC Dwarfs e.g comparing Kenya to Somalia and South Sudan and such my celebration remains muted but rather than rubbish , it is upon as the genuine Gor fraternity who mean well to be proactive and see what little role we can make to move the needle forward no matter how small the step , it defeats all we wish for to place our hatred of the EC above our great club .
    Congratulations for the signatures u ve so far secured and we wish u well in the other tasks ahead .
    Finally the EC must acknowledge that there is still much they can do , they should have done but are yet to , for reasons I believe they are intelligent enough to appreciate .

  3. I am truly loving what’s going, this shows that the EC is listening to our voices and taking good advice from TB. This time group stages in CAF, switnaaaa

  4. From the foregoing we can only get local players because seems like all our non-kenyan players will be tied. The advantage with that is continuity in the team but the disadvantage is that we cannot beef up with any non-local player. What we need to know is that even those who have just penned new deals can still go if a good offer comes along. The advantage is that e get some transfer fee.
    All the best to the players as well the EC

  5. First it was Tuisenge n Wendo , now latest is Musa n Walusimbi , What I love as a bare minimum is that for the very first time , we are going into the continentals already gelled , now that the on field issues have been seemingly sorted , we now must turn our attention to the off field issues and like Dan Original rightly put it , we can only recruit from the local pool , the question then beeing , who in our local networksis good enough to seamlessly fit into the kogalo of now and threaten anybody’s number . . . E.g do we have a striker that can beat what we already have .
    2. Do we have a midfield within the country than can give competition to Wendo , Kahata , Mugirineza etc or lastly the same question goes to the defence .
    The goalkeeping dept . Seem to my opinion to be the best in the country .
    Then lastly we must have enough depth on the bench , but the very last is that we have an OK TB but I pray that in between and the continentals , the EC fills the seriousness gap that at times seem to be caught napping .
    All in all , we are on the right path albeit slowly but the right path nevertheless

  6. From Futaa.com its:
    Defenders Harun Shakava and captain Musa Mohamed have agreed to extend their stay at the club for two more years. The talks with Ugandan Godfrey Walusimbi has been initiated and a possible two year extension is on cards.

    If this is right then it’s as expected, Walusimbi might be the difficult contract talks because of the financial muscle of Orlando Pirates and the fact the current coach there is the ex-Cranes coach. Let’s wait and see.
    The likes of APR should be no match for GMFC just like the Tiranas.
    As per coach Ker, Karim’s injury may keep out for a while, FKF must do something about Maiti Thicker grounds which can ruin the career of players.
    Black Berry is waiting for?
    Some of the reserves might also be cut loose by Ker, I feel the guy does not like passengers.
    Some difficult hard decisions may have to be made.

    Jasego, old favourite Dan “Flava” seems to be getting his grove back at Express, what say you?
    Personally, in 2018 am ok with a CAF group qualification but a preliminary / early round elimination hapana!


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