Now that there is a sponsor this is what Gor Mahia must do

Now that Gor Mahia have landed a much needed sponsorship with reputed betting company Sportpesa, fans, players and officials can breathe a sigh of relief. For the next few years at least, fans might not have to worry about player strikes or go-slows and will worry less about players and coaches being recruited by Tanzanian teams and perhaps even Zambian teams. That is all dependent on whether Gor Mahia can maintain the sponsorship for the duration of the contract.

Gor Mahia officials in particular chairman Ambrose Rachier are to be commended . Ever since Tuzo announced the end of their sponsorship of the club in February of 2014, club officials have been pursuing other sponsorship deals while also pursuing other avenues with which to raise revenue including the 35010 pay-bill number, club membership, the Gor Mahia SACCO and the Gor Mahia bread initiative. The officials have had to explain away the negative publicity the club has received while also battling the political intrigues that have prevented the club from garnering sponsorship.

There is a danger that club officials will now sit back and relax. This is precisely what happened when Gor Mahia first signed the landmark sponsorship deal with Tuzo in 2011. Club officials sat back and did not pursue any other avenues for revenue. When Tuzo left, the club was left flat broke, destitute and with nothing to show for three years of sponsorship : No assets to fall back on and no plan B.

It is interesting that fans and officials often urge players to plan for their retirement years because too many players are often broke and destitute when their playing days are over. Yet this is the position the club found itself in when Tuzo left. Indeed this is the situation the club has found itself in for most of its existence.

It is indeed true that the current sponsorship team is scheduled to last for five years. But there is also a possibility that the deal can end prematurely such as if Sportpesa goes bankrupt or cannot meet its obligations or there is a breach of contract by the club. Were any of these to happen the club will once again be left with no plan B.

Continue to pursue other revenue streams

The club should learn from recent history. Rather than sit back and relax, the club should continue to aggressively pursue other avenues for revenue including the existing ones. The money offered by the new sponsors Sportpesa will go a long way to paying player dues but it will not cover all expenses including travel to tournaments like CECAFA nor hosting Africa champions league teams. This is why the club should not rest on its laurels but must continue to pursue the aforementioned initiaves : the 35010 paybill number, club membership, the Gor Mahia SACCO and the Gor Mahia bread initiative. As things stand now, the SACCO which was announced to plenty of fanfare and which promised professional management has gone moribund. Club membership is as paltry as ever despite the club having announced aggressive membership recruitment numerous times.

Despite how valuable the shirt and kit deals have become for Europe’s top teams, they still remain a relatively small portion of total annual income. Below is a graph comparing the combined value of each team’s shirt and kit deals – to total revenue

Graph showing sponsorship income compared to other revenue streams

Secure the future with appreciating assets

With the financial cushion available, the club can now plan for a future without a sponsor which is still possible. Some have suggested that a team bus should be purchased to replace the one that was repossessed due to outstanding debts. But that is a vanity project largely for showing off. And a bus is a depreciating asset that costs a lot of money to maintain, requires a significant amount of insurance. It may make more business sense to lease a bus from a reputable company.

A more prudent investment for the club would be to obtain a training ground. First of all land always appreciates in value. The training ground would alleviate the colossal expenses involved in renting training grounds at Camp Toyoyo or City stadium which charges Ksh 10,000 per day. Having a piece of land is the first step towards building a stadium. The training ground can be leased to other clubs for use, perhaps even the Nairobi county league. The money generated can be used to build terraces and eventually transform from a simply training ground to a stadium. But again such projects will only be possible if the club continues to pursue other financial avenues besides the sponsorship.

Securing a training ground could save the club millions each year and generate millions more.

Ambrose Rachier has promised for several years to build a stadium for the club. A training ground of its on would be a good starting point. The club owns land in Embakassi that is currently occupied by squatters. Perhaps they can work with the county government to get a hold of that land.

Use sponsorship money to deter hooliganism

Ambrose Rachier knows best why Gor Mahia lost the sponsorship with Tuzo. Some say it was likely due to hooliganism. Tuzo for their part complained that among other things they were not generating enough money from jersey sales. Since hooliganism is a clear and present danger that could cause the club to lose its sponsorship now and in the future, then the club must invest a significant portion of the money from sportpesa to enhance security inside and outside the stadium. This could mean hiring more police and placing them strategically among the crowds and hiring plainclothes policemen who can arrest fans who choose to misbehave inside or outside the stadium. This also means extra police for away games. The excuse that the home team is responsible for security will not work when the club’s reputation is at stake.

Educate fans

Going two years without a sponsor should have chastened fans about hooliganism. But do not count on it. Therefore the club must continue to educate the fans about the importance of good behavior whether it is by addressing them directly at stadia or through the branches. And here the club must really listen to its sponsors. In the past, fans openly resisted buying Tuzo jerseys instead preferring to buy the jerseys labeled as “Gor Mahia”. This was one of Tuzo’s complaints. This time the club must do whatever it takes to ensure only sponsor approved jerseys are available for sale and educate the fan base on why it is important to purchase only approved jerseys. And the club can still generate revenue by selling other items be it calendars or pens or jackets.

Counter bad publicity with public relations exercises

There will inevitably be cases of hooliganism from fans which many media types will be eager to highlight partly for political reasons and partly because it makes for interesting television. The club must therefore be proactive in terms of promoting its positive aspects. There are a number of fan groups who participate in public relations activities such as the Mater heart run, visiting children at the Kenyatta children’s ward and so forth. Yet most people in the public sphere are not aware of these good deeds because the club does not highlight them. Such activities are often never reported on by the major media outlets.

Whenever the club is announcing its new signings, the club is able to ensure that the event is well covered by all the major media outlets with numerous cameras and armies of journalists covering the event. So why can’t the club do the same for public relations events? Why not have players actually visit the Kenyatta hospital childrens ward and make sure TV cameras are there? The key is to highlight good public relations. Every hooliganism event reported by the media, should be countered with several well-orchestrated and well publicized public relations activity by the club in conjunction with the sponsors. This will help build goodwill amongst the public such that when the Sportpesa sponsorship ends in five years, other companies will line up to sponsor the team.



Hire a competent CEO / General Manager on a performance contract

In the past the club hired Lordvick Aduda as CEO. His duties were not properly outlined and he was later accused of being a Sam Nyamweya stooge upon which he was either forced out or resigned of his own volition.

What the club needs is a CEO with the appropriate background in football management, understands FIFA laws and FKF statutes, understands transfer rules, has a financial and marketing background. This professional will be in charge of initiatives like membership drives. His contract should be based on how much he or she enhances gate collections, memberships subscriptions, SACCO membership, Gor Mahia bread sales, jersey sales, merchandize sales and so forth. Basically the more revenue that this person can generate, the more they should be paid. A classic performance contract.

This arrangement will ensure the corruption that happens at the stadium gates where many fans enter free do not happen. This person will assuage fan concerns about accountability by publishing the club accounts. This person will ensure compliance with FIFA rules and the sports act. This person will be responsible for building the club’s asset base and planning for future rainy days such as losing sponsorship.

The club needs a full time employee especially now that the chairman is busy as KPL chairman and is busy campaigning for the FKF chairmanship. The club secretary general Chris Omondi has been missing in action while the other EC members while some of them are hardworking, are not full time employees. Most of them have other jobs they must attend to.

26 thoughts on “Now that there is a sponsor this is what Gor Mahia must do

  • Jimmy Amimo

    Commendable good piece of article.

  • It’s funny how now everybody wants to give direction, and even questioning where the rest of the money will go, to an amount of sponsorship they took no part in sourcing. Let the EC do it’s work. They made a deal with SportsPesa so let them manage it. Where are the all-a-sudden doubts now coming from. This site has too many Coaches, EC members and Goverment Officials.
    My hope is the hooligans will give the sponsors a chance.

    • Joe Riaga

      @Dinga you forget something important. Betway and Sportpesa approached Gor Mahia and AFC precisely because of the fans. It is because these two teams have a fan base that Betway was interested.

      AFC officials were too busy wrangling with each other and being disorganized yet Betway still wants to sponsor them.

      And EC will not do anything unless the fans push. Eti let the EC do its work?
      When has EC ever done its work without being pushed by fans?
      I have watched this club for decades now.

      • @Riaga u might have watched this club for decades, but that doesn’t make u an expert, i concur with @Dinga, let the EC do its work, after all, they secured the sponsorship, we might not like them but for this, i say cudos to them, let us as fans be optimistic that everything will work out for the betterment of the team.

  • omondii

    make sure you pay KRA also.

    I know KRA was equally excited about this sponsorship…….they will for sure be monitoring closely

  • Oriaorogo

    This is a prayer answered! back to the pitch, midfield is more than good, defense is good but lets wait and see the striking force. Waiting to see Keli and Jausenge. Of late i’ve not seen Agwanda playing but he’s receiving praises hope to see goals being scored. Football is not how good you play but how much you score. Thats why Olunga’s future is soon going to shine.


    @Dinga, I totally agree with you, some of the site members seem to think that they know a lot but are very economical with initiatives

  • Silwal jakano

    Dinga and Ngesto, I think such reasoning is primitive and mediocre. Everyone who trully supports and love KOGALLO and especially the EC SHOULD READ and indeed take into account what is written in this piece of article. let us stand up to the true spirit of KOGALLO. Sponsorships come and go, KOGALLO has been alive since 1968 lets not kill it by anymeans. LONG LIVE GOR MAHIA!

  • Ati Sacco is moribund.This is the same reasoning as to why there is no indigenous supermarket or bank in Kisumu.It takes time just like Equity did for the Sacco to grow.It will not Sponsor Gor tomorrow. Entrepreneurship is all about patience; so is our Sacco.

  • Silwal jakano

    Dinga and Ngesto, I think such kind of reasoning is primitive and mediocre. Anyone who TRULY loves and genuinely supports KOGALLO and especially the EC SHOULD read and indeed take into acount the writings of this piece of article. We should stand up to the true spirit of KOGALLO. Sponsorships come and go, Kogallo has lived since 1968. lets not kill it with cheap mediocrity. LONG LIVE GOR MAHIA!!


    @Silwal Jakano, what is mediocre about siting enemies of progress, check your facts, i totally support K’OGALO’S financial initiatives but some people like you fuel unnecessary doubts. Siasa Itawaua…thoooh!

  • Jaupanda

    Thank you for the great piece. As said the Gor family must go flat out to recruit more paying fans to fill the stadium at any game. W e must also be on the lookout for those who will be out to spoil the party and especially with political undertones that are already being heard in the country

  • Jamigori

    Gor Mahia is like a market where we have hecklers, witches, conmen, lunatics, crooks, honorable fans, well behaved individuals, thick head, etc. The expectations are in deed diverse, difference and contrary to what an average man will be like. All these characters must be managed for the prosperity of the club.

  • @jamigori you even forgot JOCHODE…. immoral decay is so rampant during GM matches.


      @bob include also JO-NYASORE alias JO-NJAGA or it JO-CHAM YATH as a norm in the terraces .

  • jathur gi ji

    Yes lets have all those “jo …….something , anything ” but not jo- NJAGA, they spoil our party all the time. Club needs a serious PR campaign, otherwise you will lose this sponsor as sooner than later.

  • Walter Alando Bwoga

    To be sincere, where hooliganism starts is when unruly fans go around town destroying properties, starting from Tom Mboya monument. The truth of the matter is that if our celebrations could end in Uhuru highway then we will maintain sponsorship for the 5 years, otherwise as usual, some arrogant fans will be saying ‘we can do without sponsors like we had done previously…’

    On the idea of extra revenue generation, that is a very good idea but then it requires some extra commitment or effort to implement. Without naming names, it has previously been reported that some officials or security marshals assist in selling fake tickets or assisting people to enter into stadiums without paying. That means the club loses revenue unnecessarily…

  • My comments were not directed to the writer of this article. Even though I feel he is asking for too much too soon. All these things he asks for can be done but you cannot eat ‘ugali’ all in one mouthfull. My take is that to get to where Gor is now, the EC too are thinking n have so far done a gud job. My problem is when some members of this site start to question how this money shud b spent n what amount shud go where. What they shud tell us is what role they played during the negotiation n wether they r raising these questions on behalf of the sponsors. On the other hand @Omondi raises probably one of the most important issues, taxation factor must b taken seriously.

    • Omondi Otieno

      I think this piece is super, definately these things cannot be done at once but things can be put in place to show that things are moving proffessionally.The club needs a CEO to run the affairs of the club and leave the officials to do the football politics.Participating in PR initiatives dont need time you only need somebody to organize that,on the issue of training ground Gor Mahia has a land that is the starting point.

    • Jamigori

      @dinga, I am in disagreement with your posting. How do you expect bloggers to sit down and negotiate with any sponsor. Are you out of your mind? All bloggers and fans have their right to query and give ideas that can make the club go places. It is the obligation of the EC to negotiate any contract as this is the cardinal duty and responsibilities.

  • Owino Paul

    Well put. Hopefully the management reads this too…

  • john adero

    this a very good article and i second all the proposals made but will our current Chairman agree to do all these only time will tell

  • It is prudent that ur advice is taken seriously so to a void future embarrassment


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